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Buell 1125R Motorcycle

Buell 1125R Motorcycle

Description: Buell Motorcycle Company breaks all convention in the Superbike category with the Buell 1125R, an all-new, liter-class motorcycle with new levels of power, handling and comfort. The Buell 1125R is powered by the new Helicon 1125cc V-Twin engine, the first liquid-cooled engine on a Buell motorcycle. The aluminum frame doubles as a 5.6-gallon fuel reservoir with Buell’s patented Fuel in the Frame technology. Offered for a suggested retail price of $11,995, the Buell 1125R will be available at Buell dealerships in late 2007. Buell is the sportbike subsidiary of Harley-Davidson. Visit for more information.


Billet Auto Dimming Motorcycle Mirror

Auto Dimming Mirror - on & off

Description: High-intensity headlights do a great job illuminating roads at night, but if they are reflecting off your rear-view mirror, you will wish they weren’t so bright. Since headlights will never get any dimmer, AlphaMirror released its line Auto-dimming Rear-view Mirrors for motorcycles and cars. These mirrors are equipped with sensors that trip the auto-dimming feature. Now, when a set of high-intensity headlights comes up behind you, the mirrors automatically dim the reflected light, reducing the strain on your eyes—no buttons or switches, completely hands-free. Riding at night will be a whole new experience.

Delphi Nav200 w Optional Lifetime Traffic Service:

Delphi Nav200 w/Optional Lifetime Traffic Service

A $299 portable GPS that has all of the features of a higher priced unit: 400 MHZ processor, SiRF III antenna & Navteq maps; plus it has an entertainment suite: MP3 player & movie player, picture viewer, calculator, etc. All the maps come pre-loaded on a SD card, so there is no downloading. This is designed for the 1st time GPS user who does not want sink a lot of money into the device but still want high functionality. Available now for $299. Lifetime traffic service is available for a one-time fee of $199 and will reroute you according to degrees of traffic congestion.

CoPilot Live:

CoPilot Live gives you personalized navigation on your Smartphone or Pocket PC device, so directions go with you and not just your car

CoPilot Live, manufactured by ALK Technologies, makes getting anywhere easy and stress-free.  CoPilot Live, manufactured by ALK Technologies, makes getting anywhere easy and stress-free. Copilot's voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions get you where you need to be. Directions are constantly updated, and automatic route recalculation means missing a turn is not a big deal. CoPilot will navigate a new way for you to get to your point of arrival. Customizable routes allow you to choose how you get where you want to go. CoPilot also allows you to avoid traffic and tolls!

Limousine Chauffeur Services

Royalty Chauffeur Services

Description: Royalty Chauffeur Services; experts in providing a luxury experience. In our pursuit of excellence Royalty's fleet presents the finest in automotive craftsmanship, catering to your every need. Our Fleet ranges from Bentley Flying Spur, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Maybach and Rolls-Rolls Cloud. Royalty Chauffeur Services is very proud to be a step above the rest. We offer courteous, professional chauffeurs that were hand picked to bring you the most reliable transportation around. We take pride in offering the most prestigious automobiles for your chauffeuring needs. Our fleet of lavish vehicles is like no other. Be driven in the finest European automobiles the world has to offer. Indulge yourself today in one of our magnificent vehicles. Treat yourself to an extraordinary experience that you will never forget. Sit in the lap of luxury and let us do the driving for you!  Royalty Chauffeur Services is now offering Special Rates. Please contact us for additional details.
Price: $199.00

Swarovski™ Crystal License Plate Frames

Genuine Swarovski™ Crystal License Plates - Get a License to Bling

What is the hottest new accessory that A-listers like Jamie Foxx, Paris & Nicky Hilton, Eva Langoria-Parker, Brittany, and so many other Celebrities LOVE and “just gotta have”? It’s the genuine Swarovski™ crystal studded license plate frames that License2Bling puts out. This is the perfect gift for anyone cool…..especially yourself. Made out of´ genuine Swarovski™ Crystals, proprietary construction and jewelry-like craftsmanship, L2B frames are the choice for celebrities, musicians and car divas everywhere. Treat yourself and your friends like the Star, Star, Stars you are and give yourself a License2Bling!!
Price: $120.00

NeatSeat seat cover

NeatSeat seat cover keeps car seats dry and clean

Description: The NeatSeat \"on the go\" seat cover keeps your car seats clean and dry after working out. It is also popular among pet owners who travel with their pets in their cars, as well as among parents with small children who place the NeatSeat under children’s protective car seats to keep their cars clean. Made of advanced microfiber, the NeatSeat is an easy-on, easy-off hooded seat cover that amply covers and protects your car seat. Each NeatSeat also comes with two seat belt sleeves to protect the shoulder harness and lap belt from sweat salt stains. The one-size-fits-all NeatSeat is available in many colors, including tan, blue, black and grey. NeatSeats, which retail for $54.95, are sold at independent running stores and at

Green gifts available from TerraPass

TerraPass launched an environmentally-friendly online retail store

Description: TerraPass, a leading provider of environmental solutions and information for consumers, recently launch its online retail store, which offers climate conscious products that allow individuals to further their commitment to climate change and “eco-friendlify” their homes, office and vehicles. The store features products for direct sale such as items for road warriors containing the TerraPass road pass, which offsets driving miles, along with tire pressure indicators. The store also offers a number of other environmentally-friendly products and sources of information at affiliate Web sites.

Jiffy Lube Gift Card

Jiffy Lube Gift Card is a great stocking stuffer for everyone this holiday season

Description: Jiffy Lube just launched a convenient solution for last-minute shoppers - the Jiffy Lube Gift Card. The gift of a brand new Jiffy Lube Gift Card provides friends and family what all drivers need – protection for their vehicle investment and safe-driving peace of mind, especially in winter-driving conditions. Gift card popularity is soaring. This holiday season alone, consumers will spend more than $35 billion on gift cards, a 25 percent increase over 2006. More details on the Jiffy Lube Gift Card: - Purchase in-store or online at; most payment methods accepted - Several shipping options available for online purchases for last-minute holiday shoppers - Can be set for any monetary denomination up to $300.00 - Can be redeemed toward any Jiffy Lube preventive maintenance service including the 17-point Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change - No expiration date


Shell Holiday Gift Card

Shell Holiday Gift Card

Description: As a practical, yet unusual alternative to standard presents, the Shell Holiday Gift Card would be an unexpected gift for everyone on your readers’ lists. Below are a few details holiday shoppers may want to know: • The Shell Holiday Gift Card is available at and at participating Shell stations nationwide. • It fits everyone’s budget with denominations as low as $10. • It can be used on many items, including gasoline, car washes, repair service or food and drinks at any of the 14,000+ Shell stations nationwide. • Over 80 percent of all Americans* live within five miles of a Shell station (*includes Alaska and Hawaii).
Price: $10.00 and up

Help Seniors Retain Their Independence

The Scientific "At Home" Driving Improvement System for Seniors

Description: This cd and dvd driving system is helping Senior Citizens to drive safer and retain their indpendence. This system has been simulator tested at St. Judes Hospital and field tested with police officers using DMV standards to rate drivers before and after the program. All tests show a dramatic improvement in driving safety and ability! The system comes complete with everything you need and is the perfect gift for the ones you love!
Price: 40.00

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