Fusion by Ezekiel – Setting the Bar for Nuptial Jewelry Design

platinum and diamond engagement ring set with 1.5 carat center stone

Fine jewelry designer Ezekiel Safdie has fast become one of the most promising visionaries in modern jewelry design today. Since the early age Ezekiel has dedicated his life to the craft of creating fine jewelry. Drawing from his roots in South America and its vibrant culture Ezekiel’s designs exude passion and originality. This year Ezekiel created his own line of fashion and nuptial jewelry – Fusion by Ezekiel. The work produced by his company pays homage to tradition, while forging boldly ahead into the world of the avant-garde. Guided by the teachings of his mentors, Ezekiel creates brilliant and clean lines around precious stones that satisfy even the most discriminating of tastes. This unique balance is most extraordinarily conveyed in his matrimonial ring designs.
Ezekiel founded Fusion by Ezekiel as a venue for bringing his most personal design ideas to the public. Ezekiel feels that every piece must convey the two pillars of his inspiration: passion and style. Focusing on wedding and engagement rings, Ezekiel describes Fusion’s distinctive look as “the visual representation of two lives fused in love through the ritual of marriage.”  He adds: “The inspiration for my bridal collection began with the science of alloys, that is, two metals fusing together to create new, superior material. This, to me, is a perfect metaphor for all marriage represents.”

platinum unisex ring with round diamonds .62 carats total

Ezekiel grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. “As early as I can remember I was drawn to painting and design”. His mother quickly recognized his gifts and placed him in private sculpture and painting classes.  While still young he was introduced to jewelry design by a friend. “I was fascinated by what he was doing, and was determined to one day, do the same myself.” That same friend provided Ezekiel with a basic knowledge of jewelry making. This training gave him a distinct advantage when he entered the prestigious Raggio School of Art, where his curriculum focused on jewelry design and metalsmithing. There Ezekiel won two “Best of the Year” design awards.

After high school, Ezekiel was accepted into the acclaimed Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem, Israel. There, he interacted with some of the greatest artistic minds of the time. Later, he moved to the United States, where he completed his undergraduate education at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He graduated cum laude, distinguishing himself above other students with unique and innovative creations. It was there that he also excelled in Computer Assisted Design, which would later serve him in the fast paced, modern world of jewelry. Ezekiel’s talents were immediately recognized upon graduation from college and he was recruited by one of the top jewelry design and manufacturing companies in America. Working in Beverly Hills, California as Chief Designer, he went on to win several American Gem Trade Association Spectrum Awards, one of the most prestigious jewelry design awards. Ezekiel also won the Manufacturing Jewelers Supply of America Vision Award, one of his designs also appeared in the Robb Report’s “Best of the Best.”

platinum and diamond engagement ring set with princess cut 1.5 carat center stone

In 2007, fueled by his success, Ezekiel created Fusion by Ezekiel as a conduit for a unique vision that embraces his independent spirit and philosophy: “My goal is to design one-of-a-kind jewelry that is truly wearable art. I create jewelry that is simple, elegant and modern, that represents the times we live in. More importantly, I serve the needs of those who desire more class than flash in their jewelry.”

Fusion by Ezekiel is on display in global jewelry centers such as Beverly Hills, New York, Boston and Philadelphia and worn by celebrities like Terry Crews (White Chicks), Dorian Gregory (Soul Train TV Show Host), Tae Heckard, Rockman Dunbar (Prison Break), Tisha Campbell & Elise Neal (All of Us), Kim Coles & Duane Martin (One on One). His designs utilize precious materials such as platinum, gold, palladium and diamonds, all tailored to a younger generation’s nuptial needs. “I constantly receive very positive feedback when people see my collection” he says, “most praise refers to the beauty and originality of the line as well as its unique blend of cutting-edge and traditional design concepts.” He continues: “love, marriage, and all they entail will always be cornerstones of our society. I want to provide today’s couples with original ideas that respect age-old traditions while simultaneously looking ahead to a bright future together. I provide the highest quality of design and material without an exorbitant price tag. For all those who will soon fuse their lives together, I have captured the beauty of their love, union, passion, youth and originality of a new generation, in my designs.”

platinum gentleman’s ring

Fusion by Ezekiel retails for minimum $1100 to $6000 at high end jewelry stores. For full list of stores and more information please visit www.fusion-es.com 

platinum unisex wedding band with 8 diamonds .62 carats total


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