Technology Gifts Under $30 - Technology Gift Guide Roundup for 2012

All Items are Sorted by Price - Most Expensive to Least Expensive

Monopoly ZAPPed

Hasbro's Monopoly zAPPed

Description: Pull out your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch device and prepare for an interactive new way to experience Monopoly with Monopoly zAPPed. This new way to play the classic game, allows for players to use a zAPPed banking card with their iDevice, turning it into the banking unit. Everyone's favorite Chance and Community Chest cards come to life with fun mini-games. Players still experience classic gameplay through the rolling of the dice and moving their favorite token around the Monopoly zAPPed game board.

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

SWAROVSKI ELEMENT Embedded Smartphone Cases

The Most Elegant iPhone Case Available

Description: Bling My Thing strives to be forward thinking in launching product lines desired by the global mobile user. Lead designer, Ayano Kimura, of Bling My Thing Group strives to develop product lines that combine cutting edge designs and materials to address the various niches of mobile users from fashion mavens to creative individualists to technology purists. Bling My Thing Group is defining itself as a leader in innovation in the mobile accessory industry through its inventive and expanding collections. SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are used on low profile polycarbonate cases that are scratch resistant to create the perfect amount of sparkle and shine for those looking for impeccable glamor and elegance. These cases bring the mobile experience to the next level of style!

Price: $29.99 to $69.99 Visit the Website

Harley Pasternak's Hollywood Workout

Harley Pasternak's Hollywood Workout

Description: Celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak, who has worked with notables including Lady Gaga, Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry, Rob Pattinson, Robert Downey Jr. and more recently released his new, much anticipated at home workout program, “Harley Pasternak’s Hollywood Workout” which is currently available for Kinect for XBox360 and Wii systems. (Retail $29.99.) This new fun, effective system gives everyone the opportunity to reach their fitness goals and train like a celebrity using his famous 5-Factor Program from the comfort of their own home. The interactive program includes a real-time Fitness Tracker, log calendar, easy to use point system and even drool-worthy workout locales like a breezy beach front condo, a cool downtown loft, a swanky Hollywood Hills mansion and more. The program is rated “E” for everyone and can be customized for all levels. To view the official trailer and find out more, please visit

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

Omg Light Up IPhone Case.

Micaheye Burger Design

Description: Introducing the world’s first interactive color changing LED iPhone case. OMG Cases are sure to turn heads with brilliant artwork which comes to life with every call or notification. With several designs to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding just the right style for the iPhone user on your shopping list. These are an absolute must-have for the 2012 holiday season! Now available for iPhone 5.

Price: $29.95 to $29.99 Visit the Website

Bigasoft WTV To MP4 Converter

Bigasoft WTV to MP4 Converter Boxshot

Description: As a versatile and professional WTV to MP4 Converter, Bigasoft WTV Converter helps you to convert Windows Media Center recorded TV shows to MPEG-4, HD MPEG-4. No need to first convert WTV to DVR-MS, no need to wait long time. Just drag and drop all your WTV files to the software, WTV to MP4 converter will batch convert the WTV files one by one to any desired video and audio formats. In addition, the WTV video converter can deal with WTV files with H.264 video content and convert them to MP4, HD MP4, and H.264 MP4. WTV to MP4 Converter can transcode WTV to video for playback on iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android phones, Android Pad, BlackBerry, PSP, PS3 and so on. What's more, WTV to MP4 Converter can edit WTV files like trim, crop to remove commercials, merge several files into one, and split WTV files to small size files.

Price: $29.95 Visit the Website

BITS Limited Energy Saving Smart Strip Surge Protector

BITS Limited Energy Saving Smart Strip Surge Protector

Description: BITS Limited’s green surge protector, the “Smart Strip” allows Dad to protect all his high-end electronics AND the environment. The Smart Strip cuts down power usage to Dad’s electronics by sensing the current to the “control outlet,” and smartly turning on or off the current to the strip’s “automatically switched outlets.” Turning on or off Dad’s new LCD TV connected to the control outlet will switch on or off his speakers, Blu-ray player or any other device connected to the automatically switched outlets. This helps stop wasteful “vampire power” saving an average of $52.91 in energy costs a year and the saving the environment.

Price: $29.95 to $39.95 Visit the Website

TuneUp Utilities 2012

TuneUp Utilities 2012

Description: TuneUp Utilities 2012 is the latest installment of the award-winning series of PC optimization software from TuneUp. The software is available for users of Windows 7, XP and Vista. TuneUp Utilities is designed to keep PCs running smoothly, extend their lifecycles and provide users with a noticeable boost in speed and performance. The software gives users a dual performance boost with the new TuneUp Economy Mode and the enhanced TuneUp Program Deactivator. With a single click, TuneUp Economy Mode extends the battery life of notebooks, netbooks and tablet PCs by up to 30 percent compared to Windows 7’s energy-saving mode, as well as reduces desktop PC energy consumption. At the same time, the TuneUp Program Deactivator allows users to select infrequently used programs to hibernate in order to conserve system resources, freeing up working memory and improving start-up times.

Price: $29.95 to $49.95 Visit the Website

X-mini II Capsule Speaker

The X-mini II Capsule Speaker in RED!

Description: The pocket-sized X-mini II Capsule Speaker is compatible with your iPhone, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and media devices. It features a built-in USB-rechargeable battery that offers up to 12 hours of playback time with each charge. Pop it open to enjoy an enhanced bass experience with the Bass Xpansion System. Bring it along with you anywhere you go to share your music. Just plug and play your favourite tunes!

Price: $29.90 Visit the Website

Tune-up Utilities

TuneUp Utilities 2012

Description: TuneUp Corporation, headquartered in Miami, Florida, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Germany-based TuneUp Software GmbH, the leading provider of intelligent software tools that enable users to get optimal use of their operating systems and programs. TuneUp protects users from PC problems, while helping them increase the performance and security of their computers. Since 1997, the TuneUp brand has produced best in class, high-quality products.

Price: $29.00 to $49.99 Visit the Website

Nomad Brush FLeX - Digital Paintbrush For Touchscreen Devices

Nomad Brush FLeX Paintbrush for Creating Your Digital Expression

Description: Nomad Brush Flex paintbrush is a brand-new digital stylus for any touch-screen capacitive device including the iPad, iPhone (including the 5), Kindle Fire, Microsoft's Surface tablet…etc. The Flex IS the next generation and features a new, all-synthetic brush tip, which is both flexible and soft, providing superior feedback to the user making it feel like a real paintbrush without the messy clean up. The body of the Flex is made of precision-milled aluminum and comes in five unique colors: charcoal, silver, cobalt blue, red and pink. Available now for $29.00 at and closer to the Holidays at Best Buy stores. Nomad Brush is the maker of the original, critically-acclaimed Nomad Brush Compose, a 2011 Macworld EDDY winner and the only paintbrush stylus on the market to garner rave reviews from the likes of Vanity Fair, The Washington Post and The New York Times. The new Nomad Flex is fully compatible with the original Nomad Compose brush tips giving artists and doodlers the utmost in flexibility when choosing the proper brush for each stroke of artistic genius. As a portable and flexible device, consumers can take their brush anywhere and create whenever and wherever inspiration takes them.

Price: $29.00 Visit the Website

HANDeBand Mobile Device Hand Grip


Description: The HANDeBand is a new accessory for any smart phone, tablet, e-reader or other portable device that attaches to your finger to streamline the ease of use of any device, and overall makes using the device more fun, comfortable and enjoyable. Everyday tasks like taking photos, texting, managing email, surfing the internet, and even watching videos become easier because your hand does not have to grasp the device, freeing up your thumb for a wider range of mobility and usability with a full 360 degree rotation. Available at for $28.95 for 2-pack.

Price: $28.95 Visit the Website

NuView Dock Charger For Dads That Love IPads

Cirago’s NuView Dock Charger

Description: This Father's Day, get your tech-savvy Dad something he'll be sure to use... Cirago’s NuView® Dock Charger (IPA5000) doubles as a solid, yet portable desktop stand for the New iPad (3rd gen), iPad 2, and the original iPad. View your iPad in landscape mode by simply placing the iPad horizontally in the NuView and at the same time sync/charge using your own cable. Or, charge your iPad with the built-in 30-pin dock connector and 5V power adapter connected directly to the wall outlet while the NuView holds the device vertically at a perfect viewing angle. At just 3” square and only 2” high, NuView offers a surprisingly solid base for the iPad in a very small form factor that makes it easy to throw into your bag for on-the-go use. As an added bonus, the NuView can also charge other 30-pin iOS devices that fit in the NuView for an all-around charge solution. The NuView is MFI certified by an Apple approved testing facility and bears the Made for iPad authentication.

Price: $27.99 Visit the Website

The Newer Technology Power2U AC/USB Wall Outlet

Newer Technology Power2U AC/USB Wall Outlet Line

Description: The Newer Technology Power2U AC/USB Wall Outlet is the safe in-wall solution for conveniently charging and/or powering up to four USB devices at once, using the USB 3.0/2.0 ports and a standard three-prong outlets, eliminating unsightly cable clutter and offering a modern, centralized location for charging/powering USB devices. Ideal for homes with users of multiple USB chargeable devices, the Power2U is a basic "DIY" install on any 15Amp circuit with a 16 cubic inch electrical box, blending seamlessly into the wall as a standard power outlet. How-to video demonstrates how the Power2U can be installed in as little as 20 minutes. Energy efficient features include “Smart Power “design, only outputting the charging power required by attached device; and spring-loaded Safety Shutters that turn power off to the USB ports -- eliminating "vampire" energy draw when a connecting cable is removed. Power2U is the first home-safe, fully UL Listed and approved product of its kind, unlike knockoffs which misrepresent or don’t have verified UL approval. Compatible with: all Apple iPads; all Apple iPhones; all USB chargeable Apple iPods ; Android™ tablets and phones; tablet computers; cell phones; gaming systems such as Nintendo, Sony PSP; Bluetooth headsets; digital cameras; GPS, and more!

Price: $27.99 Visit the Website

Unique Concept In PERSONALIZED CELL PHONE COVER - Help Kickstart The Project


Description: In this age of “ME” - with the “I” phone, “MY” Space and “I” Pad - everyone wants to be noticed. frām iPhone Case is a new concept GIVING YOU THE CHANCE TO SPOTLIGHT YOUR INDIVIDUALITY. CHALLENGE: the creators of frām have only 19 days to raise enough capital to make the frām concept a reality – they NEED YOUR HELP to get the word out. frām ($25) comes from IDEATIVE, the small-business entrepreneurs and makers of the already successful Socket Sense® surge protectors and FlexUSB™. The frām IPhone case LET'S YOU CREATE YOUR OWN DESIGN AND CHANGE IT AS OFTEN as you want. There’s no need to buy a new case when you get bored – just switch the photo or the design. All you need is a scissors and your imagination! The Challenge: The frām case will only be mass-produced if it receives enough BUYERS BY JULY 21ST. Only if frām reaches their goal of $30,000 worth of purchases will each credit card be charged the $25 purchase fee and be shipped their frām in September. Just pledging to buy a frām case will help these entrepreneurs’ get their start-up concept off the ground. For more info, check out

Price: $25.00 Visit the Website

Cardstackers (™) 825 Card Building Set

set includes 825 cards engineered for building, 16 patent-pending cardstarters, instruction booklet and builders guide

Description: (November 2012)―Artist and Guinness World Record Holder for building the World’s Tallest and Largest Houses of Freestanding Playing Cards—all with no tape, no folding, and no glue!—Bryan Berg announces his new toy for kids age 8 and up: The Cardstackers(™) boxed set is inspired by Berg’s 15 years of teaching cardstacking to kids around the world, and his quest to make building an amazing house of cards possible and fun for all. “With Cardstackers(™), I wanted a way to offer more children and teens the awesome sense of creativity and accomplishment you get from doing something that seems impossible—in this case, making a real house of cards," said Berg. The Cardstackers(™) set is also great for teachers as a classroom math or science project.# # The Cardstackers(™) set includes 825 specially engineered playing cards, ideal for building freestanding houses of cards on a grand scale. And, each kit includes 16 of Berg’s patent-pending Cardstarters(™), little devices that work like cardstacking “training wheels” to help kids learn and execute correct card placements for the strongest buildings. The Cardstarters(™) each hold four cards in the correct placement—just how Berg does it—to teach the best way to build a foundation for the first story and beyond. The best part is that Cardstarters(™) still allow kids to create a truly freestanding house of cards, so they can enjoy the ever-anticipated thrill of knocking it all down after a hard day’s work.

Price: $25.00 Visit the Website

The Healthy PC: Preventive Care, Home Remedies, And Green Computing, 2nd Edition

The Healthy PC: Preventive Care, Home Remedies, and Green Computing, 2nd Edition

Description: Save yourself time, money, and frustration by becoming your own computer guru. The Healthy PC: Preventive Care, Home Remedies, and Green Computing, Second Edition shows you how to find out what's wrong with your PC and solve the problems yourself. You'll get expert tips for making your PC start up faster, keeping its hard drive in good shape, and updating Windows with the latest security fixes. This hands-on guide also explains how to protect your PC for free using Microsoft Security Essentials, use the Internet safely, and configure parental controls to protect your children both online and offline. McGraw-Hill; November 2011; ISBN 9780071752916;

Price: $25.00 to $30.00 Visit the Website

Mobiflock Parental Control For Smartphones

Mobiflock Mobile Parental Control

Description: Mobiflock makes cell phones safe for children by giving parents the visibility and tools to manage their children's phone use, and so protect them from harm. There are umpteen fantastic reasons for your child to have a mobile phone: from letting you stay in touch with them, to accessing the web for school projects, to simply fitting in with their friends. The flipside to this, however, is an unacceptable level of danger – from cyber-bullying and sexual harassment, to sexting, and spending too much time and money on their phones. The Mobiflock service allows you to: * Find out who your kids are contacting and who is contacting them. And what they are saying to each other. * Control who your child contacts, who contacts them, time and money spent, information sent and received. * Locate where the child is, or even a missing or stolen phone. And delete private info from a missing or stolen phone. * Receive alerts about inappropriate content; cyber-bullying; sexting; predatory activity; spending too much time or money online. * Parents can also safeguard their own phones.

Price: $25.00 Visit the Website

The Game Of Life ZAPPed

Hasbro's The Game of Life zAPPed

Description: Earlier this year, Hasbro introduced zAPPed Gaming, which combines the fun of traditional, face-to-face game play with enhanced digital gaming. Players download the free Game of Life zAPPed app onto their iPad that lets them spin the digital spinner and customize their own peg person. The game comes with the classic car and peg pieces that players move around life's path on the Game of Life zAPPed game board. As players travel through life and reach milestones such as graduation or a wedding, special features are unlocked featuring mini-games and hilarious clips from "America's Funniest Home Videos," that play on your iPad.

Price: $24.99 Visit the Website

Dust Off Ultimate Screen Care Kit

Ultimate Screen Care Kit

Description: Never again will the children’s fingerprints and food marks be all over your household electronics. Their Dust Off® Ultimate Screen Care Kit allows users to clean all of their electronics with one convenient kit. The kit features a safe and effective cleaning solution created to easily removing smudges and fingerprints from all devices. The Kit includes: 1 – 50ml Screen Spray, 1 – Screen Shammy for use on various devices, 1 – Plasma Screen Cloth, 1 – CD/DVD Cloth for media disks, 1 – Sweep mobile cleaning pad.

Price: $24.99 Visit the Website

ChromaLuxe Flex Frames

Flex Frame for Galaxy SIII

Description: ChromaLuxe Flex Frame smart device covers allows users to print personalized images on high definition interchangeable inserts crafted from ChromaLuxe’s HD Metal Prints. As the smartphone has become an extension of our lives, and its protective case a fashion statement, the new Flex Frames make it easy to snap on a new look to match a user’s changing style, mood or interest. The Flex Frames are designed to securely hug the Galaxy SIII®, the new iPhone® 5, or its iPhone® 4 and 4S predecessors, and as well as the iPad® 2-4, and iPad® Mini. Whether switching the case’s look with the changing seasons or daily wardrobe changes, the unique metal prints can be swapped within the hard shell casing in seconds. With ChromaLuxe Flex Frames teens can showcase their devotion for a favorite band or alma mater, while parents will love the Flex Frames as a one-of-a-kind tableau to show off their children’s beaming smiles. Loaded with a print of abstract imagery or a fun print, Flex Frames can make the carrier’s smartphone into a trendy fashion-forward accessory.

Price: $24.98 to $29.99 Visit the Website

Find Lost Pets With FinderCodes

FinderCodes Lost and Found Pet Kit

Description: When a family’s pet is missing, panic can ensue, resulting in neighborhood searches, sign postings, distraught tears and broken hearts. The best bet for finding your pets is tagging them with contact information, but that can be a security risk if landed in the wrong hands. Outfitting your pet with a FinderCodes tag, which cloaks contact information behind a QR code, will safeguard your personal information while allowing Good Samaritans to more easily return your pet to you. With FinderCodes, dogs and cats can be tagged with unique QR codes that can either be scanned with a smartphone or inputted at When a finder comes across a lost pet, the owner is instantly notified via text message or email that the tag has been scanned, connecting the finder and the owner, without revealing the owner’s contact information. To increase the likelihood of your pets being returned to your loving home, equip them with safety identification tags from FinderCodes.

Price: $24.95 Visit the Website

Duracell's Instant Charger - Power Up On The Run

Duracell Instant Charger

Description: The Duracell Instant Charger allows you to charge many USB-powered devices. It’s a handy power solution for devices such as iPods, iPhones and Blackberrys. As the number of device features increase, the need for additional battery power is growing. This Instant Charger fits any mini-USB device, including many digital cameras. It also offers a universal USB port for use with proprietary device cords such as Apple products and/or micro-USB phones.

Price: $20.00 to $30.00 Visit the Website

Ultimate Immersive Video Conferencing Tool - Personify Live

Personify Live creates a virtual green screen for presenters.

Description: Personify Live is the first Web conferencing tool that overlays real-time video of the presenter onto a slideshow, desktop or any other setting. The app works with depth cameras such as the Microsoft Kinect or ASUS Xtion PRO LIVE motion sensor to create a virtual green screen. Personify Live was developed for business-to-business companies and their sales and marketing teams. Personify Live allows a speaker to connect with an audience by delivering a more engaging presentation with a more authentic message. This is crucial for sales and marketing teams, which spend much of their time in virtual, long-distance meetings. Further, studies have shown that people believe speakers to be more credible when they can be seen as opposed to only heard.

Price: $19.99 to $199.00 Visit the Website

ChargeAll - Universal Cell Phone Charger For All Your Devices

ChargeAll - Universal Cell Phone Charger

Description: Has your cell phone died when you needed it most? Thousands of people everyday are saying “My Cell Phone Died.” ChargeAll is a universal cell phone charger that works with thousands of devices; literally everything from the Apple iPhone and Blackberry to Amazon Kindle and Nintendo DS. ChargeAll is perfect for the home, office, restaurant, bar, coffee shop, or hotel. Learn more at

Price: $19.95 to $39.95 Visit the Website

The Puzzle Society Membership

The Puzzle Society

Description: The Puzzle Society is a premiere online site that offers some of the best puzzles and games in the world via crosswords, word puzzles and number games. Our puzzle and game titles include USA Today Crossword, WonderWord, Sudoku and Hollywood Word roundup. is simple and easy to use for all gamers. Guests can register with us to play their favorite games every day. Online, users can bookmark and view an updated list daily of their favorite games. Diverse content is a focus for the website, which includes starter-level challenges for those who are new to puzzling or rediscovering an old passion for crosswords, word puzzles or number games. The site offers both classics and the introduction of new favorites daily. For more information visit

Price: $19.95 to $47.40 Visit the Website

Platinum II SDHC UHS-I

32GB Platinum II SDHC UHS-I

Description: Designed for fast-action photo and HD video capture, the Platinum II SDHC memory card makes a great gift for any photo or video hobbyist. Its fast speed means you won’t have to worry about missing any precious family moments this holiday season. This great stocking stuffer is available in capacities of 8GB, 16GB and 32GB with MSRPs between $17.99 and $54.99.

Price: $17.99 to $54.99 Visit the Website

Lexar JumpDrive S73 USB 3.0 Flash Drive

16GB Lexar® JumpDrive® S73 USB 3.0 Flash Drive (Purple)

Description: The JumpDrive S73 leverages SuperSpeed USB 3.0 technology to provide impressive high-speed transfer of documents, photos, videos, music, and more. It is 3X faster than the standard USB 2.0 flash drive. This product is perfect for ensuring that those school essays, carefully crafted music playlists, and important family photos don’t get lost. (Available in capacities of 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB with MSRPs between $16.99 and $99.99)

Price: $16.99 to $99.99 Visit the Website

Dane-Elec Brings Marvel's The Avengers To Life In 8GB USB Drives

Marvel's The Avengers USB Drives and USB Hub from Dane-Elec

Description: The four Avengers characters featured in Marvel’s The Avengers movie – Captain America, The Hulk, Thor and Iron Man – are brought to life in the form of 8 gigabyte (GB) flash drives from Dane-Elec. Users can collect them all with Marvel’s The Avengers 4-Port USB Hub and let the Super Heroes transport and protect their data for years to come. Both adults and children can now store and transport data on these replica character statuettes that have a sleek sliding USB drive embedded in the base. Marvel’s The Avengers Super Heroes collection from Dane-Elec is a unique and practical gift for friends and family of all ages! Available at

Price: $16.99 Visit the Website

Online Reputation Management For Dummies Book

Whether you want a hot date, a hot job, or to launch your hot project, you need a solid reputation online!

Description: More important than ever--how to manage your online reputation In today's social world, managing your online reputation is more critical than ever, whether it's your company brand or yourself as a brand, and one thing is certain: everyone needs a plan. This essential book shows you how to set up a system that works every day, helps forward your brand's online goals, and is able to deal with negative chatter. Covering everyday listening and messaging as well as reputation management for special events or crises, this book walks you through step-by-step instructions and tips that will help you build and maintain a positive online presence. Shows you how to create a solid, productive online reputation management system Helps you achieve your brand's goals and be ready to deal with negative chatter or crises Explains how to set up an online reputation management and response team Covers how to identify and incorporate both everyday and crisis SEO keywords Explores reputation creation through listening, messages, images, video, and other media Helps you handle crises with social media, bloggers, and other influencers, and respond immediately Online Reputation Management For Dummies gives you the tools you need to maintain the online reputation you want.

Price: $15.00 to $25.00 Visit the Website

Jelly Belly Scented IPhone4 And IPad2 Cases

Jelly Belly(R) Very Cherry iPhone4 Case by ESI

Description: Indulge in ESI’s newest product line-- Jelly Belly® Cases for the iPhone 4/3G/3GS, iPod touch, and now available for the iPad2. Celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving that special someone the Very Cherry flavor iPad2 or iPhone case infused with the actual scent of Jelly Belly’s famous cherry flavor. The cases are scented to smell like the five most popular Jelly Belly® Jelly Bean flavors including Strawberry Cheesecake and Berry Blue. This Valentine's Day, give your loved one the Very Cherry Flavor that can last the entire year.

Price: $15.00 to $20.00 Visit the Website

3M Screen Protector Products

3M Screen Protector

Description: 3M Screen Protector Products for smartphones and tablets are a great stocking stuffer for travelers or techies looking to protect their gadgets and privacy while traveling. They come in a variety of sizes and models: -3M Privacy Screen Protectors block-out side views to keep onscreen data private for that extra layer of protection -3M Natural View Anti-Glare Screen Protectors provide an enhanced viewing experience on your iPad, iPhone or e-reader when reading outdoors and in bright light. -3M Natural View Fingerprint Fading Screen Protectors keep your tablet, such as the new iPad, clean from messy fingerprints. The 3M Screen Protectors can be purchased at Target, Walmart and

Price: $15.00 to $40.00 Visit the Website

Webkinz World And Webkinz Friends

Webkinz Rockerz Leopard

Description: Webkinz plush pets come alive through digital interaction. Each toy comes with a Secret Code that lets you virtually adopt your pet in Webkinz World. Pick out your pet’s gender and name and then get started by decorating their room, buying them clothes and feeding them their favorite treats! The pet relies on the owner to care for him, which helps teach children responsibility. By playing with and feeding the pet, a young pet-owner will help keep his Hunger, Happy and Health meters high! While designed for children aged 5-10, the whole family can even join in on the fun by interacting through WebKinz Friends, a free social game available on Facebook or as an iPad application. Game time can now be family time!

Price: $15.00 to $17.00 Visit the Website

Duracell Flash Memory Introduces New Rugged USB Drive

Duracell Flash Rugged USB Drive, 16GB

Description: Keep your data safe with Dane-Elec’s new line of Duracell Flash rugged USB flash drives, available in 16 gigabyte (GB) and 32 GB capacities. These unique USB drives are lightweight and feature a solid, black rubberized housing with a distinct copper ring and industrial design that is easy to grip. A twist mechanism allows for easy open and close (like a twist flashlight) and eliminates the risk of losing a cap. It even has a corresponding ratchet sound when it’s twisted opened and closed. The Duracell Flash rugged USB drives are perfect for outdoor activities both at work and at home, including construction, DIY, automotive, field service, utility, mining and mobile workers. They offer the storage, performance, portability and power you need to store, back-up, transfer or share your favorite pictures, videos or music and to secure your private data. A loophole at the top of the drive lets you attach it to a lanyard or key ring for easy transport without the risk of losing your data since there are no removable pieces that could fall off. Each Duracell Flash drive comes with a 5-year warranty and is backed by the quality and reliability of the Duracell brand. The Duracell Flash rugged USB drives are available now at online retailers such as and at

Price: $15.00 to $25.00 Visit the Website

Duracell Quick Charger

Duracell Quick Charger

Description: The new power-packed Duracell Quick Charger offers gadget-loving consumers a convenient and affordable way to recharge their batteries for powering their personal devices. The Quick Charger provides great value for users of rechargeable batteries by rapidly recharging batteries hundreds of times. It is ideal for gadget lovers who prefer the speed of charge and use “high-drain” devices such digital cameras, portable gaming devices, MP3 players, etc. Retailing for under $20, this device can save you money on batteries in the long run.

Price: $15.00 to $20.00 Visit the Website

Personal Tech-Support On Standby

Virgin Digital Help

Description: For the next smartphone or tablet you give, why not also pair it up with something that helps keep your loved one digitally sane? From just $30 per fix to $15 per month for ongoing service plans, Virgin Digital Help can fix web and email issues, computers, smartphones, viruses--anything digital. It's like giving your less than savvy loved one their own personal tech-support on standby, 24/7. Don't get mad, get help!

Price: $15.00 Visit the Website Protection And Style For Your Favorite Electronics

What's Not To LUVV...About LUVVITT® The Apple Accessories Experts!

Description: has an unbeatable, wide variety of technology gear for iPhones, iPads, the Samsung Galaxy S3, and the Kindle Fire. From genuine leather to anti-scratch, candy colored hard shell cases, has the perfect style for everyone on your list. This Holiday Season gift your loved ones with protection and style for their favorite electronics without emptying your pockets. There is no gift more current, useful, andnecessary than one of the many cases offered from With at least two new products being released monthly, there is always a fantastic cutting edge item to gift for graduations, birthdays, or “just because.” Each product is tested until perfection so that without hesitation, LUVVITT® guarantees that no matter which product you order, you’re going to LUV IT! To purchase LUVVITT® products go to

Price: $14.95 to $69.95 Visit the Website

StreetSafe, A New App That Turns Any Smart Phone Into A Personal Security System.

StreetSafe offers two primary features, a silent alarm and “Walk with Me” A simple swipe of either button and help is immediate.

Description: Chances are, either you or someone you know has been the victim of a crime. Before today, the choices were to either hope you got to your destination safely, or call 911 after becoming a victim. Today, there is StreetSafe, which combines wireless networks with GPS technologies and a state-of-the-art safety network and database. It is also the only service that provides a live, professionally trained staff to respond to your needs. StreetSafe has two main features: The “Walk With Me” service is like a personal security escort you can call 24/7 to get help before a situation becomes an emergency. If you are in a situation where you feel uncomfortable, simply slide the green button and you’ll be connected to a trained safety advisor who will stay on the phone with you until you have safely reached your destination, easing your fears along the way. If the situation becomes dangerous, StreetSafe will contact 911 immediately. If you need help right away but can’t dial 911, you can activate the silent alarm. Simply swipe the red button and StreetSafe will immediately provide law enforcement with your GPS location and subscriber profile so first responders can find and help you quickly.

Price: $14.00 to $149.99 Visit the Website

Crucial Ballistix Sport DRAM

Crucial DDR3 Ballistix Sport:

Description: The Crucial Ballistix Sport DRAM module is the perfect gift this holiday season for mainstream computer users and gaming enthusiasts looking for fast, reliable memory upgrades that will help their computers run programs and applications faster. These Crucial DRAM modules feature sleek-looking heat spreaders that help prevent your computer from heating up. An affordable solution for improving computer performance, Crucial Ballistix Sport DRAM modules are available in a variety of densities and are easy to install. (Available in capacities ranging from 1GB to 32GB with MSRPs from $13.99 to $383.99)

Price: $13.99 to $383.99 Visit the Website

Dotz™ Home Entertainment Kit

Easy identify your cords for your entertainment system!

Description: Identify, match and Simplify with the Dotz™ Cord Identifier Kit. Never plug or unplug the wrong cord or cable again. This Kit makes the most complicated home theater, gaming or TV/phone/internet installations as easy as matching a shirt with a pair of pants. Match color, number and text on both ends of the cord to easily identify and match your electronic device connections. Perfect for receiver, monitor, TV, Blu-Ray player, cable box, stereo/speaker system, gaming, network and coaxial cable wiring behind walls, on separate floors or in different rooms. Choose one of two Cord Identifier sizes to fit around a full large range of cord and cable diameters. From USB to HDMI and power cables this Kit covers it all. Simply punch out one of the Inserts (12 colored and numbered combinations to choose from), write the device name or location on it and snap around the cord end. Repeat for the other cord end. Apply a matching sticker to the device's input or output and plug in the cord. For future reference and convenience record your identification method with a corresponding sticker on the included Device Chart. Changing out a device or adding a new one will never be so easy. Take the stress out of home theater A/V, Networking & More!

Price: $12.99 to $16.99 Visit the Website

Digital Photography Made Easy™

Most Trustworthy Site for Video Education on Digital Photography

Description: We bet you know at least 10 people who have new cameras and yet do not know a thing about them, let alone the many features that come with those cameras. So, you’re left being the one who is always showing them how to, use the flash, delete an image, or get a better shot at night… etc. Perhaps you are one of those beginners yourself and in need, of a bit of help, along the way. Digital 1 to1, is a website designed to give anyone a perfect launching pad to take a better picture. The founders of this online library, now 60 strong and growing, have a mission to help even beginners, “think” like photographers. Known as the “Photo Guys”, Ken and Santino are the manual you wished came with that new camera. Their short and concise, informative video lessons, free of technical jargon, will have you feeling proud of the images your taking. They offer their insights through their combined 60 years experience in the photo industry as professionals, shooting for national advertising, as well as teachers themselves. Digital 1 to 1 is also a great gift for anyone. Now you can sign-up a friend and “gift” a membership to this library for under $10 a year. That is less then a couple cups of coffee these days, and for anyone starting out, Digital 1 to 1 guarantees you will become a smarter photographer.

Price: $9.95 Visit the Website

Dotz Cord Catcher

Dotz Cord Catcher

Description: Secure, Organize and Relax with the Dotz CordCatcher. Never worry about your cords disappearing behind your desk, dresser, or night stand ever again! This compact design works perfect for your mouse, keyboard, mobile device cords and more. The Dotz Cord Catcher, fits up to four cords and cables, is simple to use and adhesive free! It is weighted and has tacky rubber grip base. Just remove the protective film from the underside, press down on a surface and insert your cords or cables. If the pad becomes dusty or loses it’s grip simply rinse with water, pat dry and reapply.

Price: $7.99 to $8.00 Visit the Website

Personalized Blurb Notebooks For Valentine's Day

Love Notes

Description: With Blurb, you can easily create a personalized notebook using your own photos, such as photos from Instagram and Facebook, as well as your personal drawings or illustrations. You can brighten up to-do lists, meeting notes or personal journals with photos of their favorite people, places or things. Blurb notebooks go above and beyond the typical gift by adding a personal touch, truly making the most meaningful Valentine's Day presents for men and women alike.

Price: $6.95 Visit the Website


The Cord Wrap in action!

Description: Cord Wrap Shorten, Store and Protect with the Dotz™ Cord Wrap™. At home, office or on the go, keep your cords and cables secure, protected, and tangle free. Simply wrap up to 8 ft. of cord or cable around the spindle and snap it shut. Just want to get rid of some excess cord? No problem. Simply unravel what you need and conceal the rest in this sleek and durable case. Mini Cord Wrap Shorten, Store and Protect with the Dotz™ mini Cord Wrap. At home, office or on the go, keep your cords and cables secure, protected, and tangle free. These little guys are easy to use and hold their own for smaller electronic cords and cables. Simply wrap up to 5 ft. of cord or cable around the spindle and snap it shut. Just want to get rid of some excess cord? No problem. Simply unravel what you need and conceal the rest in this sleek and durable case. For easy travel, each mini Cord Wrap comes equipped with a (detachable) clip so you can quicky attach it to a pocket, bag, strap, case or belt .

Price: $5.99 to $6.99 Visit the Website

NeatCloud And NeatMobile

NeatCloud and NeatMobile

Description: The Neat® Company’s newest offerings, NeatCloud® and NeatMobile®, allow users to access information in their Neat Digital Filing System anytime, anywhere. With NeatCloud, users can take advantage of cloud based backup, allowing them to retrieve, share, and activate their information across multiple platforms. Additionally, NeatMobile provides a new way of acquiring information, as users can scan items directly from a mobile device, automatically syncing to NeatCloud. That's not it—with NeatCloud users can find information stored in multiple cloud services including Google Docs, Dropbox and Evernote, so that they can access all of their information from a single interface.

Price: $5.99 to $24.99 Visit the Website

Dane-Elec 3-in-1 Mobile Kit For Tablets And Smartphones

Dane-Elec's 3-in-1 Mobile Kit in 2GB to 32GB Capacities

Description: Give your loved one extra storage on their tablet or smartphone with Dane-Elec's 3-in-1 Mobile Kits. The Class 4 and Class 10 Mobile Kits include a microSD card, microSD adapter (so the microSD card can be used or read just like a conventional SD card), and a unique USB card reader / adapter. The microSD card can also function as a USB data drive for even more utility and value. The Class 10 Pro line offers blazing performance with 10 MB/s minimum write and read speeds, perfect for the mobile user's smartphone or tablet. The Class 4 Mobile Kit is available in 2GB to 32GB capacities, and the Class 10 Mobile Kit is available in 4GB to 32GB capacities. Each comes with a 10-year warranty.

Price: $5.00 to $40.00 Visit the Website

Duracell Duralock With Power Preserve Technology

Duracell with DURALOCK Power Preserve Technology

Description: To keep gadgets such as hand-held GPS devices and video gaming controllers powered long after the holiday season, Duracell unveiled Duralock with Power Preserve technology with an up-to ten year power guarantee. So rest assured, wherever your loved ones may be, they have the power they need which helps you rest a little easier at night as well. Duracell with Duralock is packaged with a ”good until” date and is recognizable by the new Duralock ring, providing consumers with instant recognition and the comfort of knowing that Duracell batteries left sitting in a drawer will still work when they are needed most.

Price: $5.00 to $20.00 Visit the Website


The Earbud Wrap in action!

Description: Shorten, Store, and Clip with the Dotz Earbud Wrap. Managing your headphones and earbuds has never been this easy. Wrap or unwrap with ease, this product is perfect for those who listen to music on the go. Outfitted with a durable clip, the Dotz Earbud Wrap can be attached to bags, shirts, jackets, and more. Never fumble around with your headphones again!

Price: $4.99 to $5.00 Visit the Website


Easy to install!

Description: Identify, Simplify, and Organize with Dotz™ CordIdentifiers™. Never unplug the wrong cord again! Whether you are in your shop or at the jobsite, Dotz Jumbo Cord Identifiers keep your extension cords, power tools and accessories properly identified. Simple to use…pop an identifying tab into the clear molded clip and snap it onto the appropriate cord or cable. For these heavy duty jobs, you can trust Dotz Jumbo Cord Identifiers.

Price: $4.49 to $4.99 Visit the Website

Dotz Cord Identifiers

Dotz Cord Identifiers

Description: Identify, Simplify, and Organize with Dotz™ Cord Identifiers™. These easy-to-use identifiers allow for quick cord identification and organization around the home, office, or on-the-go. Each cord Identifier can be easily customized through the choice of a preprinted icon or customizable insert. Take the guesswork out of identifying what cord belongs to what device and never unplug the wrong cord again!

Price: $3.99 to $5.99 Visit the Website

Dotz Cord Straps

Bundle with the Dotz Cord Straps!

Description: Identify, Bundle, and Reuse with the Dotz Reusable CordStraps. Don’t let your cords and cables become an unidentifiable heap. Easy to use, simply insert a preprinted icon or customizable insert and bundle around your cords and cables. The built-in, quick-release makes the Dotz™ Resuable CordStraps fully adjustable, and best of all reusable. No cutting. No fuss. No tangled cords.

Price: $3.99 to $4.00 Visit the Website


tawkon Mobile App

Description: Your Phone. Your Health. Your Call. tawkon is a free app that alerts you when your phone's radiation level spikes, and offers tips to help you lower it. tawkon developed an app that reduces radiation exposure without reducing cell phone usage. This app provides an unobtrusive warning when the user reaches a high level of radiation and suggests switching to a Bluetooth device, speaker, or headset. Once the change is made, tawkon confirms that you are safe and ready to “talk on.”

Price: $0.01 Visit the Website For All Your App Needs

Description: With The Holiday season quickly approaching, the question lurking in everyone’s mind is “what do I get my loved ones?” We all dread those insanely long lines but now, you can purchase the perfect gift for everyone on your list you with no lines at all. This Holiday Season - give the gift of apps and can help you decide which ones might be the best. The platform showcases apps to people who may have never thought to search for them. offers a broad selection of apps in all fields including gaming, business, education, music, sports, and over 50 other categories that you can choose from! Avoid the overwhelming crowds and treat yourself to exclusive showcasing in just a few clicks, on Don’t forget to treat yourself to the season’s most appropriate app, the Santa Sidekick (, that will help you do all of the following: keep you on track with Christmas budgets, update lists and letters, log naughty and nice behaviors, and count you down until the big day! We all need a hand during the Holidays, so give yourself a treat, help Santa out a little, and do it all with!

Price: $0.01 to $10.00 Visit the Website

SugarSync Online Storage And Device Synchronization Service

SugarSync backs up all your files, photos, music and videos and syncs them across all your devices!

Description: SugarSync is a free service that helps you sync your life. With SugarSync you can backup, sync and share all of your documents, photos, music and movies so that you can access them from your laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, or any other device. SugarSync puts all your stuff at your fingertips from any other computer or mobile device, enabling you to do more with your stuff while on the go. Great for Moms, Dads, or anyone who wants to automatically sync their mobile photos from their phones to their computer, access important work files from their mobile device, stream music from one device to another, share photo albums, and much more!

Price: $0.01 to $800.00 Visit the Website

Social Sketchpad And Free IPad App "Popular" Feature

Description: To add a special digital and creative touch to the conventional Father’s Day card, kids can now dedicate a doodle to dad with the free iPad app and web service for creating and sharing drawings. makes it easy for kids to create their own personalized “card” to show their appreciation this Father’s Day, minus the mess and paper waste. All you have to do is doodle and share to social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to put a smile on Dad’s face and give him bragging rights. It’s as easy as an e-card, but customized and one-of-a-kind. The perfect last-minute way to show Dad you care!

Price: $0.00 Visit the Website

Edamam - A Unique Recipe Finder

Search Recipe's by Ingredient, Diet or Calorie Count

Description: Edamam's mobile app and recipe finder allows you to search for millions of recipes through its smart, curate engine. Edamam offers multiple ways to search and filter recipes by ingredient, diet (such as vegan, gluten-free, low-sugar), or calorie amount- making it easier to find and narrow down that perfect recipe you're looking for. The recipe finder also provides a shopping list for each recipe that lets you to check off items on the app as you shop!

Price: $0.00 Visit the Website

Swirl - Personal Shopping Assistant All In A Free Ap

Swirl-a personal shopper right at your fingertips

Description: Swirl – a new personal shopping assistant all in an app – is actually simplifying holiday shopping by combining the worlds of ecommerce, mobile and in-store retail. With the holiday shopping season looming, help take the headache out of holiday season. Create collections for every person on your list, aggregating clothing and accessories into a collection via the app or website. You'll not only know what to get, but how to get it at the best price as Swirl will give you relevant offers, as well as provide them with the nearest stores. Plan out your shopping plan using your saved offers to avoid the mayhem of the crowds running from store to store. Swirl alerts you when any of your "clipped” items go on sale in-store or online, save them so you have easy access to all the sales in one spot on your phone from more than 200 of the top fashion retailers nationwide. Now that it is combined with Apple's passbook – it’s an even better help to streamline holiday shopping and coordinate/remind you of all those sales! The integration allows users to easily save offers from over 200 leading retailers directly to Passbook, providing them with easy access when and where they shop. Since Passbook is time and location aware, users receive an automatic notification on their iPhone whenever they have an active offer in Passbook that is valid at a nearby store.

Price: $0.00 Visit the Website

Perfect Tech Tool For Holidays

Flipboard Home Page

Description: Flipboard, named Apple’s iPad app of the year, creates a personalized digital magazine based on your social networks and news sites. Eliminating the clutter of endless catalogs, store guides, and newspapers. With the flip of a digital page, viewers can browse, comment and share various content in a fun and informative way. Whether you’re researching gifts on deadline or just browsing through designs – Flipboard is a must-have tool this holiday season. Some features include: • Search content from hundreds of publications and news sites • View from various platforms including iPad, iPhone and Android devices • Save articles/pages and read them later • Explore topics such as: News, Tech, Business, Living, Entertainment, Sports, Travel, Style and Local • Sync with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram to increase personalization Try it for free by downloading Flipboard on iTunes or Google Play and search for your favorite topics.

Price: $0.00 Visit the Website

The Business Event

Networking is your key to success

Description: Jewish B2B Networking and the Small Business Advocacy Council announced today their second annual small business and employment event. Over 100 vendors, 5,000 business networkers, over 30 employment recruiters, and prominent speakers will be participating. "In our world its a proven fact that its not what you know but who you know that determines how successful you will be and our event is a great networking event to find great talent, business partners, or a potential employer," beams Shalom Klein, Chairman. The Business Event will be held on June 14, 2012 from 1 pm to 7 pm at 3333 W. Touhy Ave. Lincolnwood, IL 60712 There will also be speakers sharing their expertise. Some of the speakers include Debbie Meyers-Martin Program Coordinator Business invest in Illinois with the State Treasurer's Office. Lynn Hazan, President of Lynn Hazan & Associates Executive Search Firm. Robert Smith of CEO of Champion Media Worldwide and expert on getting millions in free publicity for your business Catherine Johns, President Catherine Johns Inc This event is sponsored by: Pioneer Press, AM 560 WIND, Illinois WorkNet, Crains Chicago Business, Village of Lincolnwood, KCHR, and SLSF. To register visit

Price: $0.00 Visit the Website

Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone

Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone

Description: The Nokia Lumia 710 for T-Mobile is the first Nokia smartphone to run Windows Phone 7.5 in the U.S. and offers an easy-to-use, fast smartphone experience that complements everyday life. Running on T-Mobile's 4G Network and using Windows Phone 7.5 Mango operating system, the Nokia Lumia is the perfect socially connected smartphone. Windows Phone and mobile accessories help you stay in touch with people who matter most.

Price: $0.00 to $399.00 Visit the Website


ChatTime's Logo

Description: ChatTime is the perfect iPhone app for showing your overseas loved ones how much you care this February, and throughout the year. It's perfect for long distance relationships and staying in touch wherever you are. Spontaneous phone calls? Late night check-ins? You need to be connected from anywhere to anyone, and ChatTime is the only app that can promise those benefits.

Price: $0.00 Visit the Website

Save Time And Money: Appsfire Hunts Down The Best IOS Apps


Description: Want to know if an iOS app is truly first-rate before you press the install button? Appsfire tells you! It is the fastest, most engaging and extremely addictive way to find the best apps whether on discount, or not. Free and easy-to-use, Appsfire has a visually rich display with new social ways to keep on top of the trends, share app lists with friends, and review real opinions aggregated from posts on Facebook and Twitter. Downloaded over 7M times, Appsfire is the leading recommendation engine for mobile apps for iPad, iPhones and iPods. Check it out, here's a video about Appsfire -- Public School Teacher: There are a lot of apps out there that are designed to help you get more apps. One that I really find to be useful is Appsfire. Appsfire by KDReynoir This is ALMOST too much of a good thing: you're likely to find so many great apps that you won't have time to use them. But take the risk anyway! Appsfire by Cp62 This is the best app to find free apps of all kinds they have paid apps listed also

Price: $0.00 Visit the Website

Father's Day File Access Solution

Get fast, secure access to all of your stuff no matter where you keep it.

Description: Give Dad the gift of remote file access for Father’s Day, whether at home, at the office, or on the road, Dad can literally “Tapp In” and remotely access all his digital files (photos, music, documents, etc.) in one place! With TappIn, Dad and his friends and family can access media stored on a computer, in the cloud, or on a server by using a tablet, smartphone (including Apple® iPhone® and iPad®, Google® Android™ and Windows® Phone 7), or a web browser. TappIn takes advantage of the storage that Dad already owns, eliminating the need to upload, organize, and sync files between devices, pay for additional cloud storage, or make friends and colleagues join the service to share his files. Whether he wants to access important work files away from the office; share pictures, videos, and photo albums with friends and family; or stream music to a smartphone or tablet, Dad can do it all with TappIn. Does he use cloud services, too? No problem! TappIn creates a single, secure access portal to data stored in all online cloud repositories as well as anything that is on a hard drive or server.

Price: $0.00 to $19.99 Visit the Website

"Green$treets: Unleash The Loot!": Free IOS App For Kids!

Green$treets: Unleash the Loot!

Description: New iOS app, "Green$treets: Unleash the Loot!" by Neale Godfrey, a #1 New York Times best-selling author and one of the country’s most prolific experts on the topic of kids and money, introduces real life financial lessons through fun gameplay for kids ages 5-8. The goal of the game is for kids to rescue endangered animals, but players first build a budget to buy food, shelter and toys to make the animals happy before they can be released back to their natural habitats. Kids learn how to earn money by playing fun games, save money to reach their goal of rescuing the animals, spend their money wisely on cool items in Bull & Bear’s Marketplace, and donate a portion of their earnings to charity. Green$treets: Unleash The Loot! launches from the FingerPrint Play platform, which provides unique connectivity to parents, grandparents and educators via email while kids play. The app is already highly sought-after, achieving more than 30,000 downloads and a #1 ranking in the Educational Games category on iTunes. The app was developed by Fourth Monkey Media and is available now for free on iOS for iPhone and iPad.

Price: $0.00 Visit the Website

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