Car Hire Ireland Review - Perfect for Travel Needs

I had a long day of late flights and missed connections. When I originally got to Dublin the clerk at the Car Hire Ireland desk were friendly and ready to help. They were very informative and answered all my questions. One question I asked was if I could turn left on a red light (which is equivalent to turning right on a red light in America), because in Japan you weren't allowed to turn left on red, so I just wanted to make sure.  The clerk helping me said he thought that you could and was a little unsure of why I would ask the question.  But later that night, he had taken the effort to double check and let me know that in fact, you shouldn't turn left on a red light, but wait for it to flash yellow.

Not only is their staff helpful but the Car Hire Ireland website has all your pre-travel needs.  From booking online, to information about each airport in Ireland, to deals on Hotels.They also have useful tourist links such as Top 10 Free Tourist Attractions, Midieval Ireland, and more.

The car itself was a cute little Hyundai i10 in red, perfect for my one person travels across Ireland. It had four doors and a hatchback and was an automatic.  The automatic was a little more expensive in Ireland as most cars there are manual, but since I don't drive manual I didn't want another thing to worry about. Even if you you do know how to drive manual and are very comfortable with it I would suggest still renting an automatic if it's your first time driving on the left hand side.


Dashboard sticker with big arrow pointing to left to remind you to drive on left side

Inside and out the car was clean. It even smelled like a new car. the gas milage was really fantastic.  I only had to fill up one and half times.  I drove across the whole country from Dublin to Achill Island, than up to Leitrim county and back down to Dublin, stopping at other locations in between.  There was a helpful sticker on the dash to remind me to drive on the left hand side. It came in handy sometimes when driving in Dublin and making right hand turns.

As I journeyed around Ireland I was really glad I got the GPS addition. Their GPS was up to date with the most current Ireland maps. The clerk made sure it was working properly and was in English before he handed it over to me.  The car also came with a full tank of gas when I picked it up. That meant I could just head out and be on my way. They even brought the car to the terminal I was at instead of me having to take a shuttle to their compound.


Thankfully I had no problems while driving the rental. All the mechanics, and tires were in top shape.  I decided to just return the car to their compound lot about five minutes from the airport, since I had some extra time in the morning. I could have dropped it off at the terminal, though. When I got to the compound they were checking in another car and I had a short wait, but it was just enough time to get all my things out before they checked my car.

I gave the man my paperwork. He looked over the outside and the inside to check for damages and excessive dirtiness. Filled out the paperwork and I was ready to go. It was very simple. I waited a few minutes for the shuttle to arrive to take me to the airport. the shuttle driver was very helpful and helped me get my luggage in and out of the van.

If ever I get the chance to travel to Ireland again, I will most definitely use Car Hire Ireland for my rental needs.

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