Boat Craze 2004

Show entrance

Like water?  Like sun?  Like sailing and power boating?  Then the 2004 International Sail and Power Boat Show was the place for you to be! The boat craze was held at the Long Beach Convention Center and Downtown Marina, from September 23 to September 26. 


The Convention Center was transformed into a planet of boats.  They were inside, outside, and everywhere.  It wouldn't have been surprising if there had been a boat in the restroom.  (Fortunately, the restroom was boat free).

In the first room of the Convention Center, I came across several electric boats.  Duffys, to be exact.  Duffys are typically enjoyed by the cocktail crowds, who cruise around the Newport and Marina Del Rey Harbors, taking it easy and enjoying one another's company.

The second room was the world of powerboats.  There were Sea Rays, Chaparrals, and Formulas, to name a few.  And boy, do Formulas put the power in the term powerboat!  If you come within a mile of the water, Formulas are the boats you will hear.  They're built for speed, and if you want to fly across the water at one hundred miles an hour, a Formula is what you need.

An interesting water sport boat company that I stumbled across was Tigé.  Wake boarders would be quite interested in this company, with their fantastic new ballastless hull design.  These boats are definitely worth looking into.

Shopping Tent

After enjoying a delicious hotdog and soda at one of the refreshment stands in the Convention Center, I took the English Double Decker bus over to the marina.  Being the avid shopper that I am, I couldn't resist taking a look inside the giant tent to see what companies awaited me inside.  Each booth held something different and exciting.  There were unique vendors there, such as the Ship Shop of Oceanside, selling hand crafted model ships, or The Liquid Caddy, offering drink holders to keep on the boat.  The Yachting Lifestyle Catalog was there, selling items that ranged from shoes to glasses.  Hayden Yacht Insurance, Titan Marine Products, and Marine Diesel were just a few of the other companies that occupied the tent of the boater's paradise. 

At the marina, I first encountered a whole lot of sailboats!  Catalinas, Hunters, Beneteaus, Jeanneaus, and even a 48' Hans Christian 1987 Cutter.  This one was a true blue water boat.  The previous owner had purchased it in Florida, and it had done a lot of sailing there. 

Speaking of interesting boats, I was fortunate enough to step onto a 1986 37' Lord Nelson Victory Tug.  I was told that the owner had had the boat made in Taiwan.   He picked the teak logs by himself, as well as the lights, pedestal, and chairs for the boat.  The engine compartment had a door that one could step right into! 



 Another rather exciting boat that I got to board was a 75' Viking Yacht.  If you have 4.2 million dollars lying around, this is the boat for you!  I was told that after putting down the four million to purchase the boat, you can expect to pay 70 thousand a year for a captain, and 60 thousand for a deckhand and a cook.  In addition, the yacht burns about 5 gallons to a mile, (yes, that's correct, it's not the other way around), going about 30 knots. 

These were just a few of the boats that I boarded during my time at the Long Beach Boat Show, which really is like another planet, another planet filled with food, people, boat gear, and boats, boats, boats!


Kitchen of 75' Yacht


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