Technology Gifts 2013 Over $60 - Technology Gift Guide Roundup for 2013

All Items are Sorted by Price - Most Expensive to Least Expensive

Sharp AQUOS LC-60LE650U

Whether your dad or grad is an avid gamer, sports fanatic or movie buff, the Sharp LC-60LE650U is sure to bring the on-screen action to life.

Description: The LC-60LE650U is an LED Smart TV that delivers legendary AQUOS picture quality and features built in Wi-Fi, apps, web browsing and a range of smart control and connectivity options through SmartCentral™. Sharp's exclusive split-screen web + TV feature allows Dad to keep up with his fantasy baseball team online, while the game plays simultaneously. There's also Wallpaper mode, which allows you to display a piece of art when the TV is turned off will be sure to keep Mom happy about the purchase, as well!

Price: $1,499.99 Visit the Website

VAIO Duo Ultrabook

VAIO Duo Ultrabooks

Description: In college, flexibility is a requirement—just like in the professional world. PCs like the Sony Vaio are great options for the on-the-go college student, providing a ton of power in a portable package that’s easy for toting around campus and tackling midterms (OneNote), long study sessions at the library (SkyDrive/collaborative editing) and even weekend relaxation/entertainment (Netflix, Next Issue). Easily go from tablet to laptop and back again. Perfect for toting and traveling, VAIO Duo's slender-yet-sturdy carbon fiber body is made with the same ultra-durable, extra lightweight material as race cars, bikes and private jets. It's the easy-to-access, touchscreen convenience of a tablet with the productivity potential of a laptop. Who says you can't have it all?

Price: $1,259.99 Visit the Website

Holiday Gift For The Tech Savy Driver - Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Blink Wall Mount Charger -- The safe, affordable way to charge your EV

Description: The perfect accessory to a new electric vehicle or hybrid plug-in, is a simple, safe at home charger like ECOtality's Blink charging station. The station is sleekly designed and intelligently equipped, adding an advanced technology flare to any garage. The designers of the Blink product line are available to discuss how the stations: ** feature an intuitive touch screen display that shows charging status, statistics and history ** are equipped with programmable start/stop times that synch with the utility (via WiFi) to charge when electric rates are the lowest ** bring an element of technological sophistication to your home (designed by the same guys who brought you the Apple products)

Price: $1,200.00 to $1,500.00 Visit the Website

Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook Convertible

Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook Convertible

Description: Looking for flexibility and sleek design? Dell’s XPS 12 Ultrabook Convertible features an all-new touch interface that is easy to use and gives you a consistent experience across all your Windows devices. Get a running start: All Dell systems with Windows 8 come loaded with a helpful “Getting Started” video that features walk-throughs, FAQs and more, so you can get up and running quickly. Apps like Mail, Skype, Photo, People and Calendar work together to help you manage your life. Download more apps conveniently from the Windows Store. Merge multiple email accounts and social networking sites into tiles that update in real time on your Start screen. You choose what information shows up and how it looks. Keep your files in SkyDrive, and they’ll be automatically synced to the cloud for access from any internet-connected device.

Price: $1,199.99 Visit the Website

Casio SLIM Series Of Projectors

Casio's SLIM series of Projectors

Description: Weighing in at only five pounds, Casio's SLIM projectors are 1.7 inches wide, making them the thinnest high brightness projectors in the industry. With a wide-angle 2X zoom lens allowing an extensive range of projection distance, the SLIM series sets the standard for mobile projection. Three of Casio’s new SLIM projectors, the XJ-A146, XJ-A246 and XJ-A256, are equipped with USB capabilities, MobiShow, Wireless Presentations and a presentation timer — making them the ultimate presentation solution. MobiShow makes business presentations easy for professionals who use wireless devices like smartphones or other devices equipped with wireless LAN capabilities. MobiShow is compatible with Windows® PC, Microsoft Windows® Mobile, Macintosh® PC, iPhone®, iPad® iPod® and Android®. Additionally, the new SLIM USB models now have the ability to seamlessly integrate with Mac computers. Up to 32 computers can be connected at one time. Users can also view up to four PCs on an individual screen simultaneously.

Price: $1,199.00 to $1,699.00 Visit the Website

Intel-Inspired Asus Taichi™ Ultrabook™ Convertible

With Windows® 8 and convertible features, the Taichi combines functionality with fun at the same time.

Description: The Asus Taichi is ideal for the busy mother: it converts from laptop to tablet mode to provide the conveniences of a traditional laptop with the entertainment aspects of a tablet. This unique device boasts two touch screens that can operate independently and be used simultaneously, making it the perfect choice for both family and work purposes. Moms can conduct personal and professional business on one screen while allowing the kids to play with Windows® 8 entertainment apps on the second outward-facing screen. The Asus Taichi is one of many Intel-inspired Ultrabook convertibles, which marry performance, responsiveness and sleek designs with a premium computing experience.

Price: $1,145.00 Visit the Website

Lenovo ThinkPad Twist Convertible Ultrabook

Lenovo ThinkPad Twist Convertible Ultrabook

Description: Twist it, bend it, fold it, spin it — the Lenovo ThinkPad Twist is one of the most versatile convertible PCs you'll ever get your hands on. Use it as a laptop when you need to type, a tablet when you're on the go, or set it up as a stand when you want to share presentations. It can also be bent backward into a tent for some close-up viewing and browsing. The Twist's 12.5-inch touch display gets you hands-on with Windows 8 and gives you crystal-clear visuals with nearly 180-degree viewing angles. And with seven hours of battery life*, the Twist is ready for work or play whenever you are.

Price: $899.99 Visit the Website

IdeaPad Yoga 13 Convertible Ultrabook

IdeaPad Yoga 13 Convertible Ultrabook

Description: As a parent, do you want the flexibility of a tablet but your student is used to a laptop? As a student, do you want the best of both worlds? This product delivers four cool modes, one incredible machine. Combining the productivity of a Lenovo Ultrabook™ with the intuitive touch experience of a tablet, the 13.3-inch Yoga 13 will give you the ultimate in versatility. Convert between four modes to make the most of Windows 8 – any way you want, any time you want.

Price: $899.00 Visit the Website

Surface Pro

Surface Pro

Description: As your child enters high school and begins their college prep work, it’s important for them to have an easy-to-use set of tools to manage their homework, extracurricular activities schedule, etc. Convertible PCs and tablets like the Surface Pro are perfect for high schoolers – affordable and versatile. A laptop in tablet form, Surface Pro brings together the best of Microsoft in one awesome new device. The Intel® CoreTM i5 processor runs virtually all your favorite programs, including Office1, with blazing fast speed.

Price: $859.00 Visit the Website

Intel-Inspired Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 Ultrabook ™ Convertible

Create, share or consume content by flipping the screen 360 degrees and switching between the four modes.

Description: The Intel-inspired Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 Ultrabook Convertible combines the productivity associated with laptops with the touch experience of a tablet, and runs on Windows® 8. It features a 360-degree flip-and-fold design so you can use it as a laptop, tablet, stand or tent. The multiple modes and strong processing power make it easy to create, share or consume content. Powered by Intel, the Yoga’s long battery life, sleek and light weight design, provide the ultimate versatility for today’s moms. Lenovo Motion Control allows the multi-tasking mom to flip pages, rewind/forward music, change the volume and gesture other simple commands with a flick of the hand.

Price: $849.00 Visit the Website

Samsung NX300 Camera

Samsung NX300 Camera

Description: The new Samsung NX300 is ideal for the photo-centric father who wants to achieve impressive pro-quality pictures with minimal technical knowledge and time spent adjusting parameters. Compatible with the world’s first one-lens 3D system (available separately), the NX300 is capable of capturing action shots and 1080p Full HD video in perfect 3D quality. So whether he’s on a family ski trip or running down the sidelines at the next little league game, he can now capture the full 3D-experience with ease. Its SMART features also allow him to quickly upload his photos to a cloud service or Facebook, so grandparents or family members far away can still be a part of the experience.

Price: $749.99 to $750.00 Visit the Website

Samsung ATIV Tab 5

ATIV Tab 5

Description: It’s Not Just an Ultra-Thin Tablet. It’s a fully functioning PC. The Samsung ATIV Tab 5 runs the programs you need on a Windows 8 operating system in a sleek, lightweight form. Take advantage of longer battery life. Featuring a docking keyboard, S Pen™ functionality and touch screen, the ATIV Tab 5 connects you to your PC—and your world—as never before.

Price: $699.99 Visit the Website



Description: Want the portability of a tablet but the power of a notebook? The notebook that doubles as a tablet. The new convertible HP ENVY x2 PC gives you the power of two devices in one. A Windows 8 notebook with a bright, vivid HD Touch display. And a tablet that slides off for those times when you want to carry even less. •Some occasions call for the power of a notebook. And some for the freedom of a tablet. With a groundbreaking design, easily switch from notebook to tablet and back again. The tablet magnetically slides off and on, latching securely into place. •Ultra thin with a sleek aluminum finish, it’s designed to go wherever you go. And since it’s super light, you can take it everywhere without thinking twice.

Price: $599.99 to $908.99 Visit the Website

Stop Taking Terrible Photographs And Learn Creative Techniques To Taking Great Photos.

Creative Photography Workshops

Description: At creative photo workshops, our goal is for photography to be a journey..... an enlightening, fun and positive experience. We offering Beginning, Intermediate and Advance classes. Enhance your way of seeing and take your photographic vision to the next level. Through fun assignments and critiques, students will advance their technical photographic skills with the primary emphasis on creative camera work. Beginning Photography At creative photo workshops, our goal is for photography to be a journey..... an enlightening, fun and positive experience. We offering Beginning, Intermediate and Advance classes. Enhance your way of seeing and take your photographic vision to the next level. Through fun assignments and critiques, students will advance their technical photographic skills with the primary emphasis on creative camera work. Beginning Photography - When to use all the buttons and dials on your camera - Enhance your way of seeing through the camera and develop your photographic vision - Principals of composition - When to use the flash - Saving, e-mailing and printing images Intermediate Photography Enhance your way of seeing and take your photographic vision to the next level. Through fun assignments and critiques, students will advance their technical photographic skills with the primary emphasis on creative camera work. Student furnishes fully manual digital camera and printing. Advanced Photography Advancing you to meet your unique photographic goals technically and creatively, working towards developing a strong portfolio and group exhibit. Coming join the fun in learning to take great images.

Price: $560.00 Visit the Website

Q10- World's Smallest Interchangeable Lens Camera Comes In 100 Colors Combinations

Mint and White - 100 color combinations available

Description: Portability meets capability with the introduction of the Q10 to the world’s smallest and lightest interchangeable lens system. Featuring truly exceptional image quality and an upgraded auto focus system and the Q10 will capture detailed, blur free and dust free images all while comfortably fitting in your pocket. With the Q10, you no longer need to sacrifice capability for portability.

Price: $499.95 Visit the Website

Surface With Windows RT

Windows Surface

Description: Light weight and durable, the Surface is new touch device. With its integrated Kickstand it enables hands-free entertainment. Kick back and enjoy HD video, take beautiful photos, or click in and do more with Touch Cover. Surface with Windows RT is incredibly thin, but still features a full-size USB port, microSD card slot, and HD video out port. Easily transfer files or use compatible accessories. Charge up, plug in, and show off.

Price: $499.00 to $699.00 Visit the Website

ASUS VivoTab Smart

ASUS VivoTab Smart

Description: A variety of portable (and durable) tablets such as the Surface RT provide a great experience for younger children, and the Windows Store is full of fun and engaging educational apps like Disney Fairies, Zoo Train, Number Tap and Let’s Spell to keep their brains active outside of school and during the summer and winter breaks. Available in 3 lively colors to match different personalities, the simplistic design offers a change of pace in tablet design!

Price: $450.00 Visit the Website

PENTAX MX-1 Advanced Compact

MX-1 - Silver

Description: With its genuine brass covers and advanced digital compact capabilities, the PENTAX MX-1 is where craft design meets contemporary quality. The MX-1’s fast F1.8-2.5 lens, 4X zoom and large 12 megapixel backlit CMOS sensor allow for bright everyday imagery inside a stylish body. As its brass wears with time, feel the good old days come back to life in your images of today with the PENTAX MX-1.

Price: $449.95 Visit the Website

Parrot Zik By Philippe Starck

Parrot Zik

Description: The Parrot Zik by Philippe Starck wireless headphones offers concert hall-quality sound and Bluetooth connectivity. Zik has a hyper-intuitive touch panel on the entire right earpiece. To change a song, swipe your finger left/right against the right panel; to change volume, move your finger up/down; to pause, remove them from your ears. The Zik also has an active noise cancelling system and Digital Signal Processing algorithms that create a unique concert hall-effect. Zik is compatible with all mobile phone brands and can play music wirelessly via Bluetooth A2DP, by contactless NFC technology (never before achieved on a handset) and cable jack. The Zik also has a dedicated mobile app, Parrot Audio Suite, to provide the user with additional settings and control options. This includes personalizing the “Parrot Concert Hall” audio effect, adjusting equalizer settings, activating/deactivating the active noise control and more. The free app is available on the Android Marketplace and Apple app store. Zik is available at retailers Brookstone, Ron Robinson at Fred Segal, Bloomingdales, Apple, and

Price: $399.00 Visit the Website

42" LG LED 1080p 3D HDTV From Sam's Club

42" LG LED 1080p 3D HDTV from Sam's Club

Description: Incredible value for the technology! This 42" LED HDTV features an elegant design with an ultra-slim frame which allows the picture to extend virtually edge to edge. With LG Cinema 3D, it’s never been more fun and affordable to enjoy stunning 3D movies, games and your favorite content from the comfort of your home. LG Cinema 3D TVs offer the best family-friendly 3D home theater viewing experience with lightweight, battery-free 3D glasses, crisp, bright picture quality and wide viewing angles. • Resolution: 1080p • Refresh Rate: 60Hz • LG Cinema 3D • HDMI Input: 3 • Smart Energy Saving • 4 pairs of Cinema 3D glasses included

Price: $398.00 Visit the Website

Polaroid IM1836 Android Camera

iM1836 Android Camera

Description: The Polaroid iM1836 is the first camera of its kind to pair interchangeable lens options like those previously found only on D-SLR cameras with the intuitive Android™ operating system. Lightweight and portable, it's a great option for capturing professional quality images and 1080p HD video on the go. Its built-in peer-to-peer Wi-Fi and easy-to-use Polaroid photo sharing apps allow users to immediately upload and share their images via social media. Built-in Bluetooth connectivity pairs the camera with any Bluetooth-enabled device to upload images and video when Wi-Fi isn't available.

Price: $349.99 Visit the Website

ION Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi

iON Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi

Description: iON America’s Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi is a waterproof, Wi-Fi-enabled camera with a 12 megapixel sensor, featuring a lightweight design that makes it an attractive and powerful accessory to capture any activity or adventure. The fully-waterproof camera doesn’t require a case for up to 49 feet underwater and can be mounted on yourself or a wide range of sporting equipment, helmets and vehicles. Its interchangeable PODZ system provides additional functionality customized exactly to what the user needs for his or her activity – Wi-Fi, extra battery life and more. For example, the Wi-Fi PODZ take advantage of the smartphones that are in everyone’s pockets, and companion iON Camera apps allow use of an iOS or Android device as a viewfinder, to control recording, adjust advanced settings and/or to upload and immediately share videos to social networks, such as Facebook, YouTube, just shortly after filming. The Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi is a perfect gift for both kids and adults alike, and can be used to capture a range of activities, from ski trips during winter break to surfing in the summer. The iON Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi can now be pre-ordered for delivery starting November 15 for $349.99.

Price: $349.00 Visit the Website

Lennox Icomfort Wi-Fi Thermostat

icomfort Wi-Fi thermostat home screen

Description: The icomfort Wi-Fi thermostat by Lennox Industries provides customized home comfort and maximum energy savings anytime, anywhere. Benefits of the icomfort Wi-Fi include: • Remote access via smartphone, tablet or any computer to adjust temperature quickly and easily • Energy-saving, one-touch “Away” mode • Communication with heating and cooling system to provide alerts regarding any repair or maintenance needs • Simple integration with existing air purification system and dehumidifier for optimum comfort level • Automatic adjustments based on outdoor weather conditions to allow for maximum indoor air quality • Real-time, 24-hour weather display, including five-day forecast The icomfort Wi-Fi is also the first-ever thermostat to feature customized “skins” allowing the touch screen interface to assume the look of any wall color or pattern. The thermostat can even be disguised as a family photo – offering a control system that is not an eyesore in a home. This product must be installed by a professional. Ask your local Lennox dealer about saving money on your next energy bill with the icomfort Wi-Fi thermostat!

Price: $300.00 to $400.00 Visit the Website

SL300 Matte Silver - Elite Hi-Definition Noise Cancelling Headphones

The SL300 has world class active noise cancelling technology that allows music playback in passive mode after battery has been drained

Description: There are plenty of cool looking personal audio options available, but so few are able to provide true studio level sound quality without distorted, out of whack sound balance. On the flipside, most offerings that do provide a more professional audio experience neglect to infuse any style or personality into the look. But style and sound quality can coexist. SOUL is here to change the game. Prepare for a high definition, fully isolated listening experience any time, any place with the SL300 Matte Silver. These powered performance headphones are engineered to deliver such a high quality of pristine, balanced sound with advanced drivers and circuitry that create superb bass, clear mids and highs. The SL300 series incorporates world class active noise cancelling technology which eliminates unwanted sounds and noises for crisp and clear audio as well as an enhanced listening experience. For consumers who have Apple products, the SL300 Matte Silver is a perfect match for iPhones, iPads, and Apple laptops and computers. With superior sound quality and a stylish design, SOUL headphones are the perfect gift for all music enthusiasts.

Price: $299.95 Visit the Website

Pivothead, HD Recording Sunglasses

Durango Smoke Pivothead's

Description: Pivothead’s video recording eyewear provides users with hands-free, professional quality, high-definition point-of-view (POV) video and audio capture along with still photos, making it the most advanced imaging device for its size in existence on the market. Designed with an 8 MP camera built into the bridge of the sunglasses and 8 GB of memory onboard, Pivothead sunglasses make it easy, fun and convenient to capture up to 1 hour of 1080p video on a single charge without having to hold or mount the camera. Pivothead glasses offer a mini-USB port and are compatible with both PCs and Macs, as well as iOS and Android devices. In addition, Pivothead comes with free Control Setting Software that lets you control every aspect of your recording. Key Features include: Continuous Auto Focus (4 different focus modes), Burst Still Image Capture, Polarized lenses (some models), black and white video/photo settings, video editing software, and much more. Available in 4 models with 17 styles with option for prescription lenses as well.

Price: $299.00 Visit the Website

WG-3 GPS Waterproof, Dropproof, Crushproof Digital Camera

WG-3 GPS Purple

Description: WG-3 GPS - We intensified 'tough' with the 15th generation of our ruggedized compact camera as it builds on proven PENTAX experience to bring you the best adventure proof camera yet. Capture outstanding images in any element with its brighter 4X optical zoom and new Shake Reduction system. Enjoy built-in digital pressure, altitude and depth gauges, a compass and wireless charging in the upgraded GPS model. Dive deeper, climb higher, explore longer, and capture even more of your journey with the PENTAX WG-3 GPS. Your adventure is now.

Price: $299.00 Visit the Website

Meridian Explorer: Portable USB-Powered DAC

Meridian Explorer: Portable USB-Powered Digital to Analog Converter

Description: Meridian’s Explorer is a powerful portable USB-powered DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) that replaces your computer’s sound card, allowing you to get the most from your music whatever your choice of content—iTunes, Spotify®, YouTube® or a High Resolution downloaded file. Designed and built in the UK, Explorer uses Meridian’s high-quality audio circuitry and design derived from the company’s award-winning Reference Series components, along with a powerful headphone amplifier with on-board analog volume control to make any source sound its best. This pocket-sized DAC is so easy to use—simply plug it in and enjoy! Learn more about Explorer here:

Price: $299.00 Visit the Website

Dynamism's 3D Printers

UP Plus 2 Printer

Description: Perfect for the creative family member or friends, Dynamism is an exclusive provider of next-generation technology and is featuring eight of the best printers on the market today. With a 3D printer the user simply loads a design and the printer will build that item by extruding plastic layer by layer until the object is complete. One’s imagination is truly the limit, with the ability to create art, toys, tools, replicas, models and prototypes, figurines and so much more.

Price: $299.00 to $2,799.00 Visit the Website

Boston Acoustics® TVee One Television Speaker Base

Boston Acoustics TVee One

Description: The new Boston Acoustics TVee® One under-TV sound system dramatically improves your television watching experience. The all-in-one system simply connects easily to your television with one cable so you can enjoy rich, room-filling sound from your favorite TV shows, movies, games and music. Engineered to hold up to 60 pounds, the TVee One fits perfectly under most TVs up to 50 inches. Elegantly styled and simple to use, the TVee One is a great alternative to a traditional sound bar.

Price: $299.00 Visit the Website

NYNE NH-5500 Home Audio Speaker System

Experience a Powerful Audio Performance with The NYNE NH-5500 Speaker System

Description: The NYNE NH-5500 is the most acoustically advanced, high quality docking and Bluetooth speaker available. In addition to its Apple-certified 30-pin docking and charging station, any compatible mobile device can be synched remotely via Bluetooth or by direct connection to the unit’s auxiliary input. Video content can be displayed at any time simply by hooking up the NH-5500 to the Component Video output connections. The unit comes with a full-function remote control, four sound-setting modes, navigation of album/tracking capability, and much more. The NH-5500 is available now for $249.95 at,, World Wide Stereo, Huppin's and BrandsMart.

Price: $249.95 Visit the Website

PENTAX WG-3 Waterproof, Dropproof, Crushproof Digital Camera

WG-3 Black

Description: Built for life's adventures, planned and unexpected, our 15th generation ruggedized compact camera builds on proven PENTAX experience to bring you our best adventure proof camera yet. Capture outstanding images in any element with its brighter 4X optical zoom, new Shake Reduction system and high resolution sensor. Dive deeper, climb higher, explore longer, and capture even more of your journey with the PENTAX WG-3. Your adventure is now.

Price: $249.95 Visit the Website

Martian Smartwatch - First-ever Voice Command Smartwatch

Martian Watches - First Ever Voice Command Smartwatch

Description: Martian Watches is a retro chic, classic analog timepiece that is a real game-changer because it is also the world’s first Bluetooth voice command smartwatch that allows you to talk, listen and control your phone from your wrist. Unlike other competitors on the market (or those rumored to be on the way), the Martian Watch uses voice command control to provide a truly unique hands-free experience to the consumer. For the first time, mobile phone users can communicate without needing to touch their phone; they can access their phone’s voice commands, including placing and receiving calls, sending voice-to-text messages, listening and responding to text messages, setting calendar notifications and reminders, controlling music, searching the web, and receiving Facebook and Twitter notifications, all without their phones leaving their pocket or purse.

Price: $249.00 to $299.00 Visit the Website

NEW 3M Projector Sleeve

NEW 3M Projector Sleeve for iPhone 4/4S

Description: The 3M Projector Sleeve is a compact, lightweight accessory that makes it easy to instantly project videos and photos directly from the iPhone 4/4S, turning any blank surface into a 60" theatre screen. This projector is ideal for sharing holiday photos, projecting video for business travels or entertaining the family on-the-go. Available at Target and, the new 3M Projector Sleeve for iPhone 4/4S costs $229.99.

Price: $229.99 Visit the Website

Just Drop It: Can Book & Document Scanning Be That Easy?

XCANEX - On separate stand

Description: xcanex is a new-concept portable document scanner radically different from those available in the market today which are all typically sheet-feed type. It is camera based and is able to scan all types of documents including A4/letter sized full page, books, multiple cards, photographs and newspaper. Image quality is comparable to a good flatbed scan at 300dpi, with text enhancement and text/graphics separation.

Price: $200.00 to $249.00 Visit the Website

D-Link Network Cloud Camera 2200 (DCS-2132L)

DCS-2132L Side Angle

Description: D-Link’s Cloud Camera 2200 delivers video resolution with 720p HD video clarity, ensuring rich detail and crisp image quality. The camera features a passive infrared (PIR) sensor for enhanced motion detection to trigger recording and email alerts, as well as premium night vision to heighten illumination in dark areas. In addition, the 2200 features a microSD/SDHC slot for local recording, digital zoom, and a built-in microphone and speaker for two-way communication. Featuring mydlink support, the Cloud Camera 2200 (Wireless) offers simple installation and can easily be integrated into an existing network to view streaming video from a PC, notebook, iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet. With the mydlink Lite app for iPhone and Android, users can quickly and easily see and hear their camera feed from anywhere with Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection. And, the mydlink+ app for iPad and Android tablets allows users to remotely monitor up to four live video streams via a multi-camera monitoring dashboard and easily save snapshots.

Price: $200.00 to $210.00 Visit the Website

Fellowes Powershred 69Cb Cross-Cut Shredder

Fellowes Powershred 69Cb Cross-Cut Shredder

Description: The perfect gift for gadget-loving people, the Fellowes 69Cb is designed to meet all your shredding needs in the home and home office. This machine is innovative and durable, featuring cutting-edge technology that is sure to appeal to gadget-lovers. The 69Cb offers: • Cross-Cut technology with Fellowes’ Jam Blocker feature, an electronic sensor that measures paper and prevents overfeeding. • SafeSense® technology, an advanced electronic safety sensor that surrounds the paper entry and automatically disables the shredder when hands come too close. Great for homes with small children and pets! • SilentShred™, a whisper-quiet motor that alleviates common shredder noise concerns. Perfect for homes where a baby may be sleeping in the next room.

Price: $179.99 Visit the Website

Belkin @TV

Belkin @TV

Description: The new Belkin @TV turns your smartphone or tablet into a TV, so you can watch your favorite shows, movies and sporting events anytime, anywhere. @TV plays exactly whatever is on your TV at home, so you can watch live TV, or anything recorded on your DVR. It’s just like being in your living room, except you can be wherever you need to be! Watch on a single Wi-Fi®/3G or 4G device or up to eight devices when using your Wi-Fi network. Complete with an easy to use channel guide, the Wi-Fi enabled device was created for seamless set up. The @TV is as functional as it is stylish, and is available online and in select stores. For more information visit Keep up with Belkin updates on Twitter at and on Facebook at

Price: $179.99 Visit the Website

JayBird BlueBuds X

Blue Buds X - The Perfection of Wireless Sound

Description: BlueBuds X has been designed and developed with every ideal in mind. Wireless music and calls coupled with superior audio performance rivaling the very best in wired headphones, a revolutionary 8 hour battery play time, patented secure fit for sports, lifetime sweat proof guarantee locks moisture out, and with the all new X-Fit, you have the option of lifting the cord off your neck for the perfect workout headphones. As the Official Training Headphones of USA Triathlon, you know you are choosing a trusted and proven product. Available now - $169.99 -

Price: $169.99 Visit the Website

NYNE NB-250 Bluetooth Speaker

NYNE NB-250 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Description: The NYNE NB-250 portable speaker is compatible with virtually all Bluetooth-enabled devices from iPads, iPhones, and iPods, to MP3 players, smartphones, and tablets. It is specially designed to provide super-high quality sound and while it’s cranking out the hits, the NB-250 can also charge your device through the convenient, built-in USB port. With its included carrying case, the NB-250 can entertain a crowd wherever you go, whether it’s at the beach, pool, park, tailgate, or in your own backyard. With 8 to 10 hours of Lithium Ion battery power, the NB-250 comes ready to rock the party. In addition to the slew of Bluetooth-device options, music can also be played from an auxiliary device connected through the included 3.5mm audio cable. Other user-friendly features include a fully rubberized cover that repels water splashes – or spilled drinks, a pair of high-quality drivers with the ability to produce a detailed midrange and powerful bass, and two-passive radiators for extended low-frequency range. The NYNE NB-250 is available at BrandsMart, Huppin's retail stores,, World Wide Stereo, Focus Camera and Amazon for $169.95.

Price: $169.95 Visit the Website

NAUTILUS Symphony Shell :: 3D Printed Smartphone Amplifier

NAUTILUS :: Original

Description: 3D printing technology allows Simply Amplified to custom make each Symphony Shell, layer by layer. Free from cables or batteries, Symphony Shells have defined acoustic channels that naturally amplify music from your smartphone (you can use your charger while amplifying if desired)and are made from fully recyclable, ecofriendly materials. Symphony Shells come in three acoustically-engineered designs: URCHIN | MUREX | NAUTILUS

Price: $165.00 to $185.00 Visit the Website

SimpleScan Scanner


Description: Everybody has paperwork, pictures, important documents that need to be scanned, organized and saved somewhere. That's where SimpleScan comes in, it's the next-generation mobile scanner designed for personal productivity in the home, office or on the road. With a couple of mouse clicks one can: - Easily and efficiently digitize paperwork or imagery - Send the information directly to favorite online storage or processing service like Dropbox, Evernote or Quicken. Created by Document Capture Technologies (NASDAQ: DCT), the foremost provider of scanners for Brother, XEROX, and others, SimpleScan provides a single bridge between the paper world and content in the cloud.

Price: $159.00 to $199.00 Visit the Website

A Multiple Charging Station For Your Mobile Devices

Sydnee Charging iPads and a Smart Phone

Description: Kanex Sydnee is a multiple charging and organization station for all your mobile devices. With more than 8-amps/40 Watts of power, Sydnee can charge 4 mobile devices at the same time including tablets, smart phones, e-readers or MP3 players. The uniquely designed unit will house and charge all your mobile devices without all the cable mess. Available in Black or White.

Price: $149.00 Visit the Website

Polaroid IP350


Description: Polaroid's waterproof IP350 IP wireless outdoor security camera makes security monitoring a breeze. The IP350's 60 degree viewing angle, motion detection, and night vision capability are just a few of the many features that provide you with hassle free surveillance. The rugged weather-resistant shell make this outdoor video security camera perfect for outdoor monitoring and maintaining your peace of mind.

Price: $129.99 Visit the Website

ILuv ReF Headphones


Description: The ReF™ headphones were specifically designed to fulfill the growing consumer demand for smartphone-compatible accessories that look as good as they perform. These headphones meet that demand by combining fashionable elements and premium technology to produce a product that wins wholehearted approval from fashionistas and techies alike. Plug these headphones into your smartphone to enjoy hands-free conversation, or play your favorite track and immerse yourself in the rich, deep bass and precise treble.

Price: $129.99 Visit the Website

Mulit-Function Bluetooth Microphone

BlueWi™ NightHawk - Multi function Bluetooth Microphone

Description: BlueWi™ a division of The Earphone Connection, Inc. participated at this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) showcasing the Nighthawk. The Nighthawk was one of the Winners of the 2013 CES Innovations award. The Nighthawk is a Bluetooth Microphone whose features include: Longer talk time (12 hours). Greater audio clarity. Increased comfort and improved safety. Free recording app for smartphones. Push-to-Talk for two-way radio professionals. From on-person to hands-free. (Vehicle mode to pedestrian) Control MP3 Bluetooth devices. Nighthawk Bluetooth Microphone Combo System is the ideal tool to meet the demands of today's power user who is constantly on the go and needs a Bluetooth earphone solution that can keep up with their ever-changing environment. For more information on the Nighthawk and BlueWi please visit:

Price: $124.99 Visit the Website

Seagate Backup Plus Portable Drive

Backup Plus Portable Drive

Description: The Backup Plus portable drive from Seagate is the simple way to protect and share your entire digital life—without getting in the way of the rest of your life. Protect your stuff with easy, flexible backups Automatically save photos from your social networks Share photos and videos to social networks with a click Easily increase transfer speeds by upgrading to Thunderbolt™ technology or FireWire® 800

Price: $109.99 Visit the Website

Splurging For Him- Dream Arcades

Dream Arcades

Description: Old School meets contemporary innovation with Dream Arcades newest models. Not only can you gift the man in your life his favorite arcade game, but present it to him with a mature take on gaming with built-in beer taps!! The Inebriation Station is an Upright Arcade Unit with built-in beer taps that can be filled with his beer of choice, making it the gift that keep on giving this Holiday Season. Dream Arcade custom-made full- size arcade units are the perfect additional to his mans cave and guaranteed to be much appreciated. Models include the Driving Beer Arcade (The Octane 120), The Inebriation Station (Upright arcade with built in beer taps), Cabaret and more. Arcade Units include over 200 old-school games like Pac-Man and Street fighter and many more! Arcade units range from $1,899 - $6,000. To splurge on him this Holiday Season visit: also offers The Dream Stick 360 Wireless Controller that is the perfect way to make him feel like he’s playing on an old-school arcade, on his new-school gaming system $119

Price: $100.00 to $1,200.00 Visit the Website

Polaroid IP300W


Description: Polaroid, a worldwide leader in imaging and video, brings the superior video quality you've come to expect from Polaroid, to its IP-300W IP wireless indoor security camera. The IP-300W features a built-in microphone and speaker, 30.7-69 degree viewing angle for whole room surveillance. The enhanced viewing angle and 2-way intercom allow you to interact with anything from a safe distance while keeping your home or office safe. You can access it anytime, from anywhere in the world, via any computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android device. The Polaroid IP-300W is a standalone unit that features an easy to use one-click recording interface with no need for a DVR or other recording device. It features a Motion Detection option which makes for efficient and effective security monitoring and enhanced IR-filter lens to make this an ideal camera in all lighting scenarios. This feature has 10 motion sensitivity settings to eliminate false alarms. When movement is detected it can be set to trigger an alarm, record the incident, and send you an email with either an image or video attachment. Comes in black and white.

Price: $99.99 Visit the Website

MyCharge Peak 6000

myCharge Peak 6000

Description: myCharge Peak 6000 is part of a collection of lightweight, on-the-go extended batteries with built-in charging connectors that deliver instant power and offer up to quadruple (4X) the run time for hundreds of digital devices (iPhone/smartphones, iPad/tablets, eReaders and more). Uniquely equipped with all the cords built into the battery unit, myCharge Peak 6000 plugs directly into the wall, ensuring hassle-free usage. The myCharge series also tells you in four different languages how much battery power is left, when a device is fully charged, connected/disconnected, and the unit is compatible with hundreds of mobile devices.

Price: $99.99 Visit the Website

ILAND FLY Solar USB Charger

iLAND FLY can be used in any outdoor setting

Description: The iLAND FLY is a lightweight, portable solar power USB charger. The FLY uses a unique, eco-friendly solar cell technology that charges various devices – such as smartphones, tablets and cameras – even in low-light situations. The FLY can also withstand the harshest of elements due to its water-, dust- and shock-resistant design. For camping, traveling or outdoor concerts, the FLY is a must-have tech accessory you can take anywhere to make sure you stay powered and connected.

Price: $99.95 Visit the Website

Rocket Languages Rocket Spanish Program

Rocket Languages logo

Description: Give the gift of language learning with Rocket Languages', the leader in online language learning, downloadable Rocket Spanish Premium Program! Why Rocket Spanish? Well, It's well known that the best way to learn something is by doing and the Rocket Spanish program gets users active quick with 32 repeatable audio lessons. These audio lessons are the backbone of Rocket Spanish and prompt users to speak Spanish out loud along with, and in response to, the fun native hosts. And the best part of all is each lesson lasts only 25 minutes! Using a scientific process called 'chunking', Rocket Spanish breaks down every day Spanish conversations into small segments so the concepts presented are easier to absorb and remember. The chunking method means that users will be able to work on their conversational Spanish in the privacy of their own home and overcome their fear of saying the wrong thing. And, because all audio lessons are available for download, Rocket Spanish is a fun, convenient and valuable gift that can be used wherever and whenever! Rocket Spanish – the fast, easy, fun and effective way to learn Spanish online!

Price: $99.95 to $149.95 Visit the Website

HTC Windows Phone 8X

HTC Windows Phone 8X

Description: The new Windows Phone 8X by HTC brings your world to life with Live Tiles, designed to keep you closer to what matters most, on a brilliantly clear and crisp display. A lightning-fast dual-core 1.5 GHz processor delivers the speed you want, so you can experience powerful entertainment and more right on your phone. The 8-megapixel camera gives you crystal-clear photos and HD video, and a full 16 GB of storage lets you store your memories right in the phone.

Price: $99.00 to $449.99 Visit the Website

BlueAnt Wireless Q3 Premium Smartphone Earpiece

Q3 Side view

Description: BlueAnt Wireless' newest premium smartphone earpiece features the latest Bluetooth technology and wideband audio delivering rich, call clarity. The Q3 earpiece allows iPhone users to execute all things available through Siri, such as composing text messages by speaking, simply with the double tap of the command button. Android users can also utilize a simple double tap to access Google Voice Actions and all the option there, such as turn by turn navigation and messaging. This is ideal for multi-taskers looking for a hands-free way to access all their smartphone or tablet has to offer. With its Voice Isolation Technology, noise and wind are reduced, enabling quality audio in the noisiest environments. The patented Wind Armour Technology™ ensures crystal clear communication in wind speeds of up to 22 miles per hour. The dual microphones and advanced DSP delivers terrific-sounding audio tuned for discerning ears.

Price: $99.00 Visit the Website

Bitcasa, The Company That Makes Your Digital Belongings Infinitely Useful

iOS 7

Description: Bitcasa provides a home for your digital belongings. Bitcasa believes that your digital belongings are your own, and that only you should control who can access and use them. With access across all devices; Android, iOS, Windows, Windows RT, Mac OSX and the Web, Bitcasa enables you to take your digital belongings with you everywhere. Bitcasa designed its software to ensure complete privacy with client-side encryption, so your belongings are always your own.

Price: $99.00 Visit the Website

MUREX Symphony Shell :: 3D Printed Smartphone Amplifier

MUREX :: Original

Description: 3D printing technology allows Simply Amplified to custom make each Symphony Shell, layer by layer. Free from cables or batteries, Symphony Shells have defined acoustic channels that naturally amplify music from your smartphone (you can use your charger while amplifying if desired)and are made from fully recyclable, ecofriendly materials. Symphony Shells come in three acoustically-engineered designs: URCHIN | MUREX | NAUTILUS

Price: $95.00 to $110.00 Visit the Website

Polaroid IP200W


Description: Polaroid's IP-200W wireless indoor security camera provides 24 hour security for your home or business. The two-way intercom system takes this security camera to the next level making the unit interactive and simple to use. Easily mounted to a ceiling or wall, the IP-200W offers enhanced pan and tilt monitoring, 60 degree viewing angle, night vision capability, and motion detection with snapshot via email. Live video can be accessed through the iPhone and Android app, so you can keep an eye on your home or business from near or far. The Polaroid IP-200W is a standalone unit that features an easy to use one-click recording interface with no need for a DVR or other recording device. This indoor security camera is easy to set up, simple to use, and is very accessible and secure. You can access it anytime, from anywhere in the world, via any computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android device. It features a Motion Detection option which makes for efficient and effective security monitoring. This feature has 10 motion sensitivity settings to eliminate false alarms. When movement is detected it can be set to trigger an alarm, record the incident, and send you an email with an image or video attached. Peace of mind and safety are just two of the many benefits this security camera provides. Comes in both black and white.

Price: $89.99 Visit the Website

NYNE NB-230 Bluetooth Speaker

NYNE NB-230 Bluetooth Speaker

Description: The NYNE NB-230 is a Bluetooth Speaker that provides in-home quality audio in a portable form for music enjoyment on the go both indoors and outdoors. It allows users to wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device, or connect with a non-Bluetooth device through a 3.5mm stereo aux-in port. The NB-230 combines elegant design with professional, high quality sound. With its hidden carrying handle and up to five hours of battery life, the NB-230 can easily be carried to the pool, beach, campsite or tailgate. Two full-range speakers provide medium and high frequencies while an innovative passive radiator gives the strong, loud bass expected from a boombox. A microphone with advanced noise-cancellation is also built-in for hands-free calling. The NYNE NB-230 is available now at BrandsMart, Huppin's retail stores,, World Wide Stereo, Focus Camera and Amazon at the price of $89.95.

Price: $89.95 Visit the Website

ILuv MobiTour


Description: iLuv’s MobiTour speaker dock comes in a TON of fun colors and has high performance speakers for great audio quality. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows for extended play. Its compact size makes it ideal for mobility and travel and it’s aux-in to play allows it play just about any device. Pack MobiTour™ with you on your next roadtrip or vacation and enjoy great audio quality wherever you are.

Price: $79.99 Visit the Website

"Read Freely" With The Kobo Glo And Kobo Mini

Kobo Mini

Description: "Read Freely" with the Kobo Glo or Kobo Mini - the perfect gifts this holiday season! The Kobo Glo and Kobo Mini are completely customizable - from the interchangeable SnapBack covers, to the TypeGenius reading interface. An expansive library with access to one million free books will keep you occupied no matter what the situation. The Kobo Glo's revolutionary ComfortLight illuminates the screen with a soft, adjustable front-light so you can read any eBook anytime of day or night - no lamp required. The Kobo Mini, the world's smallest and lightest full-featured eReader, is super portable - bring it on a flight, to the coffee shop or on your daily commute!

Price: $79.99 to $129.99 Visit the Website

ILuv Vibro II

Vibro II

Description: Find out what the buzz is all about. The Vibro II Alarm Clock gives you that option with a unique, feature patented ‘Shaker’ that vibrates when it’s time for you to start your day. Available in four stylish colors, the Vibro II is the perfect accessory for heavy sleepers, students and couples. Heavy sleepers and the hearing impaired can rest easy knowing that if their music, radio or buzzer doesn’t get them up, the ‘Shaker’ will. Rather than disturb their partner or roommate, students and couples can set the Vibro II to wake them discreetly using only the ‘Shaker’.

Price: $79.99 Visit the Website

BCODA CODA One - One Bluetooth Sound Solution For All Your Audio Needs

Lifestyle image of CODA One

Description: Coda One ably does its primary job of acting as a Bluetooth speaker for smartphones, and allows access to Siri or third-party app Vlingo with a single button to allow voice dialing, searching, and more. The slim and sleek Coda One also doubles as a portable speaker for music and movies, and offers solid performance in that regard considering its size. And in an interesting twist, the dual-speaker device can also be switched to handset mode and held to your face like a standard phone to allow for private conversations. While not essential for phone users (who could simply pick up the actual paired device), it's a helpful addition that can be used for VOIP calls on tablets, bringing you closer to a traditional phone experience. As a wider array of increasingly smart and agile devices enter our lives, we need accessories that likewise keep up with the action. Wireless, hands-free Bluetooth speaker boxes for cars aren't exactly a new development, but the flexibility of bCODA's Coda One makes it much more appealing than the average peripheral.

Price: $79.99 to $99.99 Visit the Website

Designed By M: AL13: Uniquely Designed To Protect IPhone 4 And 5 Without Changing The Look


Description: Created from lightweight yet durable aerospace grade aluminum, the name of this bumper is a nod to the abbreviation for aluminum in the periodic table and the fact the case only weighs 13 grams. The sleek, premium finish blends seamlessly with iPhone 4 and 5. It easily slides on and off phone at any time without any special tools. The rubber lining acts as a shock absorber to minimize impact damage and also protects iPhone during installation. High impact, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint and anti-glare polyurethane screen protector included.

Price: $79.99 Visit the Website

APEN Touch 8 Pen: Turn Your Windows 8 Computer Into A Touchscreen

APEN Touch 8 Pen for Windows 8

Description: Upgraded to Windows 8 on an older computer missing touch capabilities? Look no further than the APEN Touch 8. Using ultrasonic and infrared technologies, the APEN Touch 8 pen easily converts a standard Windows 8 PC monitor or laptop into a touchscreen device. Users who have upgraded to Windows 8 on a non-touch computer screen can now experience its capabilities to the fullest. The APEN Touch 8 gives users the ability to open programs, folders, and files; search the Internet; access e-mails; play games; draw; sign digital documents; shift to background programs; close applications; and so much more with the flick of a pen. The APEN Touch 8 comes with a cordless digital pen, detachable receiver, and a USB cable connection to the Windows 8 device. It offers plug-and-play simplicity; there are no drivers to download. Users simply needs to attach the receiver to the edge of the screen using the provided magnetic clip, and then connect the USB cable. Once the computer or laptop is turned on, they can start enjoying Windows 8 touchscreen capabilities with the Touch 8 pen. Other features of the APEN Touch 8 are up to 17” coverage area, 500 hours of continuous writing/hovering battery life, and absolute positioning.

Price: $79.99 Visit the Website

Seagate Slim

Seagate Slim

Description: Seagate Slim is the world's thinnest hard drive and the perfect storage solution for anyone looking for a conveniently small, highly efficient hard drive. It’s sleek and portable (just slightly larger than an iPhone 5) – ideal for anyone with limited storage space due to the restrictions of a small home office or packed suitcase – and comes with a software Dashboard that allows for one–click or scheduled backup and the added feature of back up for Facebook and Flickr albums. The drive ensures that all your important work (and favorite music, family videos, priceless photos) are safe and secure.

Price: $79.99 Visit the Website

NYNE NB-200 Bluetooth Speaker

NYNE NB-200 Bluetooth Speaker

Description: The NYNE NB-200 is a stylish Bluetooth Speaker that provides in-home quality audio in a small, portable form for music enjoyment on the go. It allows users to wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device, or connect with a non-Bluetooth device through its 3.5mm stereo aux-in port. Small enough to carry in a bag or be attached to a bike or stroller handlebars (custom clips included), the NB-200 can be used while biking, walking or jogging. Additional features include a built-in splash-proof microphone with advanced noise-cancellation for hands-free calling, and a rechargeable lithium ion battery that supports up to 5 hours of continuous playtime. NYNE's NB-200 speaker is available now for $79.95 at, BrandsMart, Huppin's retail stores,, Focus Camera, World Wide Stereo and Amazon.

Price: $79.95 Visit the Website

A Must Have Power Supply For Your IPhone 5, 4/4S, Tablets And IPads

Enerpak Vault can charge both your smartphone and tablet at the same time!

Description: Invest in a vault and never worry about losing power again. The Enerpak Vault is the ultimate power-pack. Able to charge almost any portable device multiple times plus the ability to charge two devices simultaneously, the 11000mAh Vault supplies a seemingly never-ending amount of power. The Vault even comes with charging tips for the most popular brands so you’ll never have to worry about multiple chargers again. Plus, the Vault even comes with an included carrying pouch for easy portability. This is the perfect power alternative for long trips or families with multiple devices at home.

Price: $79.95 Visit the Website

NYNE N-19 IPhone/iPod Alarm Clock

Wake up in style with the NYNE N-19 Alarm Clock

Description: The NYNE N-19 is a sleek and compact alarm clock with a slim profile and custom-designed display. It features an Apple-certified iPod, iPhone and iPad 30-pin docking and charging station that is wide enough to fit most Apple devices with their protective covers in place, plus a 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input to ensure compatibility with most mobile devices such as Android, Blackberry or MP3 players. It wakes you up how you want, whether it's with music from a playlist, your favorite radio station, or a traditional alarm buzzer. The N-19's dual alarm function lets users program two alarms, each with a set time, music source and wake-up volume, plus snooze control to grab a few extra ZZZs. For viewing ease at any time of day, the custom-designed backlit display is dimmable with 5 brightness settings. The N-19 takes features to a new level with an S-video output port that allows users to watch their favorite music video or movie from their mobile device directly on their TV. It also comes with a remote control for ultra convenience. This professionally designed alarm clock from NYNE can satisfy all of a user’s needs in one integrated system.

Price: $79.95 Visit the Website

Nextbook Premium 7HD Android Tablet With Google Play

The most affordable, full-featured Android 4.1 tablet available at Walmart - The Nextbook Premium 7HD

Description: The Nextbook Premium 7HD Android tablet features Google Play pre-installed, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and the Barnes and Noble NOOK for Android app. Hardware features include a 7" high resolution capacitive touch screen, dual-core processor, 8GB internal memory, dual webcams, HDMI-out port, USB 2.0 slot, built-in Wi-Fi with OTA updates, built-in G sensor, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. With the Nextbook Premium 7HD, users can surf the Internet, read books, play games and stream videos smoother than ever. It is a perfect starter tablet for users of all ages. Available nationwide at Walmart and

Price: $79.00 Visit the Website

FREE Calls With Your Home & Small Business Phones

Make and Receive Calls for Free with the OBi202

Description: Via the OBi202's two (2) on-board phone connections, you have the power make and receive phone calls using VoIP services for a fraction of the cost a traditional phone company would charge. The OBi202 supports up to four (4) VoIP services like Google's free Google Voice communications service or a multitude of SIP Internet phone services as well as calls to other OBi endpoints via Obihai's free OBiTALK network. Benefits FREE Calls* to US & Canada Using Google Voice™ Unlocked — Use with Any VoIP Service Provider (SIP) Get the Lowest Cost International Calls FREE Premium Features — Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling FREE OBi to OBi Calls Anywhere in the World No Computer Required to Make/Receive Calls Fantastic Call Quality - Even when there is heavy Internet traffic. Mini-Phone System — The two phone ports work together making the OBi202 perfect for small business! Reliable Faxing with T.38 when supported from the connected VoIP service. Use FREE OBiON iPhone™ & Android™ Apps from Your Smart Phone

Price: $75.00 to $100.00 Visit the Website

Coyote Case - A Panic Button For Your Smartphone

Coyote Case

Description: Coyote Case is a revolutionary new smartphone case with a built-in panic button that protects you as well as your phone-- great for college students, city dwellers, those who exercise alone, travelers, and the elderly. This sleek and durable smartphone case contains a 100 decibel panic siren coupled with an automated, Bluetooth-enabled safety app. The Coyote Case app automatically sends a text message with your GPS coordinates to your pre-selected emergency contacts. In an emergency, time is of the essence -- no further fumbling with your smartphone is required; it’s truly one-push personal protection.

Price: $70.00 to $100.00 Visit the Website

Magnetyze IPhone 4/4S Charging Platform By Buqu Tech

Magnetyze iPhone 4/4S desk stand charges, data syncs and offers grab-and-go feature with magnetic attraction and seamless connection

Description: Magnetyze is an iPhone 4/4S charging platform by BuQu Tech featuring patent-pending magnetics technology to keep smartphones charged, synchronized and ready to “grab and go.” Magnetyze also eliminates multiple cords, clumsy cradles and the need for new charging accessories with every smartphone upgrade. Initially, the company will offer a Magnetyze iPhone 4 and 4S bundle containing the Magnetyze protective case, desk stand and magnetic charging and data sync cable for $69.99 via its web site, The company will accept pre-orders for the iPhone 5 shortly after it is released and will introduce the first Magnetyze smartphone cases for Android™ later this fall with a Magnetyze case for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Price: $69.99 to $70.00 Visit the Website

Powerocks Rose Stone Power Banks Made For IPhone & Charge 2 Devices At Once

Powerocks Rose Stone

Description: Powerocks, creators of fashionable mobile power banks, announced today the new Rose Stone line of beautifully designed, light easy-to-carry power banks to charge smartphones and other devices on the go. Rose Stone provides 6000mAh of power in a compact package for four full emergency charges for cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices for the ultimate choice for charging on the go. Rose Stone features two USB ports (5V/1A input), so you can charge two devices at the same time, quickly and safely when away from a power source or outlet. Essential Travel Companion for Smartphones The essential travel companion for smartphones, including iPhones, Blackberrys, Androids, and HTC phones, Rose Stone also charges Bluetooth headsets, cameras, GPS devices, tablets, and more (depending on device charge requirements). Light-weight and portable, with dimensions of just 4” x 1” x 1½” and a weight of 5 ounces, Rose Stone fits in a pocket, purse, or bag, turning on and charging immediately so you won’t miss a call or be in an emergency without your cell phone when away from home. Rose Stone’s smart LED indicators show remaining capacity and charging status, turning red when charging, blue when fully charged.

Price: $69.99 Visit the Website

Nio - The Unforgettable Accessory For Your IPad/IPhone

nio - The Unforgettable Accessory

Description: We all lose things. Sometimes it's inconvenient, other times it's disastrous. nio makes it preventable. The nio tag connects with your iPhone/iPad to protect each another from loss and theft. They work like a buddy system alarming if they become separated by more than the designated distance. They connect to a free nio app downloaded onto your Apple Bluetooth 4.0 device. nio comes with a clip and lanyard so it can be attached to any item you want to keep track of and protect like your keys, camera, wallet, purse, briefcase, laptop or pet.

Price: $69.95 Visit the Website

Olloclip 3-in-one IPhone Photo Lens

olloclip quick connect lens for the iPhone

Description: The olloclip is a quick-connect lens system for the iPhone 4/4S/5 and iPod touch Gen 4 and 5. It includes three lenses for fisheye, wide-angle and macro shots in one small, convenient package making it the perfect camera accessory. The olloclip is simple, elegant and unobtrusive. It slides quickly and easily onto the iPhone and iPod without any user adjustment to instantly and easily capture photographic images and use various photographic effects. The iPhone’s camera auto focuses normally through the olloclip and selecting a lens is as simple as flipping it over. • The fisheye lens captures approximately a 180° field-of-view • The wide-angle lens nearly doubles the iPhone’s normal field of view. • The macro lens applies roughly a 10X magnification on macro and is cleverly concealed within the olloclip by unscrewing the wide-angle lens. The olloclip uniquely features the Panorama 360 Plus™ creating more than a 360 degree image using the olloclip fisheye lens with the Apple iOS 6 Panorama camera feature. The Panorama feature used with the wide-angle lens also provides a wider and taller field of view that enhances the panoramic experience. The olloclip also works with video and photo apps in both video and still modes.

Price: $69.95 Visit the Website

Nio - The Unforgettable Bluetooth Accessory

nio Tag with iPhone - actual size

Description: nio protects your iPhone and other valuables from loss and theft. The nio Tag connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone to create a wireless chain between them. Your iPhone and nio Tag act like a buddy system alarming when they become separated by more than a safe distance, alerting you before one of them goes missing. Carry nio with you or attach it to your keys, camera, laptop or bag or anything else you want to keep with you. nio Tag is a Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Accessory and is compatible with iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPad3, iPad4 and iPadmini and connects to device using free nio App available at the App Store. Features of nio nio has many features that can be adjusted to fit any lifestyle including the Security Distance, Alarm Sound & Sensitivity and Anti-Theft option. A nio Premium App can also be downloaded from the App store with even more security features including Reminders, Alerts, GeoTagging and Mulit-nio Tag capability.

Price: $69.95 Visit the Website

PocketPlug By Prong

Back of PocketPlug

Description: What gadget does everyone need this year? Prong's PocketPlug! The PocketPlug is a hybrid phone case/charger with two charging prongs built right into the case itself! No more fussy cords – the PocketPlug plugs right into any outlet. This brand new gadget is perfect when you need a quick charge while working out, at a club, while traveling, or for the forgetful person who never remembers to carry their charger with them. The PocketPlug is a no brainer accessory for anyone who is all about function and efficiency! The Prong PocketPlug phone case is currently available for the iPhone 4/4s, 5/5s, and will soon be available for the Galaxy S III. Here's a link for more information:

Price: $69.95 Visit the Website

Tan Vintage Leather IPad Case

Tan Vintage iPad CoFi Case

Description: CoFi's Tan Vintage Leather Tablet/eBook Case develops more character as it is used, just like your favorite hand-me-down briefcase that your great grandfather gave you! The rugged style of this iPad, Kindle Cover compliments a laid-back Western "look" adopted by hip celebrities as well as your typical Colorado native. Tumbled Tan Vintage Cowhide Leather Exterior with an Interior Faux Shearling Fabric for added protection. These premium leather cases can be laser engraved with a company logo. 8 x 10 1/2 inches with 3/4 inch gusset Accommodates 9-To-10 Inch Screens, including: New iPad Air, all other iPads, NEW Kindle Fire HDX 8.9", HP Slate, Kindle Fire HD 8.9", Sony Tablet S For additional styles, please feel free to visit our website:

Price: $69.95 Visit the Website

Two New Camera Straps From Sun Sniper: The Back-Pack-Strap And The Strap Surfer

Sun Sniper Back Pack Strap

Description: Whether hiking, climbing, traveling or commuting to and from work hoping to catch a candid shot, amateur and professional photographers alike will love not having to wear a camera strap around their necks. These two new products added to the innovative line of Sun Sniper camera ctraps are for anyone on the go. The Back-Pack-Strap (MSRP: $67) easily transforms an ordinary backpack into a complete camera carrying system. Everyone from hikers to tourist can quickly and conveniently capture the perfect shot in seconds. The Strap Surfer (MSRP: $96) allows the same transformation to courier or messenger bags. Unique features of these straps include: • A stainless steel “Bear” ball-bearing camera connector. • A Shock absorber system to cushion from movement and allow for extra comfort. • A Steel anti-theft wire inside the design that protects camera from would-be thieves attempting to cut the strap. The Back-Pack-Strap and the Strap Surfer also come with up to $500 insurance if a thief should be successful at cutting through the strap. With these straps the camera settles perfectly at the side, and is weighted evenly by the additional support of the backpack or the messenger bag. They allow the camera to glide from the side of the user’s body to his or her eye in one easy motion. The strap is Available via the Bron Imaging website or through select retailers.

Price: $67.00 to $96.00 Visit the Website

ECO-heater Wall-Mounted Convection Heater

ECO-heater's T400U Model

Description: Based in Alexandria, VA., ECO-heater, Inc. distributes the most economical room heater on the market today. The ECO-heater offers the ideal heating solution for the home or office, using the equivalent power consumed by four incandescent light bulbs, only 27% of the energy that conventional 1,500 watt heaters use. Rigorously tested by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and certified by International Safety Standards (ISS), the ECO-heater is designed to provide years of maintenance-free service and is backed with a full two-year manufactures warranty. ECO-heater, Inc. is committed to providing consumers with the finest, most reliable heating product available. ECO-heater is: •Effective, efficient, and economical, on average using 4 cents of electricity per hour •Slim, unobtrusive, out of the way design •Low-temperature surface and non-tipping wall mounted device minimizes risk of fire and contact burns •Can be painted to blend “invisibly” into any décor •DIY installation takes less than ten minutes •Circulates radiant heat by convection with no fans or moving parts

Price: $60.00 to $119.99 Visit the Website

Backup Power To Go For Your Smartphone, Tablet And More From Duracell Powermat

Duracell Powermat's GoPower Day Trip Battery for smartphones provides an full extra charge whenever you need it.

Description: It’s a powerful combination: Duracell Powermat and its new series of GoPower portable batteries. GoPower portable batteries keep your smartphone, tablet and other USB devices charged up and ready to go when you are. You’ll have instant power whether you’re traveling across town or around the country…whenever you need it. The batteries, which recharge wirelessly and via USB, are available in three models: the Day Trip (one full extra charge); the Overnighter (full day of power); and the Long Haul (four full extra charges). Prices range from $60-$130 and are available at

Price: $60.00 to $130.00 Visit the Website


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