Meterbroken - The Solution to Broken Parking Meter Problems!

If you drive or live in a city with parking meters, no doubt you've come upon a broken one at some point. To avoid a ticket, you either have to continue driving around the block to find a working one, or scramble around for a piece of paper (and that elusive pen), or a trash bag to put on the meter to alert meter maids that you shouldn't be punished for a malfunctioning meter.

What's even more frustrating? Returning from your errands and finding that the note was swept away in the wind, or for some other reason, your car has been targeted by a bored meter maid. That costly ticket you had prayed to avoid is now propped mockingly on the windshield. More than a few people can relate to this situation'

Now there's hope, thanks to Los Angeles businesswoman and mother of three, Rhonda Talbot. A victim of malfunctioning meters and the relentlessness of commission-driven meter maids herself, Talbot decided to educate herself about the legalities of outrageous and undeserved citations. What began as a personal quest quickly turned into a selfless effort to inform others about how to avoid the booby traps of broken meters and costly tickets. As time went on, Talbot was struck with inventive genius' a way to educate people about the growing problem of broken parking meters, and how to save people from being targeted by meter maids. That answer quickly turned into a business, and then followed a nationwide educational campaign called

This ingenious little idea included launching a website ( which provides users with all sort of interesting and helpful facts and tidbits about parking meters and parking laws city by city, and state by state. In addition to providing information however, the site also offers an invaluable tool for motorists' the roll.

 A two-inch by two-wide roll of bright yellow adhesive tape, this lifetime supply roll reads 'meter broken.' It sounds simple' but this unassuming little roll of tape is certainly a lifesaver. Much more convenient to carry around than rummaging around in the backseat for a grocery sack or a piece of paper' as it easily fits in the glove box of even a motorcycle' this hard-to-miss tape is meant to be affixed to parking meters that read 'fail' or 'malfunction.'

The point? To deter meter maids from giving undeserved tickets to motorists who park at broken meters. What's even better is that the tape will not damage or deface the meter, and it's also made of biodegradable paper.  So, not only will it save you from a ticket, but it's a little way of helping out the environment too.

The wonderful thing is that doesn't stop there. Their interactive website offers a plethora of helpful information. Users can find everything from facts about meter enforcement in cities and states all across the country, share stories and testimonials, and even a Meterbroken Bill of Rights. In addition, in the future, also plans other initiatives to address other municipal issues, thus tying citizens together across the country to combat the smaller injustices of every day life.

Often times, due to lack of education and inconvenience, people receive unfair parking tickets and fail to contest them. Now the average person has a tool' a weapon of the everyman to fight back. Meterbroken is the best tool brought about so far to prevent unfair citations, and will continue to attack issues within communities and develop products that will help to address and prevent municipal problems. By giving people this power, we take a step forward to a better world' with working parking meters or not.

For more information, or to purchase a roll of meterbroken tape, please visit Who knows? Maybe you'll save yourself a couple parking tickets ' and a lot of headaches!

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