Technology Gifts 2013 Under $60 - Technology Gift Guide Roundup for 2013

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IFrogz Boost Plus: A Near-Field Audio™ Amplifying Speaker

iFrogz Boost Plus (also in red, purple, green, blue and orange)

Description: The Boost Plus magically amplifies the audio from the speakers in your smartphone or digital music player with out cables or syncing. Simply set your device on the Boost Plus speaker and enjoy room filling sound. product Specs: • Wireless NearFA™ requires no pairing or cables. • Requires AA batteries or USB power connection. • Works with most media devices. • 3.5 mm jack for wired option.

Price: $59.99 Visit the Website

Audiofly AF45 In-ear Headphones

Audiofly AF45 In-ear Headphones

Description: You’re serious about your music. You lament the demise of vinyl. But you have to admit it’s easier to commute or workout with an MP3 player than a record player. The AF45 Series in-ear headphones are for the music crazed guy or girl about town. You don’t have to sacrifice the nuances, depth and richness of your favorite tracks for mobility. Featuring a custom voiced 11mm dynamic driver for superb detail across the dynamic range and a noise isolating in-ear design, for up to 23db noise attenuation to keep everyday noise out of your music. We also include 4 sets of silicon ear tips mold to your ears for better isolation, comfort and sound experience. Built to Last Audiofly has a keen, almost obsessive attention to detail and our Audioflex™ braided cable features CORDURA® fabric, with Kevlar® reinforced conductors for extra strength and a 99.997% oxygen free core for enhanced conductivity. We also help you keep your headphones safe with our Audiofly Storage Tin with plush felt lining for roadworthy protection for your headphones. The AF45m offers Clear-Talk™ where we split the mic from the mechanics of the button for better voice transmission during conversations, so you only need to say it once to be heard! All this power, design and sound is available at major online retailers around the world or can be purchased at

Price: $59.95 to $69.95 Visit the Website

SportShell Convertible IPhone 4/5 Case By Marware

Convertible SportShell Case for iPhone 5

Description: The patented design of the Marware SportShell Convertible iPhone 5 case gives you four iPhone 5 case functions in one, transforming for work, the gym, Facetime and a night on the town. Just switch out the interchangeable back pieces and enjoy its versatile features: an iPhone armband for exercising; an iPhone 5 stand for hands-free viewing; a 360° belt clip/ iPhone holster case for the office; and a thin back shell for sleek style. A new TPU inner lining provides extra shock-absorption and push-through button protection for your iPhone 5. The Marware SportShell Convertible case for the new iPhone 5 transforms to keep up with the demands of your busy, active lifestyle. It’s more than an iPhone case.

Price: $49.99 Visit the Website

Nike+ Kinect Training For Xbox 360

Nike+ Kinect Training for Xbox 360

Description: Whatever your level, whatever your goal, with Nike+ Kinect Training you can now experience personal training at home. Using real time feedback and elite level coaching, Nike+ Kinect Training delivers a personalized program that evolves as you do. Through the magic of Kinect, Nike+ Kinect Training can "see" how your body moves, assess physical strength and athleticism, identify areas for improvement, and create a personalized workout plan tailored just for you.

Price: $49.99 Visit the Website

BCODA MultiShare USB Jak, Portable Smartphone Content Streaming Device Via Wi-Fi

Image of Jak showing Front & Back (Jak comes with one unit in a package)

Description: Jak is a multipurpose dongle that plugs into any consumer eletronic device with a USB port (HDTV, home or car stereo system, computer) and allows you to feed music, videos, photos, and documents stores on your smartphone to the connected device for a home theater quality playback. With intuitive and easy-to-use app that is freely downloadable from the Google Play Store, the users can create playlists of musics, video clips, etc from their smartphones and sync the playlist to Jak. On the host device, Jak will appear as a memory stick containing the playlist. The users then can enjoy the contents of the playlists using the controls of the host device. Since Jak lets the users to select the files to be shared while creating a playlist, privacy matter is naturally taken care of. It also lets the users to select files to be stored from the cloud such as Dropbox. iOS version of the app is under registration process and waiting for confirmation from Apple. Jak supports Full HD (1080p) quality video clips. Also, unlike bluetooth, it does not suffer audio quality loss while transferring music. It can be connected up to 20 smartphones, so with one Jak at the party or during any friends & family gathering, people can share their music, photos, video clips in turns.

Price: $49.99 to $69.99 Visit the Website


HMDX Jam Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Description: HMDX Jam Wireless Speaker is the sweetest sounding, #1 selling, little Bluetooth wireless speaker — at only $49.99. Available at Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, Best Buy and other stores in six of the hottest colors – Strawberry, Grape, Blueberry, Blackberry, Apricot and Apple. The small size and sweet sound makes it perfect for almost any setting: dorm room, kitchen, bedroom, office, home gym, beach, mountains and beyond.

Price: $49.99 Visit the Website

New Wearable Video Camera Allows Users To Capture Their Lives Handsfree!


Description: Love all the exciting things you do in your life, and want to capture them all on camera??? MeCam is a new “hands-free” way to capture all of it and more! The whole concept that we can start recording our lives is interesting. With MeCam all you have to do is pin the small camera to your shirt, purse, backpack, or you can even wear it as a necklace. Coming in at less than ¼ of a pound, the MeCam is a body-worn camera. It offers 720p HD quality video as well as a 5.0MP digital still camera. The best part is that it can be taken from day to night with its proprietary LED infrared technology.

Price: $49.99 Visit the Website

MirrorCase IPhone Case For More Comfortable Recording

MirrorCase is the easiest way to take photos and videos from your iPhone

Description: Having an iPhone means always having a camera on hand to capture those memorable moments. Unfortunately, the moment is often missed because your phone stands between you and the action. MirrorCase ( is designed to eliminate “Phone Face”, letting you hold your device from the more natural, horizontal angle while you take pictures and/or video. Utilizing a high quality mirror to reflect back any image that is in front of the device, you can still see the action in front of you while you record. Using the free Mirror Case app, photos are automatically flipped and inverted to be right side up and then saved to the camera roll. Great for recording your camera shy kids, or setting up video for self recording, MirrorCase is the best solution for anyone who wants to stop missing the action when taking pictures and video through their phone!

Price: $49.95 Visit the Website

Ovale™ 4.2 Amp Smart Charging Station

Ovale™ 4.2Amp Smart Charging Station - Fast charging of multiple smart devices.

Description: No Overcharging. No Wasted Power - The Ovale™ Smart Charging Station is built with a Smart Charge system that senses when devices are fully charged, or when there are no devices connected, and automatically shuts off power. Ovale™ saves you from worrying about battery damage caused by overcharging your mobile devices, while also saving you from wasting unnecessary standby power. Ovale™ is not only SMART, but also FAST. With 4.2 Amp capacity, it provides fastest charging of up to four smart mobile devices or two tablets simultaneously. Chargers with less than 4.2 Amp capacities will require longer charging times to fully charge multiple smart devices or tablets.

Price: $49.00 to $69.00 Visit the Website

MagBuds - Earbuds With A Tangle-Free Magnetic Cable


Description: MagBuds feature a tangle-free magnetic cable that sticks to itself. Stylishly wear MagBuds around your wrist and you will never lose track of your earbuds again. Stick them to a locker or refrigerator for easy and convenient storage. Coil them up and throw them in a bag so they are ready to go when you get to work or the gym. Don't spend any more time looking for or untangling your earbuds, MagBuds will always be ready to go!

Price: $49.00 Visit the Website

URCHIN Symphony Shell :: 3D Printed Smartphone Amplifier

URCHIN :: Original

Description: 3D printing technology allows Simply Amplified to custom make each Symphony Shell, layer by layer. Free from cables or batteries, Symphony Shells have defined acoustic channels that naturally amplify music from your smartphone (you can use your charger while amplifying if desired)and are made from fully recyclable, ecofriendly materials. Symphony Shells come in three acoustically-engineered designs: URCHIN | MUREX | NAUTILUS

Price: $45.00 to $55.00 Visit the Website

ONGUARD 7" Sleeve With Stand For IPad Mini, Kindle Fire HD, Nook HD

ONGUARD Sleeve folds into a viewing stand

Description: A revolutionary solution for carrying, storing and viewing your Tablet! The sleeve folds into a triangular stand that offers horizontal and vertical viewing positions. Sleeve fits iPad Mini, Kindle Fire HD, Nook HD and many other similar sized tablets. - Premium microsuede material, available in black, brown or red - Slip entry, magnetic clasp closure - Rigid magnetic inserts provide additional screen protection - Inside lined with microsuede for easy screen cleaning - Offers complete tablet protection - Patent pending design Also available in 10 Inch size to fit all iPad generations

Price: $44.99 Visit the Website

GIV Mobile, New No-Contract Wireless Service That Gives 8% Of Monthly Bill To Charity

GIV Mobile Sim Card

Description: GIV Mobile is the first consumer conscious no-contract mobile service that is dedicated to donating 8% of its monthly “Unlimited Everything” plans to a non-profit charity of the customer’s choice such as the Alzheimer’s Association®, American Red Cross, United Way Worldwide, Scholarship America and more. With GIV Mobile, customers may choose from two affordable no-contract plans to use with a GIV Mobile phone or their own unlocked, GSM phone: •$40/month Unlimited Everything - talk, text, MMS, International text and web (first 250MB up to 4G/3G speeds) on all 4G enabled phones and smartphones. •$50/month Unlimited Everything - talk, text, MMS, International text and web (first 2GB up to 4G/3G speeds) on all 4G enabled phones and smartphones. Utilizing the 4G network of T-Mobile USA, Inc. GIV Mobile’s two affordable “Unlimited Everything” no-contract plans allow users to have fast and reliable connections from nearly anywhere in the U.S. Along with providing a great mobile service, GIV Mobile collaborates with extraordinary charities to create a community that is dedicated to giving back. GIV Mobile’s wireless service will be exclusively available at

Price: $40.00 to $50.00 Visit the Website

Wool Blend Iphone Gloves

Wool blend iPhone gloves

Description: These peruvian inspired gloves work with any capacitive touchscreen devices- including iPhone, Android/Droid, and iPad. They are warm, yet portably lightweight and functional. Founded by jewelry designer Yuvi Alpert, Men In Cities is “For guys who find accessorizing intimidating,” according to the New York Times. Men In Cities announces fresh monthly accessories collections with everything done in-house. That means no more massive selection and subsequent decision fatigue. A well-edited selection of new product is presented each month at affordable price points, including bracelets, money clips, pens, wallets, and more.

Price: $40.00 Visit the Website

CraftArtist 2 Professional

Serif's CraftArtist 2 Professional

Description: CraftArtist 2 Professional is the ultimate digital crafting tool for creative types looking to make high-quality, unique print projects at home. Whether they’re a soon-to-be mom wanting to create a baby scrapbook keepsake, or an avid crafter who enjoys making homemade cards, photobooks, invitations and stationery, CraftArtist 2 Professional has all the tools needed to quickly create their desired project in minutes. Crafters will be amazed by how easy the software is to use thanks to its simple drag-and-drop function. It includes loads of new features including the 3D Decoupage Tool and the Punches Tab. Designs can be personalized with unlimited pictures and text, plus there are craft tools and a built-in photo editor to help deliver high-quality results that are guaranteed to impress family and friends. CraftArtist 2 Professional is compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP and is available directly from

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

LoJack For Laptops

LoJack for Laptops

Description: Every 50 seconds a laptop goes missing, and every day hundreds know the panic laptop theft brings. LoJack for Laptops makes it easy to identify your laptop’s location, delete sensitive data, freeze and lock the computer and post a message on the screen addressing the perpetrator. Moreover, only LoJack for Laptops has a dedicated Theft Recovery Team that works with law enforcement to find and recover your stolen laptop.

Price: $39.99 to $59.99 Visit the Website

Cellairis Shell Shock: G-Class Screen Protectors

Cellairis Shell Shock: G-Class screen protectors come in a variety of colors.

Description: The Cellairis Shell Shock: G-Class screen protector is a highly durable screen protector for iPhone made from impact resistant tempered glass to withstand significantly more pressure than regular screen protectors. The sleek and sturdy design is self-adhesive and can be applied to your device in simple one-step application, free of fingerprints or bubbles. May be used with or without a case and the 8 bold color options allow you to inexpensively change the color of the iPhone.

Price: $39.99 to $49.99 Visit the Website

Get Rid Of Your Home Phone Bill With An OBi VoIP Phone Adapter And Google Voice

OBi100 VoIP Phone Adapter

Description: The “OBi” is a device that people are using in conjunction with a free Google communications service called Google Voice and the broadband Internet connection at their home or office. With Google Voice nyone with a Gmail account can get a free phone number as well as free calling anywhere in the USA and Canada. Also, Google’s international rates are amazingly low. The OBi device connects to any regular home phone (corded or cordless) and any Internet broadband router. With a Google account configured on the OBi, the connected phone can make and receive calls for free, using VoIP Internet phone adapter technology in the OBi and free service from Google. OBi products are available on as well as Fry's Electronics and from other on-line merchants. Using an OBi in conjunction with a regular home phone and a broadband connection is a great way to save a lot of money yet still maintain a home phone service that behaves just like the traditional type (so no need to use a PC to make calls).

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

CM4 Q Card Case

Q Card Case for iPhone 5

Description: CM4: Q Card Case Wallet case for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 combines superior protection, sophisticated style, and pocket-friendly convenience •Case with integrated wallet comfortably fits 3 cards (credit cards, IDs, etc.) plus cash •Lay-flat Screen Guard™ provides ultimate scratch-resistant protection while 1mm front bezel protects against car keys, drops, and most threats •Exclusive patent pending soft-touch rubber and premium fabric allows case to easily pull out of pockets and purses •Natural Throw™ buttons maintain organic connection with your iPhone •iPhone 4/4S available in Black Onyx, Pink Sapphire, Pacific Green, and Pearl White •iPhone 5 available in Black Onyx, Pacific Green, Red Rouge, and Mahogany Brown Available at: and Price: $39.99 Website:

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

Hoodie Laptop Sleeve

Hoodie Laptop Sleeve

Description: Computer Apparel’s Hoodie Laptop Sleeve is the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for that special Tech Geek in everyone’s life. The Hoodie Laptop Sleeve’s fully zippable hood and easy-carry handle fit all his needs, from storage to accessibility. It protects all his favorite gadgets with ultra-thick padding and guarantees a smile on his face with its unique look. From $39.99-49.99, it’s a surefire winner! More at

Price: $39.99 to $49.99 Visit the Website

Wallet Case For ICM4 Q Card Case: Phone 4/4S And IPhone 5 Combines Superior Protection, Sophisticated Style, And Pocket-friendly Convenience

iPhone 4 Case

Description: • Case with integrated wallet comfortably fits 3 cards (credit cards, IDs, etc.) plus cash • Lay-flat Screen Guard™ provides ultimate scratch-resistant protection while 1mm front bezel protects against car keys, drops, and most threats • Exclusive patent pending soft-touch rubber and premium fabric allows case to easily pull out of pockets and purses • Natural Throw™ buttons maintain organic connection with your iPhone • iPhone 4/4S available in Black Onyx, Pink Sapphire, Pacific Green, and Pearl White • iPhone 5 available in Black Onyx, Pacific Green, Red Rouge, and Mahogany Brown

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

Dane-Elec Media Streamer: The Must-Have Smartphone Accessory

Wirelessly stream movies, music, photos and more to your smartphone or tablet with the Media Streamer!

Description: The Dane-Elec Media Streamer is the must-have mobile accessory for your smartphone or tablet, combining four solutions in one – expanded storage, content sharing, mobile device charging and backup of contacts. Designed for use on the go, the Media Streamer is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and weighs just over 3 ounces. With the Media Streamer, you can wirelessly stream content from a USB drive or SD card to an Apple or Android tablet or smartphone for up to eight hours, without using an Internet connection or going over your data limit. Simply load movies, music, photos and more onto a USB drive or SD card while at home, then insert into the Media Streamer and instantly stream to your smartphone or tablet on the go. At the same time, the Media Streamer provides up to four hours of mobile device battery backup! Traveling with family? Up to six people can connect via WiFi to the Media Streamer at the same time and stream six different movies, photos or music through the free mobile app. Need to reply to work emails while traveling? The Media Streamer's Internet Bridge allows you to connect to the Internet while simultaneously streaming from the device. The Media Streamer is available in Walmart stores nationwide in the Digital Storage section.

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

Bits Limited Smart Strip Surge Protector

Smart Strip Surge Protector

Description: Do you realize that even when you turn your television off, the DVD player, Xbox, speakers, and etc. are all still running; using excess energy and sucking the money right out of your wallet? What if there was a surge protector that once you turned the television off, everything else attached to it turned off as well? The wait is now over. BITS Limited, a leading manufacturer of green surge protectors, presents the Smart Strip®, the greatest energy saving surge protector on the market. The Smart Strip cuts down power usage to certain electronic devices by sensing the current to the “control outlet,” and smartly turning on or off the current to the strip’s “automatically switched outlets.” Turning on or off a TV connected to the control outlet will switch on or off any device plugged into the automatically switched outlets. This technology has been proven to save customers in excess of $50.00 a year on their energy bills. Moreover, BITS Limited Smart Strips also offer superior surge protection, blocking out dangerous power surges and helping extend the lifespan of electronic devices. If any electronic device is damaged by a power surge while plugged into a Smart Strip, BITS Limited will pay for the cost of a new device.

Price: $39.95 Visit the Website

Cobra AirWave

Cobra AirWave

Description: The Cobra AirWave is a portable Bluetooth® -based music bridge that allows users to wirelessly connect their Bluetooth® -enabled media device to their home stereo, car stereo, or standalone speakers. This connection allows users to play premium sound while having the freedom to be away from the source and control their music from anywhere within range. The Cobra AirWave enables older generation devices to have wireless technology at a fraction of the cost if it were built-in so that users can stream audio through any of their current stereo systems.

Price: $39.95 to $40.00 Visit the Website

ILuv Snoopy Valentine's Galaxy S III Hardshell Case

Snoopy Valentine's Day

Description: The super sleek and durable hardshell case from iLuv is customized to fit the Samsung Galaxy SIII to offer full access to all the phone’s controls. It features a playful, exclusive iLuv design and durable hardshell construction to protect the phone from the daily abuse of an active lifestyle. The hardshell case being featured is the Snoopy Valentine's Day edition.

Price: $34.99 Visit the Website

Powerocks Super Magicstick Line Of Lipstick-Shaped Portable Power Banks

Super Magicstick with iPhone

Description: Powerocks, creators of fashionable power banks, announced today the new Super Magicstick line of beautifully designed, light easy-to-carry lipstick/cigar-shaped power banks to charge smartphones on the go, in two versions: Super Magicstick and Classical Texture/Super Magicstick. Designed to fit in a pocket, purse, or bag, the Super Magicstick line provides 2800 mAh of power in a compact package for two full emergency charges for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. It quickly and safely charges your phone when away from a power source or outlet, so you’ll never miss a call or be in an emergency without your cellphone when away from home. Just plug Super Magicstick into your phone and it will immediately charge the phone, instantly turning it on. After charging, Super Magicstick can be re-charged when you get home using the included USB cable. Its smart LED indicator shows remaining capacity and charging status, turning red when charging, and blue when fully charged.

Price: $34.99 Visit the Website

Lepow Moonstone - Charge Your Smartphone Or Tablet On The Go!

Lepow Moonstone in 5 fun colors!

Description: The Lepow Moonstone is a 6000mAh mobile power bank that fits in your pocket and charges smartphones and tablets (or other portable electronic devices) on the go. A perfect gift for everyone with a mobile device, the Moonstone can charge two devices at once using its dual USB charging ports (1.2A and 2.1A) with different charging speeds. Designed with rounded edges and lacquered paint, the Moonstone has a sleek finish and is fashionable without losing its individuality. It is light and portable at only 3.2″ square and weighs 8 ounces. The Moonstone is available in glossy black, pearl white, rose red, sunflower yellow and apple green on

Price: $34.99 to $59.99 Visit the Website

GelaSkins Artist-Designed & Custom IPhone Cases

The HardCase for iPhone 5 in 'Mod Flower' by Petit Collage

Description: Personalize and protect your iPhone with The HardCase by GelaSkins. Choose from over 1000 designs from our family of independent artists or upload your own art and photos and create your own! The HardCase is a tough polycarbonate defender made to protect iPhones from impact damage and everyday wear-and-tear. Simple to install and remove, the one-piece snap-on construction holds tight for maximum protection. The HardCase allows for easy access to buttons and is compatible with charging cables and screen protectors. Matching wallpapers complete the look!

Price: $34.95 Visit the Website

Passionate About Music? Try Audiofly In-Ear Headphones

Award-winning Best in Class Headphones

Description: AF78 Series

 Created by musicians, Audiofly's premium AF78 in-ear headphones feature a balanced armature driver, found in professional earpieces, and a 9mm custom dynamic driver. This hybrid configuration uses both driver types to produce amazing separation across the dynamic range, delivering beautiful high-end detail and well-defined response in lower and mid frequencies. AF56 Series These in-ear headphones feature a large 13mm dynamic driver, voiced for a punchy bass response that doesn't overpower the subtle detail of the midtones or smooth chimey highs. Our AudioFlexTM tangle free, braided cable provides increased strength and a great hand feel. AF45 Series With a powerful custom-voiced 11mm dynamic driver, the AF45 is precision-tuned to deliver an extended range of tight, chunky lows, resonant mids and clean, bright highs. It offers our durable AudioFlexTM tangle free, braided cable. AF33 Series

 Delivering superb sound at a strong consumer value, the AF33 is an excellent in-ear headphone and offers best in class for value-conscious consumers that want a superior sound experience. For casual music listening or multi-voice/talk/music use, these models deliver amazing sound at affordable prices. The AF56, AF45, and AF33 feature a selection of sophisticated colors. All headphones are available with an optional Clear-Talk™ microphone.

Price: $30.00 to $200.00 Visit the Website

Une Bobine- For IPhone

Une Bobine is a hybrid stand and recharge cable for your smartphone.

Description: Une Bobine is a flexible and eclectic stand, sync, and charging cable for your iPhone and iPod touch. The cable can be flexed in different positions, coiled, wrapped around objects… the only limit is your imagination. Create a coiled base to hold your phone steady. It'll look very cool doing so. 24 inches / 600 mm in length -Includes Apple 30 pin connector -Comes with a connector piece for iPhone 5. Wrap your charging cord around it and you'll be all set. -USB connector What Can Une Bobine Do? Look very cool on your desk or table Charge your phone by connecting to USB or a wall charger Sync with a computer by connecting to USB Adjust based on your mood Place your phone at eye level for FaceTime Hold your phone steady for photography and videography Did we mention that it looks very cool?

Price: $30.00 Visit the Website

HipShotDot By AirDrop Gaming


Description: HipShotDot, is an exclusive powered red dot sight attachment for first person shooter games, which works with every popular gaming console. It's USB-powered LED aiming is a device that attaches temporarily to a gamer’s screen. In first-person shooter video games, where the environment rotates around a static aim point, the HipShotDot enhances the user’s vision of their crosshairs, making aiming faster. In first-person shooter games, every split-second counts, whether it’s to beat a difficult level in a campaign or earn extra points in multi-player matches. The HipShotDot is now available online at and through several national retailers with an MSRP of $29.99. Learn more about HipShotDot on Facebook: and Twitter:

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

Wallet TrackR By PhoneHalo Always Forgetting Something? Halo Can Help!

Introducing TrackR, locate anything in seconds using your iPhone or Android.

Description: That moment filled with panic when you can't find your keys, cellphone, or wallet! Wallet TrackR from Phone Halo can help. Wallet TrackR provides tracking software and devices so you’ll never waste time searching for lost items again. Phone Halo started as a project at the University of California, Santa Barbara's Technology Management Program (TMP) and engineering school in 2008. The idea came to the founders when a friend had lost his phone repeatedly and the founders had a constant problem of losing everything from keys to backpacks to forgetting where they parked their cars in the crowded streets of Isla Vista. They launched the first generation TrackR at the prestigious DEMO 2010 conference and received the elite DEMOgod award. Since then, the product has evolved into Wallet TrackR, an ultra thin device that can slip inside your wallet or be attached to any commonly misplaced item. The device wirelessly connects to the user’s iPhone or Android via the TrackR app, which monitors the location of the wallet or the user’s items. The device can withstand being sat on continuously, with a battery life of up to two years. Phone Halo has released multiple products to market that help people keep track of their valuables, also helping people locate thousands of items. The next big tech accessory has arrived!

Price: $29.95 to $39.95 Visit the Website

The Audiofly AF33 Is Built For Music

Audiofly AF33 - Selvage Blue

Description: The Audiofly AF33 Series

 is made with high quality materials and precision manufacturing, the AF33 will play its heart out every time and astonish you with its sound quality. It's an excellent multi-use in-ear headphone and offers best in class audio for value-conscious consumers that want a superior sound experience. For casual music listening or multi-voice/talk/music use, these models deliver amazing sound at affordable prices. Two models are available with or without a microphone that's compatible with all popular smartphones.

Price: $29.95 to $39.95 Visit the Website

Nomad Brush FLeX - Digital Paintbrush For Touchscreen Devices

Nomad Brush FLeX Paintbrush for Creating Your Digital Expression

Description: Nomad Brush Flex paintbrush is a brand-new digital stylus for any touch-screen capacitive device including the iPad, iPhone (including the 5), Kindle Fire, Microsoft's Surface tablet…etc. The Flex IS the next generation and features a new, all-synthetic brush tip, which is both flexible and soft, providing superior feedback to the user making it feel like a real paintbrush without the messy clean up. The body of the Flex is made of precision-milled aluminum and comes in five unique colors: charcoal, silver, cobalt blue, red and pink. Available now for $29.00 at and closer to the Holidays at Best Buy stores. Nomad Brush is the maker of the original, critically-acclaimed Nomad Brush Compose, a 2011 Macworld EDDY winner and the only paintbrush stylus on the market to garner rave reviews from the likes of Vanity Fair, The Washington Post and The New York Times. The new Nomad Flex is fully compatible with the original Nomad Compose brush tips giving artists and doodlers the utmost in flexibility when choosing the proper brush for each stroke of artistic genius. As a portable and flexible device, consumers can take their brush anywhere and create whenever and wherever inspiration takes them.

Price: $29.00 Visit the Website

HANDeBand Mobile Device Hand Grip


Description: The HANDeBand is a new accessory for any smart phone, tablet, e-reader or other portable device that attaches to your finger to streamline the ease of use of any device, and overall makes using the device more fun, comfortable and enjoyable. Everyday tasks like taking photos, texting, managing email, surfing the internet, and even watching videos become easier because your hand does not have to grasp the device, freeing up your thumb for a wider range of mobility and usability with a full 360 degree rotation. Available at for $28.95 for 2-pack.

Price: $28.95 Visit the Website

Unique Concept In PERSONALIZED CELL PHONE COVER - Help Kickstart The Project


Description: In this age of “ME” - with the “I” phone, “MY” Space and “I” Pad - everyone wants to be noticed. frām iPhone Case is a new concept GIVING YOU THE CHANCE TO SPOTLIGHT YOUR INDIVIDUALITY. CHALLENGE: the creators of frām have only 19 days to raise enough capital to make the frām concept a reality – they NEED YOUR HELP to get the word out. frām ($25) comes from IDEATIVE, the small-business entrepreneurs and makers of the already successful Socket Sense® surge protectors and FlexUSB™. The frām IPhone case LET'S YOU CREATE YOUR OWN DESIGN AND CHANGE IT AS OFTEN as you want. There’s no need to buy a new case when you get bored – just switch the photo or the design. All you need is a scissors and your imagination! The Challenge: The frām case will only be mass-produced if it receives enough BUYERS BY JULY 21ST. Only if frām reaches their goal of $30,000 worth of purchases will each credit card be charged the $25 purchase fee and be shipped their frām in September. Just pledging to buy a frām case will help these entrepreneurs’ get their start-up concept off the ground. For more info, check out

Price: $25.00 Visit the Website

Dust Off Ultimate Screen Care Kit

Ultimate Screen Care Kit

Description: Never again will the children’s fingerprints and food marks be all over your household electronics. Their Dust Off® Ultimate Screen Care Kit allows users to clean all of their electronics with one convenient kit. The kit features a safe and effective cleaning solution created to easily removing smudges and fingerprints from all devices. The Kit includes: 1 – 50ml Screen Spray, 1 – Screen Shammy for use on various devices, 1 – Plasma Screen Cloth, 1 – CD/DVD Cloth for media disks, 1 – Sweep mobile cleaning pad.

Price: $24.99 Visit the Website

Energizer® 5W Premium USB Wall Charger And Cable

Energizer® 5W Premium USB Wall Charger and Cable

Description: The Energizer® 5W Premium USB Wall Charger and Cable is made for iPod® and iPhone® and offers convenient cable storage to help manage cables and minimize clutter. This charger also features a Charging Indicator Light to let the consumer know if the device is charging and when a device is fully charged. Fold-down plug blades provide easy storage and portability. This charger turns any AC or DC power outlet into a charging station.

Price: $24.99 Visit the Website

Find'Em Tracking Bluetooth Tracking Device

Find'Em Tracking Keeps Track Of Your Valuables

Description: Find’em Tracking is the most advanced and thinnest Bluetooth tracking device on the market. Specifically designed for use in wallets, bags, purses and luggage and at only 2.4 mm thick (the thickness of two credit cards), this product helps users easily keep tabs on their identity. Used with the free Find’em Tracking mobile app, this innovative tracking device uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to alert the user when they are about to leave valuable belongings behind. The mobile app is integrated with Google Maps to help users locate the last place their phone and wallet were together to give users the exact location of where they last had their card and valuables. To find out more about Find’em Tracking and to order the device, visit: The app will be available in the Mac App Store and Google Play store and works on the latest iOS and Android device

Price: $24.99 Visit the Website

ChromaLuxe Flex Frames

Flex Frame for Galaxy SIII

Description: ChromaLuxe Flex Frame smart device covers allows users to print personalized images on high definition interchangeable inserts crafted from ChromaLuxe’s HD Metal Prints. As the smartphone has become an extension of our lives, and its protective case a fashion statement, the new Flex Frames make it easy to snap on a new look to match a user’s changing style, mood or interest. The Flex Frames are designed to securely hug the Galaxy SIII®, the new iPhone® 5, or its iPhone® 4 and 4S predecessors, and as well as the iPad® 2-4, and iPad® Mini. Whether switching the case’s look with the changing seasons or daily wardrobe changes, the unique metal prints can be swapped within the hard shell casing in seconds. With ChromaLuxe Flex Frames teens can showcase their devotion for a favorite band or alma mater, while parents will love the Flex Frames as a one-of-a-kind tableau to show off their children’s beaming smiles. Loaded with a print of abstract imagery or a fun print, Flex Frames can make the carrier’s smartphone into a trendy fashion-forward accessory.

Price: $24.98 to $29.99 Visit the Website

GoSmart RestPad

GoSmart RestPad

Description: GoSmart, Inc. announced today the GoSmart RestPad, an innovative new patent-pending mouse pad with a luxurious 100% natural sheepskin wrist rest designed to give soothing comfort and ultimate pressure relief for computer mouse users. The GoSmart RestPad is a new kind of mouse pad, featuring a removable sheepskin wrist rest designed to give pressure relief for anyone using a computer for hours, for those with repetitive wrist injury, or for those suffering with Carpal Tunnel. Validated to relieve over twice as much pressure as other wrist rests, the GoSmart RestPad underwent extensive testing with advanced tactile array sensors that measured the contact pressures underneath the wrist to show the GoSmart RestPad’s superior results.

Price: $24.95 Visit the Website

Personalized Phone Case

Name Bubbles Personalized Phone Cases

Description: These durable and personalized iPhone Cases from Name Bubbles are a great way to get a case for your iPhone custom-made. Choose from over fifteen styles and color combinations to make your cool iPhone 4 case unique. Designed for the Apple 4 and 4s iPhone, these durable and lightweight hard plastic covers make for a fun iPhone case for kids, and a unique holiday gift.

Price: $24.88 Visit the Website

GoSmart Stylus

GoSmart Stylus

Description: The GoSmart Freedom Stylus (without magnets) is based on the original GoSmart Stylus, which features rare earth magnets to attach the GoSmart Stylus to the iPad smart cover, keeping them together when traveling to meetings, classes, or for other uses – a extremely useful feature. If you don’t have the smart cover or use an older iPad or non-Apple tablet, then the stylus’ magnets are not needed, which is why GoSmart is today launching the new GoSmart Freedom Stylus (without magnets). The new streamlined GoSmart Freedom Stylus (without magnets) is perfect for customers who use the Stylus all day (such as professional artists and students), and don’t travel often with their stylus and iPad. The new GoSmart Freedom Stylus is priced slightly less than the original Stylus, at $23.95, and is available immediately.

Price: $23.95 to $24.95 Visit the Website

Mosaic: Create A Stunning Photobook From Your IPhone In A Flash

Mosaic brings iPhone photos to life with this gorgeous photobook. Just $20, Mosaic arrives on your doorstep in four days.

Description: Mosaic is the one-of-a-kind photobook made with your favorite Apple device. 20 photos - $20 bucks, on your doorstep in four days. We're all iPhone photographers these days, and Mosaic brings those photos to life with a gorgeous, physical photobook. Keeping up with your busy lifestyle, Mosaic only takes about five minutes to make. The process is super simple and speedy. Open Mosaic, choose 20 photos, place your order. No resizing or retouching necessary. The app is free and your Mosaic costs just $20, plus tax and shipping. Learn more at Download Mosaic from the Apple app store:

Price: $20.00 Visit the Website

Pixuru: User Friendly App Allows Smartphoneographers To Turn Their Pics Into Wall Art In Just A Few Clicks

From Mobile to Masterpiece

Description: • Allows users to select a photo from their smartphone, choose the type and size of art • Pictures can be taken from smartphone camera or chosen from Facebook or Instagram • Choose from four types of artwork: canvas, metal, wood and framed. There is also the option of splitting one image into a three or four-panels • Patent-pending printing process and technology can produce large prints while keeping the integrity of the picture • Shipping is free and prints are delivered within a week from the time the order is placed Available in the App store; available for Android by June 2013 Price: App is free; prints start at $20, free shipping Website:

Price: $20.00 Visit the Website

ScreenDr® Pro 5oz. & 2oz. Electronics Screen Cleaning System

ScreenDr® Pro 5oz. & 2oz. Electronics Screen Cleaning System is great for smart phones, laptops, tablets, monitors and flat-screen TVs.

Description: ScreenDr® Pro 5oz. & 2oz. Screen Cleaning System is a must-have accessory for everything from smart phones to laptop computers, desktop computers, flat screen TVs and tablets. Safe and effective for all electronic devices, no other screen cleaner can come close to matching the features and benefits of ScreenDr Pro. For starters, the patent-pending StorDry™ design stores the cloth inside the bottle's vented cap to keep it clean, dry and mildew-free between uses. The ammonia-free and alcohol-free formula safely and thoroughly removes dust, dirt and fingerprints from any screen with no streaking. Anti-static properties help keep dust away to maintain brilliant screen clarity between cleanings. The microfiber cleaning cloth is antibacterial, machine washable and won't scratch delicate screens. Finally, the 2oz. bottle size is airline carry-on friendly and fits easily in a purse, briefcase or glove box. The 5oz. bottle size fits easily in a desk drawer.

Price: $19.99 to $24.99 Visit the Website

WOODCHUCK Natural Wood Cases And Covers

WOODCHUCK Case for iPhone

Description: Woodchuck creates signature, real wood accessory cases and covers using 100 percent natural, sustainable materials for mobile phones, laptops and tablets, as well as headphones and accessories. Woodchuck offers an ever-expanding portfolio of beautiful cases featuring one-of-a-kind designs and exotic woods, such as ebony, walnut, teak, mahogany and birch. Cases are custom-fitted for today’s popular entertainment devices for iPhones, iPads, Android, etc. All Woodchuck products are completely designed, manufactured, printed and assembled in the USA. All cases are available for customization, highlighting your favorite artwork, sports team, text, photos, patterns or even company logo.

Price: $19.99 to $79.99 Visit the Website

'Pocket Desktop' USB Drive Turns Any Computer Into Your Own Private, Secure Computer

Pocket Desktop USB Drive Turns Any Computer Into Your Personal, Secure Computer

Description: The Pocket Desktop ( is a brand new USB device that makes any computer your own, personal computer. It contains your own private operating system with over 40 applications that provides total security and portability and is immune to threats such as viruses, spyware and spyware – and prying eyes, Designed by a retired Naval Intelligence Officer, the Pocket Desktop packs all of the privacy, security and back-up power of a military-grade computer into one tiny, portable device. Users simply plug their Pocket Desktop into any computer’s USB port and restart the machine. The Pocket Desktop boots to its own closed, completely secure environment. The self-contained and proprietary Linux OS contains more than 40 popular apps and software files, such as Skype, Open Office, and Firefox. From this point, the user can perform any routine function on their computer – from word processing to web surfing, chat and more – all with complete privacy, security and back-up ability. The Pocket Desktop is platform-agnostic and works with both Apple and Windows machines.

Price: $19.95 to $49.95 Visit the Website

CardNinja: The Practical, Fashionable Wallet-Alternative

CardNinja: the convenient, ultra-slim wallet-alternative

Description: CardNinja is the new alternative to a traditional wallet created to help men and women simplify their lives by streamlining what they carry. With its ultra-slim design, CardNinja eliminates the need for a wallet allowing easy storage for credit cards, IDs and cash. And it works on nearly every smartphone. Perfect for anyone on the go whether your running errands, spending the afternoon shopping or going to the gym, no more carrying along an over-stuffed wallet or a bulky purse. CardNinjas are easily attachable and removable, extremely thin and can securely hold valuable items. They come in three fashionable colors, black, steel or eggplant. The product is designed and manufactured in the U.S. and is available at for just $19.95.

Price: $19.95 Visit the Website

Id America: Hue For IPhone 5

Hue in Blue

Description: The Hue is a soft grip iPhone 5 case that offers style and optimal pocket-ability. It has a hard polycarbonate shell and soft rubber coating that offers full protection. The sleek orm factor delivers a lightweight and easy-to-carry case solution. The case allows full access to all switches, jacks and camera. Packaged with a clear screen protective film and microfiber cleaning cloth, the Hue is a great, affordable gift. It's available in Blue, Gray, Green, Pink, Violet, and White.

Price: $19.95 Visit the Website

GoSmart Clip For Smartphones - Essential Tool For Busy Travelers

GoSmart Clip for Smartphones

Description: GoSmart, Inc. announced today that it is shipping the GoSmart Clip, the essential tool for busy travelers for safer GPS phone call use in cars. A great gift for everyone that needs access to smartphones, the GoSmart Clip securely holds and clips iPhones, Androids, and other smartphones to car steering wheels or other places for quick access to GPS directions. The GoSmart Clip’s compact design lets you place the GPS phone on the steering wheel close to you, so you can keep your eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel while using GPS, making it much safer than windshield, dashboard, or other GPS systems, that are further away from your eyes and increase the time you’re taking your eyes off the road.

Price: $19.95 Visit the Website

Professor Kobre’s Lightscoop: Instantly And Dramatically Improves Indoor Photos

Lightscoop Deluxe

Description: Indoor photography is always tricky. The direct light coming from your camera's pop-up flash often results in harsh shadows, bleached faces, red-eye or the dreaded cave effect. Slip Professor Kobre’s Lightscoop onto your camera's hot shoe, though, and you'll instantly and dramatically improve your indoor shots. The Lightscoop bounces and redirects your camera’s flash to a ceiling or wall like professionals do with their expensive external strobes. The bounce creates a larger source of light, and it brings in softer, more diffused light from a more natural direction than from the camera, itself. The result: Your indoor photos will look just as nice as your outdoor photos. Even professionals like it for casual shooting. The Lightscoop Deluxe ($36.95) works with most dSLR cameras and the Lightscoop Jr. ($18.95) works with most advanced compact cameras. Both are available on They're the perfect addition to any photographer's camera bag!

Price: $18.95 to $36.95 Visit the Website

The ISucker Is The Easiest Way To Hold Your IPad Or Tablet Since...Hands!

Red with green lever iSucker

Description: The iSucker was created to make it easier to hold your iPad or Tablet. The only problem we ever had with our iPad was our hands got in the way. So we created an easier way to hold your device. With one hand you cradle your iPad or Tablet, and the other hand is left to perform all those gestures the developers created for us. We believe it is the easiest way to hold an iPad or Tablet since...Hands!

Price: $15.95 Visit the Website

Online Reputation Management For Dummies Book

Whether you want a hot date, a hot job, or to launch your hot project, you need a solid reputation online!

Description: More important than ever--how to manage your online reputation In today's social world, managing your online reputation is more critical than ever, whether it's your company brand or yourself as a brand, and one thing is certain: everyone needs a plan. This essential book shows you how to set up a system that works every day, helps forward your brand's online goals, and is able to deal with negative chatter. Covering everyday listening and messaging as well as reputation management for special events or crises, this book walks you through step-by-step instructions and tips that will help you build and maintain a positive online presence. Shows you how to create a solid, productive online reputation management system Helps you achieve your brand's goals and be ready to deal with negative chatter or crises Explains how to set up an online reputation management and response team Covers how to identify and incorporate both everyday and crisis SEO keywords Explores reputation creation through listening, messages, images, video, and other media Helps you handle crises with social media, bloggers, and other influencers, and respond immediately Online Reputation Management For Dummies gives you the tools you need to maintain the online reputation you want.

Price: $15.00 to $25.00 Visit the Website

3M Screen Protector Products

3M Screen Protector

Description: 3M Screen Protector Products for smartphones and tablets are a great stocking stuffer for travelers or techies looking to protect their gadgets and privacy while traveling. They come in a variety of sizes and models: -3M Privacy Screen Protectors block-out side views to keep onscreen data private for that extra layer of protection -3M Natural View Anti-Glare Screen Protectors provide an enhanced viewing experience on your iPad, iPhone or e-reader when reading outdoors and in bright light. -3M Natural View Fingerprint Fading Screen Protectors keep your tablet, such as the new iPad, clean from messy fingerprints. The 3M Screen Protectors can be purchased at Target, Walmart and

Price: $15.00 to $40.00 Visit the Website

CleanDr® For DVD Laser Lens Cleaner

CleanDr® for DVD Laser Lens Cleaner safely cleans DVD players plus XBOX and Wii gaming systems.

Description: CleanDr® for DVD Laser Lens Cleaner is specifically designed to safely clean DVD players as well as XBOX and Wii gaming systems. The 10-Brush Cyclone Clean™ process removes dirt and dust build-up that causes audio and video dropout and distortion. Cleaning the laser lens helps maintain the life of the DVD or gaming system, as well as improves image and sound playback. product includes essential Home Theater Sound Calibration Tools to help maintain ideal audio playback settings, with on-screen and voice instructions available in English, French, German and Spanish.

Price: $14.99 to $19.99 Visit the Website Protection And Style For Your Favorite Electronics

What's Not To LUVV...About LUVVITT® The Apple Accessories Experts!

Description: has an unbeatable, wide variety of technology gear for iPhones, iPads, the Samsung Galaxy S3, and the Kindle Fire. From genuine leather to anti-scratch, candy colored hard shell cases, has the perfect style for everyone on your list. This Holiday Season gift your loved ones with protection and style for their favorite electronics without emptying your pockets. There is no gift more current, useful, andnecessary than one of the many cases offered from With at least two new products being released monthly, there is always a fantastic cutting edge item to gift for graduations, birthdays, or “just because.” Each product is tested until perfection so that without hesitation, LUVVITT® guarantees that no matter which product you order, you’re going to LUV IT! To purchase LUVVITT® products go to

Price: $14.95 to $69.95 Visit the Website



Description: These cute mobile device companions feature a microfiber compartment fitted for most Smartphones, MP3 players and small point-and-a-shoot cameras on the market today. While securely housed in the DigiPal with its zipper closure, users can clean their device’s screen by gently rubbing the DigiPal over the screen. The mobile device companions also feature an additional zippered compartment ideal for carrying essentials including school IDs, money, earbuds or lip balm. While designed with kids in mind, parents and teens will love cleaning and protecting their mobile electronics with these device companions, too.

Price: $14.95 Visit the Website

Rocketcases Retro Gamer Cases Protect Your IPhone With Nostalgic Gamer Style

Rocketcases Nintendo Styled iPhone Case

Description: Rocketcases announced today the best-selling Retro Gamer case line for iPhone 5, 4S and 4. Rocketcases Game Boy and Nintendo Controller themed iPhone cases protect your iPhone from falls and scratches with hard silicon and plastic materials, while at the same time bringing back memories of old-school gaming fun. Rock that Retro Gamer Nostalgia Everywhere You Go The Game Boy retro cases are made of silicone in black and white and the Nintendo case is made of hard plastic with the original NES controller styling. These cases are packed full of nostalgia that give your iPhone a head-turning unique look. Available immediately with a street price of $14.95 and a suggested retail price of $19.95 from Rocketcases at and select retailers, these iPhone cases will be an instant focus of attention and conversational piece wherever you go.

Price: $14.95 to $19.95 Visit the Website

The Cell Spacer

Green Swan, Inc. introduced The Cell Spacer™, a device that puts distance between a mobile phone user’s head and headset.

Description: With The Cell Spacer, users of all ages have the ability to ensure safer cell phone usage without the need for equipment that requires batteries, charging or tangled wires and offers the following benefits: • Promotes safer use of cell phone in accordance with established regulations • Eliminates the need for wired or battery powered headsets, while providing users with similar protection against proximity exposure to cellular radiation • Provides high quality reception sound. The Cell Spacer is available in five colors (green, yellow, white, blue and black) and can be purchased through Amazon for $11.95.

Price: $11.95 Visit the Website

The Nest™ Earbud Case

The Nest™ Earbud Case keeps earbuds fully protected inside.

Description: The Nest™ is an earbud winder and case that protects your earbud-style headphones from tangling and damage! What makes The Nest unique is its patent-pending design that lets you store earbuds in seconds...and then remove them instantly and tangle-free with a single pull. The Nest keeps earbuds fully protected. It's also flexible, pocket-friendly and made of durable, high-quality silicone. The Nest is earbud storage made easy!

Price: $9.99 to $14.99 Visit the Website

DeviceDryer™ Dries Out Soaked Phones & More

DeviceDryer™ can save your wet phone or device.

Description: Did you drop your phone, mp3 player or digital camera in water? DeviceDryer™ can help restore wet electronics. DeviceDryer features the most effective and aggressive electronics dehumidifying agent on the market. Its active ingredients will dry out a soaked device in 24-48 hours, delivering the best possible chance of bringing it back to life. Count on DeviceDryer to effectively dry out wet smart phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, GPS systems, watches and more. DeviceDryer features a transparent bag and moisture absorbing beads that change color to indicate they are working. It's also easy-to-use. Simply remove any batteries (if possible), SIM card, or memory card from the wet device, drop it in the bag and close the seal. DeviceDryer is reusable too.

Price: $9.99 to $14.99 Visit the Website

ScreenDr® Pro 2oz Portable Electronics Screen Cleaning Kit

ScreenDr® Pro 2oz. Screen Cleaning System safely cleans all mobile device screens.

Description: ScreenDr® Pro 2oz. Screen Cleaning System is a must-have accessory for portable devices like smart phones, MP3 players and tablets. Safe and effective for all electronic devices, no other screen cleaner can come close to matching the features and benefits of ScreenDr Pro. For starters, the patent-pending StorDry™ design stores the cloth inside the bottle's vented cap to keep it clean, dry and mildew-free between uses. The ammonia-free and alcohol-free formula safely and thoroughly removes dust, dirt and fingerprints from any screen with no streaking. Anti-static properties help keep dust away to maintain brilliant screen clarity between cleanings. The cleaning cloth is antibacterial, machine washable and won't scratch delicate screens. Finally, the 2oz. bottle size is airline carry-on friendly and fits easily in a purse, briefcase or glove box.

Price: $9.99 to $14.99 Visit the Website

Toddy Gear: Screensters

Pick from 10 collectible choices

Description: 100% microfiber, character-inspired line of cleaning dolls bring a hint of flair and personality to your mobile devices. • Dual-sided, scratch-free design with a plush side that absorbs dust and oils, and a silky side that polishes any screen or lens • Fashionable companion for your smart phone, MP3 player, e-reader, tablet, gaming device, and other sensitive electronics • Available in 10 collectible choices inspired by characters you encounter in everyday life • Intelligently designed to fit comfortably in your pocket or attach to your bag/backpack • Ideal for children and adults alike

Price: $9.99 Visit the Website

No More Cable Spaghetti, No More Untangling

Recoil Winders

Description: Most people live in a world of cell phones, MP3 players, video games, tablets, cameras, laptop chargers and multiple headphones…which means lots and lots of cords! Who wants to spend more time untangling their headphones than listening to music? I have a solution to this problem –knot free cables and the product is called Recoil! Recoil Winders are the only automatic, self-winding device for your cable cords. When you’re done with your headphones, or any cable you just hook the wire onto the Recoil, give it slight tug and the cable wire quickly winds onto a spring-loaded spindle that guarantees no more cable spaghetti! Unraveling your cables is just as easy. And besides saving you time and frustration, Recoil will also save you money. Over time knots and kinks can ruin your cords, Recoil is a great way to protect them. Recoil Winders come in three sizes – Small (for headphones without a microphone), Medium (for all types of headphones, plus lightweight charging cords, cell phone, smart phone, smart tablet) and Large (for all charging cords and cables). There are also two combo packs that include a Recoil Rack for stand up storage of the winders.

Price: $9.99 to $27.99 Visit the Website

A Phone Accessory Unlike Any Other

HandAble is comfortable and stylish

Description: So many people use cellphones and tablets for just about everything. Many will experience the horror of dropping they're very expensive devices. We have come up with a solution called the HandAble Phone Holder. Our phone accessory, HandAble Phone Holder, is uniquely designed for comfort, and to prevent your phone from falling out of your hand. HandAble provides a revolutionary way to hold your devices comfortably, without having to grip it. HandAble fits all hand sizes, children and adults, and is available at our website for only $9.95.

Price: $9.95 Visit the Website

Watch Live Sports, Reality & Awards Show - With No Commercials

MyTVChoice covers live national sports - no commercials

Description: Now you can watch live sports, reality and awards shows with no commercials through MyTVChoice, which puts you in control of live TV. While many options are available to skip commercials on recorded TV shows, MyTVChoice is the first technology that allows you to skip commercials on games and select shows you want to watch live. Commercials are automatically replaced with the channel of your choice during live sports, select reality shows and award shows. Simply plug the MyTVChoice Gateway into a wall socket, download the link to your WIFI enabled computer, and download the app to your iPhone (any model), Android, iPad or Android tablet. Then set a primary and secondary (preferred) channel with the corresponding MyTVChoice mobile application. As soon as a commercial starts, your TV will automatically flip to your chosen channel [another game, music]. When commercials are over, your TV will automatically return to your game or show. Available for national broadcasts of all NFL and NCAA football, 2014 Winter Olympics and World Cup Soccer, soon to expand to other TV markets for regional coverage. The Gateway is free, and the subscription is $9.95 per month for 12 months, $4.95 thereafter for loyalty subscribers.

Price: $9.95 to $9.96 Visit the Website

NeatCloud And NeatMobile

NeatCloud and NeatMobile

Description: The Neat® Company’s newest offerings, NeatCloud® and NeatMobile®, allow users to access information in their Neat Digital Filing System anytime, anywhere. With NeatCloud, users can take advantage of cloud based backup, allowing them to retrieve, share, and activate their information across multiple platforms. Additionally, NeatMobile provides a new way of acquiring information, as users can scan items directly from a mobile device, automatically syncing to NeatCloud. That's not it—with NeatCloud users can find information stored in multiple cloud services including Google Docs, Dropbox and Evernote, so that they can access all of their information from a single interface.

Price: $5.99 to $24.99 Visit the Website

Sticky DOT Comics IPAD APP FOR KIDS - From VIZ Media -

sticky DOT comics - iPAD APP for kids from VIZ Media

Description: This is an exciting and fun new digital destination for young readers, which includes Parent-Trusted Manga & Graphic Novels titles. This new kids comics app for the Apple iPad® and iPad® mini brings the best all-ages comics to the iPad featuring favorite characters kids are familiar with and will introduce them to some news too! sticky DOT comics is available for free download through the iTunes Store. Individual volumes are available for purchase and download in the U.S. and Canada within the application for a debut price of $2.99-$3.99 per volume. Readers are encouraged to check the app regularly, for new series and volumes as well as FREE previews that will be added frequently. Kids can securely browse, download and read a diverse collection of popular manga and graphic novels taking their family-friendly favorites on the go in this iPad app - many for the first time ever in digital form! FREE CHAPTER 1 PREVIEWS. -some of the titles now available are: POKÉMON ADVENTURES POKÉMON ADVENTURES: DIAMOND AND PEARL/PLATINUM POKÉMON BLACK AND WHITE POKÉMON: DIAMOND AND PEARL ADVENTURE! MAMESHIBA: ON THE LOOSE! LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE: HERE COMES THE SUN! MR. STRONG: GOOD THING I CAME ALONG! REDAKAI VOLTRON FORCE

Price: $2.99 to $3.99 Visit the Website

Flicpost - We Print And Mail Your Smartphone Photos

flicpost - You shoot We post

Description: flicpost is an easy to use smartphone App and website that allows you to upload and select images that can be mailed to yourself or loved ones in just a few simple steps. The prices are incredible and the process very easy to follow. The App allows you to integrate your Facebook and Instagram photos and bring them to life as gifts or printed memories for your home. The service offers both 1st Class and 2nd Class deliveries and all photos are printed onto archival photo paper.

Price: $0.99 to $4.85 Visit the Website


tawkon Mobile App

Description: Your Phone. Your Health. Your Call. tawkon is a free app that alerts you when your phone's radiation level spikes, and offers tips to help you lower it. tawkon developed an app that reduces radiation exposure without reducing cell phone usage. This app provides an unobtrusive warning when the user reaches a high level of radiation and suggests switching to a Bluetooth device, speaker, or headset. Once the change is made, tawkon confirms that you are safe and ready to “talk on.”

Price: $0.01 Visit the Website

Personalizing Your Cell Phone

Fram Personalized Cell Phone Case

Description: With frām you can change your iPhone’s look any day of the week and all for the cost of a single case. Perhaps it’s your favorite photo of your child, pet or favorite sports team. Maybe its the highlight of your last vacation or event. No matter what your choice – it’s your moment, your statement, your individuality, your frām. Design can simply be changed out in just 90 seconds. $25

Price: $0.01 to $25.00 Visit the Website

MPme Takes Music Discovery To A New Level. Elegant IPhone/iPad App Lets Users Listen To Professionally Curated Radio From All Across The Globe, Based On Their Musical Preferences.

MPme on iPad

Description: The MPme app (for iPhone & iPad) is a mobile conduit to online radio broadcasts from around the globe. Sidestepping issues of licensing and royalties, MPme connects users free of charge to radio stations already being broadcast online. From rock to reggae, classical to country; MPme is an elegant, intelligent audio aggregator that learns a user’s preferences and reveals broadcast outlets mirroring those tastes. MPme channels a world of ear candy right to a mobile device in seconds with no hassles. Unlike other audio services, MPme doesn't utilize genomes or algorithms to make recommendations. Instead, MPme scans users’ iTunes library and Facebook account using the open graph to pull information on "Likes." Then scanning the tens of thousands of broadcasts available, MPme notes specific music or genres recently aired and effortlessly recommends those stations matching a listener's preferences. Optionally, users can select a genre to be connected to outlets playing that musical style. The banter of live DJs, and unpredictable playlist variations that offer a truly entertaining experience, still set radio apart from personal mp3 players or simple music streaming services. MPme taps this unique offering and delivers it to users in a fashion that just couldn’t get any easier.

Price: $0.01 Visit the Website

Truphone Keeps People Connected - Wherever They May Be!

Truphone App

Description: One thing people don't necessarily focus on when planning travel is how they'll keep in touch. While it's nice to disconnect, let's face facts – in today's world it's hard to give up that smartphone or tablet addiction. What that all too often translates into is either shutting your devices down when abroad, or coming back to insanely high roaming charges. Travelers can avoid the "bill shock" of international voice and data communication with Truphone. All you have to do is download it for your for iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10 or Nokia Series 60 device and create an account. Within a minute you'll be making your first call. Truphone enables you to make free calls between Truphone App users or low cost calls to any landline or mobile via the internet, using 3G, 4G or WiFi, from anywhere in the world. You can continue to text updates, post tweets or email photos of your fabulous vacation to friends and family anywhere they may be. Why limit their envy to your tan lines and scrapbook? Travelers have options…and with Truphone now have no excuse to not come home with a phone bill that’s larger than their airfare.

Price: $0.01 Visit the Website

DigitalQuick Provides File Protection In The Cloud And Desktop

DigitalQuick protects your files

Description: DigitalQuick makes it ideal for consumers to keep sensitive information private when shared via email or through cloud storage services. Seamlessly syncing with a user’s Dropbox or desktop, DigitalQuick secured files by encrypting them so others can’t access. Because of its unique permissions features though, DigitalQuick users have the ability to set specific permissions to allow friends, family and coworkers to view, print, or edit files as needed. Unlike other services, DigitalQuick does not require passwords or the need to remember encryption keys; instead, data is safeguarded by simply clicking and setting permissions – leaving nothing to remember or worry about. For anyone who is looking to keep their files, photos, and information safe from identity thieves, hackers, or even from accidentally emailing to the wrong person, DigitalQuick can provide peace of mind.

Price: $0.01 Visit the Website

GiftSender Is A Free Mobile App That Allows You To Send And Receive Digital Gift Cards On Any IOS Or Android Mobile Device Instantly.

GiftSender App Available for iOS and Android Mobile Devices

Description: GiftSender is a free, easy-to-use mobile phone application that allows you to send and receive digital gift cards instantly. GiftSender powers mobile distribution of gift cards among friends, colleagues, customers and employees. Gifts to either a specific retail partner or GiftSender Bucks can be sent via text message, social networks, email and user-to-user. GiftSender is the perfect gift for anyone(mom, dad, significant other, grad, etc.) because: - It’s completely free and easy to use. - Send and receive gifts instantly – Mom receives her gift in a flash. - Option to include a personalized message. - Not sure what to choose? Send any amount of money to the recipients and let them choose the gift card(s) of their choice of 70+ retailers. - App can sync with your phone contacts, Facebook birthday calendar, LinkedIn, Yahoo! and Gmail accounts so you’ll never forget a special occasion again.

Price: $0.01 Visit the Website

Edamam - A Unique Recipe Finder

Search Recipe's by Ingredient, Diet or Calorie Count

Description: Edamam's mobile app and recipe finder allows you to search for millions of recipes through its smart, curate engine. Edamam offers multiple ways to search and filter recipes by ingredient, diet (such as vegan, gluten-free, low-sugar), or calorie amount- making it easier to find and narrow down that perfect recipe you're looking for. The recipe finder also provides a shopping list for each recipe that lets you to check off items on the app as you shop!

Price: $0.00 Visit the Website

Swirl - Personal Shopping Assistant All In A Free Ap

Swirl-a personal shopper right at your fingertips

Description: Swirl – a new personal shopping assistant all in an app – is actually simplifying holiday shopping by combining the worlds of ecommerce, mobile and in-store retail. With the holiday shopping season looming, help take the headache out of holiday season. Create collections for every person on your list, aggregating clothing and accessories into a collection via the app or website. You'll not only know what to get, but how to get it at the best price as Swirl will give you relevant offers, as well as provide them with the nearest stores. Plan out your shopping plan using your saved offers to avoid the mayhem of the crowds running from store to store. Swirl alerts you when any of your "clipped” items go on sale in-store or online, save them so you have easy access to all the sales in one spot on your phone from more than 200 of the top fashion retailers nationwide. Now that it is combined with Apple's passbook – it’s an even better help to streamline holiday shopping and coordinate/remind you of all those sales! The integration allows users to easily save offers from over 200 leading retailers directly to Passbook, providing them with easy access when and where they shop. Since Passbook is time and location aware, users receive an automatic notification on their iPhone whenever they have an active offer in Passbook that is valid at a nearby store.

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Save Time And Money: Appsfire Hunts Down The Best IOS Apps


Description: Want to know if an iOS app is truly first-rate before you press the install button? Appsfire tells you! It is the fastest, most engaging and extremely addictive way to find the best apps whether on discount, or not. Free and easy-to-use, Appsfire has a visually rich display with new social ways to keep on top of the trends, share app lists with friends, and review real opinions aggregated from posts on Facebook and Twitter. Downloaded over 7M times, Appsfire is the leading recommendation engine for mobile apps for iPad, iPhones and iPods. Check it out, here's a video about Appsfire -- Public School Teacher: There are a lot of apps out there that are designed to help you get more apps. One that I really find to be useful is Appsfire. Appsfire by KDReynoir This is ALMOST too much of a good thing: you're likely to find so many great apps that you won't have time to use them. But take the risk anyway! Appsfire by Cp62 This is the best app to find free apps of all kinds they have paid apps listed also

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"Green$treets: Unleash The Loot!": Free IOS App For Kids!

Green$treets: Unleash the Loot!

Description: New iOS app, "Green$treets: Unleash the Loot!" by Neale Godfrey, a #1 New York Times best-selling author and one of the country’s most prolific experts on the topic of kids and money, introduces real life financial lessons through fun gameplay for kids ages 5-8. The goal of the game is for kids to rescue endangered animals, but players first build a budget to buy food, shelter and toys to make the animals happy before they can be released back to their natural habitats. Kids learn how to earn money by playing fun games, save money to reach their goal of rescuing the animals, spend their money wisely on cool items in Bull & Bear’s Marketplace, and donate a portion of their earnings to charity. Green$treets: Unleash The Loot! launches from the FingerPrint Play platform, which provides unique connectivity to parents, grandparents and educators via email while kids play. The app is already highly sought-after, achieving more than 30,000 downloads and a #1 ranking in the Educational Games category on iTunes. The app was developed by Fourth Monkey Media and is available now for free on iOS for iPhone and iPad.

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WhitePages Mailer

WhitePages Mailer

Description: Manually collecting mailing addresses can be overwhelming, but WhitePages Mailer eliminates the hassle! With a simple log in, WhitePages Mailer connects your Facebook contacts to WhitePages’ comprehensive database of 200 million U.S. people to quickly compile addresses for your contacts and then saves this information all in one place for easy access from any device. WhitePages Mailer also helps users easily verify addresses and organizes contacts into groups that can be exported into mailing labels or Excel – mailing invitations doesn’t get any easier than this!

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