Car Tyres - 5 Things to Consider When Choosing Car Tyres

Around the world, many vehicle accidents are caused by faulty tyres. Tyres are important parts of automobiles but unfortunately, they are one of the most neglected part of vehicles. People usually don’t pay attention to their vehicle tyres until they fail or cause an accident.

A research report revealed that knackered tyres increase the probability of a car crash by 26%.

So if you don’t buy good tyres and take care of them, not only are you compromising the safety of your car, but you’re also depriving yourself of the enjoyment of using your car. Hence, there are some important factors you must consider before buying tyres for your vehicle.

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1. Warranty of the tyres

Before making a buying decision, you should look at the warranty of the tyres you are going to choose. Choose the tyres with longer warranty after having carefully read all the conditions imposed under the warranty. Some manufacturers usually only accept a warranty claim under very severe conditions. Don’t fall for such.

2. Weather conditions of your area

The weather condition of your area is another important factor you should consider. It’s essential to choose tyres which can withstand the weather conditions of your area. Some tyres are only good for use in winter, others are good for summer.

So if you live in an area where you observe four different seasons, then you need tyres which are good for all seasons. If your tyres don’t support the weather conditions of your area, their performance will be reduced and you’ll be putting your life at risk.

3. Driving preferences

Where are you going to drive your vehicle? Is that a highway or in the city? It that a hilly area or a plain surface? These questions must be answered before making a decision.

For example, if you have to drive your car in the traffic then you need to have responsive tyres for your car. And if you drive your car on the highway, then long-wearing tyres are the best options. If you’ll thread hilly paths, you need tyres that can handle the bad or uneven roads.

4. Consider manufacturer’s reputation

What is the standing of the manufacturer whose tyres you are planning to purchase? As you know, all tyres are manufactured differently by different companies and it is crucial to have information about the company, how long they’ve been around and the general perception of users about their product.

This will help you go for only a reputable and trusted manufacturer whose tyres will give you peace of mind.

5. Price and quality

Most people are either price conscious or quality conscious? So if you are a price conscious person, then you should also make sure you don’t compromise on the quality of the tyres. There’s no point buying tyres you’ll need to change in no time in which case and you’ll have to bear additional costs.

image credit: Pixabay

On the other hand, if quality matters to you, then go for the best quality tyres from a reputable manufacturer and enjoy your driving experience!

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