Micro-Machines: Feed Your Speed Need.

Compared to its one and a half million dollar, older brother, the miniature radio control replica of the Mercedes Benz CLK GTR street car may not be setting any new speed records at Le Mans this year, but it still looks just as good. Excalibur Electronics, a large manufacturer of electronic handheld video games, as well as other splendidly addicting novelty items, has graciously provided a solution for all of you adrenaline junkies out there who would give up their first born child just to be in control of a 200 mph machine like the afore mentioned Mercedes.

With their new array of miniature toy cars Excalibur is exciting car enthusiasts everywhere with stunningly detailed mobile, miniature replicas. Excalibur sent us three different radio control cars to test out. All are perfectly reproduced and scaled down 12- 20 times their original size and each is manufactured under licensing of the respective car makers themselves; this, you can be sure, certifies that  your new little toy Mercedes CLK GTR, Porsche 911 GT2, and Mini cooper are not just Cheap imitations but genuine in each and every seductive curve.

Excalibur sent us the three models just mentioned above to put through rigorous testing at the office. "Shucks Boss, I'm trying my hardest not to smile while I work, but watch this rolling reverse 180 I can pull with My new Benz." Yeah with these types of assignments who needs vacation? The cars themselves were rugged and well made with quality plastic casing and durable front bumpers to withstand even top speed collisions. The range of the 27mhz frequency radio control was impressive compared to most toy cars I have encountered in Radio Shack, most of which don't even make it out of the store before they become unresponsive. These cars played aggressively within a distance of approximately 100 feet away. All models from Excalibur Electronics had fast acceleration, racecar faithful suspension, and lightning quick steering. Pitting the cars against one another was a party on hard surfaces but I wouldn't recommend getting into any off-road situations; these are racecars and the slick, air inflated tires and slim ground clearance are just not features that jive well with rocks and dirt.

For those of you with an on-going fascination for sleek curves, high speeds, and gasoline induced fantasies, Hook up, Rev up, and burn out with these new and affordable racecar Inspired replicas. Other models include a Subaru Impreza WRC, a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, and a BMW Z4. Though audiences of all ages can appreciate a solid radio controlled machine to terrorize small pets and rollerbladers alike, I want to speak directly to all you middle-agers who can't afford the Vette because you have to send your kids through college. Listen, now you can live the dream and keep your marriage too. Thank you Excalibur for understanding the frustration involved in not possessing unlimited funds and a private race track. Now we motor-heads may come our closest ever to alleviating that pent up anguish and live vicariously; seriously scaled down, but still a rush pound for pound. Batteries not Included.


You can visit Excalibur Electronics online at http://www.excaliburelectronics.net/indexNEW.html

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