Common Cultural Mistakes You Should Avoid While In US

The world is a bizarre place when it comes to humans. Cultures around the world are diverse and have things typical to their origins. Doing certain things and following particular norms are a must in many places and not doing them could make things go awkward. So it is an important task to check what is welcome and what is not in the country you are travelling to. If your next trip is taking you to USA, be sure of having the following things in mind to stay on the right side of things.

Do not swear much when in US

Swearing and use of abusive insults is a common thing among friends in many countries. It is seen as casual humour to make such comments or gestures. But in the US, however close you might be to your pal, a swear word will not do too good in keeping the bond that way. People are far more sensitive to such behaviour than you may even think of.

Being reserved is being rude

In many cultures, mostly towards the east of the globe physical proximity at a sudden casual meeting is not what you expect. People you do not know are not the ones you greet with instant hugs or pats. But, here in US, if your behaviour is too reserved and poised, maybe not even a handshake, then you are rude. To them expression of acceptance is of great importance. So if they approve of you then they will hug you or come close right away. So next time you meet people in America get ready for a tight bear hug from someone completely unknown.

Do not comment on their food.

European and Asian countries are usually too proud about their cuisine and how each country offers a variety of gourmet specials that are unique and delectable. So when you travel to US do not make the mistake of stating that food for Americans begins with a burger and ends with a doughnut. That is something you should abstain from in all possibilities. They are very sensitive about their lifestyle and they see nothing wrong in the way they are. So commenting on their everyday food can raise quite a few eyebrows. Even more, their invitation for you to dine at their place can also be given a second thought about.

Keep the private talk private

What if you are in one of the best hotels in Las Vegas, with a group of friends which also has local Americans, do you or do you not make toiler humour? Well many would not know but in the US people are not very fond of such mockery. They do not wish to discuss matters that are private and would definitely not choose to make fun of it either. This whole practice also includes a ban on discussion of sexually insulting matters. So when you are in the US, be careful about which joke you crack next.

Remember to accept their heritage

Many civilisations consider themselves to be pure races as they have not had much of foreign intrusion in the history of their country. Whereas, USA as a nation is a state built up of all kinds of people from across the world. Even their lineage would clearly state that they have forefathers from more than two or three cultures or countries. It is not something that you pick up as a cue to giggle when they discuss this. They respect their past as any other national would and will not appreciate any ridicule about this or any gesture remotely close.

So now you know your key points to follow when you meet your new friends in America. Just be cautious and we are sure you will love these warm hearts, all full of fun.



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