Nostaglia In Cars Has Lost Its Momentum

Model A

My expectations of living in a simplistic world have fizzled.  Rising efficiency in technology has recently shifted its influence on fashion and décor.  The world keeps changing and moving forward, and though trends somehow return, technology never goes into recession. 

The look of technology has always seemed to inspire the designs of automobiles.  Cars have changed and been reincarnated into new, more extensive vehicles.  As an example, old cars like the Model A (one happens to be in my garage) shifted to the likes of a '71 Pontiac Lemans convertible (mine of which is in the shop getting fixed up) to Hybrids.  Now the environment should be taken care of, but why can't we have those cautious qualities in our old cars, or make every car enabled to take Grassolean (biodiesel that is a vegetable oil based fuel) as their fuel?  The loss of sturdy and profoundly reliable cars perhaps has taken its toll with the new, supposedly more powerful automobiles.  And to be honest, the boxy look is not my style, but hey, you may like it.  The reason being perhaps is they way you grow up - appreciating that retrospection of history or not fully being surrounded by it to understand it. 

1971 Pontiac Lemans Sport

Cars have more of an importance on our culture now than ever.  They are relative to our daily life, we rely on them, unfortunately almost as much as we do a family member or friend.  But, since there are so many different models and makes, we have the ability to choose (besides finding the right price) which car we like.  By choosing the brand and style, we also get to select the amenities, the color, the interior, the accessories, etc.  It is almost like having a new child that you get to create, and often times you treat them that way. 

1971 Pontiac Lemans Sport

Finding the car that you really like almost gives away a sense of your character and when you are on the road, people may see that.  Personally, old cars fit me.  I like the music of decades long gone, and the rustic, classic, non-perfect cars seem to set up the standard ability of what a car is supposed to do.  



In my opinion, tradition exceeds futuristic precision.  Trends of decades past often resurface, but it is doubtful that the authenticity, especially in certain big-engined cars, will ever be incarnated again.  Cars change as do the times.  They grow and get old just as we do.  Maybe that is another reason why people care so much about them - after years together they get attached.  It's almost like a love story.  You meet, fall in love, and maybe separate.  Cars are a large a part of our life.  We want to choose the right one, the one that fits us best. 

Japanese 2004 Diahatsu

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