PRODUCT REVIEW (MOTORCYCLE GEAR): Draggin' Jeans - Cover your arse!

The next time you fall off your motorcycle and on your butt, you will exclaim to your amazed riding-buddies "No worries, mate!".

Draggin' Jeans of Australia manufactures and sells

hi-tech Kevlar-lined motorcycle clothing. Their inventory includes jeans, cargo pants, jackets, shirts, gloves, armour and more. These are all available in a large selection of denim, drill, Kevlar, colours and sizes. All their products are designed and manufactured in Australia using the highest quality materials.

While leather is undeniably the preferred material for riding apparel, it is also probably the least practical. Most motorcyclists wear leather jackets when they ride but not many gear up in leather pants for everyday riding. Majority of riders on daily commutes tend to wear jeans as their lower-body attire but denim will just about rip the instance it touches the ground, be it a slow-speed spill at 20 mph or a 65 mph freeway tumble.

Draggin' Jeans

All their products are permanently lined with soft Kevlar lining and are very

comfortable to wear. Their pants are cut long in the legs so that no matter how tall or short you are, all you have to do is take them to your local tailor and get them altered. Draggin' Jeans' products are all fully breathable and best of all, unlike leather, they are fully machine-washable and dryable. They look good, feel comfortable and most importantly, they work! Draggin' Jeans uses a 100% Kevlar knitted fabric on the inside of all their apparel. Despite its toughness, Kevlar is a soft non-abrasive material, is very comfortable against the skin and flexibility. Kevlar is a man-made fibre and it offers incredible protection against abrasion, cuts and heat. The material is five times stronger than steel pound for pound, flame resistant up to 752 degrees Fahrenheit and exceptionally cut resistant.

Kevlar has many uses but is best known as the material used

in bullet-proof vests! You would have to logically conclude that if it is good enough to stop a bullet, it is definitely good enough to protect your six. The reason that this material is used for the purpose of Draggin' Jeans is that the knitted Kevlar fabric cannot be easily ripped, torn or damaged in any way apart from manually cutting with scissors and the like. The Kevlar lining is sewn into the inside of the Draggin' products at major "crash points". Optional body-armour for the knee/shin areas can also be inserted into any of the pants by way of Velcro. The Kevlar provides abrasion protection and the armour provides impact protection.

Draggin' Jeans' own extensive product testing

Draggin' Jeans makes an awfully huge claim that their jeans are the toughest jeans in the world. What have they done to back-up this claim, you may ask?

They conducted their own drag test in Melbourne, Australia. Saying that it was a "drag test" is no exaggeration...they literally attached a person wearing the Jeans to a drag car and dragged him on his butt up the road at almost 90 mph for a distance of almost 1,000 feet! Not only was the "victim" unscathed, the Jeans were still in good enough shape to go for another run! 12 drags were conducted with the same results. These jeans were definitely made for draggin'!

The Jeans

These legendary Jeans are almost indestructible for the protection of motorcyclists. They are a regular fit jean with a slight bootcut to fit over or inside your riding boots. They are available in sizes for both men and women. Stylishly designed, they are available in either black or indigo. Draggin' Jeans look, feel and wear just like a normal pair of jeans so no one else will know that you have something extra special hiding underneath your pants. The safety stitching in the seam of the jeans ensures the Kevlar will not move or slip from position. These jeans can also be worn on the days when all your regular jeans are in a heap with the rest of your dirty laundry...

Chino Pants

One of their newer products that we got to try was the Draggin' Chino Pants. The Chinos are a slightly formal dress-type pant with all the typical Draggin' features. These pants are made from a tough all cotton "biker" chino material with the regular Kevlar lining. It looks trendy enough for either casual or office wear. This is a great option for those who use their motorcycles to commute to work and work in an office-environment. These look just like your typical dress-pants and can be smartly worn with a sport-coat for non-motorcycle related instances as well. The chino pants are available in three colours which are traditional dark stone, navy and black.

Cargo Pants

The cargos are loose-cut pants lined with soft Kevlar in the same areas as the Draggin' Jeans. Made from the very best quality medium/heavy weight drill fabric, the Draggin' Cargo Pants feature large pockets at the knees with Velcro fasteners, 2 slant side pockets at the waist and 2 patch pockets on the backside...heaps of storage space for stuffing your gloves and other gear when off your bike. Draggin' cargo pants offer a smart alternative look and are available in black or khaki. For that casual look around town, these are perfect in form and function.

Our take

After exchanging a few e-mails with the very personable Grant Mackintosh, the CEO of Draggin' Jeans, he sent us a shipment of their products directly from Australia. It arrived Stateside in unbelievably prompt-fashion, a tribute to their excellent service as well.

I am personally a huge advocate of "dressing for the crash, not for the ride". Every time I ride, even if it is just a quick jaunt to drop by a friend's house, I am in full gear: full-faced helmet, jacket, back protector, gloves and boots. The most inconvenient and impractical thing seems to always be the pants. I do not want to wear leather or ballistic material pants if I am walking through a mall or hanging out at the local espresso joint but I also want to have more protection than a regular pair of jeans. Draggin' Jeans offers the great compromise in a comfortable and fashionable pair of pants that offers significantly more protection than regular jeans.

With the introduction of the chinos, I have been able to wear these pants as I ride my motorcycle to work, but yet do not feel out of place in the office. There are times when I have worn the chinos, cargos or jeans all day on and off the bike and they are as comfortable as any other store-bought designer pair of pants. The Draggin' jeans offer enough warmth in the spring and autumn on the bike but yet are cool enough for summer riding. They are also stylish enough that they do not look any different from any other pair of regular jeans at the mall, movies or the pub. After a few months of repeated washing and drying, these pants still look like new with no signs of fading or wear. I have yet to crash-test any of the products but I think I will leave the crash-testing to Grant's team of professional testers and stuntmen. After all, I am sure they get paid more to let someone drag them around on their butts.

Most people will not have this problem but my only personal complaint is that the pants tend to be cut a little tight around the thighs. The sizing fit accurately around my waist but since I work-out pretty regularly and play sports, I found that they were a little tight around my thighs. For athletes and people who work-out, this might be something they should consider when ordering and maybe order one size larger.

Would I wear Draggin' Jeans for a weekend ride up my favourite road for some aggressive canyon-carving? Probably not! I would still want the full protection that my leathers offer but then again, these products are not designed to be used for track-like riding. For everyday riding, you just cannot beat the practicality, convenience and comfort of Draggin' Jeans. You really cannot beat the price as well at a little over the cost of a regular pair of pants but with substantially more abrasion protection.

Draggin' Jeans come in a myriad of sizes to fit both men and women.

Custom orders available for a small price premium. You can ride with the comfort and confidence of knowing that if for some reason you make an unfortunate and unplanned meeting with the pavement, all of the usual landing pads are covered with a generous protective Kevlar lining. Of course, it is always good to know that these Jeans are made exclusively by and for motorcyclists. Draggin' Jeans also shows its support of the racing scene by sponsoring up-and-coming racers like 8 year old James Robertson.

For more information and to order yourselves a pair (or two, or three) of these Jeans, go to They ship worldwide.


Shawn H. Ooi is a resident of Los Angeles and has been riding motorcycles for over 14 years. He has owned many makes and models of motorcycles and his current ride is a Ducati 748. Shawn is also one of the owners of Moomba Cyclesports Inc., which specializes in suspension set-ups and race-tuning. Moomba Cyclesports also provides regular service & maintenance and does parts & motorcycle apparel sales. He can be reached at [email protected] or at (626) 618 0385.

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