There's No Need to Blunder When Going Down Under

Say, perhaps, you have a few weeks of accumulated vacation time from work coming up in the near future. Now would be the perfect opportunity to take that trip you've always dreamed of. It's a great time to go "Down Under", and book that (perhaps) once-in-a-lifetime trip to Australia.


Make sure your passport or visa is in order, put in for your vacation time, and start your research! This island/country/continent is huge, so having a somewhat specific gameplan going over there can save you valuable time once your plane lands.

Do plan on a good 2 weeks or even longer for this trip, as it could easily take one full day of travel each way to get to and from Australia from the U.S. For a trip of such magnitude, you would certainly be sorry if you shortchanged yourself by not allowing yourself an ample amount of time actually being on land there, enjoying the sights. After all, who knows when you'll get there again, right? There's nothing more aggravating than scurrying around, trying to see and do things, all the while glancing at the clock or calendar, knowing your vacation is quickly ticking away.


You're going to want to see Sydney, the most populous, and perhaps most beautiful city in Australia, so you may as well fly there. Once you land, pick up your rental car at the Sydney Airport (you'll really need that car for this trip!) While here, have your camera ready, and tour the city itself. No one can resist the Sydney Opera House, so make this one of your first stops. And for a different twist, one which you will really appreciate for its originality, try taking in some of the native Aboriginal culture here, things you'll never see at home. A Tribal Warrior Cruise on Sydney Harbour could be most memorable- scenic, educational, and entertaining. After a few days or so seeing what Sydney's all about, head west to see...

Adelaide and Barossa Valley

Spend one full day touring the beautiful Barossa Valley, Australia's biggest wine region. Take a winery tour and enjoy sampling the local products. From here, visit beautiful Adelaide, and if possible, take in a concert at the fabulous Adelaide Entertainment Centre, a state-of-the-art, 12,000 seat masterpiece venue that hosts the biggest names in the world onstage throughout the year.

After some relaxing time down here, pack up the car, and head northwest to...

The Great Barrier Reef

Try scuba diving here among the 900 islands and 2900 individual reefs. Enjoy the beaches here, swimming and sailing, and perhaps try taking in a stroll through the Daintree Rainforest, the world's oldest tropical rainforest.

Other Popular Places

If you have time to spare, other terrific places to visit can include:

Perth: a wide range of attractions are here, including the Perth Zoo.
Tasmania: experience the culture and beauty of this region while "down here".

There are literally thousands of things to see and do in this massive country. Start with a general plan of action for the sights you'd most like to see and things you'd like to do. Then try to leave yourself some   "flex time", enabling yourself time to see new and exciting things along the way.

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