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CarPartsWarehouse.com - I ordered the parts and saved $568.92

By Lawrence Davis

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I was parked in front of the W Hotel after attending a pre MTV Gift Suite waiting for one of my editors to bring down some of the goodies we received and suddenly my S500 Mercedes, normally an amazingly smooth running car started to feel and sound like an old truck! My check engine light came on and I gingerly drove to my mechanic. He called me the next day to tell me the bad news. I needed one Air Flow Meter for $523 and 2 Ignition Coils for $123 each plus labor! I trust my mechanic and in the old days would have said to go ahead but this is not the old days so off to Google I went. After checking the price on several top ranked auto supply businesses, I was intrigued by not only the price but the ease of use and information I found at CarPartsWarehouse.com. It was easy to search for the parts I needed and I received more information as well as a lower price than the other sites I had searched.

I was very impressed with the video (see below) explaining the difference between the expensive ON (oem part) for $350 and the AN (new after market part) for only $84.08 after their discount both with the same warranty, 1 year. This compares with the $523 I was quoted by my mechanic.

Same for the Ignition Coils, $70 for ON and $58 for AN compared to $123 and all with next day free shipping! Of course I ordered the parts and saved $568.92 + tax!!!



Learn more at http://www.carpartswarehouse.com/ or call toll free 1-800-565-5021

Published on Jun 07, 2011

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