Cooper Martin Launches Stylish Recovery Wear

Cooper Martin (, a new company that has just unveiled an innovative concept in stylish and functional medical and recovery care clothing. Currently those with limited mobility, whether temporary or permanent, have no options for easy-access, adaptive clothing that marry function, comfort and style. Individuals are forced to choose between traditional active wear, sweatpants or oversized clothing which are all unflattering, uncomfortable and often unacceptable to wear in day to day life. Not anymore.

Cooper Martin's line of stylish, 100% organic cotton, men’s and women’s apparel looks, feels and acts like everyday clothing, but features Active Recovery Technology that incorporates unique patent-pending, functional adaptive features which make limited mobility less frustrating and less painful. Launching classic khakis for men and a floor skimming, wide-leg, black pant for women, the ergonomic construction in each garment discreetly hides zippers, Velcro and a patent-pending Active Zipper Lock which makes dressing so much easier.

Cooper Martin’s focus on fashion and function delivers a much needed and long-overdue stylish alternative to stodgy, sterile recovery care offerings of muumuus, frumpy pants, and peek-a-boo gowns. By offering high quality, stylish and functional clothing, Cooper Martin helps those undergoing rehabilitation, recovering from orthopedic surgery, an accident or injury, or struggling with pain or disability transition back to normal life.

Check out the attached low res images and press release. I have high res images I can send too..there are mens and womens pants and I have attached images of the womens for now. I would love to see if these innovative, stylish pants could fit anywhere on the site! Let me know what you think and what else you need!

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