Forplay Inc. Review - "The" Place for Sexy Lingerie and Costumes

When October rolls around each year, Forplay Inc. can help you dress for the most exciting holiday—"All Hallows' Eve."

Why do people get so excited for Halloween? It’s the one day out of the year where we are allowed to use our imagination and creativity to play out our secret fantasies and wear fun and sexy costumes!

The Fight Attendant and Dorthy costumes were favorites of ours!

This Halloween my girlfriend Liz and I got invited to the exclusive Karma Kandyland Playboy Mansion Halloween Party. Looking fun, sexy, and our best is our only option at this party. I wasn’t too sure where I could find an amazing costume at a decent price. But my luck rolled in and I found a great store right on Hollywood Boulevard— Forplay Inc.!
Born in Hollywood, CA, Forplay has been one of the best stores providing the best sexy costumes and fantasy lingerie.  Some of their celebrity clientele include: Pamela Anderson, Tori Spelling, Lindsay Lohan, Traci Bingham, Carmen Electra, Tila Tequila, and many more.

Forplay has a large variety of sexy School Girl costumes! I (right of picture) really liked the black and red Elementary My Dear costume!

Forplay states. “Today, you'll find a wide range of sexy Clubwear, sexy Swimwear, sexy Halloween Costumes, sexy Shoes and sexy Accessories, too. Forplay™ will provide you with everything you need to get noticed and to keep the spotlight on you.”
Liz and I want to validate Forplay’s statement by saying Forplay Inc. has been the best costume/lingerie store we have encountered in Los Angeles!
As we visited Forplay’s retail store on Hollywood Boulevard, we instantly realized that there were so many high quality selections of sexy dresses, sexy lingerie sets, sexy Halloween costumes, and whatever else we needed that would make our special night extra sexy!

It was so fun being able to dress up in quality costume outfits like the sexy Cow Girl and Pirate costumes!

Sexy Halloween costumes are Forplay’s specialty so it was great to see some of their top-selling costumes, which included: sexy school girl costumes, sexy race car driver costumes, sexy gangster girl costumes, sexy arctic girl costumes, sexy army girl costumes, sexy military girl costumes, sexy French maid costumes, sexy sailor girl costumes, sexy cop costumes, and sexy pirate girl costumes.
While Liz and I were shopping through the vast selections, Forplay’s employees helped us find whatever we needed. There was no hassle of trying to find somebody to help find our sizes. I was very pleased with their customer service. In fact, one employees let me in on a little secret about their store.

You can find different variations of sexy Gangster and Geisha costumes at Forplay!

We were trying to look for accessories to go with the costumes, but little did we know that all the accessories come with each costume! We were thrilled to find out that we didn’t have to search high and low to find the perfect accessories! Can you imagine having everything your costume needs to look perfect right as you choose your costume? Better yet, once we saw all the accessories that came with all the costumes… we were speechless!

It’s clear to see why Forplay is one of the best stores in Los Angeles to find a costume. Forplay is dedicated to making costumes to fit all their costumers well. Forplay has their own designers, pattern makers, and buyers to create the collection styles to flatter every form and figure.

Our other favorites were the sexy Military and another School Girl costume!

Forplay’s mission is to create a balance between fashion, quality and great prices. Over the past 20 years, Forplay has lived up to their mission and we couldn’t be happier to have shopped there for our costumes for this year’s Karma Kandyland Playboy Mansion Halloween Party! Check out Forplay Inc. retail store right on Hollywood Boulevard! You will be amazed at how great the Forplay store is! Their address is 6434 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, Ca 90028.


The Karma Kandyland Playboy Mansion Halloween Party was the best party I have been to all year! What made it even that much more awesome was our amazing costumes. The costume I couldn’t resist was the Elementary My Dear school girl costume. I couldn’t have chosen a more perfect costume. It was fun, sexy, and it fit great! The accessories were right on point; I was very excited wear my choker tie, gloves, and the black bow ties so I could have cute school girl pig tails.
Once Liz tried on the Kansas Girl – Dorothy costume, she knew it had her name written all over it. She called it, “love at first sight.” The white/blue  bow stockings and white/blue bow ties for her hair topped the perfect costume for Liz.
Liz and I couldn’t be happier shopping at Forplay. We received never ending compliments on how cute and sexy our costumes looked. Having Playboy Playmates tell us our costumes were awesome made us feel extra special.
All night long we heard the repeated question, “Where did you get your costumes?” Our answer, “Forplay Inc.!”
I also noticed that we weren’t the only ones who shopped at Forplay for the Kandyland Playboy Mansion Halloween Party. Girls wearing other Forplay costume’s at the mansion looked incredible!
I can’t wait for Halloween next year. I already know the perfect place to shop for the perfect costume and now you do too… Forplay Inc.!

You can shop online on Forplay Inc.’s amazing catalog of sexy and fun costumes at! They will make your Halloween and any other special occasion extra sexy just like they made mine at The Karma Kandyland Playboy Mansion Party!

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