How to Use Freelance Writing to Fund your Travels

Traveling the entire world is a dream for many of us. What stops us from doing so is the scarcity of money. Even if we have money, it is our professional lives that restrict us at one place making us struggle all day to earn our livelihood. Consequently, there are people passionate about traveling no matter what. Freelancing has been one of the best opportunities people find to fund their trips. With the emerging technology and developing world of the Internet, freelancing has an enormous scope. Content writing, web development and designing, analytics, and there’s a lot more that can be added to the list when you think of working as a freelancer.

This freelancer, who writes for, shares his experience of freelancing while traveling, using Upwork to earn funds for himself. Let us talk about some of the major high performing websites that can help you fund your travels no matter where you sit and work. All you need is a laptop, an internet connection, and excellent skills.


It is an all in one website with over 100s of jobs available for freelancers. It begets opportunities to work as a content writer, IT, designing, programming and a lot more if you pose the skills that a client’s looks for. The website is a perfect platform to get you clients from all over the world to showcase your talents and earn by serving them online. There are over 500+ content writing requirements posted on Freelancer.


Contentmart is one of the best platforms that solely provides opportunities for content writers to earn through providing their content writing services. There are thousands of clients accessible on Contentmart looking for potential content writers who can serve them with their requirements. It has bridged the gap between the writers and the clients and can fetch you a regular income through content writing no matter from where you sit and work.


Similar to the jobs offered by clients on freelancer, UpWork is another popular platform known for its ability to fund people working from anywhere in the world. The platform has the sheer number of jobs open and grants you an opportunity to earn as much as you can.

Constant content

Constant content is a platform for the writers who look forward to earning their daily income through content writing. The platform is similar to Contentmart as it only poses an opportunity for content writers. The platform being one of the popular places to earn with tremendous opportunities available, one can expect substantial fees on their articles. It has a strict editorial process that makes the clients sure about the availability of professional writers.


One can again find content writing jobs easily on Craigslist. It helps you find job opportunities around you in your local areas as well as at distances. There are a thousand of companies and individuals posting jobs on the platform where the clients mainly demand writing blogs, web pages, articles, and other website material.

Freelancing makes us free from a boss-employee relationship. It is, in fact, interesting and fascinating to people who want to work from home or desire to work with no barriers. All a person needs is to have relevant skills to perform the job. Content writing has an enormous scope in today’s world with a massive search for content writers potent to write any type of material. Be it the pages for your website, blogs or academic writing; it holds a huge demand. In the innovating technological world where the internet is the prime source of reference for anything and everything, content writing has a huge scope. Consequently, it can help you fund your travels through opting for a freelancing opportunity.

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