5 Reasons Why Travelling is the Best Education

 “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” — Saint Augustine

How true is this quote? Especially in this fast-paced world of 21st century where many only travel for likes on Facebook and Instagram, travelling indeed is packed with charm of self-discovery and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Whether you are hiking through Mt Everest or through the kaleidoscopic Amazon rainforest or simply wandering through an enchanting Kenyan village, travelling is all unearthing the world of infinite possibilities. Now, whether you are an American University Rankings 美国大学排名 student or someone who has travelled half the globe, one fact is clear – experiencing life lessons through travelling has more weightage than learning a lesson through textbook.

You learn compassion for the lives of others: This is one virtue that travelling teaches you regardless of your race, colour or nationality. Travelling teaches you the basic principle of humanity – that despite several differences in our culture, colour and way of living, deep down we all are same in our hearts. You tend to have a better understanding of people and their actions. You sure are going to realise that even though there is a fair share of good and bad people out there, but goodness really triumphs all.

Travelling enhances your social skills: It will help you to certainly overcome your anxiety by overcoming your anxiety and dilemma. Talking to strangers will become a routine and you will learn so much about their lives and culture in the process. After all, interacting and mingling with strangers is the best part of travelling, isn’t it? Mind you, none of those character-building workshops of your school or college would have been as effective as travel.

You become one with Mother Nature: All in the process of appreciating the depth and length of universe and its natural abundance. Right from exploring the concrete jungles to discovering exotic natural wonders, it is only while travelling to far and wide that you can discover the splendour of nature. Travelling also teaches you a lot about global warming, air pollution and things like climate change to a great extent, all while helping you to discover big issues.

Travelling helps you to dial up your vocabulary by learning new languages: Breaking away from the shackles of only English-speaking habit, travelling encourages you to study more vivid languages. Learning languages on the go, through guide book and through native audio guides has its own charm nonetheless. Now things like slang, inflection or vocal appearance can surely be only taught by actual native speakers in a much more profound manner when compared to textbooks.

Travelling lets you to be free and courageous: Gazing the unseen and travelling the unknown is one of the wisest ways of gaining endurance and becoming brave. Right from bags exploding to lodging passes getting lost to getting bummed with non-availability of food at wee hours, travelling sure impacts how your extemporise. It certainly fuels the passion in your belly to get lost on a windy, sun-soaked passage or to find hidden gem in a sprawling market; travelling lets you gain independence by exploring more and more.

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