The 2014 Can-Am Spyder RT Review - A Powerful If Comfortable Roadster

The three wheeled menace from that barbaric region in the North known as Valcourt, Quebec has arrived and it is named Spyder RT. This Y frame bike is a high-gloss take on modern design with an add of swagger and sci-fi allure.

I lumped up to this vehicle in my rumpled pants, surely looking like the Czech peasant who first held the countenance of a steam locomotive.

I took my first ride into town to visit a friend. The night gave me legitimacy and I felt like a modern knight on a motorized steed.  The most important validation of design came from how other drivers reacted at every stop light. And this ride confirmed what I had suspected from the first moment I laid eyes on the Spyder – that everyone’s gaze would be trained on me the whole way there, inspite of the fact this roadster was introduced to the public seven years ago.

The Can-am Spyder effect was inescapable. What better way to launch yourself into the city than catapulting down the street atop a futuristic looking bike? And by the relentless curiosity it elicited from other motorists, I knew that, at least for now, I was the new alpha on the avenue.  Heard while waiting for the green light – “Omg! What is that? What is it called?” “It is the un-bike”, I wanted to say, but instead I pointed to the name etched on its side.

This entire experience illuminated the role of design for American style myth making. A Hollywood resident for a few years now, I have learned, of course, a thing or two about the power of illusion.

Can-Am Spyder RT 2014

Once arrived at destination and enthused by the ride, I quickly unreeled the story to my friend.  “I really enjoyed our conversation and we should see each other soon, but I’m afraid I must leave now,” said Gary, seemingly affected by my touching tribute.

After my first ride on the Can-Am I knew something with certitude – a ride on this vehicle is not just a means to a destination. It truly is an experience. It is something else that made me into a different person, if only for a brief moment.

Because of its unique Y frame design and involving multiple automotive technologies, the Can-Am Spyder stands alone in its own category. Early on, during the development phase, BRP - the company that produces this and a few other unique vehicles - decided to implement an innovative design that would end up making a strong statement among its distant peers. Beyond design, the Y frame provides stability while stationary and in motion, and all models come with an additional Vehicle Stability System that includes ABS, Traction Control and Stability Control.

Since there isn’t a uniform approach with regards to licensing to drive a Can-Am, it is recommended the reader checks with the local DMV before purchasing. To learn more and get your very own Can-Am please visit the website.

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