Fluffy ears trailing aerodynamically in the wind, a grin from ear to ear hidden under your helmet and chuckles all around you - because life is too short too be serious all the time!

Have you seen my 100 siblings anywhere?

"LuffTop what???" That is exactly what I said the first time I heard about these fuzzy things. After a little bit of explaining, I finally said, "Oh, you mean helmet-ears!" I have seen them in British motorcycle magazines but had never seen these sold locally. Nor have I seen anyone wearing these on their helmets in the United States. After doing a quick search on-line, I finally found them at the CycleGear chain of motorcycle accessory stores. If you are a fun-loving motorcyclist, this might be the thing for you. It does take a certain type of person to brave these but like them or hate them, they are guaranteed to be the conversation point at any biker hang-out.

The Loptoff Lugs are cute dress-up accessories that simply cannot

Have you got the devil inside ya?

be ignored and are an attention-grabber no matter where you are. They are inexpensive, safe and require absolutely no technical expertise to install! Furthermore, you will never be greeted by more smiles from the general public, as you will with these on. Even a motorcycle cop waved to me (at least I hope it was a friendly wave rather than a pull-over gesture) as I passed him going the opposite direction the other day. These little furry items come in a variety of colours and shapes resembling piggy, kitty, bunny, labrador and dalmation ears, and even devil horns. Some of these even come with a little tail to stick to the back of your helmet!

Here kitty, kitty...

The manufacturer of the Lugs claim that the ears will stay on your helmet (or on your bike, if you prefer) at speeds up to 175 mph. I personally never got to those speeds with the Lugs but have ridden with them at a little over the legal freeway speed limit and when I got off the bike, there they still were. The Loptoff Lugs are attached to the helmet by circular soft plastic suction pads. Dampen them slightly, just press them onto your helmet and you are now sporting a pair of angel wings. Bored with them already? Well, pop these off and in a matter of seconds, your helmet now has a completely different look as you now have some tiger ears and tail on your helmet. It does not get any easier and cheaper to customize your helmet and make yourself stand-out in a crowd of 2-wheeled enthusiasts.

These little smile-generators are manufactured by Motrax. The Loptoff Lugs are distributed in the United States by CycleGear and retail for $6.99. Click here to purchase a pair (or two) of the Loptoff Lugs.


Shawn H. Ooi is a resident of Los Angeles and has been riding motorcycles for over 14 years. He has owned many makes and models of motorcycles and his current ride is a Ducati 748. Shawn is also one of the owners of Moomba Cyclesports Inc., which specializes in suspension set-ups and race-tuning. Moomba Cyclesports also provides regular service & maintenance and does parts & motorcycle apparel sales. He can be reached at [email protected] or at (626) 618 0385.

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