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Dlodlo Announces World’s Lightest Portable Immersive Virtual Reality Glasses - Uses Bluetooth, No PC Needed

Dlodlo VR Glasses on a Plane

Description: Dlodlo, the Virtual Reality innovators, announced today Dlodlo VR Glasses, the world’s lightest portable immersive Virtual Reality glasses. Fashionably designed, wireless, and ultra-lightweight at just 4 ounces (120g) – four times lighter than VR headsets, Dlodlo VR Glasses are portable and comfortable with the look and fit of sunglasses -- unlike competitors’ clunky and heavy head-mounted displays. Dlodlo VR Glasses also provide the highest Full HD resolution of 2K with a 16:9 aspect ratio and the fastest 120Hz refresh rate for a display without dizziness, lag, distortion, or screen door effect. Dlodlo supports 2D/3D switch video, 4K video displays and provides the largest 110° Field of View (FOV) for a no-border fully immersive VR experience. Dlodlo makes you feel like you are a star in the movie or battling in the video game for the most exciting Virtual Reality experience ever. Dlodlo does not require a PC or specific type of smartphone to use. It employs Android 4.4 OS with built-in Bluetooth to work with any Bluetooth device, including gaming devices, smartphones, tablets, speakers, headsets, stereo headphones, laptops, and more. Priced at $699, Dlodlo VR Glasses will begin shipping May 27th, 2015, available at,,, Amazon,, Lightinthebox, Deal Extreme, Ali Express,, and more. Available in Black, Ivory and Champion Gold with built-in Microphone, rechargeable 2000mAh battery, and Micro USB cable, the Dlodlo VR Glasses are compatible with all Bluetooth devices. For more information, see website:

Price: $699.00 Visit the Website

Waterlogic Home Water Purifier

Waterlogic Hybrid

Description: The Hybrid Home Water Purifier relies on three components to deliver the purest drinking water: -A high quality active carbon filter absorbs chlorine, microbes and other contaminants. -Unique Firewall Technology places a UV light inside a double helix made of quartz and encased in polished aluminum with a mirror finish. This Firewall maximizes the amount of time water is exposed to the UV light and the strength of that exposure in order to remove 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses. -Finally, the entire reservoir and nozzle are treated with Biocote®

Price: $199.99 Visit the Website

Epson Expression Premium XP-830 Small-in-One® Printer

Epson Expression Premium XP-830 Small-in-One®

Description: Built for creative printing, busy moms will love using the XP-830 to print lab-quality family photos, home-made stationary and other fun DIY projects –from the comfort of the home or on the go with robust mobile printing capabilities. Moms can easily print from smartphones and tablets with Epson Connect™ – and even edit, scan and share photos directly to Facebook® or the cloud. The printer is also compatible with the Epson Creative Print app to easily print Facebook and Instagram photos, coloring books and more.

Price: $199.99 Visit the Website

Cooking Made Fast And Low Calorie With Gourmia Turbo Cook Center & Air Fryer

Gourmia GTA2500 Turbo Cook Center

Description: The 11-in-1 digital Turbo Cook Center and Air Fryer features state-of-the-art technology that cooks meals with optimal taste and crispiness while eliminating the need to add fats and oil during the cooking process. The unit takes advantage of two different scientific heating methods, convection and radiant. This is achieved by using a modern halogen heater as well as circulating hot air. The results are perfectly crisp exteriors and moist tender interiors, often in 60% less time than other cooking methods. The Turbo Cook Center is an extreme value with 11 included accessories that eliminate the need for multiple cooking appliances. Using this unit and accessories, anyone can air fry, air sauté, stir fry, steam, roast, grill, broil, bake, rotisserie and make kabobs. Plus, there are specialized modes for making pizza and french fries, and for defrosting frozen food. Available now on for $169.99.

Price: $169.99 Visit the Website

Desk-Mountable Tablet Stand

Desk-Mountable Tablet Stand

Description: The Desk-Mountable Tablet Stand is an articulating arm that supports 9 – 11” tablet and allows the tablet to extend to almost 22” – a great addition to a counter, work bench or when reading recipes in the kitchen. The tablet stand allows easily integration of a tablet into a work environment, allowing it to extend and swivel with ease. Tablet usage is increasing in the workplace, especially in sales, media, restaurants and being readily adopted in tradeshows and retail displays. With sturdy hardware, adjustable height and a lockable holder, the tablet stand allows tablets to be incorporated into a wide variety of business settings. Additional features of this product: • Cable management system • Lockable holder with key • Durable steel design • Hassle free installation

Price: $141.99 Visit the Website

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Atlec Lansing's LifeJacket 2

Description: The Altec Lansing iMW577 Life Jacket 2 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker features great sound, voice confirmation, and an onboard microphone for clear, hands-free communication. The rugged jacket is IP67 Waterproof/Dustproof/Shockproof rated and it FLOATS! With 16 hours of battery life and power bank capability you can remotely charge your smartphone anywhere and rock out all day long. For more information visit

Price: $140.00 to $149.99 Visit the Website

YI Action Camera


Description: YI is a colorful, powerful, pocket-sized and budget-friendly action camera that was created with the philosophy that all individuals, not just extreme sports athletes, should be able to express their unique perspectives through photos and videos, without being limited by the constraints of traditional cameras or the expensive price tags on other action cameras. The YI action camera comes in arctic white and lime green and it’s also available as a complete kit with a selfie stick and Bluetooth remote for $139.95.

Price: $139.95 Visit the Website

NOON VR: Transcend Your Reality

NOON VR Headset

Description: Virtual reality. Any phone. Anywhere. Transcend the world around you with the NOON VR headset and transform smartphones into a truly immersive and interactive virtual reality experience. The NOON VR headset is compatible with the latest smartphones and virtual reality apps which leverage a smartphone’s native capabilities including sensors, on-screen display and computing power, allowing users to view high quality virtual reality content from the smartphone itself. The NOON headset brings an IMAX quality viewing experience to view pictures, movies, interactive games, and other unique experiences. The headset also comes with a unique NOON app which contains more than 1,000 pieces of immersive VR content including videos, 360 degree environments and other features.

Price: $89.00 to $89.01 Visit the Website

Caseco Duo Connect Series

Caseco Duo Connect Case

Description: As the first combination of its kind, the Duo Connect Series is a military-tested phone case coupled with the world’s smallest universal car mount. The drop-proof case has a built-in magnetic ring that secures to the Core 360º mount in seconds, offering superior protection and hands-free driving, and won’t demagnetize credit cards. Priced at $69.99, available for both the iPhone 6/6S and the iPhone 6/6S Plus.

Price: $69.99 Visit the Website

Rechargeable Apex Fine Point Stylus Pen For IPad, IPhone, And Other Touch Screen Devices With Precision Tip

Write and draw with note taking apps like INKredible, Notes Plus, GoodNotes, Noteshelf, and more with no Bluetooth pairing required

Description: Take writing and drawing to the next level with the Rechargeable Apex fine point stylus. This precise stylus pen with its active circuit and 2mm thin tip allows you to jot down notes, draw, or sketch on iPads like a real pen on paper. Use this iPad pen with your favorite sketching or note taking apps without the need to connect to Bluetooth. Simply pick it up, turn it on, and let your ideas take flight!

Price: $59.99 Visit the Website

COVR Photo IPhone Cases With A Build In Lens

COVR Photo

Description: The only case on the market with a built-in camera lens, COVR Photo is offering a completely new way to take photos and videos using a smartphone. Created by award-winning photographer, Thomas Hurst, COVR Photo iPhone cases allow users to capture moments naturally by taking photos and videos one-handed while holding the smartphone from a horizontal angle. Available for the iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6/6S and iPhone SE, features include: • Patented sliding feature– Allows users to shoot similar to holding a remote control, or slide the COVR lens back and take pictures or videos with the regular iPhone camera lens. • Built-in Lens– COVR Photo is the only iPhone case with a built-in lens. • Protective case– Shock absorbent rubber core and a hard outer shell provides durability and protection without the bulk and weight. • Mobile app– The free COVR Photo app complements the COVR case by redirecting pictures through the COVR Photo lens as well as allows you to adjust focus, exposure and formatting.

Price: $59.95 Visit the Website

Ministry Of Sound Audio Range

Audio On

Description: Ministry of Sound has launched a range of audio products in the United States. Included in the audio range are five wireless speakers and four headphones that allow consumers to bring a piece of the club’s legendary sound quality into their lives, whether at home or on the move. The speakers are controllable via the Ministry of Sound Audio app (available now on iOS and Android). The app offers instant streaming of all eight of the Ministry of Sound Radio Channels, as well as a unique, one-touch ‘Live From The Club’ feature: at the touch of a button, users can live stream exclusive music from the nightclub. The Ministry of Sound app also delivers music streaming via Spotify Connect.

Price: $49.00 to $369.00 Visit the Website

360° Tablet Kickstand Adjustable Portable Stand And Universal Holder For IPads And Tablets

Removable, reusable, micro suction pad grips firmly onto tablet without leaving sticky residue

Description: This universal tablet stand uses ultra strong Microsuction Technology to grip directly onto any iPad, eReader, or other mobile device, instantly providing standing support. Easily remove and reuse this kickstand multiple times without leaving any sticky residue on your tablet. The rotating leg seamlessly transitions your tablet from portrait to landscape mode, and the fully adjustable hinge allows a wide range of viewing angles. This portable kickstand makes watching movies, note taking, drawing, and working on your tablet simple and convenient. Not recommended for use with cases, textured, or grooved surfaces.

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

Ditto By Simple Matters

Ditto by Simple Matters

Description: Imagine a world where you and your readers can put your phone away to enjoy every moment, without missing what’s important—select calls, messages or even social media updates. Ditto is a discreet waterproof device that allows you to customize how you stay connected without constantly checking the phone (or having it on you). Ditto can be slipped into a jean pocket, clipped on a strap (even a bra strap) or worn on a band and works for everyday life, staying fit and at work. The device will vibrate when all (or just the important) texts, calls, emails and other notifications come through. It will also alert you if you’re about to leave your smartphone behind, say at the gym or restaurant, and can serve as a silent morning alarm.

Price: $39.95 Visit the Website

Caseco ScreenFlex™ Flexible Glass Screen Protector

Caseco ScreenFlex

Description: The ScreenFlex™ flexible glass screen protector an ultra thin, durable design that is made of flexible glass substrate—plastic composition but the look and feel of real glass. It offers shatter and scratch-proof protection and superior pressure sensitivity to work for new 3D-touch, ideal for all applications and games. Priced at $34.99, available for iPhone 5S, 6/6S, 6S Plus, SE, Galaxy S5, S7 and LG G5 phones.

Price: $34.99 Visit the Website

NewerTech Kitchen Kit – Use Your IPad In The Kitchen Mess-Free

NewerTech Kitchen Kit

Description: NewerTech, a leading performance upgrades and accessories company for Macs, PCs, iPhones, iPads, and iPods since 1988, introduced today the NewerTech Kitchen Kit iPad stand and stylus bundle that lets you safely use your iPad in the kitchen for viewing recipes, videos, web browsing, listening to music, IM’ing and Skype video casts -- all cleanly and easily while cooking. The Kitchen Kit includes the NewerTech NuStand 360 iPad holder that rotates 360 degrees and pivots up and down and the NewerTech NuScribe Stylus, an elegant digital and traditional writing tool that functions as both a capacitive stylus and twist-barrel ballpoint pen. The NewerTech Kitchen Kit for full-size iPads is available immediately from Other World Computing at:, priced at $24.99. Info:

Price: $24.99 Visit the Website

New App Designed To Eliminate Distracted Driving--messageLOUD


Description: messageLOUD is a service that automatically reads your texts and email out loud without requiring you to look at your phone. messageLOUD enhances SAFE driving, ACTIVE living, and WORK productivity. As smartphone users, we searched for an app that would deliver our messages safely when we were behind the wheel and conveniently when we were sweating in the gym or trembling in a meeting. We journeyed hither and thither only to discover that such an app did not exist. So we created it. messageLOUD is the ONLY app that reads your text and emails out loud, while enabling you to delete, dismiss, or call back the sender without ever looking at your phone. We want the world to be SAFE. Download today from the Google Play Store

Price: $1.99 to $19.00 Visit the Website

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