Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum – Heaven for Racecar and Motorcycle Fans


Even if racecars and motorcycles aren’t your main thing in life, you’ll find much to enjoy at Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum of Birmingham. 


Visiting at Xmas time, the multi-floor cycle exhibit had the look of a Xmas tree


Count among the sights the somewhat flushed faces of car enthusiasts you meet in its halls and elevators who seem so awed that you imagine they are thinking that they’ve already died and gone to Heaven.


Outside the museum a sculpture called "The Chase" conveys the racecar spirit


With spiraling floors reminiscent of New York City’s Guggenheim, you’ll see the largest collection of motorcycles in the world – -750 and counting on display and double that in inventory.   


It's easy to imagine a car and bike enthusiast needing more than half a day to give this vast collection its due


Also, about 65 vintage Lotus racecars are there as well as other rare vehicles.   


A steam powered bike!


When you arrive you’ll see cranes poised to work overtime building an annex facility that will double the museum’s size.


Aerial View of the Barber Motorsports Park campus. Photo courtesy of Barber Museum


For those of us who think motorcycle and immediately conjure images of James Dean as a “Rebel Without a Cause”,


Daytona Exhibit. Photo courtesy of Barber Museum


or perhaps the legions of middle managers who don leather jackets today for the annual rite in Sturgis, South Dakota, the many work models of motorcycles will likely be the biggest mind expander.


This engine for an early Honda Cub motorcycle used a WW2 vintage Japanese canteen as its gas tank


The museum sits on a site that is the size of New York City’s Central Park and also happens to also be a bird refuge. 


The other main attraction though is a 2.38 mile, 17-turn racetrack that hosts motorcycle and car events through the year. 


Photo courtesy of Renaissance Ross Bridge Golf Resort and Spa, which is the hotel of choice for many attendees of the various driving schools on the Barber Motorsports Park raceways


Porsche, Honda, and Mercedes-Benz all host various driving school type events at Barber Motorsports Park to bring a constant stream of visitors to the Magic City. 


A Who's Who of racing and celebrity in general spans a large wall


Catching a tour is highly recommended.


For those of us who like to see how things are made, the tour affords a peek into the shops where the vehicles are restored


For more information call 205.699.7275 or visit the Barber Museum website.


Barber Museum as named the #1 tourist attraction in Birmingham in 2014. Photo courtesy of Barber Museum


Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum





Photos:  Peter Kachergis, unless otherwise indicated

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