4 Reasons Why Women Should Ditch Armpit Hair Trend - A Tip

It is safe to say that we have seen some weird and wacky trends over the years, but perhaps none as controversial and strange as the "long armpit hair on women trend" that has managed to resurface from the early seventies. It's no surprise that the polls are divided on this one - with influential self-proclaimed feminists such as Madonna and Xiao Meili letting their pit-hairs grow, many women have also chosen to embrace this trend, while many more have chosen to ditch it. The idea behind the long armpit hair on women thing is the notion that anything a man can do a woman can also do, and while that it true for a lot of things, I think that we should strip our pits clean and let the guys have this one. 

Should we Ditch or Embrace the Trend of Long Armpit Hair on Women:

It sends the wrong message: You see, many novice-minded feminists think that they have to sacrifice their femininity in order to be pro-woman when a trade off is just not necessary. Purposely letting your armpit hair grow does not prove that you are a strong woman...standing up for the rights of yourself and other women proves your strength. Beating men at their own game proves your strength, never giving up on your hopes and dreams proves your strength and doing it all while looking and feeling good proves your strength.

It is simply un-hygienic:  Women stripping their armpits of hair has always been a practice of hygiene, even back before there were razors and waxes, our ancestors used to shave with thread and sharpened rocks and seashells. No girl like to smell funky, and the armpits is one of the first places that traps sweat and odor-causing bacteria because it creases and creates friction, and having a pit full of thick hair just makes it worse. Imagine going to a club in the summertime with your hairy pits creating all that funky odor...you probably will be dancing alone for the entire night.


It's just not appealing: Women wearing baggy clothing is appealing, women cutting off the hair on their heads is appealing, however, women growing out their armpit hair is just not appealing. This proves that not everything that works for the guys can work for the girls, and that's okay. Regardless of how beautiful and poised a woman is, bushy armpit hair will instantly degrade that appeal. Those wildly hairs peeking through the sleeves of a cute blouse is not an accessory that anyone should purposely maintain.

There are better ways to be all natural: Some women choose to let their pit-hairs grow in an effort to be more natural and eco-friendly by not using disposable razors. While that effort is applauded, there are better ways to be natural and eco-friendly. Instead of using razors to shave, you can use a homemade sugar wax or a natural hard wax kit to remove those pit hairs. The natural wax option will gently remove the hair without degrading the environment or the integrity of your health.

It goes without saying that women are awesome, and we should continue to fight for equality and respect so that the generations of women that come after us can continue to make positive changes in the world. And we can do it fiercely with hairless armpits, stunning makeup and a sexy pair of skinny jeans because we are just that awesome.


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