Technology Gifts 2014 - Technology Gift Guide Roundup for 2014

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Psyborg Extreme Gamer PC Master NVidia Edition

Psyborg Extreme Gamer PC

Description: Psyborg Extreme Gamer PC Master NVidia Edition is a true gaming PC made in the United States with traditional Massachusetts craftsmanship by Psychsoftpc of Quincy, MA. Get ready to fall in love with gaming all over again with the Psyborg Extreme Gamer PC, Psychsoftpc's high performance custom gaming computers. Psychsoftpc has been making high performance computers like the Psyborg Extreme Gamer PC line, those great gaming computers you've heard so much about, for decades now. We design each Psyborg Extreme Gamer PC as a fast, powerful computer with top quality name brand high end parts and attention to all the details that go into making a quality high performance computer, including dealing with those nasty heat and power issues that can cause problems in a computer while gaming. The Psyborg Extreme Gamer PC MAster NVidia Edition comes with an Intel Generation 4 Core i7 4770K Processor, one NVidia GeForce GTX 780 ti video card, the high performance CrossfireX/SLI Gaming Motherboard with advanced Thermal technology, 8 gig of High Performance DDR3 1600 RAM, a 2 TB SATA hard drive and the choice of Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8 Pro 64 bit OS

Price: $3,200.00 Visit the Website’s 4-bay Thunderbolt 2 RAID Enclosure

4 Bay Thunderbolt RAID Enclosure

Description: Enables users to create an external 4-drive RAID array while harnessing the immense bandwidth of Thunderbolt 2 for seamless performance. At nearly twice the speed of Thunderbolt, Thunderbolt 2 eliminates data bottlenecks between the RAID enclosure and host workstation, which is especially valuable to users who routinely work with large external files, such as photographers, videographers and editors. Features of’s new 4-bay Thunderbolt 2 RAID Enclosure include: • Unprecedented external data throughput, with Thunderbolt 2 • Secure data redundancy and increased performance with support for hardware RAID (0,1, 10) • HyperDuo Support for near-SSD performance at HDD capacities • Includes 2m thunderbolt cable • Added drive protection with aluminum housing • Built-in Thunderbolt daisy chain port • Compatible with SATA revisions I/II/III

Price: $692.99 Visit the Website

Stop Taking Terrible Photographs And Learn Creative Techniques To Taking Great Photos.

Creative Photography Workshops

Description: At creative photo workshops, our goal is for photography to be a journey..... an enlightening, fun and positive experience. We offering Beginning, Intermediate and Advance classes. Enhance your way of seeing and take your photographic vision to the next level. Through fun assignments and critiques, students will advance their technical photographic skills with the primary emphasis on creative camera work. Beginning Photography At creative photo workshops, our goal is for photography to be a journey..... an enlightening, fun and positive experience. We offering Beginning, Intermediate and Advance classes. Enhance your way of seeing and take your photographic vision to the next level. Through fun assignments and critiques, students will advance their technical photographic skills with the primary emphasis on creative camera work. Beginning Photography - When to use all the buttons and dials on your camera - Enhance your way of seeing through the camera and develop your photographic vision - Principals of composition - When to use the flash - Saving, e-mailing and printing images Intermediate Photography Enhance your way of seeing and take your photographic vision to the next level. Through fun assignments and critiques, students will advance their technical photographic skills with the primary emphasis on creative camera work. Student furnishes fully manual digital camera and printing. Advanced Photography Advancing you to meet your unique photographic goals technically and creatively, working towards developing a strong portfolio and group exhibit. Coming join the fun in learning to take great images.

Price: $560.00 Visit the Website

Juicepresso- Cold Press Juicer


Description: Cold press juicers just got better with Juicepresso®– a sleeker, easier-to-clean machine with a patented one-piece extraction system that reduces moving parts, goes in the dishwasher, and makes juicer use easier than ever. You get all the benefits of cold press juicing – including 40% more juice volume, 72-hour juice life and a bigger nutritional punch than centrifugal juicers – along with the smallest footprint and lowest maintenance of any in-home slow juicer on the market. It has a unique three-in-one extractor system merges the auger, strainer and rotating brush components that do the heavy lifting of a cold press juicer into a single, dishwasher-safe, BPA-free unit. For the first time, there is no need to wash multiple internal parts by hand or put them back together like a jigsaw puzzle. Cleanup is as easy as pulling the screw-like assembly out of the clear plastic drum, rinsing it, and sticking it in the dishwasher. It also redefines slow pressing with a 40 RPM motor that allows the extractor system to gently squeeze the last drop of juice, enzymes and nutrients out of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and even almonds and soybeans for almond and soy milk by slowly crushing and then compressing whatever you put in the feed tube. This also delays oxidation so you can juice less often. In contrast, standard cold press juicers operate at 80 RPM and centrifugal juicers at 10,000 RPM, generating heat that destroys some of the potency as well as shortening juice life

Price: $449.99 Visit the Website

Korus Premium Wireless Speakers Prove To Be The Perfect Gift Year Round

Korus V600 & V400

Description: The Korus Premium Portable Wireless Speaker System is THE perfect gift for music, movie and game lovers. The All-in-One Suite includes a wireless Korus speaker; USB, 30 pin and Lightning 9 Pin Baton wireless audio transmitters to seamlessly connect to your iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, Mac® and PC; and two charge cables to keep your mobile devices powered while streaming audio to Korus speakers. This All-in-One Suite is being offered for both the powerful V600 speaker (at $449.99) as well as the smaller and more compact V400 (at $349.99); a savings value of nearly $140 if the speakers and accessories were purchased separately. The Korus premium wireless speaker systems are available online at,, and in Best Buy® Magnolia® Design Centers nationwide along with other North America retailers. The Korus speaker system can stream music to one or up to four speakers simultaneously, placed in one or more rooms (up to 60 feet away). Near-zero lag and perfect synchronization keep your music in-sync from room to room, as well as offer a BIG—even multiple-speaker—sound experience for movies and games played on your computers or mobile devices, making Korus a better wireless speaker option than Bluetooth or Wifi.

Price: $349.99 to $449.99 Visit the Website

VIEVU² Body-Worn Video Camera

VIEVU² Front and Back

Description: VIEVU² is the first ruggedized, wearable video camera for "Prosumers” and the professional workforce built on the same military-grade technology used by law enforcement/government. VIEVU² is milled from a solid block of aluminum allowing it to withstand the bumps/bruises of daily use, and can be worn on a belt, lapel, pocket, or other places bulkier cameras simply don’t fit (*go ahead weekend warrior, VIEVU² is great for hiking/biking/skiing and other fun video taking, and makes an awesome companion when strolling about with friends and family). Aimed at professionals including private contractors, insurance adjusters, facilities maintenance, fleet management, inspectors and technicians, etc., VIEVU² captures video ideal for protecting against erroneous accountability/liability claims, property protection, and mitigating workplace theft; C-level, other executives such as HR reps can use it to document meetings and other important employee interactions. VIEVU² pairs with a iPhone/Android mobile app for view-finding, framing and editing, with easy upload to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, email, or text accounts. VIEVU² records in HD video (1080p) with 90 minutes record time, and is compatible with 802.11g/n Wi-Fi network.

Price: $349.99 Visit the Website

ION Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi

iON Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi

Description: iON America’s Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi is a waterproof, Wi-Fi-enabled camera with a 12 megapixel sensor, featuring a lightweight design that makes it an attractive and powerful accessory to capture any activity or adventure. The fully-waterproof camera doesn’t require a case for up to 49 feet underwater and can be mounted on yourself or a wide range of sporting equipment, helmets and vehicles. Its interchangeable PODZ system provides additional functionality customized exactly to what the user needs for his or her activity – Wi-Fi, extra battery life and more. For example, the Wi-Fi PODZ take advantage of the smartphones that are in everyone’s pockets, and companion iON Camera apps allow use of an iOS or Android device as a viewfinder, to control recording, adjust advanced settings and/or to upload and immediately share videos to social networks, such as Facebook, YouTube, just shortly after filming. The Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi is a perfect gift for both kids and adults alike, and can be used to capture a range of activities, from ski trips during winter break to surfing in the summer.

Price: $349.00 Visit the Website

New Thunderbolt 2 Laptop Docking Station

Thunderbolt 2 Docking Station

Description: Enables mobile professionals to instantly connect their laptop to all of their essential peripherals, including a 4K Ultra HD DisplayPort or HDMI display. The new docking station harnesses the immense throughput capability of a single Thunderbolt 2 laptop connection (20 Gbps) to deliver 4K Ultra HD video support, as well as innovative features including SPDIF optical audio output and mobile device fast-charging capability, including dedicated charging without a connection to host laptop. Features of’s new Thunderbolt 2 Laptop Docking Station include: • 4K video output to a single HDMI or DP display, with support for 3840x2160p Ultra HD resolutions • Dual video support, when connected to one Thunderbolt display and one HDMI display (includes 4K HDMI support) • Easy-access USB 3.0 fast-charge and sync port, able to charge a device without a host connection • SPDIF digital audio output, line-input, 3.5mm 4-Position TRRS Headset port - Audio/Microphone • eSATA port for high-speed external storage devices • 4x USB 3.0 downstream ports with UASP support (1x front port USB Battery Charging Specification 1.2 compliant, 3x rear ports) • Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 Port with Wake-on-LAN (WOL) • Supports daisy-chain up to 6 Thunderbolt devices • Matte silver sand blast finish matching Apple® MacBooks • Durable housing with aluminum outer frame • Integrated security lock • Includes 1m Thunderbolt cable

Price: $329.99 Visit the Website

Dynamism's 3D Printers

UP Plus 2 Printer

Description: Perfect for the creative family member or friends, Dynamism is an exclusive provider of next-generation technology and is featuring eight of the best printers on the market today. With a 3D printer the user simply loads a design and the printer will build that item by extruding plastic layer by layer until the object is complete. One’s imagination is truly the limit, with the ability to create art, toys, tools, replicas, models and prototypes, figurines and so much more.

Price: $299.00 to $2,799.00 Visit the Website

Boston Acoustics® TVee One Television Speaker Base

Boston Acoustics TVee One

Description: The new Boston Acoustics TVee® One under-TV sound system dramatically improves your television watching experience. The all-in-one system simply connects easily to your television with one cable so you can enjoy rich, room-filling sound from your favorite TV shows, movies, games and music. Engineered to hold up to 60 pounds, the TVee One fits perfectly under most TVs up to 50 inches. Elegantly styled and simple to use, the TVee One is a great alternative to a traditional sound bar.

Price: $299.00 Visit the Website

Sony Action Cam AS100V

Sony Action Cam AS100V

Description: Step it up with the Action Cam that brings pro-quality features along for the ride. Keep things smooth with Advanced Steady Shot™ and enjoy the convenience of built-in Wi-Fi® with remote viewing and control from your Live View Remote. All in a housing-free, splash-proof body that packs XAVC S HD recording and high frame rates in 120/240p. Turn your compatible smartphone or tablet into a mobile, remote viewfinder and make adjustments to camera settings on the fly, even when your road takes you off the beaten path. With Wi-Fi and Near Field Communication (NFC), you can frame your shot perfectly before you step off into your next adventure and instantly share it with your friends to up the ante on the next trick or trail.

Price: $269.99 Visit the Website

International Cell Phone With 2 SIM Card Slots And Free International Roaming

The Obrizz Dual SIM Cell Phone

Description: The Orbizz is a dual SIM cell that works worldwide. Its an Android smart phone with 2 cameras, a 4" display and is unlocked. You will receive a free travel SIM card and $30 credit with this cell phone. The travel SIM will give you free international roaming in almost 100 countries as well as cheap calls, SMS and data. The Orbizz has a dual core processor for fast response times and is pre loaded with the most popular apps.

Price: $269.99 Visit the Website

Seagate Backup Plus Fast

Right side view

Description: Backup Plus Fast is the world’s first portable 4TB storage device, providing twice the capacity and speed of existing external portable drives. Its speed, portable form factor and high capacity make it perfect for anyone that must quickly move large files to backup. Backup Plus FAST also includes Seagate’s Dashboard software and mobile backup app to protect content on smart phones and tablets. The free Seagate Mobile Backup app backs up pictures and videos to a drive or a cloud service and files can be sent via a WiFi connection, Dropbox, Google Drive™ or other cloud services while on the road.

Price: $269.00 to $270.00 Visit the Website

Chromebook 2

Chromebook 2

Description: The Chromebook 2 is perfect for anyone on your list this year. Featuring a sleek design that houses a 13-inch display in a compact 12-inch chassis, Toshiba’s Chromebook 2 delivers a Chromebook experience that’s tuned for entertainment, while providing versatile performance and fantastic battery life for productivity seekers. Starting at $249, the Chromebook 2’s battery lasts up to 11.5 hours. With a sleek and portable design and colored carrying cases, it’s an optimal device for work and play. Toshiba’s Chromebook 2 allows you to watch movies with amazing visuals and listen to music with fantastic audio, all on a single device.

Price: $249.99 to $329.99 Visit the Website

4K Ultra HD Laptop Docking Station's 4K Docking Station

Description: Enables users to harness the astounding visual quality of a 4K Ultra HD monitor, while connecting to all of their essential laptop peripherals over a single USB 3.0 connection. With support for 4K Ultra HD output (3840x2160p), the new docking station delivers a level of display performance not currently featured on available laptop docking stations, making it the ideal solution for graphics-intensive applications such as CAD-based engineering and graphic design.

Price: $222.99 Visit the Website

4K Ultra HD Laptop Docking Station

New 4K-capable Laptop Docking Station from

Description: Enables users to harness the astounding visual quality of a 4K Ultra HD monitor, while connecting to all of their essential laptop peripherals over a single USB 3.0 connection. With support for 4K Ultra HD output (3840x2160p), the new docking station delivers a level of display performance not currently featured on available laptop docking stations, making it the ideal solution for graphics-intensive applications such as CAD-based engineering and graphic design. The new docking station also offers the option for users to turn their laptop or Ultrabook into a full-featured, multi-monitor workspace, by simultaneously connecting to a DisplayPort and an HDMI-equipped monitor, for easier and more efficient multitasking, when not connected to a 4K display.

Price: $222.99 Visit the Website

Soundmatters Ships World’s Slimmest, Lightest High-Fidelity Bluetooth Speaker – DASH7

DASH7 Thinnest Bluetooth Speaker

Description: DASH7 is World’s Best Travel Speaker – ¾ Inch Über-Flat Pocket-Portable Wireless Soundbar & Speakerphone Ultimate Audio for Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops, Guitars & More With Huge Omnidirectional Sound, 5th Generation Twoofer, & BassBattery for True Hi-Fi Music Includes Stand for On-Axis Listening Soundmatters, the leader in high-quality, portable speakers founded by former NASA engineer/audio legend Dr. Godehard Guenther, announced today that it is shipping the world’s slimmest, lightest high-fidelity Bluetooth Speaker, the DASH7. DASH7 is an über-flat ¾ inch-high wireless pocket-portable Bluetooth soundbar and speakerphone with huge omnidirectional sound in a thin size that slides into the slimmest purse or jacket pocket. The world’s best travel speaker, DASH7 features 5th generation twoofer and BassBattery for true hi-fi sound with an angled stand for direct on-axis high resolution music, creating a great soundstage with the best stereo separation for serious music listeners.

Price: $219.00 Visit the Website

Control Your Heating From Afar With North America's First Wi-Fi Enabled Thermostat For Floor Heating

Nuheat SIGNATURE - North America's First Wi-Fi Enabled Thermostat for Electrical Floor Heat

Description: Imagine if you enjoy the comfort and convenience of controlling your heating and monitoring your energy use from anywhere and anytime? Nuheat SIGNATURE is the first WiFi enabled thermostat for in-floor electric radiant heating systems to come to North America. With this intuitive innovation, homeowners from US and Canada can have the ability to remotely access 7-day programming and energy monitoring features in up to 16 zones on an application developed for iOS or Android smartphones and web browsers. Order yours on

Price: $200.00 to $265.00 Visit the Website



Description: Is it time to crank up the volume and celebrate an event? A great gift is the stylish UE BOOM, the first-ever social music player. This portable, wireless speaker is available in several color combinations (pink, blue and red to name a few!) and offers a 360-degree experience, blasting bold, immersive sound in every direction. With a 15-hour battery life, and water and stain resistant skin, this speaker is the perfect, cool gift for any one of any age.

Price: $199.99 Visit the Website

Ivee, Voice-Activated Assistant For The Smart Home

ivee Sleek

Description: ivee Sleek is the first Wi-Fi voice-activated assistant for the home that answers questions, obeys commands and controls other Internet-connected devices. Activated by the simple phrase “hello ivee,” ivee awakens, listens for a verbal command or question, and then fulfills her user's request using her cloud-based intelligence system. ivee can answer questions in over 33 categories including weather, time and stock prices and can control smart home devices including Philips Hue, WeMo Switch, WeMo Insight Switch and more. She also works with hubs such as Staples Connect and Lowe's Iris through which she can control a wide array of devices including security systems, lights, thermostats, garage doors, cameras, window blinds, and so much more. And, ivee's intelligence and device capabilities will continue to grow, with many more device partnerships on the horizon. See what life with ivee is like:

Price: $199.99 Visit the Website

Universal USB 3.0 Laptop Docking Station

Expand your MacBook®, Ultrabook™ or laptop into a powerful office workstation or hot desk via a single USB 3.0 cable

Description: A must-have for efficient laptop and MacBook users! This product lets you connect to multiple monitors, a network and common peripherals such as keyboards and mice using one convenient USB cable. Delivers display flexibility, faster device charging, and desktop convenience to your home or office workstation. From just a single connection point, the docking station instantly adds two DVI ports plus HDMI® and VGA adapters, a USB 3.0 hub with two quick-charge ports, Gigabit Ethernet, and a 3.5mm headset jack to your USB 3.0-equipped laptop, for hassle-free docking.

Price: $199.99 Visit the Website

The Korus M20—The First Ultra High Fidelity Mobile Wireless Speaker That Expands To A Four-Speaker Audio System

Korus M20 Ultra High Fidelity Mobile Wireless Speaker

Description: Perfect for kids and adults, the easy-to-use Korus M20 offers BIG, high quality sound on-the-go for music, videos and games from your iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch®, Android™ device, Mac® or PC. The M20 is brilliantly simple to set up, allowing you to instantly connect and play your music anywhere, with no Wi-Fi network configuration required. Weighing in at only 1.2 pounds and small enough to fit easily into your bag or backpack, the new SKAA-enabled Korus M20 delivers crystal clear sound along with the greatest range of any wireless speaker on the market (up to 85 feet indoors and 175 feet outdoors). The M20 is built for people on-the-go, with a rubber finish that provides extra grip and scratch resistance. The speaker is water resistant and features a built-in carabineer clip for added flexibility to carry or hang the Korus M20 to your backpack, golf bag or almost anywhere. The M20 comes equipped with a built-in microphone for hands-free speaker phone calls, perfect for business meetings or group phone calls. A built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery allows you and your friends to DJ for up to 17 hours of continuous play.

Price: $199.00 Visit the Website

Onecue Controls Your Media And Smart Home Devices With Gestures!

onecue lets users get rid of cluttered remotes, using simple gestures to control all their media and smart home devices!

Description: This holiday season, wow your loved ones with onecue! onecue lets you simultaneously turn on your TV, stereo and cable box with a wave of your hand. Its intuitive design, easy set-up and cutting edge technology make it the perfect gift for the techie in your life. With onecue, users can control multiple media and smart home devices in a room from a single interface via simple hand gestures. Switch from the cable box to Apple TV with an “air click” by closing and reopening an extended palm. Mute the system by putting your fingers to your lips in a “shush” motion. onecue connects and consolidates the operation of all these devices into one interface. As a standalone unit, onecue can be mounted on top of a TV or placed on a shelf to wirelessly connect and control nearly any device, including televisions, satellite and cable set-top boxes, DVD, Blu-ray and other digital media players, stereo receivers, Xbox and select smart home devices. Currently, onecue is compatible with Apple TV, Nest Learning Thermostat, Philips Hue and others.

Price: $199.00 Visit the Website

AARP RealPad RealPad

AARP RealPad

Description: RealPad, a first of its kind tablet device built to address the specific needs of 70 million Americans 50+ who are yet to fully embrace tablet technology to help them stay connected. Powered by an Intel processor, RealPad is designed to make using technology an enjoyable, easy and affordable experience especially for people aged 50 and older who are still wary or apprehensive about using tablet technology.

Price: $189.00 Visit the Website

New Smart Lock/Key System For The Home - OKIDOKEYS

OKIDOKEYS - Smart Locks with Smart Keys

Description: OKIDOKEYS enables consumers to securely and easily manage access to all properties anytime, anywhere, through a complete line of smart devices. Users can lock and unlock any door with OKIDOKEYS – as well as garage doors and electronic gates – using smartphones, cell phones or smart tags, and still have the option of using current traditional keys. The OKIDOKEYS line of smart lock and key solutions combines an elegant design and the latest technological innovations while maintaining a small footprint on the door. It is easy to install in just a few minutes with no drilling or wiring required. Once the Smart-Lock is installed, users can lock and unlock their doors with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smartphone, using the App for iOS and Android. Using OKIDOKEYS App web portal, users can create, share and revoke keys with family, friends and all trusted third-parties. It is now easy to provide instant access to their homes when they are away, grant time-limited access to babysitters, housekeepers, pet-sitters or trusted contactors. OKIDOKEYS can provide homeowners notifications whenever their doors are being operated. Users, for example, know when their children return home from school. Learn more at

Price: $179.00 to $269.00 Visit the Website

Nextbook 10.1" 2-in-1 Windows Tablet

Nextbook 10.1

Description: The Nextbook 10.1” Windows 8.1 tablet comes with a detachable magnetic keyboard that turns your tablet into a laptop, making it perfect for both work and play. At $179, the Nextbook 2-in-1 tablet is an incredible value with a one-year subscription to Microsoft Office 365 Personal, which includes 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage and 60 Skype world minutes per month. Whether it’s working on an Excel spreadsheet, emailing a report, video chatting with a friend, or watching the latest movie, the new Nextbook Windows 2-in-1 tablet can handle any task and get more done while at home, at work or on the go. It features a 10.1” high-definition IPS screen with multi-touch and expanded viewing angles, 32GB of internal storage that can be expanded via microSD card up to 64GB, Bluetooth 4.0 and built-in WiFi, a front webcam and back camera with microphone, micro USB port, mini HDMI port, 3-axis g-sensor for apps and gaming, plus preloaded software such as Nook for Windows 8. The Nextbook 10.1” tablet is available for $179 at Walmart stores nationwide and (

Price: $179.00 Visit the Website

INPOFi Wireless Charging System For IPhone 5/5s And Galaxy S4

iNPOFi Wireless Charging System for iPhone 5/5s

Description: Looking for the perfect gift that is useful, convenient and sleek? Try the iNPOFi Wireless Charging System for mobile devices. It's sleek, lightweight and convenient. The system consists of the Mobile Wireless Charger (MWC - power bank), stationary charging board and charging case for either iPhone 5/5s or Samsung Galaxy S4. We also have charging cases for iPhone 4/4s and Galaxy SIII and a variety of colors to choose from. The iNPOFi line of products emit zero radiation and little to no heat. The power transfer rate is over 90%. With this little power loss, the charging is done quickly, and it makes the system environmentally-friendly. The 8000 mAh battery capacity in the portable charger lets you charge your mobile phone approximately four times before requiring a recharge for itself. Leave the charging board at home or the office for your daily charging and take the MWC with you on the go! It's fast, easy and beautiful!

Price: $159.99 to $169.99 Visit the Website

SimpleScan Scanner


Description: Everybody has paperwork, pictures, important documents that need to be scanned, organized and saved somewhere. That's where SimpleScan comes in, it's the next-generation mobile scanner designed for personal productivity in the home, office or on the road. With a couple of mouse clicks one can: - Easily and efficiently digitize paperwork or imagery - Send the information directly to favorite online storage or processing service like Dropbox, Evernote or Quicken. Created by Document Capture Technologies (NASDAQ: DCT), the foremost provider of scanners for Brother, XEROX, and others, SimpleScan provides a single bridge between the paper world and content in the cloud.

Price: $159.00 to $199.00 Visit the Website

VIDAMETER A Smartband That Really Cares About How You Are At Every Moment

VIDAMETER how are you

Description: HOW ARE YOU? This is the central theme of the product VIDAMETER. VIDAMETER is the first smartband of its kind that not only asks "How are you?", it really cares for you and wants you to remain healthy and fit, now and in the long term. It helps you to understand your body and its needs, its strengths and weaknesses in its eternity and empowers you to be healthier, improve your fitness and lead a safer life. With VIDAMETER you can easily and effortlessly assess the present state of your health. Its 9 integrated sensors measure all your vital signs such as pulse, blood flow rate, blood oxygen saturation, levels of activity, calories, steps and skin temperature reliably and accurately. Is your well-being in jeopardy, it warns you. It cannot only show you at any time, how you are. By detecting an emergency and calling for help automatically, it saves your life. In addition it simplifies your life through NFC-technology and enables you to pay cashless, scan barcodes or lock and unlock your doors keyless. VIDAMETER is your reliable, 100 % skin-friendly and comfortable assistant, who improves your health, fitness, safety like never before! VIDAMETER and you are fine.

Price: $159.00 to $479.00 Visit the Website

Optrix PhotoProX

With Optrix, your action-packed photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr have never looked so good.

Description: The PhotoProX for iPhone 5 features four quality, interchangeable lenses and a durable, rugged case that is waterproof to depths of 33 feet and camera-mount ready. Optrix iPhone cases are 4th generation designs and the result of years of field testing, customer feedback, and countless hours of perfection-seeking R&D. Our case designs and quality standards are so difficult to manufacture we hired the company that builds ruggedized laptops for the US military to build our cases. The result is an extremely well-designed product manufactured to precise requirements for durability and functionality.

Price: $149.95 Visit the Website

NYNE Bass Bluetooth Speaker - The Outdoor Performer

NYNE Bass Bluetooth Speaker Rocks the Party

Description: The Bass is the largest NYNE speaker, yet remains portable with a hidden carrying handle. With 10 hours of playtime and 20 watts of power, it’s like a boom box for today’s generation - perfect for campers, tailgaters, beach goers and outdoor parties. It features Bluetooth 4.0 and near field communication (NFC) that let anyone share a song directly from their smartphone in seconds. It has a built-in microphone and power bank. The Bass comes with an international AC adapter with four international plugs making it an ideal way to get the fiesta started virtually anywhere. It’s available in two color combinations - Black/Silver and White/Grey. The NYNE Bass is available now at regional retail stores, including BrandsMart, Dearden’s, Focus Camera, Huppin’s, and World Wide Stereo; online at and; and in consumer catalogs such as Sharper Image.

Price: $149.95 Visit the Website

Myo Armband

Black Myo Armband

Description: The Myo armband, is a gesture-control device that measures the electrical signals in forearm muscles to wirelessly control electronic devices based on the movement of the forearm and hand. The applications in gaming, home automation, 3D modeling and augmented reality are just the tip of the iceberg for what MYO is capable of. In the future, the armband user will be able to browse the internet, play video games, edit videos and create music just by using simple gestures and motions with their hands. Unlike other gesture control or motion control devices, Myo doesn’t require a motion-sensing camera, freeing users from the confines of a fixed space in order to maintain a connection. The device connects wirelessly over a Bluetooth Low Energy connection and can essentially connect to any Bluetooth-ready device for which applications are built. Myo’s revolutionary sensors measure the electrical pulses in your muscles to wirelessly control devices like your computer, mobile device and other electronics based on the swift movements of your forearm and hand. This gives its users the ability to change the song, surf the web, and hit play on a video with natural and effortless movements.

Price: $149.00 Visit the Website

Diamond+ Creates An Instant Party With Bluetooth Speaker Music & Light Show – 16 Million Colors Pulsate To Music – See, Hear & Feel The Music

Yantouch Diamond+ Bluetooth speaker with light show

Description: All-in-One Entertainment System with LED Galaxy Light Show that Sparkles Like a Diamond & Creates Wash Wall Mood Lighting – Includes Free App for Natural Sunset & Sunrise to Gently Fall Asleep & Wake-up Yantouch, multiple winner of the Red Dot Award for their “Music+Light” consumer electronics designs, announced today the Diamond+ music and light LED lifestyle diamond-shaped Bluetooth speaker. The Diamond+ is a high-quality all-in-one entertainment system that features a synchronized multi-color galaxy light show with 16 million colors that shine like a real diamond to create an instant party-in-a-box with disco lighting that pulsates to the beat of the music. The Bluetooth speaker features Patent-Pending technologies, including Spherical Resonant and other technologies that fill the party with booming crystal clear sound for planetarium-like music show magic.

Price: $149.00 Visit the Website

New Technology Keeps Consumers From Missing Important Cellphone Calls At Home

Renny HOME Ringer

Description: The Renny HOME Ringer, the stand-alone hub and smartphone ringer for the home. The Renny HOME hub gives customers the convenience of automatically connecting to a mobile phone wirelessly within 200 feet to help prevent missed phone calls from family, friends, co-workers, etc. The Renny HOME allows a smartphone to be answered handsfree even when the phone is not in the same room -- even if the connected phone is on silent or vibrate. The Renny HOME will ring once, then announce "Call from John Smith, Answer or Ignore?” The user then speaks aloud the word "Answer" to answer or "Ignore" to send the call to voicemail – entirely handsfree. The Renny HOME sports multiple built-in ringtones, and rings up to 3 times louder than a regular phone. Compatible with Android, Windows and iPhone smartphones. $139.95 For more information and a demo video go to: # # #

Price: $139.95 Visit the Website

PAPAGO! P3 Dashcam: Sure To Provide A Safer Driving Experience

P3 Mounted Version

Description: Dashcam’s are coming to the US market and sure to be a leading device in the high-tech gadget realm is the P3. Researched and developed in Taiwan, this dashcam is fully loaded with an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), which includes Stop and Go warning, Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), and Front Collison Warning System (FCWS), just to highlight a few. Please visit to learn more. The GPS system allows for your travel path to be tracked and you can upload that information through the software that comes provided with the device.

Price: $139.00 to $279.00 Visit the Website

Splash-proof Bluetooth Speaker

Sony Splash-proof Bluetooth® Speaker

Description: Take this splash-proof2, Bluetooth® wireless speaker with you on all your adventures—rain or shine. It also works as a speakerphone and pairs easily using NFC one-touch listening technology. What’s more, it has up to 10-hours of battery life that’s perfect for long excursions and a built-in G-Force sensor that activates Surround Mode for more expansive sound for you and your crew.

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Blynk By Lyfeshot: A Wearable Time Lapse Camera

Blynk Cameras by Lyfeshot

Description: The Blynk camera from Lyfeshot is light-weight and captures images with ease for any time or place. Blynk uses time-lapsed photography that can be set to any speed. It conveniently clips onto your clothes, bags, etc., or can be mounted or set down anywhere while it captures all of what life offers you. You can bring it with you anywhere from large-scale events such as music festivals, fashion shows, and weddings, or for more personal events such as small parties, skiing, hiking or biking. Four GB of internal storage allow for long snapshot sequences, while the internal, rechargeable, battery provides well over 24 hours of battery life, which is the same as taking a picture every two seconds. Blynk retails for $129.99 and can be purchased at

Price: $129.99 to $149.95 Visit the Website

NYNE TT Bluetooth Speaker - The Best Travel Companion

NYNE TT Bluetooth Speaker in Black/Red

Description: Lightweight and easy to transport with a carrying case, the NYNE TT Bluetooth speaker is equally at home on the other side of the globe as it is on a local day trip. Packed with 16 watts of powerful sound and Bluetooth 4.0, the TT features near field communication (NFC), a built-in microphone, USB charging for a mobile device, 10 hours of playtime, and an international AC adapter with four international plugs. It is available in two color combinations - red/black and white/grey. The NYNE TT is available now at regional retail stores, including BrandsMart, Dearden’s, Focus Camera, Huppin’s, and World Wide Stereo; online at and; and in consumer catalogs such as Sharper Image.

Price: $129.95 Visit the Website

PAPAGO! GOLiFE Care Smartband

The GOLiFE Care Does it All

Description: With the GOLIFE Care Smart Band you can monitor fitness, sleeping habits as well as stay on top of calls. The Care Smart Band is exquisitely designed with a thinly made comfortable silicone band with a brushed metal face. Displaying a keen fashion sense this smart band will actively describe to you sleeping patterns, steps walked throughout the day, calories burned, as well as vibrating alerts when you have an incoming call. With IP66/IP67 waterproof and dust proof you can rest assured knowing that daily wear and water contact will not harm your smart band. Equipped with Ant+™ and Bluetooth technology so you can pair it with your favorite sports equipment and heart rate monitors (planned launch in October 2014 for Ant+). Its versatility in design will make it a top-rated choice among athletes and everyday users alike. The GOLIFE Care has a LED screen resolution of 128x32 and will come in two sizes, medium and large. This smart band can be setup to coincide with your own personal stats in the GOLIFE Fit APP. You can set your weight loss goals, height, if you are an expectant mother, wake up alarms, and sync your phone calls. Your Care smart band can be worn with the confidence that it will reflect your true fitness levels and support your busy lifestyle. As life evolves our goals are constantly changing. Learn what it will take for you to reach those pivotal life moments.

Price: $129.00 to $129.99 Visit the Website

FliCharge Deluxe Pad & Case

fliCharge Deluxe Pad & Case for iPhone 4/4S Bundle

Description: Enable your iPhone 4/4S for wire-free charging with the fliCharge Deluxe Pad & Case for iPhone 4/4S Bundle. fliCharge technology is integrated into a two-piece plastic hard case that slides snugly over the body of the iPhone. Embedded into the back of the protective case is the fliCharge contact module that makes electrical connection with the surface of the fliCharge Pad. The Deluxe Pad measures 9" X 4-1/4" in size, is very thin and capable of delivering up to 20 Watts of power — plenty of power to simultaneously charge multiple devices such as cell phones, portable music players, and tablet computers. A single fliCharge Deluxe Pad placed on a conference room table or break room can keep the whole office's mobile devices charged and ready to go! Includes: fliCharge case for iPhone 4/4S, fliCharge Deluxe Pad, and AC Power Adapter. Visit for more information.

Price: $109.00 Visit the Website

Geekbox Wireless Speaker

Front and back of Geekbox Wireless Speaker (hands-free operation) with 4-gig of onboard memory for uploading user’s music collection.

Description: Geekbox is a wireless speaker that is small enough to fit in a cup holder but provides BIG SOUND – any time, any place. It is the perfect gift for music, TV, book, movie and game lovers. In seconds, the Geekbox syncs to any Bluetooth-capable device to play music, audio books, audio when watching Netflix, gaming and movie audio, and much more. The quality of this loud but clear speaker compares to more expensive speakers offered by ‘monster’ companies but at a fraction of the cost. Users can stream music from Iradio websites, like, Pandora or Spotify, whether in a vehicle or golf cart, at pool- or beach-side, or while lounging on deck. It includes built-in high-quality microphone for speaker-phone operation, meeting hands-free requirements. Non-Bluetooth devices can be linked via the device’s headphone output. Geekbox has a 4 gigabyte SD memory card, upgradable to 32 gigs, to download personal music collections to the Geekbox. With its built-in Lithium-Ion battery, this unique 2.5 inch x 3 inch, 0.5-pound speaker provides up to 8 hours of playtime. The Geekbox uses a 1.5 inch full-range magnetic tweeter and bass film subwoofer for sound levels over 100 decibels. Included is a mini-USB cable for audio transfer in .mp3 and .wma formats from computer to Geekbox and battery charging (zero to full charge in 1.5 to 2 hours), a 3.5mm (1/8”) audio cable for connection to non-Bluetooth devices, and a carrying case.

Price: $100.00 Visit the Website

Most Advanced Camera And Video Enhancement For IPhones.

The iZZi Orbit Pro. The Most Advanced Camera & Video Enhancement for Pro iPhone Shooters.

Description: Unleash Creativity. Capture Magic. iZZi Gadgets, Inc. is an award-winning designer and producer of state-of the art camera/video enhancement accessories for the iPhone. Based out of Huntington Beach, California, iZZi is steadily gaining recognition and praise from mobile photographers for it’s creative designs and innovative multiple-lens solution. Both the iZZi Orbit Pro and the iZZi Slim are made with patented technology, original concepts and impeccable construction and are developed to meet the wants and needs of iPhoneographers everywhere. Our four interchangeable lens options include fisheye, wide-angle, telephoto and macro. The Orbit Pro is the perfect solution to pro photographers who frequently use their iPhones for photography, and the Slim is a great option for the everyday shooter. Both options offer quality protection and unbeatable creative potential.

Price: $99.99 to $239.99 Visit the Website

Goji Play By Blue Goji

Goji Play wireless game controllers & activity sensor

Description: Goji Play is an interactive fitness system that fuses cardio exercise with games for an immersive and entertaining experience. Goji Play combines innovative software and hardware with the portability and power of mobile devices. Available to use with any piece of cardio equipment, just attach the wireless controllers, clip on the activity sensor, and begin playing any one of the compatible games on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices. Make 60 minutes of cardio instantly feel like 20 minutes of play! Retail price: $99.99. Goji Play can be purchased online at or

Price: $99.99 Visit the Website

Dragon Voice Recognition Software

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Description: Time is precious and priceless. Give the gift of time with the latest technology that greatly improves productivity. Dragon, the world’s best-selling speech recognition software available for both PC and Mac, lets you dictate documents, search the web, email and more on your computer — quickly and accurately — just by using your voice. You don’t even have to lift a finger.

Price: $99.99 to $199.99 Visit the Website

ILAND FLY Solar USB Charger

iLAND FLY can be used in any outdoor setting

Description: The iLAND FLY is a lightweight, portable solar power USB charger. The FLY uses a unique, eco-friendly solar cell technology that charges various devices – such as smartphones, tablets and cameras – even in low-light situations. The FLY can also withstand the harshest of elements due to its water-, dust- and shock-resistant design. For camping, traveling or outdoor concerts, the FLY is a must-have tech accessory you can take anywhere to make sure you stay powered and connected.

Price: $99.95 Visit the Website

Bitcasa, The Company That Makes Your Digital Belongings Infinitely Useful

iOS 7

Description: Bitcasa provides a home for your digital belongings. Bitcasa believes that your digital belongings are your own, and that only you should control who can access and use them. With access across all devices; Android, iOS, Windows, Windows RT, Mac OSX and the Web, Bitcasa enables you to take your digital belongings with you everywhere. Bitcasa designed its software to ensure complete privacy with client-side encryption, so your belongings are always your own.

Price: $99.00 Visit the Website

Spracht BluNote + Chat Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

BluNote + Chat with incoming caller ID

Description: If you’re with a small group holding a phone conference with another small group using your cell phone, how well would anybody hear & understand anybody else? They can now with the Spracht BluNote + Chat. Its pair of MEMS mics & some really crafty DSP reduce the usual noise & echoes to produce unexpectedly good conversational quality. It’s also one of the best sounding, truly stereo, A2DP Bluetooth speakers out there. Capacitive touch controls on top mean no buttons on top like so many products. There’s full player shuttle controls. When a call comes in to a paired phone, Caller ID scrolls across a top-front display. Its batteries are rechargeable. One more surprise: it’s a small, sleek carved curve. - Pairs with iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets, PC/Mac - Scrolling number caller ID - 2 high quality MEMS mics, so you can be heard on a call - Passive radiator plus 2 great sounding speakers for full, rich sounding music, or natural sounding voice on a call - Rechargeable Li Ion battery for hours of music playback or conferencing - Lighted capacitive touch panel controls; no buttons - DSP for echo and noise cancellation

Price: $99.00 Visit the Website

Nextbook 8" Windows Tablet

Nextbook 8

Description: The Nextbook 8" tablet with Windows 8.1 is the perfect holiday gift for the entire family, featuring a one-year subscription to Microsoft Office 365 Personal. The Nextbook tablet has an Intel quad-core processor, 16GB internal storage, microSD card slot for expandable memory, Bluetooth 4.0, front and back-facing cameras, microUSB, miniHDMi, and more. It even comes with a bonus 16GB microSD card in the box. The Nextbook 8" tablet is available now at Walmart for $99 (

Price: $99.00 Visit the Website

Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight Alerts You Via Mobile App If Your CO Or Smoke Detector Sound While You're Away

Leeo Smart Alert Night Light

Description: Leeo Smart Alert™ Nightlight is the perfect gift for techies, families, travelers, pet owners and more. Leeo makes any home a "smart home" and is beautifully designed and affordable! Leeo is an easy-to-use device that monitors a home’s existing smoke and CO alarms and alerts residents via a mobile app when they sound. With no monthly fees or complicated installation required, homeowners and renters can secure their homes by simply plugging the device into a power outlet and pairing it with the free Leeo mobile app. Smart Alert™ Nightlight is available today on and for just $99. In addition, the Smart Alert ™ Nightlight also offers a beautiful aesthetic ambience to the house. The LED-based light can be controlled via a dimmer ring on the device or within the app. Additionally, the app allows users to choose from up to 16 million color options to customize the light to suit their mood or home décor.

Price: $99.00 Visit the Website

Custom Made To Order Genuine Leather Phone Cases And Wallets

Best selling Apple iPhone 5S leather holster with back cover.

Description: Story Leather ( specializes in custom made to order genuine leather phone cases and wallets. All of our cases are handcrafted and tailored to fit base on client's specifications. Choose from over 100 different leather colors/textures and customize it with over 100 different customizable attributes and styles. Each case or wallet is individually made to order and truly unique. Story Leather's philosophy is simple, we feel everyone's unique and everyone has a sense of style that can be told through what they wear and how they accessorize themselves. We make something that is uniquely you to tell YOUR story one case at a time. We address the following issues for our customers: 1. Ladies wanting to consolidate their purse/wallet/phone - we have a wallet phone case called the Cartera. 2. Men looking for a holster to fit their smartphone with a protective case or extended battery; there's nothing on the market, least to say in high quality and fashionable style - we make custom made to order cases tailor to fit the device. 3. Business professionals carrying 2 phones, one for work, one for home. We have a solution for this called the Double Decker.

Price: $89.99 Visit the Website

OtterBox Preserver Series – Waterproof Phone Case

OtterBox Preserver Series for iPhone 5s is waterproof – fully submergible up to 6.6 feet for 30 minutes

Description: OtterBox Preserver Series™ — Seriously waterproof phone cases are available for the iPhone 5, 5s and Samsung Galaxy S4. Colors include: glacier, primrose, pistachio and carbon. Preserver Series is a slim and pocketable two-piece case that offers exceptional protective capabilities from water, drops and dust. With this case, you can embrace all of the wet, messy, spontaneous fun life has to offer knowing you have trusted OtterBox® protection on your side. The two-piece case snaps together for easy installation. It has a solid plastic frame lined with device-cradling foam and overmolded bumpers to absorb and deflect shock away from the device inside. The built-in screen protector guards the vibrant display from scratches without inhibiting touch sensitivity. All features are fully accessible and audio quality is uncompromised. The Preserver Series includes an adjustable lanyard for convenient, confident carrying.

Price: $89.95 Visit the Website

Cobra AirWave Box

Cobra AirWave Box

Description: Cobra has utilized Bluetooth® wireless technology to enhance lifestyle products with the Cobra AirWave™ Series. The water resistant models, Cobra AirWave Box and Cobra AirWave Mini are designed to be a hands-free portable speaker and speakerphone. The Cobra AirWave™ Box utilizes a rugged design (JIS7)for immersion in water and features a rechargeable battery and soft-touch rubber wrap for extra guarded protection. The Cobra AirWave Box has up to nine hours of music playback and up to 120 hours of standby time. The Cobra AirWave Box is available in March for a retail price of $79.99.

Price: $79.99 Visit the Website

MirrorCase For IPad: A Whole New Way To Capture Video

MirrorCase for iPad

Description: A multifunctional iPad case with a built-in mirror by the rear facing camera and accompanying app that allows users to capture photos and video with their iPad in a horizontal position. The case provides additional built-in features such as an acoustic port, storage compartment, kickstand, and smart lid to improve the user's photo and video capturing experience. The accompanying app allows users to take notes and record video simultaneously, add bookmarks, and share content via email or DropBox. MirrorCase for iPad is the perfect companion for lengthy recordings of lectures, meetings, or presentations.

Price: $79.95 Visit the Website

NYNE Cruiser Bluetooth Speaker – The Biker Buddy

NYNE Cruiser Bluetooth Speaker with Bike Clips

Description: Designed for your next ride, the NYNE Cruiser Bluetooth speaker comes with handlebar clips that mount to a bike, exercise machine, or even baby stroller for on-the-go music enjoyment. The Cruiser features Bluetooth 4.0, near field communication (NFC), a built-in microphone for incoming calls, 10 hours of playtime, 10 watts of power, and a battery that will charge a mobile device while you’re out – cruising! Available in four colors to match your cruising toy. The NYNE Cruiser is available now at regional retail stores, including BrandsMart, Dearden’s, Focus Camera, Huppin’s, and World Wide Stereo; online at and; and in consumer catalogs such as Sharper Image.

Price: $79.95 Visit the Website

Nextbook Premium 7HD Android Tablet With Google Play

The most affordable, full-featured Android 4.1 tablet available at Walmart - The Nextbook Premium 7HD

Description: The Nextbook Premium 7HD Android tablet features Google Play pre-installed, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and the Barnes and Noble NOOK for Android app. Hardware features include a 7" high resolution capacitive touch screen, dual-core processor, 8GB internal memory, dual webcams, HDMI-out port, USB 2.0 slot, built-in Wi-Fi with OTA updates, built-in G sensor, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. With the Nextbook Premium 7HD, users can surf the Internet, read books, play games and stream videos smoother than ever. It is a perfect starter tablet for users of all ages. Available nationwide at Walmart and

Price: $79.00 Visit the Website

Bionym's Nymi

Bionym's Nymi

Description: Bionym’s first product, the Nymi, is the first wearable device that looks to revolutionize the way we interact with technology in the world by putting persistent identity on the body. Bionym not only aims to do away with identity prompts such as passwords and keys, but also payment methods such as credit cards. As a result of a partnership with Bitcoin, the band will utilize the user’s heartbeat to open and close their Bitcoin wallet. A person’s identity and preferences will take center stage in the future of tech. By putting privacy first, the Nymi puts the user in complete control of their identity.

Price: $79.00 Visit the Website

NOON VR - The Next Generation Of Virtual Reality

NOON VR- The Next Generation Of Virtual Reality

Description: NOON VR headset is compatible with most smartphones and virtual reality apps, though it is best optimized for KOOM, an app that utilizes smartphone’s native capabilities such as sensors, on-screen display and computing power, to view VR content from the smartphone itself. The headset will be available for $79, providing high-quality virtual reality content at an affordable price. Users can immerse themselves in first-person RPG games or watch 3D or standard movies with an IMAX-like big screen, all from the comfort of their couch.

Price: $79.00 Visit the Website

Excess 2400 IPhone 5/5S Battery Case By Rokit Boost

Excess 2400 iPhone 5 battery case black

Description: Perfect Blend of Power and Protection • MFI Certified by Apple®. Confirmed compatibility with iPhone 5 and 5S, iOS 6 and 7. • Engineered with very slim design and one of the largest extra battery capacities on the market. Adds about 130% battery power. • Offers an extra 255 hours of standby time, 8 hours of talking time, 40 hours of audio listening, 8 hours of browsing the Web, or 10 hours of video-viewing time. • Lightweight and durable—weighs only 3 oz. • Enlarged camera opening for taking pictures with iPhone 5S with ease. • 4 customizable, colorful bumpers for a range of stylistic looks.

Price: $69.99 to $89.99 Visit the Website

Rechargeable Apex Fine Point Active Stylus By Lynktec

Rechargeable Apex Fine Point Active Stylus by Lynktec

Description: The Rechargeable Apex™ by Lynktec is the first fine point active stylus for iPads to integrate a lithium ion rechargeable battery. Featuring a precise 2.3mm tip, pocket clip, and more, this stylus delivers a realistic pen-to-pad writing experience, making it the premier tool for digital note-takers and artists alike. Power saving circuitry allows the stylus to automatically shuts off after 30 minutes of inactivity, and it can be recharged using the included micro-USB to USB cable. The Rechargeable Apex is compatible with the iPad 2/3/4, Mini, Air, and many popular Android devices. It does not require Bluetooth or any specific applications to function. Simply pick it up, turn it on, and let your ideas take flight!

Price: $69.99 Visit the Website

Feel The Game With GamesterGear Cruiser Headsets

Get Into the Game with GamesterGear Cruiser Headsets

Description: The Cruiser Series of immersive headsets are designed for XBox, PS3,PS4 & PC gamers who want get into the game. With our Bass Quake technology you can actually feel the environment and sense distinct sounds for authentic accuracy. This effect is achieved by our custom designed 50mm & 30mm dual drivers which generate natural sounds accompanied by a powerful dynamic bass. Designed for long term comfort, the Cruiser Series features our floating ear cup technology to adjust to your ears and our on-ear speakers are layered with soft cloth and leather padding on the headband.

Price: $69.99 to $109.99 Visit the Website

7 Port USB Charging Station's 7 Port Charging Station

Description: No more searching the house for chargers! This convenient charging station lets you and your family charge up to seven USB powered mobile devices at the same time from a central location. The USB charge station is a standalone device that provides 5 x 1A and 2 x 2A USB charging ports, enabling you to charge multiple USB devices simultaneously. Support for USB Battery Charging Specification 1.2 lets you charge most mobile devices, including the Apple® iPhone®, iPad®, Microsoft® Surface™, Samsung Galaxy Tab™ and more. Consolidating your USB devices onto a single multi-port USB charger offers a more energy-efficient solution and avoids the need for multiple wall outlets or power bars, saving valuable space. The compact, metal enclosure provides maximum durability and offers an integrated on/off power button for simple operation. For added flexibility, the charge station includes a bracket for wall-mounted installations.

Price: $69.99 Visit the Website

PocketPlug By Prong

Back of PocketPlug

Description: What gadget does everyone need this year? Prong's PocketPlug! The PocketPlug is a hybrid phone case/charger with two charging prongs built right into the case itself! No more fussy cords – the PocketPlug plugs right into any outlet. This brand new gadget is perfect when you need a quick charge while working out, at a club, while traveling, or for the forgetful person who never remembers to carry their charger with them. The PocketPlug is a no brainer accessory for anyone who is all about function and efficiency! The Prong PocketPlug phone case is currently available for the iPhone 4/4s, 5/5s, and will soon be available for the Galaxy S III. Here's a link for more information:

Price: $69.95 Visit the Website

Tan Vintage Leather IPad Case

Tan Vintage iPad CoFi Case

Description: CoFi's Tan Vintage Leather Tablet/eBook Case develops more character as it is used, just like your favorite hand-me-down briefcase that your great grandfather gave you! The rugged style of this iPad, Kindle Cover compliments a laid-back Western "look" adopted by hip celebrities as well as your typical Colorado native. Tumbled Tan Vintage Cowhide Leather Exterior with an Interior Faux Shearling Fabric for added protection. These premium leather cases can be laser engraved with a company logo. 8 x 10 1/2 inches with 3/4 inch gusset Accommodates 9-To-10 Inch Screens, including: New iPad Air, all other iPads, NEW Kindle Fire HDX 8.9", HP Slate, Kindle Fire HD 8.9", Sony Tablet S For additional styles, please feel free to visit our website:

Price: $69.95 Visit the Website

Backup Power To Go For Your Smartphone, Tablet And More From Duracell Powermat

Duracell Powermat's GoPower Day Trip Battery for smartphones provides an full extra charge whenever you need it.

Description: It’s a powerful combination: Duracell Powermat and its new series of GoPower portable batteries. GoPower portable batteries keep your smartphone, tablet and other USB devices charged up and ready to go when you are. You’ll have instant power whether you’re traveling across town or around the country…whenever you need it. The batteries, which recharge wirelessly and via USB, are available in three models: the Day Trip (one full extra charge); the Overnighter (full day of power); and the Long Haul (four full extra charges). Prices range from $60-$130 and are available at

Price: $60.00 to $130.00 Visit the Website

Swage 2 Bluetooth Headphones

Swage 2 Bluetooth headphones

Description: These premier wireless capability headphones build on top of their predecessor SWAGE’s high-grade audio features and ergonomic design. They are engineered to deliver the same exceptional listening experience, but with greater user functionality and comfort than before. Exceptional Quality and User Value Featuring a studio-quality playback capability and premier noise-cancelling technology, the SWAGE 2 gives listeners crystal-clear audio quality. A built-in microphone and Bluetooth capability enables a user to make hands-free calls or wirelessly jam out to his or her favorite tunes as if he or she were listening to them in-studio. Wireless compatibility with iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and any Bluetooth-enabled device Features: - 6 to 8 hours of playback time - High-quality, stereo music playback - Supports Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR - Sleek, ultra-slim body and strong base - Soft leather ear pads for extremely comfortable wearing - Enhanced functionality with 4.8mm brush metal part extendable headband - Easy-to-use design with special, multi-function button layout - Color: Black - 1-year Limited Warranty

Price: $59.99 to $64.99 Visit the Website

First Waterproof Case For Bluetooth Speakers

AudioActiv VAULT cases float!

Description: AudioActiv's VAULT cases are the first-ever 100% waterproof protective carry cases for Bluetooth speakers like the Jawbone JAMBOX and Bose Soundlink series. Enjoy your music everywhere - the pool, lake, beach, river, golf course - and don't worry about damaging, denting or even scratching your expensive speaker. Optional accessories allow the speaker to be mounted onto a bike or in a boat. AudioActiv's VAULT case is the perfect gift for any music lover!

Price: $59.99 to $109.99 Visit the Website

IStabilizer Announces The Perfect Selfie Creator – Monopod & Shutter Remote Bundle For Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Action Photos

iStablizer "Selfie" Bundle

Description: Patent-Pending Lightweight 1 Foot Monopod Extends Over 3 Feet with Bluetooth Shutter Remote to Take Selfie Photos & Videos without Reaching No More Unflattering Selfies, No Extreme Close-ups, Cut off Heads, Facial Distortions, & Awkward Positions – Fit Everyone in for Group Shots Never Leave Yourself out of the Photo! Great Holiday Gift for Selfie-Possessed Teens & Adults for Instagram, Twitter & Facebook Photos -- Works with Smartphones, GoPro, POV Action Cameras, iPod touch, Digital Cameras & Camcorders iStabilizer™, the leader in universal lightweight compact tripods, steady cams, dollies, mounts, and remotes for smartphones, tablets, and digital and action cameras, announced today the iStabilizer Monopod and Shutter Remote Bundle -- the perfect selfie creator. The patent-pending iStabilizer Monopod and Bluetooth Shutter Remote captures photo and video selfies and group shots that fit everyone in without cutting off heads, extreme close-ups, facial distortions/warping, awkward positions or missing photographer -- never leave yourself out of a family photo again! Priced at only $59.95 (20% off as compared to buying each product separately at $74.90), the iStabilizer Monopod and Shutter Remote Bundle makes a great holiday gift for selfie-possessed teens and adults and creates the easiest, most flattering Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter selfies you’ve ever taken.

Price: $59.95 Visit the Website

Lepow Modre Bluetooth Speaker - Music To Your Ears

Lepow Modre in 3 Fun Colors!

Description: The Lepow Modre Bluetooth speaker lets you bring your favorite music to every party. Simply connect your smartphone or tablet wirelessly and play your tunes for everyone! The Modre's unique design is modeled after an elephant's trunk and gives 360-degree surround sound with a 33-foot listening radius via Bluetooth. It lets you listen for 7 hours, and features a built-in microphone for speakerphone calls. You can even charge your mobile device while away from home with its built-in powerbank! The Modre comes in 3 fun colors - Blue, Orange and Green - and is packaged in a cute and reusable cup! It is available from for $59.49.

Price: $59.49 Visit the Website

Decibullz™ Earphones Are The Perfect Fit, Time After Time

Decibullz Contour

Description: Fed up with headphones falling out or becoming uncomfortable? If you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on custom-molded earphones, then Decibullz™ Custom Earphones are the solution. Designed by fitness professionals and field-tested by extreme athletes, Decibullz deliver an incredible custom fit for a fraction of the price. They are easily molded by you to the unique shape of your ears. And Decibullz are the only re-moldable custom earphone system. That means you can keep shaping them until you get the perfect fit. Decibullz don’t fall out, they don’t hurt and they sound amazing.

Price: $59.00 Visit the Website

Eye-Fi Mobi

Transfer photos with our largest Eye-Fi Mobi card!

Description: Taking tons of pics on your camera or phone– but dreading the race home to upload and THEN share? EyeFi makes it is easy to share on the spot by adding a WiFi signal to your favorite cameras. Now you can transfer photos and videos like magic to your smartphone, tablet, or even desktop with a range of cards from 8 GB - 32 GB. Great for: proud parents, holiday gifts, travelers, gadget lovers.

Price: $50.00 to $100.00 Visit the Website

StickNFind, The World's Smallest Bluetooth Location Sticker

StickNFind being used to track the house cat

Description: StickNFind is the world's smallest Bluetooth location sticker (about the size of a quarter). It can stick to almost anything you tend to misplace or lose, like your keys, wallet, remote or cat. StickNFind is able to be tracked through a free, downloadable smartphone app within a 150 ft. range. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can page the sticker using StickNFind’s app, making it ring, flash or both. Great for when you’re trying to locate an item in the dark. StickNFind’s "virtual leash" allows you to keep track of a sticker within set parameters. If a sticker moves out of range, your phone will let you know. This is an easy way to keep track of the family pet, a wandering child or even when your luggage gets mistakenly taken at the airport. In addition, StickNFind integrates with the Maps application, which allows users to pinpoint where their stickers were last seen. StickNFind is currently available on iOS and Android devices that support Bluetooth SMART and come in six vibrant colors. International language support is available in 15 languages. You can buy a pack of two stickers for $50 on their website at

Price: $50.00 Visit the Website

MobileLite Wireless G2 Media Reader

MobileLite Wireless G2-Wireless Media Reader

Description: Extend, stream, charge, read, and connect with Kingston's MobileLite Wireless G2! Free up valuable space on your smartphone or tablet by seamlessly moving photos and other content directly from your phone to a Flash Card or USB Flash drive, and vice versa. Share data with up to eight users simultaneously via Wi-Fi and post photos and videos directly to social media from a Flash Card or USB Flash drive. Use as emergency charger for smartphones and tablets with its 4640mAh battery. Ethernet port can be used for broadband internet on the go. You can also bridge to other Wi-Fi internet connections up to 30ft. Free app available for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.

Price: $50.00 to $60.00 Visit the Website

GoPole Reach

The GoPole Reach 4-stage telescoping pole extends from 14" to 40"

Description: The newly designed Reach is now more portable than ever. The four-stage telescoping pole extends from 14 inches to 40 inches. The ¼ turn integrated extension locks allow the pole to be locked quickly and easily. Compatible with all GoPro cameras, Reach gets users closer to the action and allows them to capture photos and videos from a wide array of unique angles. Additional features include a Wi-Fi remote clip, Hi-Torque thumbscrew, and removable wrist-strap attachment.

Price: $50.00 to $55.00 Visit the Website

Apex 2.3mm Fine Point Active Stylus By Lynktec

Apex 2.3mm Fine Point Active Stylus by Lynktec

Description: The Apex fine point stylus by Lynktec with its unique active circuitry and 2.3mm tip delivers a realistic pen-to-pad writing experience on the iPad 2/3/4, Mini, Air, and many popular Android devices. The 2.3mm fine point hardened conductive nib on the Apex results in a superb writing, drawing, gaming, and navigation experience for tablet users. The size of the nib itself represents >90% reduction in tip area compared to current passive styluses on the market. The Apex showcases futuristic styling with the balanced, weighted feel found in high-end, luxury pens, and utilizes brass fittings, brass barrel, and high-grade plastic construction. The Apex is powered by a single AAAA battery already installed and is sold with both an additional nib and battery for extra longevity. The streamlined, ergonomic design features an easy-to-grip fin that doubles as the on/off switch. When the fin is rotated clockwise, the stylus is activated and a blue LED indicator near the tip glows to let the user know they may now use the stylus. The Apex does not require Bluetooth or any specific applications to function. Simply pick it up, turn it on, and let your ideas take flight!

Price: $49.99 Visit the Website

Olloclip 4-in1 Lens And The Olloclip Quick Flip Case For The IPhone 4/4S And 5/5S

olloclip 4-in-1 photo lens

Description: The olloclip 4-IN-1 is a quick-connect lens solution for the iPhone that includes Fisheye, Wide-Angle and 2 Macro lenses in one small, convenient package that easily fits in your pocket – and the palm of your hand. It connects to the iPhone within seconds so you’ll be sure to capture the image you want. If you don’t see the picture you’re looking for, just flip it over to switch lenses. The optional olloclip Quick-Flip case turns your iPhone into a mobile photography studio. - designed for the iPhone 5/5S and 4/4S - sleek, lightweight and attractive case - quick-flip corner rotates so an olloclip lens can be attached and becomes an optional dedicated shutter release - included and removable Pro-Photo adapter for mounting your device to a tripod or other photographic accessories - special adapter makes the case compatible with the iPod touch 5th Generation

Price: $49.99 to $99.99 Visit the Website

Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI Version) with Remote

Description: America’s favorite streaming player is now fun-sized! Introducing the Roku Streaming Stick, its tiniest streamer that crams all of Roku’s beloved features and the best selection of streaming entertainment into a little stick that fits in the palm of your hand and into the back of your TV. As with any Roku, the Roku Streaming Stick comes loaded with a broad selection of streaming entertainment from TV shows, movies, music, sports and more. You can watch a new movie every day for 82 years. Yes, really. Some favorites include Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, HBO GO, Amazon Instant Video, PBS, Watch ESPN, SHOWTIME ANYTIME, Watch Disney, Pandora, NHL Gamecenter Live, and MLB.TV to name a few (or less than 1% of the 1,500+ channels). Even with over 31,000 movies, integrated Roku Search® makes it a snap to find your favorite content and discover new favorites. Plus, Roku gives you the choice to use the included remote with shortcut buttons or your phone/tablet via the free Android and iOS apps so you can be the master of your entertainment universe. Oh, and you can cast all the videos your heart desires from your phone’s YouTube app straight to the TV.

Price: $49.99 Visit the Website

AcuRite Projection Alarm Clock

AcuRite Projection Alarm Clock (13020)

Description: Wake up to the time or temperature projected in large digits on your wall or ceiling with the AcuRite Projection Clock! The AcuRite Projection Alarm Clock is packed with features, including an illuminated color display with the indoor and outdoor temperature, Intelli-Time clock and calendar, moon phase and alarm. It offers the convenience of USB charging for compatible smartphones. And best of all, it projects your choice of time or temperature in amber or red digits on any wall, ceiling, or any other surface. The clock has Intelli-Time Technology that automatically updates itself for Daylight Saving Time. The alarm can be set for everyday use or weekdays only. Includes a wireless outdoor sensor with a thermometer to take the outdoor temperature reading. Start your day on time with the AcuRite Projection Alarm Clock. Available at and

Price: $49.99 Visit the Website

NYNE Mini Bluetooth Speaker - Perfect For Tweens And Teens

NYNE Mini Bluetooth Speaker in Black/Blue

Description: Small and lightweight, the NYNE Mini portable speaker is designed for tweens and teens that want to share their tunes with friends. Its carrying case with hook clips the speaker onto backpacks, keeping phones neatly tucked away. It features Bluetooth 2.1, a 3.5mm aux-in port, built-in microphone, and 5 watts of power. Choose from four different color combinations to express your personal style. The NYNE Mini is available now at regional retail stores, including BrandsMart, Dearden’s, Focus Camera, Huppin’s, and World Wide Stereo; online at and; and in consumer catalogs such as Sharper Image.

Price: $49.95 Visit the Website

ArtRage 4.5 Goes 64-Bit For Faster Painting, Larger & More Complex Projects

ArtRage 4.5 Most Realistic Painting Software

Description: San Francisco, CA – Ambient Design (, the award-winning creator of realistic art software for Mac, Windows, iPad and iPhone, announces the launch of ArtRage 4.5, a major upgrade to their popular painting software for Mac and Windows. This update is free for all registered users of ArtRage 4, available for immediate download from the ArtRage Members Area at:, with upgrade discounts for owners of previous versions of ArtRage. Full information can be found at: ArtRage 4.5 features a 64-bit engine for Mac OS X and Windows, which provides speed improvements and enables working on larger canvases and more complex projects. ArtRage 4.5 also includes canvas grid overlays, stylus tilt support for the pencil tool, a new font picker, multi-touch gesture support for Mac OS X, and more.

Price: $49.90 Visit the Website

MagBuds - Earbuds With A Tangle-Free Magnetic Cable


Description: MagBuds feature a tangle-free magnetic cable that sticks to itself. Stylishly wear MagBuds around your wrist and you will never lose track of your earbuds again. Stick them to a locker or refrigerator for easy and convenient storage. Coil them up and throw them in a bag so they are ready to go when you get to work or the gym. Don't spend any more time looking for or untangling your earbuds, MagBuds will always be ready to go!

Price: $49.00 Visit the Website

IPhone/iPad Cases That CLEAN With Every Slide - Stylish, Antimicrobial Protective Cases

NueVue iPhone Cases that Clean Your Phone

Description: NueVue cases are the latest in iPhone/iPad case technology - they're colorful, stylish, and CLEAN with every slide...Just launched at CES 2014, use BioCote technology in order to eliminate microbes. BioCote technology uses a silver ion based additive that is incorporated into the specially designed microfibre at the time of manufacturing. The antimicrobial additive then provides continuous built-in antimicrobial protection for the expected lifetime of the product. Worth mentioning is that the antimicrobial additives will not affect the screen in any way and they will not transfer on to the device. Available at

Price: $45.00 to $57.00 Visit the Website

PanaVise PortaGrip 15508

PortaGrip 15508

Description: The PortaGrip Universal Phone Holder with Premium 809-AMP Suction Cup Mount securely holds your mobile phone while you drive. • Premium Suction Cup Mount: includes industry-leading PanaVise 809-AMP Suction Cup Mount • Powerful suction cup mounts to vehicle windshield • Rubberized indexed grippers and foam backed cradle won’t scratch your device • Quick release button for easy phone access • Vertical low profile grips allow full access to touch screens • Side arms adjust from 2.25" to 3.75" in width to fit nearly any phone • Ratcheted feet allow for access to data ports • PanaVise Tilt, Turn & Rotate = fully adjustable • Low profile design minimizes mount behind phone

Price: $44.99 to $49.99 Visit the Website

Swage Bluetooth Headphones By Rokit Boost

Swage Bluetooth headphones

Description: Don’t let cords weigh you down Rokit Boost’s Bluetooth headphones are designed to give you the freedom to rock out, without all those messy cords getting in the way. They’re super lightweight and comfortable, so you’ll only know you’re wearing them thanks to the ultra-high-quality tunes playing through your speakers. Compact, stylish, and easy to store or transport, these headphones are great for dancing around your home, or for taking the music with you anywhere.

Price: $44.99 to $49.99 Visit the Website

Docking Battery Backup For IPhone 5 / 5s / 5c

Attractive And High-Performing, iWALK Line Represents A New Class Of Device Peripherals.

Description: The Link 1000i5 backup battery is perfectly compatible with iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C and has been certified by Apple itself for reliable quality. The product is available in two different colors− black and white; so users can buy this product matching it with the color of their phone. The product is unique in style and shape and its compact design has been crafted carefully in order to suit the look of the iPhone. The Link 1000i5 is equipped with lithium-ion power cells, which are quite reliable and are known for providing high capacity backup for a long time. it's users can easily depend on this product when they nLink 1000i5 – for iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C eed to charge their iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C. Moreover, it is possible to charge the device and the battery simultaneously, thus saving considerable time in the process Link 1500i5 comes with a LED battery life display screen that enables the users to check the status of the battery and put it on charge if needed. A USB cable is supplied with the pack, thus allowing the user to charge the product through USB port in laptop or desktop PC.Please visit for additional information.

Price: $44.99 Visit the Website

Swage Sport Bluetooth Headphones - Bluetooth V4.0 Perfect For Working Out

Swage Sport Bluetooth Headphones

Description: Working out is certainly demanding of one’s time and attention. With the SWAGE Sport Bluetooth Headphones, users do not have to deal with any troublesome wires or worry about dropping their smartphone. These contemporary Bluetooth headphones are equipped with Bluetooth V4.0 capability, backed by atpX® support for premium-grade Bluetooth® stereo audio quality.. In other words, the SWAGE Sport Bluetooth Headphones are perfect for easy, hands-free listening to crystal-clear audio while enhancing any workout regimen. Rokit Boost’s SWAGE Sport Bluetooth Headphones sports a flexible and foldable headband design. The headphones comfortably loop around a user’s ears so that they can be used for any workout activity. Users can engage in involved physical activity including running, jogging, or doing handstand push-ups, and the headphones will not fall off. The Bluetooth headset’s exceptional audio quality is augmented by its strong aesthetic appeal. The solid black or darker, mid-toned red options will meet today’s high standards for mobile devices and how they appear. With the SWAGE Sport Bluetooth Headphones’ fitting-but-comfortable wear-ability, mobile consumers will be impressed by the wireless headphones’ comfort-ability and overall functionality. This wireless headset requires little time for charging and can be used for hours of listening to a user’s favorite playlists or hands-free chatting with family, friends, acquaintances, or colleagues. A lightweight body and overall strong performance-ability add further consumer value to the mix.

Price: $44.99 to $49.99 Visit the Website

GIV Mobile, New No-Contract Wireless Service That Gives 8% Of Monthly Bill To Charity

GIV Mobile Sim Card

Description: GIV Mobile is the first consumer conscious no-contract mobile service that is dedicated to donating 8% of its monthly “Unlimited Everything” plans to a non-profit charity of the customer’s choice such as the Alzheimer’s Association®, American Red Cross, United Way Worldwide, Scholarship America and more. With GIV Mobile, customers may choose from two affordable no-contract plans to use with a GIV Mobile phone or their own unlocked, GSM phone: •$40/month Unlimited Everything - talk, text, MMS, International text and web (first 250MB up to 4G/3G speeds) on all 4G enabled phones and smartphones. •$50/month Unlimited Everything - talk, text, MMS, International text and web (first 2GB up to 4G/3G speeds) on all 4G enabled phones and smartphones. Utilizing the 4G network of T-Mobile USA, Inc. GIV Mobile’s two affordable “Unlimited Everything” no-contract plans allow users to have fast and reliable connections from nearly anywhere in the U.S. Along with providing a great mobile service, GIV Mobile collaborates with extraordinary charities to create a community that is dedicated to giving back. GIV Mobile’s wireless service will be exclusively available at

Price: $40.00 to $50.00 Visit the Website

Wool Blend Iphone Gloves

Wool blend iPhone gloves

Description: These peruvian inspired gloves work with any capacitive touchscreen devices- including iPhone, Android/Droid, and iPad. They are warm, yet portably lightweight and functional. Founded by jewelry designer Yuvi Alpert, Men In Cities is “For guys who find accessorizing intimidating,” according to the New York Times. Men In Cities announces fresh monthly accessories collections with everything done in-house. That means no more massive selection and subsequent decision fatigue. A well-edited selection of new product is presented each month at affordable price points, including bracelets, money clips, pens, wallets, and more.

Price: $40.00 Visit the Website

Bandolier Wearable Tech

Bandolier wearable tech

Description: Bandolier transforms your mobile device into a piece of wearable technology. Bandolier - iPhone accessory is excited to introduce new styles in great colors! Each Bandolier features two slots to accommodate credit cards, driver’s license and cash. No more frantically searching in your bag for your phone! Created by a team of Hollywood insiders and veteran designers, Bandolier is the game-changing accessory that epitomizes the California ethos of high tech meets high fashion. Bandolier's vision is simple: “Show women that fashion can be functional without sacrificing elegance or expression.

Price: $40.00 to $125.00 Visit the Website

Dane-Elec Media Streamer: The Must-Have Smartphone Accessory

Wirelessly stream movies, music, photos and more to your smartphone or tablet with the Media Streamer!

Description: The Dane-Elec Media Streamer is the must-have mobile accessory for your smartphone or tablet, combining four solutions in one – expanded storage, content sharing, mobile device charging and backup of contacts. Designed for use on the go, the Media Streamer is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and weighs just over 3 ounces. With the Media Streamer, you can wirelessly stream content from a USB drive or SD card to an Apple or Android tablet or smartphone for up to eight hours, without using an Internet connection or going over your data limit. Simply load movies, music, photos and more onto a USB drive or SD card while at home, then insert into the Media Streamer and instantly stream to your smartphone or tablet on the go. At the same time, the Media Streamer provides up to four hours of mobile device battery backup! Traveling with family? Up to six people can connect via WiFi to the Media Streamer at the same time and stream six different movies, photos or music through the free mobile app. Need to reply to work emails while traveling? The Media Streamer's Internet Bridge allows you to connect to the Internet while simultaneously streaming from the device. The Media Streamer is available in Walmart stores nationwide in the Digital Storage section.

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

Cobra AirWave Mini

Cobra AirWave Mini

Description: Cobra has utilized Bluetooth® wireless technology to enhance lifestyle products with the Cobra AirWave™ Series. The water resistant models, Cobra AirWave™ Box and Cobra AirWave™ Mini are designed to be a hands-free portable speaker and speakerphone. The Cobra AirWave Mini features a weather proof exterior(JIS4). The Cobra AirWave Mini has up to nine hours of music playback and up to 120 hours of standby time. The Cobra AirWave Mini is available in February for a retail price of $39.99.

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

Black Talk Dock Charging Station And Handset

Black Talk Dock Charging Station and Handset

Description: There's nothing retro about this talk dock - except it's adorable design! Plug in your cell phone to call up a friend or simply charge it. Connect your phone's charging cable and stay fully charged while you chat, check email, etc. The cool vintage style is inspired by old rotary dial phones, but works with many of the latest smart phones. Option of attaching the audio jack on the stand to the cellphone and use as a cradle or detaching the handset from the cradle and plugging directly into your phone's headphone jack to use the handset without the stand. Handset has one-touch answer and end call button. Handset stays cool during use. Compatible with iPhone 4/4S/5, Blackberry and mobile phones equipped with 3.5mm jack, including Samsung Galaxy, HTC Evo and Nokia. Can be used as charging stand or handset. No power needed.

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

A Book Titled: Visions Of Light

Visions of Light Book, displayed here with international contest and award winning images as seen published in magazines or on a published record cover jacket.

Description: Google ISBN 1632323435 to find all on-line booksellers to order Visions of Light by Raymond J. Klein, a book for the photographers in the family! They will want to know how and why these contest and award winning images were produced. This luxuriously unique and unusually creative new book was released in early 2014. The author challenged 4 writers, with poetic capabilities, to create short stories for 37 images to inspire readers. The dynamic images propelled the author into the world of advertising photography as a lifetime career. It is a refreshing new look with fully explained step-by-step insights —for anyone with a camera and computer—into the photographic and creative process. This tastefully entertaining, but educational piece, makes a great addition to any coffee table. Especially suited for all ages For quickest delivery please go to and click on the BOOK menu button, then click on the Buy Now button to purchase this book. $4.50 will be added for shipping and handling. The shipper will be notified immediately and the book will be shipped USPS within 1 day. Endorsements: “Back in 1966, Raymond J. Klein produced a stunning, award-winning image of saxophones for the cover of my LP album Lou Donaldson At His Best. Thanks, Ray for your contribution.” —Lou Donaldson, saxophonist. (Lou Donaldson is a famous American saxophonist, visit his web site at:

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

Case Logic Action-Cam Case

Case Logic Action Camera Case

Description: With the HERO4 GoPro camera in high demand, Case Logic unveiled its Action-Cam case, the newest storage solution in the Kontrast line—which will be showcased at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January. Available for purchase online, the Action-Cam Case complements any action camera adventure. The Action-Cam Case will protect the camera while keeping it effortlessly in reach—life, simplified. Its innovative storage helps to keep the smallest to the largest pieces safe and accessible. Some of its many features include: • Compatibility with up to two action cameras plus accessories • Water-resistant DuraBase offers protection and stability from the ground up • Adjustable, padded divider wall separates accessories to keep them protected • Removable zippered pouch keeps small pieces safe and accessible • Dual zippers on main compartment designed to fit a luggage lock for extra security • High visibility lining provides contrast to quickly spot accessories • Convenient carrying handle

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

LINKASE PRO - 3G/ LTE + WIFI Signal Boosting Case

Full extended

Description: LINKASE PRO - The 3G/LTE + WiFi Signal Enhancing Case We've All Been Waiting For! Gives you the extra signal bar when you needed, and reserve your battery power. All this technology is concealed in a smart case where every detail has been carefully considered! With patented technology EMW, steers the radiation energy emitted by the phone away from the head and into open space, improving signal significantly. Performance had been tested by both CTIA certified lab and also worldwide gadget experts. The lab result showed an extra 4-6dB of gain is being received by the EMW. Works perfectly with all 3G carriers, and T-mobile LTE. As reviewed by iMum "it will typically increase signal strength by 1 bar, which can be enough to make a rea difference in performance".

Price: $39.95 to $44.95 Visit the Website

LINKBOOK - WIFI Enhancing Folio For IPad Mini


Description: Designed for those on the go, working, watching a video or FaceTiming: LINKBOOK for iPad mini is a multi-function folio case that enhances WIFI signal, protects the device and offers you different viewing/typing positions with a stylish finish. Ready to go: the EMW element is already installed in its active position. Textile touch for a sophisticated look and feel: wrapped in heavy-duty woven fabric and lined with microfiber, LINKBOOK is durable on the outside and soft on the inside. Take your iPad mini anywhere with style.

Price: $39.95 to $49.95 Visit the Website

JimmyCASE- Unique Cell Phone Cases

jimmyCASE- the only cell phone case that you need!

Description: The perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list is from jimmyCASE, who make a line of stylish cell phone case/wallet combinations with a California flair. The jimmyCASE features a durable, stretchy elastic pocket for holding IDs, credit and debit cards. The stretchy wallets have room for up to six cards, as well as cash, and can stretch to carry bulky items like car keys or lipstick. It’s all wrapped with an integrated phone case, using premium materials and crafted by hand in Los Angeles. With a genuine military-spec mahogany core, custom woven elastic bands, and a protective silicone bumper, the jimmyCASE offers a way to simplify life and leave the wallet at home. These unique cell phone cases make awesome holiday gifts! They are available at

Price: $39.00 to $49.00 Visit the Website

Datawind UbiSlate Tablets

Datawind UbiSlate

Description: Starting at $37.99 Datawind's UbiSlate Tablets and Phablets are the world's cheapeast tablets. These Android-powered devices are comparable to the first generation iPad, and have all the characteristics tablet users have come to love. The UbiSlates have Wi-Fi connectivity, a front facing camera, 4GB of memory and a 7 inch screen. Datawind's main motivation behind the tablets are the millions of people worldwide who are currently not connected. They were designed to bridge the "digital divide" and to bring access to the Internet to all.

Price: $37.99 to $149.99 Visit the Website

Moxivo: Multirrom Audio Via Phone Landline

Moxivo adapter cables let you use your phone lines as a multiroom audio system.

Description: No multiroom audio system delivers value like Moxivo. Use the six adapter cables to turn your unused phone landlines into a built-in multiroom audio system. Connect and play music from your smartphone, tablet, computer, or MP3 player to up to five stereos or portable speakers throughout your home. Fill your home with music from any audio source on any speakers over any distance. Moxivo gives you multiroom music and leaves all the other choices up to you.

Price: $35.00 Visit the Website

Lepow Moonstone - Charge Your Smartphone Or Tablet On The Go!

Lepow Moonstone in 5 fun colors!

Description: The Lepow Moonstone is a 6000mAh mobile power bank that fits in your pocket and charges smartphones and tablets (or other portable electronic devices) on the go. A perfect gift for everyone with a mobile device, the Moonstone can charge two devices at once using its dual USB charging ports (1.2A and 2.1A) with different charging speeds. Designed with rounded edges and lacquered paint, the Moonstone has a sleek finish and is fashionable without losing its individuality. It is light and portable at only 3.2″ square and weighs 8 ounces. The Moonstone is available in glossy black, pearl white, rose red, sunflower yellow and apple green on

Price: $34.99 to $59.99 Visit the Website

Rectangle By Rokit Boost - Hybrid Bluetooth Speaker

Rectangle Bluetooth speaker by Rokit Boost

Description: Perfect little thing • Rectangle is a Bluetooth speaker with a build in microphone for conference calls. • Rectangle design, fits perfectly on your desk, nightstand or anywhere else basically. • Equipped with a Bluetooth V3.0, class II chipset. • Support 3.5mm line-in for non Bluetooth devices. (Like an iPod shuffle) • product dimension: 145 x 66 x 33mm, weight: 215g Easy pairing, connection and control Auxiliary input lets you play other audio sources, like an MP3 or portable DVD/CD player, no Bluetooth needed. Rectangle has its own power and volume controls on top, as well as skip buttons, it controls everything else; playlists, streaming music stations, etc. No remote control needed.

Price: $34.99 to $49.99 Visit the Website

Air Bluetooth Speaker With Built-in Microphone By Rokit Boost

Air Bluetooth speaker by Rokit Boost

Description: Lightweight Bluetooth Mini Wireless Speaker for iPod, iPhone and iPad, nd our Best Seller. Specifications - Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices. - Great aluminum enclosure design - Hand rope for easy portability - Charging cord could be used with your existing iPhone wall charger. - Built In Microphone Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note, Kindle,Galaxy Note, Amazon Kindle Fire HD, HTC Droid and One S, Nexus 7, Nexus 4, and all tablets, Smart Phone and PC Bluetooth Speaker CSR V2.1 Chipset Bluetooth Speaker Charging Time :3 to 4 hours

Price: $34.99 to $39.99 Visit the Website

DockBoss Air By CableJive

dockBoss Air

Description: The dockBoss air wireless adapter model uses Bluetooth to wirelessly play higher-quality sound through iPhone and iPod speakers without messy cords. Like the other CableJive offerings, it allows backward compatibility between new phone models and previous model docking accessories. The CableJive collection of adapters and cables allows convenient compatibility between new iPhone and Android models and older docking accessories. They also allow easy wireless use and charging without taking off protective cases.

Price: $34.95 Visit the Website

The Coolest Mobile IDevice Charger - Cheero DANBOARD For Travelers, Students, Anyone On The Go!

cheero DANBOARD Mobile iDevice Charger

Description: Don't ever get caught again with a dead smartphone, tablet or other digital device. cheero USA, maker of highly lauded accessories for digital devices, introduces the cheero Power Plus 10400mAh DANBOARD version and Power Plus DANBOARD version -mini- 6000mAh, powerful mobile charging devices with looks based on the popular Japanese DANBOARD anime character. The high quality, officially licensed cheero Power Plus DANBOARD products are now available through Amazon and other select online sites. With their charming design, advanced features and low price, the device chargers will be one of the “must have” tech products for 2014 and a gift-giving favorite for business, travelers and students of all ages.

Price: $30.00 to $50.00 Visit the Website

HipShotDot By AirDrop Gaming


Description: HipShotDot, is an exclusive powered red dot sight attachment for first person shooter games, which works with every popular gaming console. It's USB-powered LED aiming is a device that attaches temporarily to a gamer’s screen. In first-person shooter video games, where the environment rotates around a static aim point, the HipShotDot enhances the user’s vision of their crosshairs, making aiming faster. In first-person shooter games, every split-second counts, whether it’s to beat a difficult level in a campaign or earn extra points in multi-player matches. The HipShotDot is now available online at and through several national retailers with an MSRP of $29.99. Learn more about HipShotDot on Facebook: and Twitter:

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

PanaVise PortaGrip Phone Mount

PortaGrip 15504

Description: The PortaGrip Universal Phone Holder with 811 Suction Cup Mount securely holds your mobile phone while you drive. Designed for today’s smartphones with large touchscreens, thin bezels and various button and charging port configurations, the new PanaVise PortaGrip is the latest product in the 20+ years history of PanaVise phone holders under the PortaGrip name. Paired with PanaVise’s industry leading suction cup technology, the new PortaGrip provides a secure in-vehicle mounting solution for your phone. It attaches firmly to the vehicle windshield and says mounted in hot or cold.

Price: $29.99 to $30.00 Visit the Website

EYN Case

EYN Case

Description: EYN cases can fit on most smartphones including the iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Android phone. The Eyn cases (which stands for “everything you need”) are 5” x 2 3/8 x 3/4, and services as an all-in-one storage piece for cash, credit cards, keys, and of course, your smart phone. EYN has a built-in storage compartment that also serves as protection for your smart phone as well. Also included is a mirror inside, which doubles as a stand to rest your case while watching videos or playing applications with ease. Cases are available in many colors, and each includes a strap to go around your wrist while going out to functions or just going to the gym. Eyn cases can also be customized with images and initials. Eyn retails for $29.99 and can be purchased at

Price: $29.99 to $34.99 Visit the Website

Wallet TrackR By PhoneHalo Always Forgetting Something? Halo Can Help!

Introducing TrackR, locate anything in seconds using your iPhone or Android.

Description: That moment filled with panic when you can't find your keys, cellphone, or wallet! Wallet TrackR from Phone Halo can help. Wallet TrackR provides tracking software and devices so you’ll never waste time searching for lost items again. Phone Halo started as a project at the University of California, Santa Barbara's Technology Management Program (TMP) and engineering school in 2008. The idea came to the founders when a friend had lost his phone repeatedly and the founders had a constant problem of losing everything from keys to backpacks to forgetting where they parked their cars in the crowded streets of Isla Vista. They launched the first generation TrackR at the prestigious DEMO 2010 conference and received the elite DEMOgod award. Since then, the product has evolved into Wallet TrackR, an ultra thin device that can slip inside your wallet or be attached to any commonly misplaced item. The device wirelessly connects to the user’s iPhone or Android via the TrackR app, which monitors the location of the wallet or the user’s items. The device can withstand being sat on continuously, with a battery life of up to two years. Phone Halo has released multiple products to market that help people keep track of their valuables, also helping people locate thousands of items. The next big tech accessory has arrived!

Price: $29.95 to $39.95 Visit the Website

The Audiofly AF33 Is Built For Music

Audiofly AF33 - Selvage Blue

Description: The Audiofly AF33 Series

 is made with high quality materials and precision manufacturing, the AF33 will play its heart out every time and astonish you with its sound quality. It's an excellent multi-use in-ear headphone and offers best in class audio for value-conscious consumers that want a superior sound experience. For casual music listening or multi-voice/talk/music use, these models deliver amazing sound at affordable prices. Two models are available with or without a microphone that's compatible with all popular smartphones.

Price: $29.95 to $39.95 Visit the Website

The Smart GasWatch Scale Is A Low-cost Product Solving A High-stress Problem - Running Out Of BBQ Propane. The GasWatch Scale Is A Weight-based Device That Provides Real-time Alerting Of Low Tank Levels To Ensure You Never Run Out Of Fuel.

The Smart GasWatch Scale is a simple, non-evasive, weight-based device that measures the BBQ propane tank weight to monitor the remaining fuel

Description: The new Smart GasWatch Scale makes sure that backyard entertaining never runs short of propane, a true “peace of mind” innovation that will keep the BBQ grill fired up in the summer and outdoor patio heater warming in the winter. • Hate running out of propane during a cookout? The Smart GasWatch Scale provides real-time alerting of how much cooking time is left by displaying the remaining cook time in hr/minutes remaining. • The GasWatch Scale features a real-time calculation of remaining cooking time, and convenient audible alerts at the 20%, 15% and 10% remaining fuel levels. • The Smart GasWatch Scale is available now on and for $29.95, which is equivalent to about the cost of one BBQ propane tank refill at the store. • Designed to withstand the weather year-round, the Smart GasWatch Scale also works with other outdoor patio heaters fueled by propane.

Price: $29.95 Visit the Website

GasWatch Digital Propane Tank Indicator

GasWatch Digital Propane Level Indicator

Description: Never worry about running out of gas with our new Smart Gaswatch™ Digital Tank Scale. There is no connection to the propane tank so there is no worry of any type of leakage with this product. The tank just sits on the scale. If your grill has a cabinet it fits neatly inside with the digital display placed outside for ease of reading. How it works: The tank weight is selected on the display when the tank is placed on the scale. The display will list the percentage of gas available and the cook time remaining due to the current weight and the selected tank weight. The display also includes a low level alarm that sounds when the remaining tank weight is at 20%, 15%, and 10%. The digital display is removable from the base of the scale so when grill is not in use you can bring the display inside. Accurate, Safe & User friendly Accurate – no green/yellow or red: Shows % and cooking time left Safe – no connection – no chance of leaks Low level alarm at 20%, 15% and 10% Simple to use – just place tank on the scale

Price: $29.95 Visit the Website

The Holy Grail Screen Protectors From Sir Lancelot's Armor Are Bubbleproof And Made Of Bulletproof Glass

The Holy Grail screen protectors from Sir Lancelot's Armor are made from bulletproof glass

Description: The Holy Grail is the first line of reusable screen protectors made of tempered bulletproof glass. They rank #9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, only a diamond ranks higher. This proprietary glass blend is optimized for strength, clarity and usability. The Holy Grail line is the only screen protector on the market that is 100% bubble-proof, remarkably easy to apply, and reusable. They are currently available for Apple (iPhones, iPads and Minis), plus LG and Samsung smartphones. The Sir Lancelot’s Armor Holy Grail series offers uncompromising screen protection from everyday scratch threats and protects from substantial impact and scratch related screen attacks such as drops and keys. This video shows examples of extreme screen attacks including knives, razors, a drill and a hammer: The ultra-thin screen protector can be used as an alternative to a mobile phone case or with phone/tablet cases and covers.

Price: $27.99 to $54.99 Visit the Website

DockXtender By CableJive


Description: The dockXtender is perfect for the car as it connects the older iPhone chargers to the new lightning adapter for an easily-concealed car audio connection. DockXtender not only charges the device, but passes all audio, video and data as well. The CableJive collection of adapters and cables allows convenient compatibility between new iPhone and Android models and older docking accessories. They also allow easy wireless use and charging without taking off protective cases.

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Tweedz Braided Headphones - Tangle Free Retro Earbuds

Green Tweedz Braided Headphones - Tangle Free Earbuds

Description: Tweedz are inspired by retro vintage guitar cables to create unique braided headphones that deliver superb sound quality while standing out from the crowd. The high quality nylon braiding reduces wire tangles, increases durability, and is long enough that you can comfortably keep your iPod in your pocket. Features Include: 1. Eye catching color braided wire inspired by vintage tweed guitar cables (Red, Yellow, and Black) 2. 100% nylon braid which reduces wire tangles and increase durability 3. Long wire length (130cm) so you can keep your iPod in your pocket 4. Frequency Response of 20-20kHz providing clear highs and deep bass 5. 3 sizes of replaceable silicon ear buds to provide a noise isolating fit for any ear size

Price: $25.00 to $35.00 Visit the Website

ChargeKey & ChargeCard


Description: ChargeCard & ChargeKey are the world’s smallest, most portable USB charging cables. ChargeCard is shaped like a credit card and is designed to fit into the slimmest wallets. ChargeKey is shaped like a house key and is designed to fit right onto your keychain. They work just like your normal cable for charging and syncing your phone - plug one end into a USB port and the other end into your mobile device.

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Find'Em Tracking Bluetooth Tracking Device

Find'Em Tracking Keeps Track Of Your Valuables

Description: Find’em Tracking is the most advanced and thinnest Bluetooth tracking device on the market. Specifically designed for use in wallets, bags, purses and luggage and at only 2.4 mm thick (the thickness of two credit cards), this product helps users easily keep tabs on their identity. Used with the free Find’em Tracking mobile app, this innovative tracking device uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to alert the user when they are about to leave valuable belongings behind. The mobile app is integrated with Google Maps to help users locate the last place their phone and wallet were together to give users the exact location of where they last had their card and valuables. To find out more about Find’em Tracking and to order the device, visit: The app will be available in the Mac App Store and Google Play store and works on the latest iOS and Android device

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Recharge, Refresh, And Revive Your Gadgets With The Juicebox

Juicebox by OrigAudio

Description: The Juicebox is OrigAudio’s first portable charger. With super fun packaging to resemble an actual juice box, this external battery pack is the perfect gift for those who are always traveling or on the go. The Juicebox has a 3600 mAh lithium ion battery and charges an iPhone 5 about 2.5 times from one single charge of the device. It also comes with a Squid adaptor with Micro-USB, iPhone 4 and 5 attachments, allowing anyone to charge any gadget that they have! The Juicebox costs $24.99 on, and is available in black or white.

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Hook Me Ups- Fashion Charger For Smart Phones & Tech Devices

Portable Chargers For Smart Phones And Tech Devices

Description: Tired of your phone and tech accessories shutting down just at that crucial moment? Finally! A fun, fashionable, and affordable way to keep your tech devices charged throughout your day. Attention fashionistas: HookMeUps battery banks are our new luxe addiction! We are taking these battery banks everywhere we go! They will become a staple in your life. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without your HookMeUps battery bank! Why limit yourself to losing battery charge? Embrace the unexpected and celebrate the adventures in your day. Hook Me Ups Power Banks can be used to charge most smartphones as well as your other digital devices such as tablets, Mp3 and Mp4 players, digital cameras, game players, and even E-Cigarettes…anytime,anywhere! Hook Me Ups have a built-in, high capacity battery, a wide scope of compatibility and a long battery life, all is a small, sleek design! They are perfect for Style On The Go!

Price: $24.99 to $188.00 Visit the Website

StickR TrackR Helps Keep You More Organized

Introducing StickR TrackR, a solution for keeping track of your valuables

Description: StickR TrackR, an app and a small coin-sized device, easily attaches to your keys or can stick to remotes or other commonly misplaced items, and the corresponding TrackR app keeps track of where the item is so you can easily locate it. When you're ready to leave the house and can't find your keys, the app will guide you to the item's location and with the touch of your finger, you can ring your keys - no longer bugging your significant other to help you find your keys as you rush out the door in the morning. One of TrackR's newest and most revolutionary features is Crowd Source Tracking. If you lose your keys, the attached StickR TrackR will begin emitting a unique ID to alert the entire TrackR community to help the lost keys find its owner. If another TrackR user is within range of the lost keys, their app will automatically and anonymously detect the ID, update our server, which will then send you the updated GPS coordinates. Happy TrackRing!

Price: $24.95 Visit the Website

Charge With Freedom With LifeLink By PlusUs

Forget Any Limitations

Description: LifeLink is an all new ultra-portable class of USB cable that’s always there for you on the go, that keeps your devices charged without the hassle and the mess.The clever LifeLink cable is easy to carry in your wallet, your purse, or even your keys. It is only two credit cards thin, giving you the ultimate convenience for portability. LifeLink's design overcomes the frustrations of other compact cables that are rigid and impractical. LifeLink extends to 7" when opened and can rotate, twist and flex with ease while you charge & sync, so you can stay more productive on the go.

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ChargerLeash, The First Alarmed USB Charging/sync Cable

ChargerLeash smart USB cable

Description: The ChargerLeash Charge and Sync Smart Lightning Cable with Loss Prevention Technology for Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini. Our patented Loss Prevention Technology is a fully functional, high-performance charge and sync Apple lightning cable with built-in intelligence that pairs or "leashes" your iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini with any USB charger. If your device is disconnected from the cable (charging source) the ChargerLeash will alert you within seconds using an audible alarm. No more chargers left behind in hotel rooms, meeting rooms, airports or even at home as you rush out the door for that important trip. The ChargerLeash also works as an anti-theft device to keep your iPhone secure from would be thieves that might walk away with your Apple smartphone or tablet while charging in public places. ChargerLeash comes in four 3 ft length models: 1. Made for Apple USB cable to 30-pin connector, iPhone 4 and older /iPods (P/N CL30PIN-03) 2. Made for Apple USB cable to 9-pin Lightning connector, iPhone 5 and newer (P/N CL9PIN-03) 3. Made for Android, Google, Blackberry and Windows devices USB cable to Micro connector (P/N CLMICRO-03). 4. Made for older generation devices USB cable Multi-tip connectors (P/N CLMULTI-03)

Price: $22.99 to $34.99 Visit the Website

WOODCHUCK Natural Wood Cases And Covers

WOODCHUCK Case for iPhone

Description: Woodchuck creates signature, real wood accessory cases and covers using 100 percent natural, sustainable materials for mobile phones, laptops and tablets, as well as headphones and accessories. Woodchuck offers an ever-expanding portfolio of beautiful cases featuring one-of-a-kind designs and exotic woods, such as ebony, walnut, teak, mahogany and birch. Cases are custom-fitted for today’s popular entertainment devices for iPhones, iPads, Android, etc. All Woodchuck products are completely designed, manufactured, printed and assembled in the USA. All cases are available for customization, highlighting your favorite artwork, sports team, text, photos, patterns or even company logo.

Price: $19.99 to $79.99 Visit the Website

Give The Gift Of No Cable Bill. PlayOn And PlayLater Help You Cut Cable And Save!

PlayOn lets you stream your favorite online TV shows and movies right to your TV!

Description: With cable bills averaging $86 per month, "cutting the cable cord" has become a popular trend among households. PlayOn a software that helps you get rid of cable by allowing you to magically stream your favorite movies and shows from sites like Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, etc. directly to your TV. All you need is your PC with the PlayOn software, a streaming device (like an Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, PlayStation 3, Roku) and your TV to set up. There are no complicated, messy wires; everything is connected wirelessly. PlayOn’s sister software, PlayLater, allows you to record your favorite shows and watch on your mobile device, tablet or laptop when you're on the go. All you need is your PC with PlayLater and then you can start legally recording your favorite shows and keep them forever – even after they expire online! To watch them on your mobile device, tablet or laptop, just download the PlayLater app and you can open your queue of movies and TV shows to watch – no Internet needed. Give the gift that gives back all year long.

Price: $19.99 to $129.99 Visit the Website

Password Management Software

Sticky Password secures your personal data.

Description: Sticky Password is a password management software that simplifies a user’s online life by allowing them to manage their online accounts. It creates and organizes passwords to create a stress-free and convenient access to online accounts without compromising security. Sticky Password provides automatic login, one-click form filling, storage for personal data, and basic collaboration functionality for small groups. It brings “set and forget” password management technology to the world. Sticky Password is available at and at major retailers including Target, Fry’s, MicroCenter and Amazon. Created by a seasoned team of data security professionals, Sticky Password has your safety in mind and is the perfect solution for dads who juggle a number of online accounts. Ideal for personal and professional transactions and accounts, Sticky Password creates a defense to protect you from the next Heartbleed or cybersecurity breach.

Price: $19.99 Visit the Website

Save Your Eyes: Konnet Care Vision Protective Shield For Smartphones & Tablets Filters Out 99.99% Of UV Light With Highest Transparency

Konnet Care Vision Protective Shield Protects Eyes from Harmful UV Light

Description: KONNET CARE VISION PROTECTIVE SHIELD FOR SMARTPHONES & TABLETS FILTERS OUT 99.99% OF UV LIGHT WITH HIGHEST TRANSPARENCY PROTECTS EYES FROM HARMFUL UV LIGHT THAT CAN CAUSE CATARACTS, MYOPIA, CHLOASMA, MACULAR DEGENERATION & HEADACHES Exclusively Distributed by Interworks Patent-Pending UV Blue Light Deflection Technology Highest Transparency with Scratch, Drop & Glare Protection for iPhones, iPads & Other LED Displays Press Release: - photo links below July 14, 2014, Los Angeles, CA – Interworks Unlimited, creator and distributor of cutting-edge gaming and consumer electronics products, announced today the Konnet Care Vision Protective Shield that protects your eyes from 99.99% of ultraviolet (UV) light with new advanced Patent-Pending UV Blue Light Deflection Technology with fiber coating that deflects UV blue light so it does not penetrate your eyes as you stare into devices, shielding your eyes from harmful UVt MAX that can cause cataracts, Myopia (near-sightedness), Macular Degeneration, headaches, Chloasma (skin pigmentation), wrinkles, dry red eyes and more. Exclusively distributed by Interworks Unlimited, Inc., the Konnet Care Vision Protective Shield features the highest transparency available on the market so there isn’t a visible film on your device. The Konnet Care Vision Protective Shield also delivers standard scratch, drop, and glare protection for devices, including iPhone 5, iPad, Galaxy, and others smartphones and tablets. Priced at $19.99-$29.99 for tablets over 10-inches, the Konnet Care Vision Protection Shield is available immediately from Amazon and at: and

Price: $19.99 to $29.99 Visit the Website

Professor Kobre’s Lightscoop: Instantly And Dramatically Improves Indoor Photos

Lightscoop Deluxe

Description: Indoor photography is always tricky. The direct light coming from your camera's pop-up flash often results in harsh shadows, bleached faces, red-eye or the dreaded cave effect. Slip Professor Kobre’s Lightscoop onto your camera's hot shoe, though, and you'll instantly and dramatically improve your indoor shots. The Lightscoop bounces and redirects your camera’s flash to a ceiling or wall like professionals do with their expensive external strobes. The bounce creates a larger source of light, and it brings in softer, more diffused light from a more natural direction than from the camera, itself. The result: Your indoor photos will look just as nice as your outdoor photos. Even professionals like it for casual shooting. The Lightscoop Deluxe ($36.95) works with most dSLR cameras and the Lightscoop Jr. ($18.95) works with most advanced compact cameras. Both are available on They're the perfect addition to any photographer's camera bag!

Price: $18.95 to $36.95 Visit the Website

DockStubz By CableJive


Description: The dockStubz for lightning devices are designed to establish a snug connection to audio/charge docks while the case protects the device so users can listen to music without worrying about dropping and cracking their phone. The CableJive collection of adapters and cables allows convenient compatibility between new iPhone and Android models and older docking accessories. They also allow easy wireless use and charging without taking off protective cases.

Price: $18.95 Visit the Website

Innovative Technology's Justin Round Power Stick

Innovative Technology's Justin Round Power Sticks in assorted colors

Description: Do you dread the moment your smartphone flashes the warning "10% battery life?" Now you can recharge your smartphone from completely drained to fully charged on-the-go with the small and lightweight design of Innovative Technology's Justin Round Power Stick. Just slip the power stick into your pocket, purse or backpack and rest assured you can charge up anytime, anywhere! With a 2,200mAh built-in rechargeable battery and universal USB port, the power stick is available in a black, silver, blue, purple or red aluminum finish. Sells at select retailers nationwide (Target, Belk, Bonton, Kohl's and more).

Price: $12.99 to $30.00 Visit the Website

The Cell Spacer

Green Swan, Inc. introduced The Cell Spacer™, a device that puts distance between a mobile phone user’s head and headset.

Description: With The Cell Spacer, users of all ages have the ability to ensure safer cell phone usage without the need for equipment that requires batteries, charging or tangled wires and offers the following benefits: • Promotes safer use of cell phone in accordance with established regulations • Eliminates the need for wired or battery powered headsets, while providing users with similar protection against proximity exposure to cellular radiation • Provides high quality reception sound. The Cell Spacer is available in five colors (green, yellow, white, blue and black) and can be purchased through Amazon for $11.95.

Price: $11.95 Visit the Website

Innovative Technology Justin Line

5,200 mAh Power Bank with Built-in-Connectors from Innovative Technology's Justin Line

Description: The Justin line is starting to hit shelves in over 4,000 stores like Bon Ton, Burlington Coat Factory, Kohl's, Ross, ShopKo, and AAFES. Target and Belk will start carrying the line later in the year (August). The new line of portable power products for smartphones & tablets provide high power capacity, incredibly styled, feature rich smartphone & tablet power solutions at up to 60% less than their competition. Available products: · Round Power Stick (2,200 mAh) in multiple colors including black, silver, blue, purple and red- MSRP $19.99 · Power Stick Travel Pack-Up (2,200 mAh)- MSRP $29.99 · Power Bank with Built-In Stand (6,000 mAh)- MSRP $29.99 · Power Bank (10,000 mAh)- MSRP $49.99 · Rechargeable iPhone Case (3,000 mAh) - MSRP $69.99 · Power Bank with LCD Display (5,200 mAh) -MSRP $29.99 · Power Bank with 12v Adapter (2,000 mAh)- MSRP $29.99 · Power Bank with Built-in-Connectors (5,200 mAh) -MSRP $69.99 · 3-in-1 Car Adaptor- MSRP $9.99 · 2 Port Auto Power Adaptor- MSRP $9.99

Price: $9.99 to $69.99 Visit the Website

A Phone Accessory Unlike Any Other

HandAble is comfortable and stylish

Description: So many people use cellphones and tablets for just about everything. Many will experience the horror of dropping they're very expensive devices. We have come up with a solution called the HandAble Phone Holder. Our phone accessory, HandAble Phone Holder, is uniquely designed for comfort, and to prevent your phone from falling out of your hand. HandAble provides a revolutionary way to hold your devices comfortably, without having to grip it. HandAble fits all hand sizes, children and adults, and is available at our website for only $9.95.

Price: $9.95 Visit the Website

Watch Live Sports, Reality & Awards Show - With No Commercials

MyTVChoice covers live national sports - no commercials

Description: Now you can watch live sports, reality and awards shows with no commercials through MyTVChoice, which puts you in control of live TV. While many options are available to skip commercials on recorded TV shows, MyTVChoice is the first technology that allows you to skip commercials on games and select shows you want to watch live. Commercials are automatically replaced with the channel of your choice during live sports, select reality shows and award shows. Simply plug the MyTVChoice Gateway into a wall socket, download the link to your WIFI enabled computer, and download the app to your iPhone (any model), Android, iPad or Android tablet. Then set a primary and secondary (preferred) channel with the corresponding MyTVChoice mobile application. As soon as a commercial starts, your TV will automatically flip to your chosen channel [another game, music]. When commercials are over, your TV will automatically return to your game or show. Available for national broadcasts of all NFL and NCAA football, 2014 Winter Olympics and World Cup Soccer, soon to expand to other TV markets for regional coverage. The Gateway is free, and the subscription is $9.95 per month for 12 months, $4.95 thereafter for loyalty subscribers.

Price: $9.95 to $9.96 Visit the Website

Office 365

Everyone can use Office 2014

Description: With the brand new Office 365 you receive the latest and most complete set of Office applications; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access and Publisher Office. Office 14 is definitely worth buying and for yourself or someone else. In additional to the more user friendly and productive office, you will receive; 1 TB of extra OneDrive cloud storage, 60 free Skype world calling minutes per month to call mobile phones, landlines or PCs around the world, plus future upgrades, so you always use the latest time-saving technology. One of most helpful part of the upgraded Office 365 Home are new resources. Please check review of Office for more information Splash review. There is more Office for everyone. Beginning today, customers on iPhone, iPad and Android can create and edit Office content without a subscription. Amazingly now customers can use office on nearly every mobile device and platform and can do more with Office.

Price: $6.99 to $399.99 Visit the Website

PETRA'S PLANET Is A Fun Virtual World For Kids To Learn & Explore - And 1,000,000 Registrants Agree!

Petra's Planet fun virtual world for children.

Description: Petra’s Planet is a free to play browser-based virtual world that allows children to play games, chat and explore world cultures in a safe online environment. From Drama Forum Media, this advertising free, fun virtual world for children ages 7-11 is celebrating an incredible milestone - reaching 1,000,000 user registrations! Wow! Petra's Planet includes a safe chat system, a stringent privacy policy and live moderators who guard against any misconduct, providing a safe environment for children and peace of mind for parents. Children do not need to be paying members to visit Petra’s Planet to explore or play games. However, with membership kids get access to special pet toys and exclusive clothing items along with a monthly virtual allowance. This is also a great holiday gift idea. Membership’s can be purchased in one-month ($4.95,) six-month ($3.58 per month,) or 12-month ($2,75 per month) increments. Building on the success of Petra’s Planet, Dramaforum also created Petra’s Planet for Schools, an education specific virtual world enabling schools to teach 21st Century Learning Principles, e-safety and digital literacy skills to students. Used by teachers across the globe, Petra’s Planet for Schools is helping to turn children into digitally responsible young citizens.

Price: $2.75 to $4.95 Visit the Website

Share Anytime Collaborative Whiteboard App For All Mobile OS

Share Anytime Interactive Whiteboard App

Description: Share Anytime is a new app that expands the possibilities of "meeting online". This interactive whiteboard is a blank slate that dozens of participants can use to visually collaborate together in real time. Instead of just showing static content during the meeting, Share Anytime makes it possible to visually interact with the documents, adding new pages, graphics and even handwriting. You can import PDF or MS Office documents, or start from scratch using the Share Anytime comprehensive tool suite. Real-time visual communication encourages everyone to participate and dynamically “Think Together”! Share Anytime is a perfect complement to popular meeting tools like Skype, Go to Meeting, WebEx and others. Download now for free from Apple, Android or Windows app stores.

Price: $1.99 to $12.99 Visit the Website

Remo MORE - A Complete Connected Home Solution

Remo MORE - A Perfect Gift For Your Family

Description: Remo MORE – “An Cloud Enabled All Device Management Solution (MDM) for Home Users.” This innovative first-of-its-kind technology is compatible with all popular platforms (Mac, iOS, Windows, Android) and is cloud-enabled, giving complete control of your Connected Home. Provides management; optimization and monitoring of smart devices in a household. Take control of your connected home with Remo MORE: • Housekeeping – Maintain, clean and boost all your family devices from a single dashboard. • Secure – Locate, lock and wipe data remotely, in case one of you lose a device. • Protect – Control, block and limit your child's access to offensive content, and prevent over-usage of the internet & apps. • Monitor – Get alerts on breaches and usage statistics from every device your children use • Share – Backup, remove duplicates and share data to regain several GB of storage space with a shared family backup environment. • Connect – Locate, message and send reminders to your family from a single dashboard. • Search – Look for files across all the devices in a family from a single dashboard. • And much more... Remo MORE helps take better care of you and yours, bringing your family closer, making your lives much better. Do MORE with Remo MORE.

Price: $0.01 Visit the Website

BOOMiGram Video + Photo Maker By UP Studios


Description: Fans in more than 90 countries are adding animated cartoons and adorable stickers to videos and photos with BOOMiGram! Film yourself as everything from a superstar to an astronaut in outer space, or send holiday greetings to amaze your friends and family! UP Studios presents the brand new BOOMiGram, which lets you create amazing videos combining 3D-generated cartoons with your own videos instantly. You can also take photos and decorate them with characters from the new animated series, BOOMi + bibop! BOOMi is a super-cute bear with a big imagination, and his puppy bibop joins him in adventures around the world. Created by international award-winning author and artist Trevor Lai, BOOMi + bibop are the stars of an upcoming CG-animated series and are beloved by kids, celebrities and supermodels from California to Shanghai! *** SPECIAL FEATURES *** -Film 8-second videos, add cute cartoon characters + send them to your friends! -Create awesome animated greetings with special FX for birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day + other holidays! -More than 100FREEamazing animations + stickers to decorate your photos with! -Flip + resize stickers to fit your photos perfectly. -Cute photo frames for every occasion with friends and loved ones: birthdays, Valentine's Day, vacations, eating, hanging out, and many more. -All-new iOS7 interface and easy 1-2-3 use lets you decorate and share videos/photos instantly. -Bonus new characters, including the bestselling Piggy in Love series (!

Price: $0.01 Visit the Website

BOOMiGram Video + Photo Maker On IOS

BOOMiGram Video + Photo Maker Icon

Description: BOOMiGram is the first app to allow users to instantly create and share 8-second videos that seamlessly combine 3D-generated cartoons with their own recordings. Dubbed by fans as “Disney meets Instagram,” the app’s new animation “instant preview” feature allows users to view whimsical, 3D cartoon overlays before filming videos. The update also includes new animations for birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and other holidays to its robust catalogue of animations and stickers. From superstars to astronauts in outer space, film friends and family in fun, interactive and animated environments. BOOMiGram Video + Photo Maker Features: - Enjoy more than 100 free animations and stickers to decorate photos and videos! - Design animated seasonal greetings with special FX for birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and more. - Easy 1-2-3 use lets users decorate and share videos/photos instantly to Facebook, Instagram, WeChat and Weibo. - Bonus new characters, including the bestselling Piggy in Love series (

Price: $0.01 Visit the Website

Qool App For Windows 8

Unleash your mind: qool is about enabling things.

Description: Create your own structure-free and rich canvases and get them real-time synchronized between multiple users in your Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices. Work in team or on your own, create notes, documents, pictures and videos for expressing your ideas, thoughts, projects or processes. qool joins you in the process of pining your ideas, setting priorities, brainstorming your thoughts or achieving your tasks. One-click actions, beautiful design, always synchronized and simplicity are the key design points of qool. Features: Share your notes and content or collaborate on canvases and projects with other people thru your real-time collaborative canvases Create your own structure-free and rich canvas Include notes, videos, audios, files and pictures in your canvas Get all your stuff synchronized across all your Windows 8 devices Order, list, filter and group your stuff Pin your stuff in the Start Screen Share your stuff thru the “share charm” Mark as “done” your accomplished stuff Simple way of organizing all your things Choose the canvas draw that meets your work style Choose you preferred canvas background No logging required Pin your links in your canvas from Internet Explorer thru the “share charm” Create and manage multiple canvases for different purposes or projects

Price: $0.01 Visit the Website

Lavasoft Ad-Aware Antivirus Software

Ad-Aware is the world’s No. 1 free antivirus software!

Description: This holiday season, give your loved ones the gift of online security! Ad-Aware is the strongest free security solution available on the market for consumers. Its versions range from Ad-Aware Free Anti-Virus+ to Ad-Aware Total Security, which costs $48 per year. Features of each edition include: • Ad-Aware Free Anti-Virus+ is free and includes fast antivirus, legendary antispyware, real-time protection, download protection, safe browsing and gaming mode. • Ad-Aware Personal Security costs $24 a year and includes (in addition to all features listed above) online shopping and banking protection, protection against online scams and an external storage scan. • Ad-Aware Pro Security costs $36 a year and includes (in addition to all features listed above) powerful two-way firewall, advanced protection and real-time email protection. • Ad-Aware Total Security costs $48 a year and includes (in addition to all features listed above) parental controls and a digital lock and file shredder. It is specifically meant for computers that handle sensitive files.

Price: $0.01 to $48.00 Visit the Website

The Only Tech That Makes Owning A Car Easier, More Convenient, And Less Expensive

Your all-access pass

Description: The Metronome is the key to tracking your driving stats, monitoring your engine’s health, and accessing smart services to save you time and money out on the road. It’s easy to install, and even better - it’s free! The Metronome fits in the diagnostic port just below the dash on all cars built after 1996. It comes with its own wireless service, so it doesn’t drain your phone’s data plan or battery. With the Metronome in place, the free Metromile app functions as your personal driving dashboard. Use it to track and optimize your gas usage and trips, monitor the health of your car, and locate your car if it's missing. You can even use it to get automated street sweeping alerts (currently available in Chicago & San Francisco).

Price: $0.01 Visit the Website

Emsisoft Anti-Malware Software

Emsisoft Anti-Malware boxshot

Description: Give your loved ones the gift of the ultimate online protection! Your fancy new computer deserves the best protection. Emsisoft Anti-Malware is an award-winning, premium anti-malware program to clean and protect your PC from all internet threats: viruses, spyware, trojans, bots, adware and worms. Includes online banking protection. Emsisoft Anti-Malware uses a triple-layer prevention engine: Surf Protection, Real-time File Guard and Behavior Blocker. Surf Protection blocks access to fraudulent and dangerous websites, while the Real-time File Guard scans for more than 10 million types of malware in real-time. The third layer, the Behavior Blocker with Live Cloud-Verification, scans and monitors all running programs - all the time. It catches zero-day threats that aren’t yet included in the signature database and as soon as a program does something suspicious, it’s stopped and alerted. Many independent tests, including the VB100 and MRG-Effitas confirm the world class level in virus detection every year. Check out the latest tests on Emsisoft Anti-Malware is free to try for 30 days and comes with a money-back guarantee. A one-year license is $39.95, that's $0.11 a day to keep you and your computer safe in the digital world!

Price: $0.01 to $39.95 Visit the Website

Vonage Mobile App

Vonage Mobile for iOS

Description: Vonage Mobile® for iPhone® and Android™ lets users make voice and video calls, send texts, share photos and location worldwide for free with other Vonage Mobile users and make low cost calls to any phone number worldwide (standard data rates apply). It is available globally in iTunes® and Google Play™. Vonage Mobile continues to bring together the most popular features of mobile communications into one simple, holistic and multi-functional app. This latest update to Vonage Mobile gives users the option to seamlessly leave a video message instead of a traditional voicemail when a phone call to another app user goes unanswered, allowing them to stay closely connected when a text, email or traditional voicemail just won’t suffice. Calls to other Vonage Mobile users are made using the latest innovations in VoIP technology to deliver high-definition audio quality. Vonage Mobile works over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G wireless data networks anywhere in the world. Data rates apply over 3G/4G so Wi-Fi is recommended. Users do not need to be a Vonage home phone service customer to enjoy the benefits of Vonage Mobile; it can be used no matter the carrier. Users can send pre-recorded video messages or create and leave a new video message when a video call is unanswered. All video recordings are limited to 60 seconds for iOS and 20MB for Android.

Price: $0.00 Visit the Website

SpeakingPhoto Lets You Picture Holiday Gifts Differently

SpeakingPhoto for iPhone is easy to use. Simply SHOOT, SPEAK and SHARE!

Description: Holidays bring family and friends close together. Why not bring them closer with SpeakingPhoto by easily recording stories over photos to share via text, email and via popular social sites Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Here are some creative and thoughtful "gift" ideas to help you celebrate any holiday! - Add a special Valentine's Day message to a photo and instantly share with family and friends far away. - Treat the grandparents to the sound of their grandchildren's voices recorded over fun family photos taken while on vacation. - Shoot photos of old family photos and solicit stories from grandparents to treasure and share for years to come. Elegantly designed, SpeakingPhoto is really easy to use. Simply SHOOT a photo or SPEAK over a photo from your camera roll. Next, SPEAK over the photo. Re-Record as many times as you want. Then, SAVE and SHARE one or a slideshow of several via email, text messaging, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. SpeakingPhoto is fully iOS7 compatible and now available for free in the App Store. Please download here:

Price: $0.00 Visit the Website

Mobogenie Has What Android Smartphone Users Crave

Mobogenie has over 1,000,000 free apps and games available for one-click download and install.

Description: Give your smartphone the content and protection it deserves! Mobogenie has created the largest user-centric, free Android smartphone manager and media store application in the world, featuring over 440 million installations. Since its 2013 U.S. release, the Mobogenie 2.0 management and store application gives users the freedom to enhance, organize and protect their mobile lives. Combining built-in chat, editor-curated music, video, pop culture, games, and photo media content with high speed, one-click downloading plus easy backup, Mobogenie brings simplicity to certified virus-free, complete phone individualization. Mobogenie 3.0 is for PC mobile device sync and store management. Please visit and join its Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube online communities. Download Mobogenie today!

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