Whats the big draw about the iphone 7 plus - is it worth it?

The iPhone 7 Plus is an exciting modest update from the iPhone 7. Although it still sports the familiar design, the new update comes with improved camera, improved performance and is waterproof. It has a solid battery life and its enhanced power increases its slick performance. However, it is still expensive and has no headphone jack. In this iPhone 7 Plus review, we will look at the heap surrounding this upgrade and if it is really worth it.

iPhone 7 Plus is without doubt a better version of Apple’s smartphone revolution. The iPhone 7 Plus will especially be a hit among photographers. It dual rear cameras (telephoto and wide angle), can now deliver true 2X optical zoom and its 256GB storage options means photographers can take as many quality photos as they like. The new update also means the new iPhone 7 Plus finally has optical image stabilization. This means that if one takes shaky videos they get stabilized. In addition, the cameras now have the capacity of creating depth of field (DOF) effects. It also has a large screen (5.5-inch) which offers a 1080p display.

The new iPhone 7 Plus design has a wide colour gamut that displays a wide range of colours to allow for more realistic and varied tones. It has also increased its random access memory (RAM) from 2GB to 3GB. Coupled with its wide colour gamut range, large display and excellent loud built in speakers, watching videos or streaming on your phone will be a joy.

The fact that Apple have followed up on making phones that are water resistant adds to its appeal too. The new iPhone 7 Plus has a water resistant rating of IP67. This means the phone can stay up to 30 minutes covered by up to 1 meter of water. This is especially welcome news for those customers who are not lucky when it comes to accidently submerging or dropping their phones in water.

In terms of design, the iPhone 7 Plus is very much like its earlier versions. However, its design has been altered a tad. While in previous versions the antenna bands would strap back, the antennas in the new design now curve across the top and bottom edges. This design seems to have made the camera bump appear more pronounced.

The new iPhone 7 Plus comes in two colours which have different feels. One spots a Jet Black colour with an almost ceramic feel. While this feel enhances its grip, it likely leaves fingerprints marks on it and the phone also seems to get fine scratches very easily. If you go for this type, you will need to take gentle care of it. The other colour you will choose from is the black version. This phone does not have the grip feel of the first colour, thus making it a bit slippery. It is therefore highly advisable to invest in a case if you decide on this choice.

The Plus has replaced its home button with a capacitive pad. This means that instead of the iconic which we were used to pressing, this new pad recognizes our finger prints much like the touchscreen does. Therefore, there is no need to actually press it.

One of the few areas that you might find annoying with the new iPhone 7 Plus is that they have continued their recent design of omitting the 3.5mm headphone jack. Although many users are getting used to not having this design feature on their phones, many customers are still complaining about its omission. Its seems that by providing lighting ear pods, Apple is trying to get its customers to move towards wireless headphone experience.

The new iPhone 7 Plus integrates a new iOS 10 operating system. This has had the effect of enhancing its speed. Apple has also made huge improvements on its apps. For example, they have integrated amazing features into iMessage, which allows users to draw and send pictures to their friends. Users can also be able to send the music they are listening on Apple Music.

In conclusion, all the hype that the new iPhone 7 Plus is attracting is totally worth it, you can great Iphone 7 Plus deals with Broadband Choices. Although it is a bit expensive, the iPhone 7 Plus is a transitional step of how users will now be enjoying the Apple experience in the future.

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