2018 Ford Expedition Review - The New Ford Adds a Completely New Specter of Infotainment

Fans of the acclaimed Ford brand will be treated with something completely new. With the arrival of new Ford products come some new infotainment features which will certainly make the passengers on the inside happy. One of them is the new 2018 Ford Expedition model which provides perhaps the latest that our technology can bring us in terms of onboard entertainment.

The new Ford Expedition which will start selling in 2018 will give its driver and passengers a completely new way of entertaining themselves while driving. They have managed to reinvent the way infotainment is viewed and have carefully analyzed how people consume media and decided to comply with it and offer it through this vehicle. So, in the latest sport utility vehicles, you will not have to miss out on your favorite events while being on the road or when traveling as all is available for you to watch right there and then.


According to some research, people’s favorite pastime is to enjoy some of their favorite shows and events and luckily in today’s modern day of age streaming services have become so much popular that they are available almost everywhere. Ford is bringing them right inside your car now. As they state they want to bring an entertainment system which creates an entirely new viewing experience within the car. Adding the smart TV Experience within the Expedition will completely change the dynamics of having a family trip together.

Thus, what they have decided to add in the 2018 Ford Expedition are two 8-inch monitors integrated within the headrests and making the rear seat entertainment possible for the passengers behind. The system allows you to stream live cable or satellite television using a SlingPlayer, which is directly in contact with your home cable or satellite system.


The video infotainment system is made so it could be viewed on three devices at the same time. So even the passengers who are sitting in the third row of the Expedition can enjoy watching what is being played. The driver or the people in the first row can monitor the content through the center stack using the Ford SYNC AppLink. This is great for parents as they can both monitor what the children in the back are watching and they can also disable the controls and restrict certain content if they want.


Besides using the SlingPlayer, passengers can also watch the content using other Android smartphones via Miracast. The SmartStream function can also be used by other Compatible Android and iOS devices as well. Aside from that, there are also offered USB and HDMI ports, as well as an SD card slot, so you can bring your entertainment with you and use the previously downloaded content if you wish.

Audio entertainment is also one of the priorities of the 2018 Ford Expedition and they have also addressed it as well. The car comes equipped with a 12-speaker B&O Play premium audio system. With it you also have your standard headphone jacks and two wireless headsets. So, if you are watching the same program, or even different ones, people will be able to hear their own sound clearly and not be bothered with the ones created from other passengers and what they are watching.

The final part is the wireless network hub which is a part of the entertainment system, completing your necessary setup. Thanks to it you can connect up to 10 mobile devices at the same time so the fun will never stop even on longer trips. A Wi-Fi connection is also available which ranges even outside the vehicle because the connection has a range of 50 feet.


Consequently, the 2018 Ford Expedition SUV will probably be one of the more fun to drive and fun to enjoy vehicles on the market. People with families and people who like going to trips should really consider having this car as your go-to model.

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