Platinum Card from American Express - Let Your Purchases Give You VIP Treatment

You are likely to find your mailbox and email inbox filled with credit card offers these days and it seems it is easier for credit card companies to know who you are while you might not know anything about them. The American Express Platinum Card wants to change that, they want you to know everything about them because the more you know the more you will want the Platinum Card to be the one card you pull out for every purchase.

The Platinum Card

The first thing that struck me about the American Express Platinum Card was how highly their customers thought of them, who know better than the people who actually own the card. When it comes to rankings, they really begin and end with J.D. Power and Associates and for the fifth year in a row, American Express was ranked as “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Credit Card Companies.” What exactly should you take away from that? Well that means if you have a problem American Express will work to fix it, if you need assistance, they will assist you and if you are looking for one of the many services offered with the Platinum Card, they will make sure you have access to it.

Great customer service is one thing, but I’m sure you are asking what else am I going to get for my $450 annual fee? To put it simply, a lot! You really have to view the Platinum Card as much more than a credit card, because it is. It is really a lifestyle product, meaning that it is going to enhance your way of life and at the same time make your life a little easier.

If you travel internationally you simply must own the Platinum Card, once you have it you will wonder why you did not pick one up sooner. The Platinum Card will allow you to join the Global Entry program. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Global Entry program allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers to bypass lines at majorU.S.airports when returning from traveling abroad. Platinum Card members who apply and pay the application fee of $100 with their Platinum Card will receive a statement credit and you will be set with this membership for five years. If you have ever had to wait in one of those lines you will instantly realize this is one feature you can’t do without. You also gain access to more than 600 international airport lounges in more than 100 countries, so no more sitting in an uncomfortable chair in who knows what type of terminal you are waiting in. PriorityPassSelect extends the existing airport lounge program that provides access to all domestic airport lounges for AA, USAir and Delta. Finally you eliminate those nasty international travel fees. You will avoid incurring 2.7% foreign currency transaction fee on every international purchase when using the Platinum Card abroad. A few international trips and you will completely forget about that annual fee.

Use your Platinum Card to visit the Vegas Strip

The travel features of the Platinum Card are really amazing, but there is so much more. This being the holiday season, the BIO (By Invitation Only) offers can make for a truly one-of-a-kind gift. The BIO program is just one of the many ways the Platinum Card offers Card members unparalleled access and special experiences, created with their areas of interest and passions in mind—from food and wine to fashion and entertainment to travel and sports. If you are looking for something special this holiday season, then this is a great feature to use. 

If you are as tired of reaching into your wallet and deciding what credit card to pull out as I am, make things a little easier on yourself. Tear up all your cards, shred those applications and stick with just one card, the American Express Platinum Card.

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