The ultimate secret of being in touch with long-distance friends – Embrace technology tricks

Are you someone who’s graduating or relocating for a job or just moving to another country for some personal reason? There comes a situation when you can no longer move up a flight of stairs or grab a drink with your close friend. But you don’t need to feel sad as there are more ways than one to stay connected with your friend who has moved abroad. Nevertheless, don’t you feel that you’re drifting apart from your friend when the world is entirely staying in touch through Facebook texts or wall posts?

Being far away from one another in terms of distance doesn’t always mean that you can’t stay close. It just means that you will have to adopt a new approach towards staying in touch. Check out few ways of ditching the communication rut and connecting with friends located at a long distance.

#1: Optimize your phone calls
Picking up your phone and making calls will seem to be an obvious option but when your family, job, classes, new friends and house errands keep you busy every minute, you may find it almost impossible to spend even an hour chatting with your friends. So, if you find yourself time-strapped, set a date when you will catch up with your friends either on phone or Google Hangout. If you want to slash off your telephone calls, you can use the NobelApp which is offered by NobelCom, an international calling card company. You can even opt for group calls if you have a closely-knit group and you can choose special days like birthdays or wedding parties to organize such calls.

If you are going to call someone overseas, you don’t want to use your regular data plan. You should be aware of the advantages of using virtual phone cards, which include saving 10% or more off your phone bill.

#2: Chat over email

Emails are indeed great as they allow you to speak in detail which you may not be able to do when you speak over telephone, unless you have some calling card system available. You can tell stories over email and even type and send a mail at 3 AM if you don’t want to embarrass your friends by waking them at an odd time. However, there is 1 issue about whether or not you can really connect through typed word.

#3: Leverage the social media but go beyond Facebook

Just saying ‘Happy Birthday’ on your Facebook wall isn’t enough with the kind of friendship that you share. So, how about connecting over the social media through Pinterest? You can share pictures of the way you’ve decorated your kitchen or your living room. You can even rip things off magazines together when you take resort to the social media.

#4: Plan out a trip together

Whether a trip means heading back to the campus or meeting in Chicago or New York once in every 6 months or meeting at the concert every summer, there’s definitely no better way than meeting each other. If you think your friend is only a car-ride away, plan a day trip few months in advance and set the date on your calendar.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the ways in which you can stay in touch with your long distance friends, take into account the above mentioned strategies to adopt.

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