Fox Car Rental Review - Comfort, Ease, Dependability

Fox Car Rental offers comfort, ease, dependability for all vehicle rentals and convenient airport pick-up from many US and International destinations.

Miami International Airport ground transportation was easily seen

As Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Splash Magazines Worldwide, when I find a service or hidden treasure I like to inform my readers and arm them with as much information as they need to make informed decisions and wise purchases.

Being the Publisher for a twenty-one world city site magazine, keeps me on the go as I frequently am invited Media for Fashion Week festivities around the world. During the recent Miami Swim Wear Fashion Week, I needed to rent a car in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As I live in Los Angeles and am always looking for a best possible deal at the lowest possible cost, I began my search as I always do on the information superhighway. 

Shuttle services handles passenger transport

After performing extensive Google research I came across Fox Car Rental!  I must admit, I even, I have been more than glad I did. Fox Car Rental is amazing!  As it is considered an off airport car rental agency, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I made reservations online and immediately was notified of an additional 10% discount. I received my confirmation online and rested that my reservation for a (Model, Vehicle) would be waiting when I arrived.

Arriving at the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale airport for Fox Car Rental at the Fort Lauderdale rental car center, I immediately spotted the airport signage directing passengers to various ground transportation and rent-a-car pick-up locations.

The Fox Car Rental Bus runs every five minutes

Fox Car Rental directs customer to Bus stop #7 as Fox Car Rental has a continual looping bus which apparently comes by every half hour. When the bus did arrive, the driver said they come by every five minutes. Fox Car Rental agency provides customers with very nice transportation to their off-airport location. The Fox Car Rental agency buswasvery comfortable, had a friendly driver and was really nice air conditioning.  It really was the nicest bus, newer than the other smaller car rental services, that came by to pick up customers.

The Bus ride was smooth and in about three minutes we were over at the satellite car rental location. Barry the Fox Car Rental agency manager was very congenial and very friendly.  He had exceptional customer service skills and was asking everyone in line how they’re doing, were they enjoying their trip so far. He really worked at keeping an upbeat attitude. He seemed very nice, genuinely nice.

Fox Car Rental Bus: Clean, well maintained and air conditioned

Fox Rent A Car, Inc. was founded in 1989, as a discount brand catering to airport travelers. Actively managed and owned by its founders, the organization has enjoyed robust growth and positive operating income for over twenty years. Established on the basis of joining technology-enabled efficiencies with proactive price management, Fox has been successfully growing airport rental market share and positioning itself as a viable alternative to the larger brands in the car rental space.

The Fox Rent-a-Car offices were managed very professional

With 14 major airport locations across the US, Fox Rent-A-Car offers the consumer the same selection of foreign and domestic vehicles at a significant discount from the larger rental operators in the market. As the 21st century traveler becomes more discerning and cost-conscious, the Fox brand will continue to gain acceptance and a loyal following, founded on the principle of consistently offering value and superior service to the customer.

Fox Car rental provided a brand new Dodge Barracuda with GPS, air conditioning and less than 1K miles

Fox Car Rental agency services these U.S. Locations are Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, South Carolina, Utah, Washington. Fox Car Rental also services these International Locations Barbados, Canada, Costa Rica, Guam, Iceland, Jamaica, Mexico, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Saint Lucia, Saint Maarten, Trinidad And Tobago.

I returned to Miami the following year and again had the pleasure of renting a car with Fox. See my article Fox Rent A Car Ft Lauderdale Review

For more information on got to the Fox Car Rental Website

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