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Description: NeatReceipts is a portable scanner and digital filing system that helps you manage all of your paperwork on the computer. NeatReceipts includes NeatWorks scanner software that identifies and extracts the important information from receipts, business cards and documents and automatically organizes it for you. All scanned documents can be searched by keyword so you can find exactly what you need. NeatWorks software gives you an easy-to-use, intuitive application to manage all of your business and personal paperwork. Scan in receipts to: - Save digital copies of receipts and records of vendors, dates, and totals - Create expense reports and manage business and personal expenses - Keep track of expenses for tax time (records accepted by the IRS) - Export data to PDF, Excel®, Quicken®, QuickBooks®, TurboTax® Scan in business cards to: - Keep digital images of cards and contact information - Capture name, address, company title, etc. - Create your own searchable contact database - Export data to Outlook and more Scan in documents to: - Create searchable PDF files - Edit text using copy/paste - Organize and store in your digital filing system

Price: $199.95 Visit the Website

Beamz Player - Interactive Music System

Beamz.....Play The Light

Description: Now Anyone Can Play Music! Don’t just listen to music – experience it, create it and participate in it. The Beamz Player is a unique laser controller gadget that enables anyone, regardless of age and musical capability, to have fun creating, playing, mixing and recording incredible music in minutes. It’s easy – now everyone can be a musician or DJ and play hundreds of instruments and songs in all styles, from classics to rock to dance and Dubstep, to current hits. Watch the expressions and smiles when you and your friends touch the laser beams and create concert like music and DJ effects. By breaking the path of each light beam with your hand, this laser instrument will unleash the musician or DJ in anyone – and everything is setup for you to sound great no matter how you play the light! Beamz music encompasses all music styles and genres – rock, pop, techno, jazz, classical, hip hop, metal, Dubstep – and with over 50 songs included with the Beamz no one’s music interest is left behind. In each song up to 12 different instruments, music clips and sound effects are harmoniously paired with a background song rhythm track.

Price: $199.95 Visit the Website

LÂG Guitars


Description: Lâg acoustic guitars have been prized by musicians in Europe and abroad for more than 25 years, but they’ve been the best-kept musical secret for musicians in the U.S. – until now. Designed in France, Lâg guitars are finally available in the U.S. this holiday season. Lâg guitars combine clear, open sound with elegant appearance, and offer exceptional value, with prices ranging from $199 to $725. Designed by founder and master luthier Michel Lâg-Chavarria, they are available in a wide variety of body shapes and finishes. If you have a young family member or friend who wants to step up from playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band to playing a real guitar, Lâg guitars are affordable, high-quality instruments they’ll be proud to own (and impressing their friends won’t hurt either). Lâg guitars are available in acoustic, acoustic/electric,12-string and classical (nylon-string) styles. The guitars are crafted using premium-quality craftsmanship and materials, including rosewood, spruce, cedar and mahogany. They’re finely detailed with elegant bindings, rosettes, inlays and trim, and are available in a variety of rich gloss or satin finishes.

Price: $199.00 to $725.00 Visit the Website


Dropcam Family

Description: Dropcam Echo is your eyes and ears, in your home: See and hear what's happening while you travel or work, no matter where you are. Simple Setup: Dropcam Echo sets up in a snap. No technical skill required, just plug it in and it simply works. Use the wireless network you already have: Connect the Dropcam Echo to your Wi-Fi network. You can also use a wired connection with the included ethernet cable. Dropcam Echo works with all types of consumer routers. Receive automatic alerts to all activity while you're away: Dropcam Echo automatically detects motion and sound, making it easy to monitor your home or business while you're away. If noise or motion is detected you receive an email or iPhone push notification immediately - so you won't miss anything important. Complete monitoring on the Web or on your iPhone/Android: A complete video and audio feed from your Dropcam Echo is at your fingertips, no matter where you are, traveling or working. Just login to your Dropcam account to instantly see and hear your live stream. You can also watch your Dropcam on your iPhone or on your Android device.

Price: $199.00 to $279.00 Visit the Website

Anime Studio 8 Pro Verision

Anime Studio 8 Pro Version

Description: Anime Studio® Pro is perfect for professionals looking for a more efficient alternative to tedious frame-by-frame detailing when creating quality animations. With an intuitive interface, pre-loaded content and powerful features such as a bone rigging system, bitmap to vector conversion, live media connection, integrated lip-synching, 3D modeling, physics, motion tracking, a character wizard and more, Anime Studio Pro delivers advanced animation tools to speed up your workflow and combines cutting-edge features with powerful technology for the most unique animation program for digital artists. Resize your images with no loss in quality with Anime Studio's vector-based layer system and easily add a skeleton to any image by simple point and click, then bring it to life.

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Amazing Computer Speakers

cubik speakers

Description: cubik is a new class of computer speaker. Sound is taken from the computer through the USB port and thus remains in the digital domain until driving the speakers. The sound is not degraded by any analog noise. The high performance of cubik is also determined by a jitter-eliminating digital audio amplifier circuit, Denmark-designed Peerless high-end loudspeaker drivers and a patented, advanced long-vent enclosure structure. The digital audio amplifier circuit utilizes cutting-edge full-digital amplification technology that amplifies a digital audio signal without converting the signal to analog. The combination of a digital connection and digital amplification allows cubik to produce bit-perfect crystal-clear sound. In addition, high-resolution digital-signal-processing technology gives cubik a very flat frequency response and produces a full-range of signals with amazing accuracy. The unique design of the cubik, its small footprint and big sound make it a perfect accessory for your computer.

Price: $189.00 to $199.00 Visit the Website

HydraDisplay X3 Multi-Monitor Adapter

Cirago HydraDisplay DisplayPort Model

Description: The HydraDisplay X3 DisplayPort Multi-Monitor adapters allows both PC and Mac users to connect up to three monitors on a single graphics card using simple plug-and-play technology without having to use an installation driver. This eliminates the complicated process of configuring individual monitors, making it the quick and affordable way to set up a multi-monitor system at home or the office.

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The Ultimate Home Entertainment System: ILuv IMM514 ArtStation Pro

iLuv iMM514 ArtStation Pro

Description: The iMM514, ArtStation Pro, delivers aesthetics and cinematic sound quality, as the flagship iPad dock for iLuv. The ArtStation Pro is the ultimate iPad docking station, designed with superior audio performance, stylish design, unparalleled functionality and convenience. The iMM514 is the perfect accessory for any entertainment lover to enjoy their favorite movie or TV show on. In addition to the many features of the dock, users can enhance the iMM514’s performance by downloading the free iLuv App 3.06 from the App store and transform The ArtStation Pro into an Internet Radio, iPod music player, a highly interactive time display and alarm clock, as well as a source for localized and searchable weather. - Experience rich, bold acoustic clarity of our Enhanced jAura® Sound technology - Rotating arm for portrait or landscape viewing options - Enjoy full functions of the iLuv App (Free at the App Store) - Charge and play your iPad, iPhone or iPod - Sync with iTunes on your computer when docked - Easy to use controls or control with convenient remote - 3.5mm auxiliary input

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Fanny Wang Headphones

Custom Fanny Wangs

Description: No matter if you’ve been naughty or nice this year, everyone deserves a little musical indulgence. Fanny Wang’s premium 1001 On Ear, 2001 DJ Over Ear or 3001 Over Ear Noise-Cancelling headphones are the perfect combination of high-fashion and superior sound quality that will impress even the most discerning fashionistas and music fans. Friends, family or neighbors telling you to turn the music down? Bah humbug! Rock your Wangs for your own private concert. Whether your tastes are Foo Fighters to Frosty the Snowman or Jay-Z to Jingle Bells, Fanny Wang allows you to amp up the bass without losing sound clarity. And, with the unique Integrated Duo Jack, you can get in the holiday spirit and share your favorite tunes with friends. Choose from a variety of chic colors, or go with the new custom colorization option! With more than one million possible color combinations, it is easy to “amplify your sound” while rocking something that reflects your personable style. Starting at $169.95. Available at

Price: $169.95 to $349.95 Visit the Website

The Livio Radio Featuring Pandora

The Livio Radio Featuring Pandora

Description: The Livio Radio Featuring Pandora works anywhere users have access to Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections and gives them unlimited access their personal Pandora accounts and over 20,000 Internet-only AM/FM radio stations around the world. It is the first and only dedicated device to offer Pandora’s signature thumbs-up, thumbs-down controls on both the front panel and a remote with unlimited access to the service without a computer or monthly fee!

Price: $150.00 to $200.00 Visit the Website

SPOT Connect Turns Your Smartphone Into A Satelilte Messenger

SPOT Connect turns your smartphone into a satellite messenger!

Description: No cell signal? No problem! The award-winning SPOT Connect turns today’s leading smartphones into a satellite communicator. SPOT Connect provides connectivity to global communication satellites for sending location-based messages from remote regions around the world even far beyond cellular coverage. By downloading the SPOT Connect App, SPOT Connect can wirelessly synch via Bluetooth with some of today’s leading smartphone operating systems such as Android and iPhone. New features include custom Type and Send text messages, storing multiple Pre-defined messages and contract groups and the ability to update social networks like Facebook from remote locations. SPOT Connect can even pair with iPod touch or iPad Wi-Fi. In a critical emergency SPOT Connect’s SOS message feature will notify an international emergency coordination center of your location and need for help.

Price: $149.99 to $300.00 Visit the Website

Smartfish Reflex Compact Keyboard With ErgoMotion Technology

Smartfish Reflex Keyboard

Description: he Reflex™ Compact Keyboard with ErgoMotion™ is a sleek design that looks as good as it feels. Featuring our patented ErgoMotion technology, our keyboard creates a new, exciting and moving experience in which the keyboard interacts with you. The Reflex™ Keyboard has a sophisticated intelligence that monitors your typing frequency, and determines when to automatically and discreetly change its position so your hands and wrists are never in a fixed state while you type. This periodic movement in hand and wrist posture promotes circulation, enhancing comfort and reducing the risk of injury. Computing never felt so good! ErgoMotion™ is a revolutionary technology that applies motion to everyday experiences, a solution that actually reduces the risks of Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI). The Reflex™ Keyboard was developed with an intelligent-motion system that tracks your typing activity and periodically changes position so your hands and wrists are never restricted while you type. It is the movement, even when incremental, that eases hand and wrist strain alleviating discomfort and preventing injury. ErgoMotion™ is a breakthrough technology that has been designed in collaboration with the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) in New York — the #1 rated Orthopedics Hospital.

Price: $149.99 Visit the Website

Looxcie 2 - Share Life As You Live It

Looxcie 2

Description: Looxcie 2 – The wearable video cam and Bluetooth headset provides users the ability to capture POV video handsfree and share instantly to their favorite social network or email making holiday memories easier to share on the spot. The recent addition of accessories and streaming allows users to record from almost any surface and stream live feeds in real time to those who matter most.

Price: $149.99 to $179.99 Visit the Website

DriveNTalk KlaT 7: Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit

DriveNTalk KlaT 7

Description: DriveNTalk’s KlaT 7 is an installation type Bluetooth hands-free car kit with voice recognition. It is fully equipped with advanced technologies, such as Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction, so users can enjoy the premium and superb sound that no other hands-free products could reach. A2DP(Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) music streaming from phone to all 4 channels of car will turn your car into a giant speakerphone with high quality sound performance. With 90 days free trial of Voice to Text service, you can send a text and email, update SNS, and more all through your voice. Wireless remote controller, which can be mounted on anywhere, will also let you keep your eyes on the road, hands on the wheel. KlaT 7 is easy to install and compatible with most phones that have a Bluetooth feature.

Price: $149.95 Visit the Website

SuperTooth Disco - 28 Watt Of Pure Audio Heaven!


Description: The SuperTooth Disco is the only portable Bluetooth A2DP stereo speaker on the market able to produce 28 watts of sound for 3 to 4 hours at high volume, and 10 hours at medium volume. With a 12 watt subwoofer and two 8 watt stereo drivers you'll be blown away by 28 watts of high quality audio! Wirelessly stream music from your mobile phone, music player, PC, or any Bluetooth enabled device. Go anywhere with your music, with the built-in rechargeable battery you can enjoy your tunes while camping or at the park, in the garage, at the office, boat, you can even use it with your tablet for a mini home-theater experience! The SuperTooth Disco comes with a travel case, travel charger, manual, and a 3.5mm audio cable for audio players, phones, or computers that are not Bluetooth enabled. It is compatible with all Bluetooth A2DP devices, including iPhone, iPad iPod Touch, Blackberry and Smartphones.

Price: $149.00 Visit the Website

JOOS Orange: The Best-performing Solar Charger Under The Sun

The JOOS Orange is the best-performing solar charger under the sun.

Description: JOOS Orange – Multiple times more efficient than other personal solar chargers, JOOS Orange keeps multiple people connected in any situation by delivering enough power to charge up to 3 smartphones, GPS devices, personal gaming systems or even an iPad to keep you connected wherever you roam. It’s tough: super durable and waterproof, it reliably delivers power where and when you need it, including sunny, rainy, cloudy, foggy conditions.

Price: $149.00 Visit the Website

Warpia: Wireless USB A/V Adapter Wirelessly Stream Media From Your Laptop/PC To Your Flat Screen TV For The Ultimate Internet TV Experience

Warpia Wireless USB A/V Adapter SW100A

Description: Warpia: Wireless USB A/V Adapter Wirelessly stream media from your laptop/PC to your flat screen TV for the ultimate Internet TV experience • Watch downloaded movies, presentations, photo slideshows or any internet content (from Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, ESPN3, etc) on your TV or projector • Achieves 32-bit True Color depth for high quality images, 720P HD resolution, and 16-bit stereo sound • Range includes same room coverage of up to 30 feet • Compatible with Windows Vista/XP/7.0 OS and connected via HDMI or VGA (cable not included) Available:,,,,, Price: From $139.99 Website:

Price: $139.99 Visit the Website

GOAL ZERO Guide 10 Adventure Kit

Guide 10 Adventure Kit

Description: Ultra-compact and lightweight, GOAL ZERO’s Guide 10 Adventure Kit is perfect for charging up handheld devices. Whether hiking a trail, enjoying a picnic in the park, or aboard an airplane, this portable energy system, comprised of a solar panel and power pack, guarantees that your cell phone, iPod, or other USB or DC devices are charged and ready to go.

Price: $139.95 to $159.94 Visit the Website

NetGenie Wi-Fi Router With Parental Controls

NetGenie Wi-Fi router with parental controls

Description: With kids and teens doing more and more of their Internet browsing on smartphones and tablets like the iPad, a software-based approach to monitoring and blocking Internet access to adult content or age-inappropriate websites will no longer work. Enter NetGenie (, a Wi-Fi router for the home that plugs directly into the cable modem and which also offers security protection from invasive malware and viruses. Developed by 12-year Internet security veteran Cyberoam, NetGenie is the first Wi-Fi router that comes pre-configured with parental controls and anti-virus. NetGenie parental controls provide default settings according to age group, blocking websites and applications deemed inappropriate, yet allowing the administrator (mom or dad) to grant permissions by adding to a whitelist of allowed sites. NetGenie offers parents a smart way for dealing with unruly Internet access and distractions, especially during homework time. Being a Wi-Fi router that plugs directly into the home’s cable modem, the device can control access to smartphones , gaming consoles and popular tablets such as the iPad and Android tablets. Any device connected to the home’s Wi-Fi signal can be managed. It is also equipped with Internet security safeguards including a firewall, anti-virus and intrusion prevention. NetGenie can be configured using any Internet-access device in the home. Settings for individual members of the family can be made.

Price: $139.00 Visit the Website

BlueAnt Q2 Bluetooth Headset

BlueAnt Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset

Description: BlueAnt’s Q2 smart Bluetooth headset comes packed with more advanced features than any other headset on the market today. The Q2 includes a comprehensive voice recognition command set, text to speech technology that announces the names of incoming callers, voice access to a world of information and incoming SMS readout. The headset also comes with WindArmour™ advanced noise cancellation that’s twice the industry average.

Price: $129.99 Visit the Website



Description: A graphing calculator that combines form and function - style and substance. Discover how our new handheld technology can give you a new perspective on Casio in the classroom or office. -High-resolution color LCD with full textbook-style display -Picture Plot enables learning from real-life pictures -Multitude of functions that leverage the color LCD PRIZM™ is revolutionary among graphing calculators with features that enhance users’ understanding of mathematics. With conventional graphing calculators, students learn by inputting equations to create graphs. PRIZM™ creates a whole new way to learn math by enabling students to experiment by creating their own graphs over pictures of real-life scenes, and then understand the functions from the graphs that they created on their own.

Price: $129.99 Visit the Website

Fold-Up Keyboard For IPad 2

Closed, the keyboard rests securely underneath your iPad 2.

Description: The Logitech® Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad® 2 is your perfect on-the-go solution. With a full-size, Bluetooth® keyboard and stand, you simply open and type, and close and forget. Closed, the keyboard rests securely underneath your iPad 2. Open, it holds your iPad at an ideal angle for typing and taking notes. Unlike folio-style Bluetooth keyboards, Logitech’s Fold-Up Keyboard is full-sized for comfy typing. And it charges over USB, so you never need to worry about replacing batteries.

Price: $129.99 Visit the Website

AOC Aire Black LED Monitor

AOC Aire Black LED

Description: This Sleek LED monitor is one of the thinnest in the world. The 12.7 mm-thin widescreen monitor offers impressive image quality with a 50,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, 5ms response time, and a DVI-D with HDCP input for the ultimate HD viewing experience. The Aire Black LED monitor from AOC has embedded Screen+ technology that lets you divide the screen into four self-contained work areas. EPEAT Gold Certified for its green packaging and production, the monitor consumes only 15 watts of energy on average. The monitor comes with a built-in VESA stand that can be used on a desktop or easily mounted on a wall by folding the stand at its tilt hinge. Available at Best Buy, Radio Shack, Office Max, Fry’s, TigerDirect/CompUSA and PC Richards, the Aire Black LED comes in three sizes: 20” (e2043Fk) for $129, 22” (e2243Fwk) for $149, and 23” (e2343Fk) for $179. For more details, visit

Price: $129.00 to $179.00 Visit the Website

Songbird Clear Revolutionary Personal Sound Amplifier

Songbird Clear Revolutionary Personal Sound Amplifier

Description: Songbird Clear is the world’s first high-quality, low-cost sound enhancement device available at retail for consumers who want to better enjoy the sounds of the world around them. Songbird Clear makes a great gift because: • We all have times in our lives when we’d like to hear more clearly. Songbird Clear makes it easy for millions to help their loved ones better enjoy sounds in hard-to-hear situations such as lectures in large halls, religious services, movie theatres, conversations across the room, and when watching TV at low volumes – making life more enjoyable for the whole family. • It delivers superior sound amplification through high quality digital sound processing based on Texas Instruments technology. Unlike competitive devices that can often over-amplify and distort, Songbird Clear’s built-in sound processor adjusts to make soft sounds louder and clearer while keeping loud sounds from getting too loud and distorted. • It is comfortable, fits discreetly behind the ear, requires little to no maintenance, and ensures the safest level of sound amplification – simply insert a battery, turn it on and hear hard-to-hear sounds more clearly. • The product is available for only $119.99 at select CVS locations and can also be ordered directly through the CVS website at

Price: $119.00 to $119.99 Visit the Website

COBY V-Zon MP977

Coby Electronics' V-Zon MP977 MP4 Player

Description: V-Zon MP977 MP4 Player is a high-def video unit featuring a gorgeous 7” LCD screen and supports 1080p video in a wide range of popular formats. Available with 4GB or 8GB of internal flash memory, the unit is expandable with an optional micro SDHC card. The MP977 comes equipped with a world/alarm clock, calendar, gaming apps, integrated stereo speakers, and 3.5mm headphone jack. A convenient remote control also is included.

Price: $110.00 to $120.00 Visit the Website

Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro

Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro

Description: Delivering two levels of protection--local backup and cloud storage, the Touro Pro line is an all-in-one solution to help protect, transport and store your photos, music, videos and documents for easy access from anywhere. TOURO Highlights: •Sleek mobile design •Local and cloud backup, providing two levels of protection •Remote access to cloud backup with smart phone or computer browser •Upgrade for more cloud storage and apps •Fastest read and write speeds with Fast USB 3.0 and Fast 7200RPMs •USB powered •Free 3GB cloud backup; Upgrade to paid account and receive 250GB of cloud storage along with iPad and iPhone mobile digital device apps

Price: $109.99 to $129.99 Visit the Website

Kobo Wireless EReader

Kobo Wireless eReader

Description: eReaders are going to be one of the hottest categories this holiday gift giving season and while there are other options, the smart eReader choice, is the Kobo eReader. The perfect gift for the health conscious book lover, today’s young adult or parent on the go, Kobo features a chic quilted back, can hold up to 5000 eBooks and is simple to use. The Kobo eReader can go beyond traditional books. Why is Kobo better? • Hardware: It's lighter and faster than the Kindle • Design: The Kobo features a stylish quilted back and is available in many color options including Onyx, Porcelain with Metallic Silver back and Porcelain with a Pearlized Lilac back • Comes loaded with 100 free eBooks • WiFi – stay connected • Kobo allows you to read your books on more devices than any other eBook offering--especially the Kindle, which only works in the Amazon ecosystem • Kobo’s Newspapers & Magazines feature allowing users to read many of their favorite newspapers and magazines on the go • Kobo was the first to launch the eGifting program allowing you to send eGift cards or send an actual eBook directly to the recipient’s inbox • Kobo’s Reading Life is an industry first social eReading experience allowing readers to track their personal reading history, check-in with characters and places inside books and earn achievements and awards for simply reading.

Price: $100.00 to $140.00 Visit the Website

IBeats By Dr. Dre From Monster

iBeats by Dr. Dre from Monster

Description: iBeats™: “Hear What the Artist Intended” With the introduction of iBeats™ in-ear headphones, the breakthrough Beats listening experience is now more affordable than ever before. Specially engineered to reproduce high-resolution sound from the iPad™, iPod™, iPhone® and all portable music devices, iBeats™ feature a new sealed in-ear design that literally reduces external noise for a better music experience. Monster’s exclusive driver design pumps out deep bass, soaring highs and ultra-clear midrange response. The solid metal iBeats™ construction provides durability and eliminates vibrations for incredibly clear, rock-solid sound. The ultra lightweight iBeats™ are ideal for exercising and active lifestyles, and Monster’s super-convenient Monster ControlTalk™ headphone cable can be used with iPhone™ and iPod™ for music playback control as well as to take hands-free calls with iPhone® and many smartphones. Notably, the specially designed iBeats™ cables make tangles a thing of the past, and for total user comfort and flexibility, three custom-fit eartip sizes ensure secure fit every time.

Price: $100.00 to $150.00 Visit the Website

Stylish Tech Fits In Your Pocket

Pantech Laser Touch-Screen

Description: For anyone who wants to stay in touch with friends and family while on-the-go, the stylish Pantech Laser is both modern and easy-to-use. Pantech Laser is the thinnest phone with a sliding keyboard ever offered by AT&T. It’s less than 1 cm thin, making it easy to fit into a pair of jeans or a small bag. Laser’s combination of touch-screen and full keyboard is ideal for texting, surfing online and accessing Facebook and Twitter through the phone's built-in apps. Proving that its thin design doesn’t sacrifice functionality, Laser continues Pantech’s ability to provide users with phones that prioritize the personal experience.

Price: $99.99 Visit the Website

TiVo Premiere

TiVo Premiere with Remote

Description: TiVo Premiere is more than just a generic cable DVR. It’s the world's first Smart DVR. TiVo Premiere not only records your favorite TV programming, it offers access to the world’s largest on demand library from services like Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand, YouTube, and Pandora, social networking feeds via FrameChannel to keep up with Twitter and Facebook, and iPad integration. Imagine getting whatever show, movie, song or web video you want on your HDTV—whenever you want it. In the mood to browse Oscar or Sundance winners? Want to watch your favorite director’s first movie? Or that TV series you loved as a kid? What if you could create a custom music channel that only played hits from your high school days? And how about getting all that in one place? Well, that’d be brilliant. So this holiday, be smart and give brilliance with TiVo Premiere. Smart DVR, Brilliant TV.

Price: $99.99 Visit the Website

Seagate's GoFlex Slim

The world's slimmest high-performance drive.

Description: As the world’s slimmest portable external hard drive, GoFlex Slim is made for your portable lifestyle. -So small—about the thickness of a #2 pencil—that it’s perfect for pairing with your netbook, notebook, and other portable devices. -Its ultra-slim anodized design is perfect for taking your data on-the-go. It not only helps resist against damage during transport, it also adds a unique and stylish finish to the drive. -Features a fast 7200 RPM internal drive and USB 3.0 plug-and-play connectivity for up to 10x faster transfer speeds. -Includes backup software with powerful encryption technology, ensuring that your files are always safe and secure. -Makes it easy for you to sync files between your computer and your GoFlex Slim Performance drive, so that you have the latest files while on-the-go. -Lets you restore previous file versions from your backups with ease. -Includes the Seagate® Dashboard management tool for easy management of your backups and file encryption, and at–a–glance available drive capacity

Price: $99.99 Visit the Website

Stem Innovation TimeCommand App-Enhanced Audio Alarm Dock For IPod, IPhone, And IPad

Stem Innovation TimeCommand

Description: Command your sleep/wake environment with this evolutionary alarm clock music system for iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Charge and play your Apple devices - even connect and control your bedside lamp. Expand your mastery of TimeCommand with the free Stem:Connect™ App from iTunes. Simply connect your bedside lamp to TimeCommand's unique power supply and control the lamp with the touch of a button. Download the Stem:Connect app and enable additional features such as dimming for incandescent bulbs and Wake-by-Light™, which allows TimeCommand to automatically switch the lamp off when you go to sleep or activate the lamp when an alarm sounds. Experience precision audio with our digital signal processing technology - Stem:Sonic iQ™ - Making Sound. Smarter™. The precisely tuned acoustic system delivers superior ambient room audio. Download the Stem:Connect app and optimize your listening experience with a 10-band graphic equalizer, bass enhancer and Internet radio playback. Sleep with confidence, knowing that TimeCommand's SafeWake™ features ensure that you will wake on time by eliminating the causes of most alarm failures: battery-backup protects against power interruptions, alarm settings are automatically transferred from app-to-clock and clock-to-app, and time sets automatically when you dock your Apple device. Control the illumination in your sleep environment with TimeCommand's unique features: fully dimmable LED display, bedside lamp control and adjustable brightness of the app on your Apple device. Temporarily brighten the display and the app with a simple touch.

Price: $99.99 Visit the Website

The ICADE: Arcade Style Gaming For Your IPad


Description: iCADE integrates your iPad into an authentic, arcade-style cabinet complete with joystick and buttons! Impress your friends, family and co-workers with iCADE's great-looking retro design, and then challenge them for high-scores on the most entertaining iPad accessory imaginable! iCADE is compatible with 100 Atari classics including Asteroids, Centipede, and Battlezone. All are available as in-app purchases when you download the free Atari Greatest Hits app. Plus, new and existing apps can be easily updated to work with iCADE. Grab hold of iCADE's full-sized joystick and smash the eight arcade buttons for commanding control of iPad's on-screen action. This truly unique arcade cabinet game-controller for iPad will provide hours of action and nostalgic fun for years to come.

Price: $99.99 Visit the Website

Xperia™ PLAY:Smartphone Meets Gaming

Sony Ericsson Xperia™ PLAY on Verizon for $99.99

Description: Have a friend or family member that loves to game? For the next gift-giving occasion, why not upgrade his or her mobile device to Xperia™ PLAY, the first full-featured Smartphone with a genuine, hands-on gaming controller for exciting and immersive gaming. The Xperia™ PLAY runs on the latest Android operating system (2.3) and is the world’s first PlayStation® Certified Smartphone. The phone is available on the Verizon Wireless network for $99.99 with a two-year agreement and comes pre-loaded with the six games: Madden NFL 11, Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior, Star Battalion, The Sims 3, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, and Crash Bandicoot. Similar to other Smartphone’s, the Xperia™ PLAY is fast—but boasts the fastest Wi-Fi standard, 802.11, for faster internet, faster downloads and faster multiplayer gaming. Not to mention there is a rear-facing 5 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash and a front-facing VGA camera. Xperia™ PLAY will allow you to talk, text, surf the web, capture unforgettable moments and of course, get your game on. You can easily download more games from the V CAST App store and Android Market so your gaming experience is always a thrilling one.

Price: $99.99 Visit the Website

The Alarm You Want To Wake To

iLuv Vibro™ Alark Clock and Dock

Description: Rise and Shine with the iLuv iMM178! The iLuv iMM178 Vibro™-Sound Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Speaker Shaker for the iPod or iPhone user, ensures even the heaviest sleeper wakes up by vibrating their bed or pillow. By silencing the speaker, the vibro’s bed shaker guarantees you’ll wake up without disturbing anyone else in the room. The Vibe Plus is a universal iPod dock and charger that can be set to an iPod, iPhone, or FM radio to make certain heavy sleepers will wake up to their favorite music and ready for the day. The iLuv iMM178 Features: - Digital dual alarm clock with universal iPod dock - 7 selectable unique buzzer alarm sounds - 7-5-2 (Everyday, weekdays, weekends) alarm - Bed shaker vibrates a bed or a pillow to wake up the heaviest sleepers - Speaker integrated Bed shaker for personal listening

Price: $99.99 Visit the Website

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC27 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC27 QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Description: This holiday season, music lovers don’t have to break the budget to enjoy great sound. Audio-Technica now offers its QuietPoint® ATH-ANC27 over-ear noise-cancelling headphones at under $100 ($99.95 MAP). The ATH-ANC27 headphones feature exclusive, highly effective QuietPoint ANC technology that detects environmental noise and applies a corresponding sound-cancelling signal. The result? Pure musical enjoyment without any sonic distractions from the outside world. The ATH-ANC27 incorporates high-efficiency drivers, ergonomically designed earpieces and other refinements to deliver clear sound with impactful bass, richly detailed midrange and treble and precise imaging. Like all Audio-Technica QuietPoint models, the ATH-ANC27 is ideal for use with the Apple® iPod®, iPhone™, iPad™ and iPod touch®, along with computers, in-flight entertainment systems or virtually any device with a headphones jack. The ATH-ANC27 works even when its noise-cancelling function is turned off (unlike many other brands of noise-cancelling headphones), and operates in passive mode without batteries so listeners will never be caught without their favorite music. The ATH-ANC27 comes with a durable hard-shell travel case, a ¼-inch plug adapter, airline adapter and an AAA battery.

Price: $99.95 Visit the Website

Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11

Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11

Description: Sony Creative Software, a leading provider of professional video and audio editing applications, offers up the latest version of its award-winning consumer video editing software Vegas™ Movie Studio HD Platinum 11. The latest version of the application provides professional-grade stereoscopic 3D capabilities and added file format support, enabling users to produce more immersive media projects in nearly any format. Specifically, support for Sony MVC and MPO files allows users to work natively with these 3D formats directly on the Vegas Movie Studio timeline. Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 is an easy-to-use, full-featured video editing application that provides users with the capabilities to create professional-looking, high-definition projects as well as continued support for standard-definition media. This software’s powerful new tools previously only available in professional suites – including stereoscopic 3D editing, support for new file formats and precise audio editing controls – add exceptional value for hobbyists and video editing enthusiasts who want to produce and distribute content via devices such as the PSP® and Apple® iPod, or services such as Vimeo, YouTube™ and Facebook®.

Price: $99.95 Visit the Website

MindWave, The Brainwave Reading Headset

MindWave Brainwave Reading Headset and Visualizer

Description: The new NeuroSky MindWave™ headset is the coolest gift for people on the leading edge or technology. This headset allows the wearer to harness the power of their brainwaves. Game players can explode objects with their minds, monitor attention levels, measure their degree of relaxation state, and work out their brain! The MindWave comes with ten games including MyndPlay. MyndPlay is an interactive video player that allows viewers to use their mind to interact with, control or direct the outcome or sequence of a video or movie file. Using relaxation and attention/focus you can interact with the movie or video file to dictate the direction or just sit back and let your mind pick for you. For example, in one movie you come face to face with a Demon as an acclaimed Exorcist and must use your mental focus save lives.

Price: $99.95 Visit the Website

Jitterbug J Cell Phone From GreatCall

The Jitterbug J cell phone from GreatCall

Description: A great gift for every special mom in your life, the Jitterbug J cell phone is an easy-to-use handset with personalized service. GreatCall's award-winning Jitterbug J cell phone has been widely praised for its smart feature set and absence of “feature overload,” in addition to offering access to live, 24/7, U.S.-based operators and customer service. All available without a contract and monthly rates starting at $14.99. In addition, GreatCall currently offers a range of health and wellness applications through their handsets, including the Jitterbug J. Unique features include the award-winning LiveNurse, which offers unlimited 24/7 access to a live registered nurse, and the award-winning Medication Reminder service, which enables users to easily follow their medication schedule as prescribed by their doctor, track adherence to that schedule, and receive prescription refill reminders. Also available are Wellness Calls with Dr. Brian Alman, which offer a series of thoughtful questions and information for relaxing, motivating and overall well-being, and MyWorld, a fun way to stay up-to-date on personal interests such as local weather, daily trivia, or updates on a favorite sports team or stock investment.

Price: $99.00 Visit the Website

ITwin - The USB Drive Reinvented

iTwin - Share all your memories with your loved ones.

Description: Share your memories, simply and safely. When living abroad or when vacationing, you can use iTwin to share your videos and pictures with your family. It would be time-consuming for you and a hassle for them to do this via a file-sharing service or by attaching them to multiple emails. Give your folks one half of an iTwin. As soon as they plug in their half, they'll be able to see all the files you want them to have. Plus, you can add new videos & pictures at anytime, like after a birthday party or a trip to the Eiffel Tower.

Price: $99.00 Visit the Website

Peel Is A Personalized TV Guide.

Top Picks on Peel App

Description: The Peel app is a free app that suggests Top Pick TV shows for you based on what you watch and like. Instead of a long, boring channel grid, Peel presents an easy-to-use mosaic of your favorite shows, filtered by type and genre in the order you like. The optional Peel Fruit at $99 is hardware that allows users to actually turn their iPhone or iPod Touch into a remote control- making it easy to view shows and change the channel to your desired pick with a click of a button. Features that viewers love: -Peel show viewers visuals of the TV shows -Viewers can customize which sports they want to appear in their playlist -Viewers can customize which genres they want to appear in their playlist -Viewers can easily check out "First Run" episodes -Viewers can create "Top Picks" to turn to quickly Viewers can use the search option to search for any particular show To download Peel for your iPhone or iPod Touch visit:

Price: $99.00 Visit the Website


Verizon 3G/4G MiFi

Description: MiFi is a personal wireless broadband hotspot that can be used anytime and anywhere an Internet connection is needed. With its size comparable to a credit card, it can easily fit in your pocket, purse or briefcase. This stand-alone device provides a mobile hotspot for up to 5 people to connect with multiple WiFi enabled devices such as laptops, camera’s, PDA’s, gaming devices, etc. Additionally, 4G versions of the MiFi are available on Sprint’s WiMAX and Verizon’s LTE network to take advantage of the latest blazing fast speeds 4G has to offer.

Price: $99.00 to $100.00 Visit the Website

GE DV1 Pocket Camcorder

The GE DV1 comes in five colors: aqua blue, citrus orange, lime green, graphite gray and red velvet.

Description: Introducing the GE DV1, a camera that’s as versatile and on-the-go as you are. From a night out on the town to a weekend in woods, this colorful and powerful pocket-sized camcorder is small enough to accompany you wherever your action-packed life takes you. The rugged and durable GE DV1 is waterproof up to 16 feet as well as shockproof, so you can rest assured that it can withstand any falls or accidents throughout the day. With its built-in, flip-out USB plug the GE DV1 can connect instantly to your computer for you to upload your 1080p HD videos and photos without a mess of cables. The GE DV1 comes in five colors and is available for $99.00 at select retailers. With the GE DV1, the possibilities are endless.

Price: $99.00 to $129.00 Visit the Website

Seagate's GoFlex Slim

GoFlex Slim is only 9mm thick.

Description: Stated the world’s thinnest hard drive, GoFlex Slim is only 9mm thick, about the thickness of a pencil, and is ideal for anyone with limited storage space. As one of this year’s must-have gadgets, the drive can store up to 320 GB of digital content, ensuring that all your important work (and favorite music, family videos, priceless photos) are safe and secure. Slim even comes in a super sleek, black anodized case that helps resist against damage during transport. GoFlex Slim is one of this year's hottest gadgets, the first hard drive to bring style to storage.

Price: $99.00 Visit the Website

HTC Radar™

HTC Radar 4G for T-Mobile

Description: The HTC Radar offers a premium design and is crafted from a single piece of polished metal. Keeping people at the center with Threads and Live Tiles, the HTC Radar intuitively lets you get real-time close with your social network. You can always capture life’s memorable moments with the HTC Radar’s great, lively camera. Windows Phone and mobile accessories help you stay in touch with people who matter most.

Price: $99.00 Visit the Website

Korg Monotron Pocket-Sized Analog Synthesizer

Korg monotron Pocket Synthesizer

Description: The tiny, battery-powered Korg monotron analog synthesizer fits in your pocket – and creates thick, enormous synthesizer sounds. While simple enough for musical novices to play, the monotron delivers a huge variety of tones, sweeps, bleeps, deep bass, rhythmic effects and other powerful synth sounds through its built-in speaker, that appeal to seasoned musicians as well. The easy-to-use top panel has only five knobs and one switch, and players can simply tap or drag their finger on its control surface to produce expressive effects such as vibrato and glide. The monotron also includes the audio filter from the classic Korg MS-10 and MS-20 synths (which are still prized today) for endless sound-shaping capabilities, and external audio can also be processed by the filter for additional creative possibilities. There’s also a headphone/audio output for private listening, recording or for connecting to an amplifier or PA system.

Price: $90.00 Visit the Website

Kaspersky PURE Total Security - The All-in-one Internet Security Suite

Kaspersky PURE Total Security

Description: This all-in-one security suite allows central management from one machine to provide total protection for all PCs in the home. Ideal for families with several PCs as well as individuals with multiple computers, Kaspersky PURE Total Security is built on the company's core of premium protection, impressive performance, and a cadre of innovative PC tools. Now, with Kaspersky PURE's unique Home Network Management, users can protect, manage and monitor every PC in their household to more comprehensively protect their most valuable digital assets. Choose one PC as your "home management control center" and then centrally: * Set security policies for each machine. * Run scans on any PC in your household to make sure they're secure. * Perform file and machine backups remotely for everyone to protect all critical data no matter what machine it sits on. * Fix security issues before they become problems. Did someone disable their firewall? Immediately turn it back on without walking across the house. * Administer and monitor parental controls so your kids are never outside of your protection, even when they're out of view. * Conveniently renew and update all security licenses for Kaspersky PURE Total Security for every machine from one PC.

Price: $89.95 Visit the Website

Laplink Gold

Laplink Gold Boxshot

Description: Remotely control and interact with your PC with the newest edition of Laplink Gold. Updated for Windows 7, now quickly and easily connect your PCs safely and securely across multiple operating systems (Windows 7, Vista, or XP) and control remotely, transfer files, run ad-hoc or scheduled synchronization jobs, and much more. Simple to set up and use, Laplink Gold for Windows 7 automatically connects through firewalls and proxy servers and features a full complement of remote support tools.

Price: $89.95 Visit the Website

WOWee ONE Speaker

WOWee ONE Classic

Description: The WOWee One™ portable speaker uses a patented Gel Audio™ technology to create deep bass and turn surfaces into sound. It’s great for iPads, iPhones, MP3 Players, Laptops, Mobile Phones, and Personal Gaming Systems, and it’s ideal for making speakerphone calls, presentations, and playing music on the go. In January 2011, WOWee ONE was selected by CNN as one of its "Five Nuggets" on a list of gadgets and applications that stood out from the crowd at the CES Show in Las Vegas, the largest gadget show on earth.

Price: $80.00 to $85.00 Visit the Website

Holiday Gift Selections: Cameras, Flat Screens And Computers

Lenovo Desktop Computer

Description: Make your holiday shopping easy and stress free when you order from a wide selection of online items from REAL Photography. Gift items include brand name cameras, camera accessories, flat screen televisions, computers and laptops. Selections are updated weekly with new items for you to select from for that special person on your shopping list. Shopping is as easy as a press of a button and payment is easy using your credit card or PayPal.

Price: $80.00 to $3,000.00 Visit the Website

Iharmonix Qi-7 Extreme Perfromance Mobile Earphones By Qmadix


Description: The Qi-7 Mobile Earphones feature: Noise Cancellation Extreme Dynamic Performance Double Flanged Silicone Ear Gels Lightweight Alloy Micro Design GOld Plated 3.5mm Music/Voice Audio DC Jack The iharmonix Qi-7 Extreme Performance earphones deliver crystal clear Highs and mid range tones and offer a rich smooth bass. These Earphones will outperform anything in this pricing category. The Included in-line microphone uses the latest in noise cancellation technology for crystal clear, phone calls on your Smartphone.

Price: $79.99 Visit the Website

Gigaset C590 Cordless Phone

Gigaset C590 in black

Description: Gigaset C590 The Gigaset C590 digital cordless phone is more than just a phone, it’s the ultra-modern, ergonomically, and eco-friendly future of DECT 6.0 calling. Crystal clear sound, courtesy of High Sound Performance™ technology, coupled with a large, color display, expanded phonebook capability, room monitoring feature (use as a baby monitor, or use as a security monitor to call your mobile phone if it detects noise in your home), and ringer animation display make the C590 family a must for anyone looking for a robust, yet stylish phone for the home technology. Offers longer physical range, security coding technology and enhanced battery life, and the Red Dot Design Award-winning Gigaset C590 is the perfect blend of quality, comfort, design and functionality. Award winning design also includes: Illuminated keypad with 5-way navigation key Sleek, ergonomic keypad in high quality material Caller ID name and number Full duplex handsfree speaking Automatic handset registration with advanced security coding Directory with up to 150 contacts per handset Anonymous call silencing Birthday reminder Alarm clock with snooze function Selectable color and ringtone for phonebook VIP group Live call recording Digital clock or color picture as screensaver Ability to customize phone design with Skinit.

Price: $79.99 Visit the Website

V-MODA Remix Remote Headphones

Remix Remote in Chrome

Description: V-MODA: Remix Remote Headphones with superior audio clarity, luxurious design and supreme ergonomics for your active lifestyle • Features V-MASQUE high-definition drivers for audio precision and powerful bass • Built in three-button remote with high-fidelity microphone for taking phone calls • Made with premium materials, including the redesigned V-MODA BLISS (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone) ear tips for comfort • Includes detachable sport earhooks, deluxe black carrying pouch, and four pairs of silicone ear tips in different sizes • Available in 4 colors: Nero, Blush, Chrome, Rouge Available at: Apple stores, Radio Shack, and

Price: $79.99 to $99.99 Visit the Website

Angry Bird Speakers

Black Bird Speaker, Helmet Pig Speaker and Red Bird Speaker

Description: Are you ready to take your Angry Birds obsession to the next level? Do you know someone who deserves a little Angry Bird all their own? Just in time for the holidays, you can pledge allegiance to the feisty fowl with the new GEAR4 Angry Birds speakers. Now available at Best Buy stores nationwide and online at, you can choose from three of Rovio’s popular game characters – Red Bird, Black Bird and the Helmet pig. The Red Bird speaker ($79.99) allows playback with all Apple devices and any audio player with an output thanks to the auxillary cable. The Green Helmet Pig ($99.99) is compatible with iPod and iPhone and for team iPad the Black Bird speaker ($99.99) is optimised for iPad charging.

Price: $79.99 to $99.99 Visit the Website

Mophie Juice Pack

mophie juice pack

Description: mophie juice pack is a light-weight and ultra-thin external rechargeable battery case best known for virtually doubling the battery life of the iPhone on one charge. The juice pack delivers twice the power in a sleek case, providing users easy access to all features to enhance the iPhone experience. The highly condensed lithium polymer battery delivers an incredible amount of juice in one small form factor. Find more information and products at

Price: $79.95 to $99.95 Visit the Website

The GoPano Micro

The GoPano micro

Description: The GoPano micro is a lens for the iPhone 4 and 4S that enables you to create 360° panoramic videos. Just snap the lens to your iPhone4 or 4S and tap record to make cool interactive 360° videos instantly. GoPano micro includes everything you need to create, share and experience 360º video. A custom-designed iPhone case stays on your phone. When you want to shoot in 360º, attach the GoPano micro to the case by just plugging it in. Download the GoPano app from the App Store for free. With it you can view and record your surroundings in 360º live, in real time. Once you've recorded a video, you can play it back instantly and look in any direction you please. You can share your recordings online straight from your iPhone. Just tap "Upload to GoPano" and your video can be viewed on From there, you can share your video on Facebook or Twitter instantly.

Price: $79.95 Visit the Website

VOX Joe Satriani Signature AmPlug

VOX Joe Satriani amPlug

Description: The VOX amPlug miniature headphone guitar amplifiers allow electric guitarists to play in private, anytime, anywhere – and the newest model, the VOX Joe Satriani Signature amPlug, also delivers the sound of the legendary guitar virtuoso at the flick of a switch. This new model was designed in collaboration with Satriani, an acclaimed solo guitarist with a string of hit albums, who has also played with Chickenfoot, Sammy Hagar, and many others. The battery-powered Joe Satriani Signature amPlug is a sonic stocking stuffer that’s perfect for beginners and veteran guitarists alike. Just plug it into the output jack of a guitar, connect your headphones and you’ll get Joe’s distinctive, rich sound, thanks to the unit’s fine-tuned amp modeling technology. You can even plug your portable music player into the amPlug, so you can jam along with favorite tunes – without waking the neighbors! It’s ideal for late-night practice, warming up before a gig, on the road, in the dorm or on vacation. Six other amPlug models including the amPlug Bass are available for any style of music.

Price: $75.00 Visit the Website

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