A Tour To Courtallam India

It is known as spa of south India as there are several resorts and waterfalls to make it quite close to nature. Its population is very small with 2368, with 51 percent females and 49 percent males. Literacy rate here is quite high with 75 percent. As this town is close to Kerala its majority population is Tamil. Despite natural beauty, this place is also very close to religion therefore you can also see many temples here. It is famous because of its 9 waterfalls and best time to visit this town is October to January and June to September

Water Falls In Courtallam

Peraruvi Waterfall

Peraruvi flows from around 130 ft. or 60 m above the level of ground and you can avail bath under this waterfall any time of the day. Kutralesshwara Temple is also nearby to its Main Waterfalls therefore as a part of the offering is the Lord Kutraleeshwara where you can enjoy a holy dip.

Chitraruvi Waterfall

Chitraruvi is a thinner waterfall then the Main Falls. In this fall there is a natural separate place for men and women who want to take bath. This fall is also called Small falls and it is situated at the side of main falls.

Shenbagadevi Waterfall

Shenbagadevi is led by Chitraruvi Falls. It takes around 30 minutes to get there. Shenbagadevi place is usually restricted in the peak because of risks of floods. A nearby temple called Shenbagadevi temple is devoted to Shenabagadevi Amman.

Thenaruvi Waterfall

It’s considered to be first fall in Courtallam and therefore it is also considered as pious and pure. It takes 2 hour trekking to get this place. It is above Shenbagadevi Fall and is restricted in peak season because of the floods risk. It is also called Honey Falls.
Aintharuvi or Five Falls

It is also called as 5 fall and it’s the most visited place. Here you can enjoy fullest with the crowd and take bathe. The importance of this fall is that during falling water splits into 5 branches to make it Five Falls. Here you will find best hotels in Chandigarh

Pazhaya Courtallam Aruvi-

Also called Old Courtallam Falls with specialty that its water used to fall in a valley between 2 rocks. For some time rfall was closed and rocks were broken to change course of flow. However again as soon as the construction completed

Tiger or Puli Aruvi Fall

It is an artificial fall constructed between Old Courtallam and Puli Aruvi and it is used for irrigation.

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