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OffRoad & Go Kart Driving Adventures

Drive the Baja 400!

Description: Give the gift of driving! Come to the coolest camp on wheels and enjoy a fun, fast and awesome time driving Sodi RX7 Racing Karts on Camp Motorsport's thrilling 1.2 miles of outdoor Go-Kart tracks! Or enjoy the thrill of an Off-Road Adventures! Drive the ultimate in high performance Baja dirt karts for off-road fun! The Baja 400 dirt karts feature suspension, hydraulic shocks, 4 wheel hydraulic disk brakes, and 400 cc engines - impressive off-road machines! Designed for big fun on off-road terrain! Located in Clover Virginia

Price: $180.00 to $650.00 Visit the Website

Updated SPX Radar Line

Cobra SPX 7800BT Radar Detector

Description: Cobra’s updated SPX Radar Line now includes three supercharged models – the SPX 6700, SPX 7700 and SPX 7800BT, which are the world’s smallest radar detectors that offer more than double the detection range and performance. Models offer IntelliShield™ quad-level false signal rejection, pin-point radar frequency, auto mute/IntelliMute™/IntelliMute Pro™, super-charged LaserEye™ 360-degree laser detection, 5-level graphical signal strength meter, voice alert, car battery voltage display, low car battery warning and super-bright white OLED graphics display. The SPX 7700 and 7800BT features user selectable color themes and super-bright color OLED graphics display. The 7800BT offers users access to the Cobra iRadar® Community for live speed and red light camera locations, speed traps and gives to ability users to share alerts in real time with other members of the iRadar community.

Price: $169.95 to $229.95 Visit the Website

Micro-Start PPS, The World’s Smallest Jump Starter And Personal Backup Battery

Micro-Start PPS

Description: Imagine a world where you never have to worry about being stranded with a dead battery again. Cars, power sports vehicles, cell phones and laptops would always be fully charged. Antigravity Batteries gives you the power to make that a reality. The company is proud to introduce the Micro-Start PPS, the world’s smallest jump starter and personal backup battery. Compact and portable, the Micro-Start PPS is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet powerful enough to jump start a car, power a laptop or charge a cell phone. The unit comes with a carrying case and interchangeable tips to fit any electronic device, including DVD players, PSPs and GPS units. The Micro-Start PPS is a great gift for campers, students, power sports enthusiasts, or anyone who needs a charge! Visit

Price: $119.99 to $129.99 Visit the Website

Drive HD Dash Cams

Drive HD Dash Cam - CDR 810

Description: To deliver convenience, security and even entertainment, Cobra Electronics' Drive HD Dash Cams record everything drivers see in full 1080P HD video. With all the hazards on the road, Drive HD Dash Cams are the perfect solution to continuously record your surroundings and keep you and your vehicle safe and secure. An embedded G-Sensor automatically saves clips where an impact has been detected and the high-end model includes GPS to simulcast your precise location on a Google™ Map along with your video. Drive HD Cams also take 12 megapixel still shots and all images and videos can be viewed on a TV or Computer.

Price: $119.95 to $169.95 Visit the Website

CarChipPro Automotive Diagnostistics Data Logger From Davis Instruments

CarChip Pro Data Logger ready for install

Description: The CarChip Pro is a great tool for the family car that can tell you how the vehicle is performing diagnostically, reset check engine light and track trouble code information in addition to know how the family car is being driven. The CarChip Pro is a great tool for the family car. It can tell you how the vehicle’s engine is performing, reset check engine light and track trouble code information. CarChip Pro also records trip information so you know how the family car is being driven. CarChip Pro plugs into the OBD II port (located under the dash) on any 1996 or later model vehicle and starts recording vehicle performance and driving data as soon as it’s installed. CarChip can be removed anytime and the information downloaded to any PC with the supplied USB cable and CarChip Pro desktop software. CarChip® Pro Driving & Engine Performance Monitor Installation is easy: plug it in, drive vehicle, download information. CarChip can record up to 300 hours of continuous driving time and up to 4 of 23 engine parameters using the desktop software. If you want to know how your vehicle is performing and being driven, you need CarChip Pro from Davis Instruments

Price: $99.00 Visit the Website

SYLVANIA SilverStar® ZXe

SYLVANIA Silverstar zXe

Description: SYLVANIA SilverStar® zXe headlights are the whitest color temperature product in the SilverStar® High Performance Series line-up, giving enthusiasts the style and attitude of HID. They feature a nanotechnology infused coating system combined with xenon halogen gas technology to give enthusiasts crisp illumination that is noticeably whiter than standard halogen bulbs. The bulbs also feature a mirrored tip, which provides car enthusiasts with a striking look, even when unlit. They are 100 percent street legal, meet all DOT requirements and are around $59.99.

Price: $59.99 Visit the Website

Wear Your Heart On Your Grille: Artisan-Designed Auto Grille Ornaments Make The Perfect, Personal Gift For Any Occasion


Description: Grillie is the trend-setting maker of beautiful auto grille ornaments that put a contemporary twist on the personal imprint most car owners want on their vehicles. Each Grillie has its own distinctive character, making them the perfect, personal gift that will let your loved ones show off the things the passions that drive them. Unlike typically pricey car accessories like satellite radio subscriptions or GPS, Grillie makes finding a unique, high quality auto gift affordable and accessible. And in categories ranging from hobbies, fashion, seashore, sports, fishing, religious, occupations, sportsman/wildlife, dogs and others, there's likely a Grillie that highlights whatever interests the recipient devotes their free time to. To learn more about Grillies and see the wide range of styles available, please visit

Price: $49.99 to $50.00 Visit the Website

CarLashes™ - Eyelashes For Cars

Classic CarLashes™ and Crystal Eyeliner

Description: CarLashes™ are flexible plastic eyelashes that are attached above cars’ headlights; starting at $26.99/ pair, CarLashes™ are an adorable, affordable way to spread smiles for miles. CarLashes™ can easily dress-up any car (as well as many motorcycles and scooters) and are the perfect gift for spirited gals of all ages who want to add a little glam - or just plain fun - to their girly rides. CarLashes™ come in chrome, pink and frosted colors, as well as classic black. For those motoring mavens looking for some additional automotive bling, CarLashes™ now makes Crystal Eyeliner - a strip of light- and eye- catching rhinestones, - available in several head-turning colors, which retails for less than $20.

Price: $26.99 to $56.98 Visit the Website

Car Caché™ Makes Purse Storage In The Car A Cinch!

Inconspicuous and Hugely Effective for Purse Storage in the Car

Description: The Car Caché is a Patent Pending invention that keeps your purse close & secure with easy access to its contents without taking your eyes off the road...greatly reducing distracted driving situations! It also eliminates car passenger inconvenience & frustration due to having to watch where they place their feet so as not to step on your purse... keeping 'shoe born' bacteria & dirt from car floor mats away from your handbag's outer surface. The Car Caché can easily accommodate both large & small purses (and bags, gloves, umbrellas, etc!) by simply adjusting the straps to make the small 'cup' at the base of the Caché fit your purse bottom as appropriate.

Price: $19.95 to $34.95 Visit the Website

Mobile Clean & Go

MiniMicro Triplepak wipes

Description: DF Consumer Products, Inc. announces the launch of a new product line Mobile Clean & Go. Mobile Clean & Go safely and effectively cleans screens on devices such as smart phones, tablets, marine electronics, laptops and mp3 players leaving screens free of germs, fingerprints, and dirt and grime. Featuring a compact, flat bottle and a microfiber cleaning cloth, the Mobile Clean & Go kit is smaller than a smart phone and slips easily into any briefcase, purse, pocket or bag. “Mobile Clean & Go was created for tech-savvy individuals who are always on-the-go,” Lad Ferian, Chief Operating Officer of DF Consumer Products, Inc. said. “With Mobile Clean & Go you never have to worry about embarrassing filth, smudges, facial oils or makeup clouding your screen on-the-go.” The Mobile Clean & Go kit contains a safe and effective cleaning solution designed by Ph.D. chemists that is TSA approved for air travel and will clean your mobile electronics without damaging them.

Price: $4.99 to $8.99 Visit the Website

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