Mother’s Day Technology Gifts 2013 – Tech Gift Guide Roundup

All Items are Sorted by Price - Most Expensive to Least Expensive

Intel-Inspired Asus Taichi™ Ultrabook™ Convertible

With Windows® 8 and convertible features, the Taichi combines functionality with fun at the same time.

Description: The Asus Taichi is ideal for the busy mother: it converts from laptop to tablet mode to provide the conveniences of a traditional laptop with the entertainment aspects of a tablet. This unique device boasts two touch screens that can operate independently and be used simultaneously, making it the perfect choice for both family and work purposes. Moms can conduct personal and professional business on one screen while allowing the kids to play with Windows® 8 entertainment apps on the second outward-facing screen. The Asus Taichi is one of many Intel-inspired Ultrabook convertibles, which marry performance, responsiveness and sleek designs with a premium computing experience.

Price: $1,145.00 Visit the Website

Esme & Eve

Bridal Boudoir

Description: Couture and boudoir converge in fine art images at Esme and Eve Photography. Named for the classical icons of love and creation, the company is the brainchild of two best friends and professional photographers on a mission: to portray authentic women at their most beautiful…confident, elegant, and effortlessly sexy. Esme & Eve is reinventing boudoir photography with a luxury bespoke approach. A private individual photo shoot includes a dream team of hair, makeup and styling professionals, and custom made set, which leave real women feeling like a celebrity for the day. The resulting museum quality images are timeless, tasteful, and make exquisite gifts for both recipient and giver. The moment a client steps into Esme and Eve’s 5500 square foot daylight-filled loft in downtown Los Angeles, a transformative and empowering experience begins. The Esme and Eve team is also available to travel on location if the client so desires.

Price: $995.00 to $5,000.00 Visit the Website

Intel-Inspired Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 Ultrabook ™ Convertible

Create, share or consume content by flipping the screen 360 degrees and switching between the four modes.

Description: The Intel-inspired Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 Ultrabook Convertible combines the productivity associated with laptops with the touch experience of a tablet, and runs on Windows® 8. It features a 360-degree flip-and-fold design so you can use it as a laptop, tablet, stand or tent. The multiple modes and strong processing power make it easy to create, share or consume content. Powered by Intel, the Yoga’s long battery life, sleek and light weight design, provide the ultimate versatility for today’s moms. Lenovo Motion Control allows the multi-tasking mom to flip pages, rewind/forward music, change the volume and gesture other simple commands with a flick of the hand.

Price: $849.00 Visit the Website

Samsung ATIV Tab 5

ATIV Tab 5

Description: It’s Not Just an Ultra-Thin Tablet. It’s a fully functioning PC. The Samsung ATIV Tab 5 runs the programs you need on a Windows 8 operating system in a sleek, lightweight form. Take advantage of longer battery life. Featuring a docking keyboard, S Pen™ functionality and touch screen, the ATIV Tab 5 connects you to your PC—and your world—as never before.

Price: $699.99 Visit the Website

Q10- World's Smallest Interchangeable Lens Camera Comes In 100 Colors Combinations

Mint and White - 100 color combinations available

Description: Portability meets capability with the introduction of the Q10 to the world’s smallest and lightest interchangeable lens system. Featuring truly exceptional image quality and an upgraded auto focus system and the Q10 will capture detailed, blur free and dust free images all while comfortably fitting in your pocket. With the Q10, you no longer need to sacrifice capability for portability.

Price: $499.95 Visit the Website

PENTAX MX-1 Advanced Compact

MX-1 - Silver

Description: With its genuine brass covers and advanced digital compact capabilities, the PENTAX MX-1 is where craft design meets contemporary quality. The MX-1’s fast F1.8-2.5 lens, 4X zoom and large 12 megapixel backlit CMOS sensor allow for bright everyday imagery inside a stylish body. As its brass wears with time, feel the good old days come back to life in your images of today with the PENTAX MX-1.

Price: $449.95 Visit the Website

ASUS VivoBook X202E Touchscreen Ultrabook

ASUS VivoBook X202E Touchscreen Ultrabook (Pink)

Description: If you're looking for an affordable way to move up to a great new Windows 8 PC, the ASUS VivoBook X202E is worth checking out. This cool Ultrabook has an 11.6-inch multi-gesture touchscreen, so you can tap, swipe, and pinch your way through your favorite apps—no mouse required. With 500 GB hard drive and 4 GB of system memory give you smooth computing and ample storage for all your movies, music, and photos.

Price: $449.00 Visit the Website

Pure Sensia 200D Connect

Pure Sensia 200D Connect - Black

Description: Sick of giving mom a cookie-cutter Mother's Day gift that looks like it fell off the back of a floral delivery truck? Sure, it's hard to argue with flowers and chocolate but they definitely won't win any points for originality. It's time to give mom something she will really love this year! A fully featured portable music streaming and radio system, Pure's Sensia 200D Connect uses its large color touchscreen to add another dimension to your music experience. Connect Sensia 200D Connect to the internet using Wi-Fi and you can listen to thousands of internet radio stations; play on-demand radio programs, podcasts and ambient sounds; stream millions of music tracks via the Pure Music subscription service; and play music streamed from your PC or Mac. You can also stream music from your Apple or Android device and use Sensia 200D Connect with our Jongo family and other compatible products as part of a synchronized multiroom audio system. This system is fully equipped with social media integration including Facebook and Twitter, plus Picasa (making the 5.7" screen double as a digital picture frame), weather updates and RSS feeds. Additionally, the Sensia 200D Connect delivers 30W RMS of digital sound via DSP tuned high efficiency class-D amplifiers for accurate timbre and detail resolution for immersive, room-filling sound. To further help mom personalize her audio experience, Pure also offers a variety of colored grill accessories, plus an optional battery pack for the ultimate in portability.

Price: $400.00 to $449.99 Visit the Website



Description: NeatDesk® is a high-speed scanner and Digital Filing System that helps eliminate paper clutter and organize important documents. More than just a great scanner, NeatDesk also includes Neat’s unique software, which employs Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and parsing technology to identify and extract key information from paper and electronic files. Scanned and imported documents will become easy to find as Neat automatically organizes them in a keyword-searchable database.

Price: $399.95 Visit the Website

Parrot Zik By Philippe Starck

Parrot Zik

Description: The Parrot Zik by Philippe Starck wireless headphones offers concert hall-quality sound and Bluetooth connectivity. Zik has a hyper-intuitive touch panel on the entire right earpiece. To change a song, swipe your finger left/right against the right panel; to change volume, move your finger up/down; to pause, remove them from your ears. The Zik also has an active noise cancelling system and Digital Signal Processing algorithms that create a unique concert hall-effect. Zik is compatible with all mobile phone brands and can play music wirelessly via Bluetooth A2DP, by contactless NFC technology (never before achieved on a handset) and cable jack. The Zik also has a dedicated mobile app, Parrot Audio Suite, to provide the user with additional settings and control options. This includes personalizing the “Parrot Concert Hall” audio effect, adjusting equalizer settings, activating/deactivating the active noise control and more. The free app is available on the Android Marketplace and Apple app store. Zik is available at retailers Brookstone, Ron Robinson at Fred Segal, Bloomingdales, Apple, and

Price: $399.00 Visit the Website

QOOQ The First Culinary Touch-Screen And Kitchen-Proof Tablet

QOOQ Tablet

Description: QOOQ, the first interactive tablet made especially for your kitchen, and already a sensation in France, makes creating diverse and delicious meals easy and fun. This 10 inch Linux-based tablet is loaded with over 3,500 recipes from some of Europe’s top, Michelin-starred chefs. Consumers can create gourmet dishes through an interactive format that allows you to cook at your own pace. HD videos along with step-by-step instructions teach you how to make that lasagna or crème brulee, and demonstrate a variety of culinary techniques. The QOOQ tablet also offers access to hundreds of ingredient fact sheets, a calorie counter, access to your email, social networking platforms, the web and more. Not only does QOOQ teach you how to cook, but, unlike any other tablet, it is designed to be spill-proof and slip-proof so you don’t need to worry about getting that melted chocolate all over the place!

Price: $399.00 Visit the Website

Ditch The Flowers This Mother’s Day And Get Mom Pioneer's SMA Wireless Speakers

Pioneer SMA Wireless Speakers

Description: This year, ditch the flowers and get mom something she (and the entire family) will really enjoy, like a new wireless Wi-Fi speaker from Pioneer to match the capabilities of her smartphone. While no one has a say in mom’s taste in music, it can be said that the best wireless listening experience is through Wi-Fi. With three SMA wireless speaker models available, Pioneer brings the ultimate versatility to mom’s music listening experience. Pioneer SMA wireless speakers feature: The latest smartphone technologies so moms can wirelessly connect an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device. Pandora internet radio and vTuner Internet radio services for access to endless music and more than 10,000 Internet radio stations across the globe. Pioneer’s proprietary ControlApp lets mom easily create a playlist using her own music library and wirelessly push it to the speaker, all from within the app. Pioneer’s Wireless Direct technology, a first in the industry, enables the speakers to generate its own Wi-Fi access point when a home network isn’t available. Mom has complete freedom and can take the speaker(s) almost anywhere. The portable XW-SMA3, which includes a rechargeable battery, can be taken to the backyard, the park, and even the beach to produce great sound quality via the Wi-Fi connection. Whether it’s listening to Pandora channels or favorite songs stored in a smartphone, Pioneer’s wireless speakers are sure to make any mom happy this Mother’s Day.

Price: $399.00 Visit the Website

Polaroid IM1836 Android Camera

iM1836 Android Camera

Description: The Polaroid iM1836 is the first camera of its kind to pair interchangeable lens options like those previously found only on D-SLR cameras with the intuitive Android™ operating system. Lightweight and portable, it's a great option for capturing professional quality images and 1080p HD video on the go. Its built-in peer-to-peer Wi-Fi and easy-to-use Polaroid photo sharing apps allow users to immediately upload and share their images via social media. Built-in Bluetooth connectivity pairs the camera with any Bluetooth-enabled device to upload images and video when Wi-Fi isn't available.

Price: $349.99 Visit the Website

SL300 Matte Silver - Elite Hi-Definition Noise Cancelling Headphones

The SL300 has world class active noise cancelling technology that allows music playback in passive mode after battery has been drained

Description: There are plenty of cool looking personal audio options available, but so few are able to provide true studio level sound quality without distorted, out of whack sound balance. On the flipside, most offerings that do provide a more professional audio experience neglect to infuse any style or personality into the look. But style and sound quality can coexist. SOUL is here to change the game. Prepare for a high definition, fully isolated listening experience any time, any place with the SL300 Matte Silver. These powered performance headphones are engineered to deliver such a high quality of pristine, balanced sound with advanced drivers and circuitry that create superb bass, clear mids and highs. The SL300 series incorporates world class active noise cancelling technology which eliminates unwanted sounds and noises for crisp and clear audio as well as an enhanced listening experience. For consumers who have Apple products, the SL300 Matte Silver is a perfect match for iPhones, iPads, and Apple laptops and computers. With superior sound quality and a stylish design, SOUL headphones are the perfect gift for all music enthusiasts.

Price: $299.95 Visit the Website

WG-3 GPS Waterproof, Dropproof, Crushproof Digital Camera

WG-3 GPS Purple

Description: WG-3 GPS - We intensified 'tough' with the 15th generation of our ruggedized compact camera as it builds on proven PENTAX experience to bring you the best adventure proof camera yet. Capture outstanding images in any element with its brighter 4X optical zoom and new Shake Reduction system. Enjoy built-in digital pressure, altitude and depth gauges, a compass and wireless charging in the upgraded GPS model. Dive deeper, climb higher, explore longer, and capture even more of your journey with the PENTAX WG-3 GPS. Your adventure is now.

Price: $299.00 Visit the Website

PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita

Description: PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) offers an unparalleled combination of rich gaming and social connectivity within a real world context, made possible by leveraging Sony’s experience from its acclaimed console and handheld entertainment systems. Blurring the lines between interactive entertainment and reality, PS Vita enables revolutionary gaming experiences with dual analog sticks, front and rear cameras, front multi-touch display, multi-touch rear pad, GPS, six-axis motion sensors, and three-axis electronic compass. This next generation portable entertainment system enables a revolutionary combination of rich gaming and social connectivity within a real world context. Vita launched with a variety of games that may interest your readers – Hot Shots Golf, ModNation Racers, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048, MLB 12 THE SHOW, and Reality Fighters… to name a few. Vita’s Wi-Fi and 3G network connectivity lets players stay connected to their friends and other PS Vita owners anytime, anywhere – it is true gaming at its core, as home theaters and gaming systems work seamlessly with the handheld through cross-play technology. Now consumers can take their living rooms on the road as they start games at home on the PS3 and pick them up right where they left off on Vita (and vice versa).

Price: $249.99 to $299.99 Visit the Website

PENTAX WG-3 Waterproof, Dropproof, Crushproof Digital Camera

WG-3 Black

Description: Built for life's adventures, planned and unexpected, our 15th generation ruggedized compact camera builds on proven PENTAX experience to bring you our best adventure proof camera yet. Capture outstanding images in any element with its brighter 4X optical zoom, new Shake Reduction system and high resolution sensor. Dive deeper, climb higher, explore longer, and capture even more of your journey with the PENTAX WG-3. Your adventure is now.

Price: $249.95 Visit the Website

Martian Smartwatch - First-ever Voice Command Smartwatch

Martian Watches - First Ever Voice Command Smartwatch

Description: Martian Watches is a retro chic, classic analog timepiece that is a real game-changer because it is also the world’s first Bluetooth voice command smartwatch that allows you to talk, listen and control your phone from your wrist. Unlike other competitors on the market (or those rumored to be on the way), the Martian Watch uses voice command control to provide a truly unique hands-free experience to the consumer. For the first time, mobile phone users can communicate without needing to touch their phone; they can access their phone’s voice commands, including placing and receiving calls, sending voice-to-text messages, listening and responding to text messages, setting calendar notifications and reminders, controlling music, searching the web, and receiving Facebook and Twitter notifications, all without their phones leaving their pocket or purse.

Price: $249.00 to $299.00 Visit the Website

Sightmark SS2000 Tactical Flashlight

Sightmark SS2000 Triple Duty Tactical Flashlight

Description: The Sightmark SS2000 Tactical Flashlight is the perfect gift for mom! The SS2000 features Cree® LEDs to provide the brightest light. Equipped with a selector switch that cycles through three settings: 2,000 lumen, 280 lumen or strobe, the Sightmark SS2000 makes a useful tool for the darkest situations. The unique strobe mode feature acts in emergency situations as an alert or as a decoy to distract and disorient targets. The unit also comes with two rechargeable batteries and a battery recharger for optimal battery life! The SS2000 Tactical Flashlight is recoil resistant, waterproof, lightweight and protected by Sightmark’s limited lifetime warranty. Sightmark--Make Your Mark!

Price: $215.99 Visit the Website

D-Link Network Cloud Camera 2200 (DCS-2132L)

DCS-2132L Side Angle

Description: D-Link’s Cloud Camera 2200 delivers video resolution with 720p HD video clarity, ensuring rich detail and crisp image quality. The camera features a passive infrared (PIR) sensor for enhanced motion detection to trigger recording and email alerts, as well as premium night vision to heighten illumination in dark areas. In addition, the 2200 features a microSD/SDHC slot for local recording, digital zoom, and a built-in microphone and speaker for two-way communication. Featuring mydlink support, the Cloud Camera 2200 (Wireless) offers simple installation and can easily be integrated into an existing network to view streaming video from a PC, notebook, iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet. With the mydlink Lite app for iPhone and Android, users can quickly and easily see and hear their camera feed from anywhere with Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection. And, the mydlink+ app for iPad and Android tablets allows users to remotely monitor up to four live video streams via a multi-camera monitoring dashboard and easily save snapshots.

Price: $200.00 to $210.00 Visit the Website

NYNE NB-250 Bluetooth Speaker

NYNE NB-250 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Description: The NYNE NB-250 portable speaker is compatible with virtually all Bluetooth-enabled devices from iPads, iPhones, and iPods, to MP3 players, smartphones, and tablets. It is specially designed to provide super-high quality sound and while it’s cranking out the hits, the NB-250 can also charge your device through the convenient, built-in USB port. With its included carrying case, the NB-250 can entertain a crowd wherever you go, whether it’s at the beach, pool, park, tailgate, or in your own backyard. With 8 to 10 hours of Lithium Ion battery power, the NB-250 comes ready to rock the party. In addition to the slew of Bluetooth-device options, music can also be played from an auxiliary device connected through the included 3.5mm audio cable. Other user-friendly features include a fully rubberized cover that repels water splashes – or spilled drinks, a pair of high-quality drivers with the ability to produce a detailed midrange and powerful bass, and two-passive radiators for extended low-frequency range. The NYNE NB-250 is available at BrandsMart, Huppin's retail stores,, World Wide Stereo and Amazon for $199.95.

Price: $199.95 Visit the Website

Jawbone JAMBOX

Jawbone JAMBOX

Description: The Jawbone JAMBOX delivers rich hi-fi audio in a compact, portable wireless speaker that's just under six inches long. And it's loud. With an output capacity of 85 decibels (most rock concerts reach 120), JAMBOX fills even the largest rooms. JAMBOX has about 10 hours of continuous play, so you can listen to music, movies, podcasts, and more all day long. There is also a powerful, built-in microphone means you can use JAMBOX for hands-free conference calling through your mobile phone or Bluetooth-enabled computer when you're on the go.

Price: $179.99 Visit the Website



Description: NeatReceipts® is a portable scanner and Digital Filing System, weighing less than a pound, making on-the-go organization a cinch. NeatReceipts also includes Neat’s unique software that identifies and extracts the important information from receipts, business cards and documents and automatically organizes it for you. All scanned and imported documents can be searched by keyword in Neat’s software so you can find exactly what you need.

Price: $179.95 Visit the Website

JayBird BlueBuds X

Blue Buds X - The Perfection of Wireless Sound

Description: BlueBuds X has been designed and developed with every ideal in mind. Wireless music and calls coupled with superior audio performance rivaling the very best in wired headphones, a revolutionary 8 hour battery play time, patented secure fit for sports, lifetime sweat proof guarantee locks moisture out, and with the all new X-Fit, you have the option of lifting the cord off your neck for the perfect workout headphones. As the Official Training Headphones of USA Triathlon, you know you are choosing a trusted and proven product. Available now - $169.99 -

Price: $169.99 Visit the Website

NAUTILUS Symphony Shell :: 3D Printed Smartphone Amplifier

NAUTILUS :: Original

Description: 3D printing technology allows Simply Amplified to custom make each Symphony Shell, layer by layer. Free from cables or batteries, Symphony Shells have defined acoustic channels that naturally amplify music from your smartphone (you can use your charger while amplifying if desired)and are made from fully recyclable, ecofriendly materials. Symphony Shells come in three acoustically-engineered designs: URCHIN | MUREX | NAUTILUS

Price: $165.00 to $185.00 Visit the Website

Polaroid Kids Tablet

Kids Tablet

Description: The Polaroid PTAB750 7-inch Android 4.0 8GB Internet Kids Tablet is a real working tablet designed for children. The Android 4.0 operating system connects to WiFi and delivers a way to engage, entertain and educate children in the home or on the go. This white 7-inch tablet has a 1GHz processor, 8GB of internal memory, 512MB of RAM, USB port and an SD card slot for extended memory. The innovative design of the integrated side and rear rubber bumpers protect the tablet from shocks, falls and withstands all sorts of liquid accidents. The capacitive multi-touch display has an 800 by 480-pixel resolution for a sharp picture. Power up the video player and use the Baby Switch feature to disable the touch display of the tablet, preventing little ones from stopping the safe and filtered stream of children's video entertainment. The 2-megapixel camera allows children to be creative with pictures and videos and share them with friends and family. This device comes pre-loaded with (3) top rated learning Apps, (10) Dr. Seuss & Smithsonian interactive books and preloaded with the Nook bookstore and reader. The Appshop only includes apps for children where your child can safely browse and download free apps or purchase apps (when parental controls are turned off) that have been carefully selected before being included in the shop.

Price: $149.99 Visit the Website

Samsung DV150F

Available Colors: Cobalt black, white, and plum

Description: This Mother’s Day, skip the spa gift certificates and fluffy towel robes and get mom a gift that will ensure memories last a lifetime: a Samsung SMART camera. The new Samsung DV150F is the perfect accessory for busy moms with young children. Its Dual View feature employs a large, 2.7-inch LCD back screen and a 1.5-inch LCD front screen, which is great for capturing self-portraits and baby shots. By using children’s mode to display animated cartoon videos on the front screen, Mom can ensure the littles one are not only looking straight at the camera, but are smiling while they’re at it!

Price: $149.99 Visit the Website

A Multiple Charging Station For Your Mobile Devices

Sydnee Charging iPads and a Smart Phone

Description: Kanex Sydnee is a multiple charging and organization station for all your mobile devices. With more than 8-amps/40 Watts of power, Sydnee can charge 4 mobile devices at the same time including tablets, smart phones, e-readers or MP3 players. The uniquely designed unit will house and charge all your mobile devices without all the cable mess. Available in Black or White.

Price: $149.00 Visit the Website

Polaroid IP350


Description: Polaroid's waterproof IP350 IP wireless outdoor security camera makes security monitoring a breeze. The IP350's 60 degree viewing angle, motion detection, and night vision capability are just a few of the many features that provide you with hassle free surveillance. The rugged weather-resistant shell make this outdoor video security camera perfect for outdoor monitoring and maintaining your peace of mind.

Price: $129.99 Visit the Website

Sphero Robotic Ball


Description: Sphero is a completely new type of gaming system, and it's the world's first robotic ball that you control with a tilt, touch, or swing from your smartphone or tablet. You can drive Sphero, play tabletop and multiplayer games, hold Sphero in your hand to use it as a controller for on-screen gameplay, learn basic programming, and even explore augmented reality. Sphero offers over 20 gaming apps that enables new game play for mobile devices including: robotic movement, kinetic motion, controller support and augmented reality capabilities. Sphero is super durable, made up of a high-impact polycarbonate shell. It's also pet proof and waterproof.

Price: $129.99 Visit the Website

LifeProof Nüüd Case & Cover/Stand For IPad Gen 2/3/4 – Water Proof, Dirt Proof, Shock Proof

The LifeProof nüüd Case comes in handy while baking.

Description: LifeProof provides everyday, everywhere cases that protect smartphones and tablets from any usual hazard encountered in daily life. LifeProof cases are water proof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof in a slim design that lets users take advantage of every innovative feature of the device. Multi-tasking active Moms may use their tablet in the kitchen to access innovative cooking or nutrition apps, tweet their latest dishes or skype with far-flung relatives on how to make Grandma's famous cherry pie. Drop it in batter and rinse it off, drop it on floor or into the flour bin - and its okay. No worries. The LifeProof nüüd case for iPad is available in black and white, along with the Hand and Shoulder Straps and floating LifeJacket accessories. The latest LifeProof accessory is the iPad Mounting Cradle. Compatible with thousands of universal mounting systems, the iPad Mounting Cradle positions the iPad for work and play.

Price: $129.99 Visit the Website

NYNE NB-230 Bluetooth Speaker

NYNE NB-230 Bluetooth Speaker

Description: The NYNE NB-230 is a Bluetooth Speaker that provides in-home quality audio in a portable form for music enjoyment on the go both indoors and outdoors. It allows users to wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device, or connect with a non-Bluetooth device through a 3.5mm stereo aux-in port. The NB-230 combines elegant design with professional, high quality sound. With its hidden carrying handle and up to five hours of battery life, the NB-230 can easily be carried to the pool, beach, campsite or tailgate. Two full-range speakers provide medium and high frequencies while an innovative passive radiator gives the strong, loud bass expected from a boombox. A microphone with advanced noise-cancellation is also built-in for hands-free calling. The NYNE NB-230 is available now at BrandsMart, Huppin's retail stores,, World Wide Stereo and Amazon at the price of $129.95.

Price: $129.95 Visit the Website

I-MEGO Throne Headphones


Description: I-MEGO: THRONE Headphones A modern twist on a retro style, these over-ear headphones deliver audio fit for royalty •Unique design meets clear, crisp audio and heavy beats in these stylish over-ear headphones •Features a real leather headband, premium memory foam, and leather earpads for comfort and noise isolation •Integrated microphone and one-button control for play/pause/skip on any device •Equipped with high performance 40mm drivers deliver crystal clear audio •Available in THRONE Gold and THRONE Poison Available at: Price: $ 129.99 Website:

Price: $129.00 Visit the Website

Mulit-Function Bluetooth Microphone

BlueWi™ NightHawk - Multi function Bluetooth Microphone

Description: BlueWi™ a division of The Earphone Connection, Inc. participated at this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) showcasing the Nighthawk. The Nighthawk was one of the Winners of the 2013 CES Innovations award. The Nighthawk is a Bluetooth Microphone whose features include: Longer talk time (12 hours). Greater audio clarity. Increased comfort and improved safety. Free recording app for smartphones. Push-to-Talk for two-way radio professionals. From on-person to hands-free. (Vehicle mode to pedestrian) Control MP3 Bluetooth devices. Nighthawk Bluetooth Microphone Combo System is the ideal tool to meet the demands of today's power user who is constantly on the go and needs a Bluetooth earphone solution that can keep up with their ever-changing environment. For more information on the Nighthawk and BlueWi please visit:

Price: $124.99 Visit the Website

Seagate's Backup Plus

Backup Plus

Description: Backup Plus is Seagate's reinvented consumer storage product that delivers the easiest setup, one-click backup and the ability to save and share your content on Facebook and Flickr – making it the world’s first external hard drive to provide backup for content on social networks. The hard drive works interchangeably with both Windows and Apple computers, and delivers new features to protect, share and save nearly every aspect of one’s digital life. Backup Plus comes loaded with the new hassle-free Seagate Dashboard software for one-click local backup, making it easier than ever to eliminate excuses or apprehensions about backing up one’s most valuable digital content. This product will provide the peace of mind that every aspect of one’s digital life is safe from loss.

Price: $119.99 Visit the Website

Polaroid IP300W


Description: Polaroid, a worldwide leader in imaging and video, brings the superior video quality you've come to expect from Polaroid, to its IP-300W IP wireless indoor security camera. The IP-300W features a built-in microphone and speaker, 30.7-69 degree viewing angle for whole room surveillance. The enhanced viewing angle and 2-way intercom allow you to interact with anything from a safe distance while keeping your home or office safe. You can access it anytime, from anywhere in the world, via any computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android device. The Polaroid IP-300W is a standalone unit that features an easy to use one-click recording interface with no need for a DVR or other recording device. It features a Motion Detection option which makes for efficient and effective security monitoring and enhanced IR-filter lens to make this an ideal camera in all lighting scenarios. This feature has 10 motion sensitivity settings to eliminate false alarms. When movement is detected it can be set to trigger an alarm, record the incident, and send you an email with either an image or video attachment. Comes in black and white.

Price: $99.99 Visit the Website

MyCharge Peak 6000

myCharge Peak 6000

Description: myCharge Peak 6000 is part of a collection of lightweight, on-the-go extended batteries with built-in charging connectors that deliver instant power and offer up to quadruple (4X) the run time for hundreds of digital devices (iPhone/smartphones, iPad/tablets, eReaders and more). Uniquely equipped with all the cords built into the battery unit, myCharge Peak 6000 plugs directly into the wall, ensuring hassle-free usage. The myCharge series also tells you in four different languages how much battery power is left, when a device is fully charged, connected/disconnected, and the unit is compatible with hundreds of mobile devices.

Price: $99.99 Visit the Website

LG Optimus G: Available On Sprint For $199.99 And AT&T For $99.99 With A Two-year Service Agreement

LG Optimus G

Description: Designed with a powerful, 1.5 GHZ quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and 2GB of RAM, Optimus G is the perfect gift for multitaskers who want to use their mobile device for both work and play. LG Optimus G features a stunning, 4.7-inch True HD IPS Plus display that will make friends jealous, delivering high-definition video and photo-realistic mobile games in vibrant, true-to-life color. Built with 4G LTE, LG Optimus G is a great gift for users who need high speed Internet access on-the-go. LG Optimus G lets download high definition movies and mobile games at the highest mobile speeds available, while leaving plenty of bandwidth for updating their social media profiles and sending email. Optimus G also comes loaded with a suite of exclusive UX features. With QuickMemo, users can take a screenshot and add their own commentary or drawings and the QSlide function gives users the ability to text, read emails and more while viewing video. With Live Zooming, users can also zoom in and zoom out to enjoy the smallest details while watching recorded videos.

Price: $99.99 to $199.99 Visit the Website

Microsoft Office Home Premium

Office 365 Logo

Description: Office 365 Home Premium gives people the flexibility to do things how and when they want – whether they’re are at home, at a coffee shop, waiting to pick up their kids at school, or anywhere in between. It is subscription-based, which means you can use one license for an entire household on up to five devices – plus all your documents are saved automatically to the cloud on SkyDrive for easy access to your documents and personal settings from anywhere. The new offering includes the latest and most complete set of Office applications; works across up to five devices, including Windows tablets, PCs and Macs; and comes with extra SkyDrive storage and Skype calling. Please see the Press Release and Fact Sheet for more information on Office 365 Home Premium.

Price: $99.99 Visit the Website

LifeCam Studio

LifeCam Studio

Description: Enjoy superior HD video quality with the LifeCam Studio webcam. It includes a 1080p HD sensor. But great video is about more than HD. Keep your subject crisp and clear with autofocus, from four inches all the way to infinity. Shoot with greater accuracy in wide angle with the LifeCam precision glass element lens. And, to make it even easier, LifeCam features TrueColor Technology, which means your video remains bright and colorful in virtually all lighting conditions while ClearFrame Technology provides smooth and detailed footage.

Price: $99.99 Visit the Website

NYNE NB-200 Bluetooth Speaker

NYNE NB-200 Bluetooth Speaker

Description: The NYNE NB-200 is a stylish Bluetooth Speaker that provides in-home quality audio in a small, portable form for music enjoyment on the go. It allows users to wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device, or connect with a non-Bluetooth device through its 3.5mm stereo aux-in port. Small enough to carry in a bag or be attached to a bike or stroller handlebars (custom clips included), the NB-200 can be used while biking, walking or jogging. Additional features include a built-in splash-proof microphone with advanced noise-cancellation for hands-free calling, and a rechargeable lithium ion battery that supports up to 5 hours of continuous playtime. NYNE's NB-200 speaker is available now for $99.95 at BrandsMart, Huppin's retail stores,, World Wide Stereo and Amazon.

Price: $99.95 Visit the Website

Rocket Languages Rocket Spanish Program

Rocket Languages logo

Description: Give the gift of language learning with Rocket Languages', the leader in online language learning, downloadable Rocket Spanish Premium Program! Why Rocket Spanish? Well, It's well known that the best way to learn something is by doing and the Rocket Spanish program gets users active quick with 32 repeatable audio lessons. These audio lessons are the backbone of Rocket Spanish and prompt users to speak Spanish out loud along with, and in response to, the fun native hosts. And the best part of all is each lesson lasts only 25 minutes! Using a scientific process called 'chunking', Rocket Spanish breaks down every day Spanish conversations into small segments so the concepts presented are easier to absorb and remember. The chunking method means that users will be able to work on their conversational Spanish in the privacy of their own home and overcome their fear of saying the wrong thing. And, because all audio lessons are available for download, Rocket Spanish is a fun, convenient and valuable gift that can be used wherever and whenever! Rocket Spanish – the fast, easy, fun and effective way to learn Spanish online!

Price: $99.95 to $149.95 Visit the Website

NYNE N-19 IPhone/iPod Alarm Clock

Wake up in style with the NYNE N-19 Alarm Clock

Description: The NYNE N-19 is a sleek and compact alarm clock with a slim profile and custom-designed display. It features an Apple-certified iPod, iPhone and iPad 30-pin docking and charging station that is wide enough to fit most Apple devices with their protective covers in place, plus a 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input to ensure compatibility with most mobile devices such as Android, Blackberry or MP3 players. It wakes you up how you want, whether it's with music from a playlist, your favorite radio station, or a traditional alarm buzzer. The N-19's dual alarm function lets users program two alarms, each with a set time, music source and wake-up volume, plus snooze control to grab a few extra ZZZs. For viewing ease at any time of day, the custom-designed backlit display is dimmable with 5 brightness settings. The N-19 takes features to a new level with an S-video output port that allows users to watch their favorite music video or movie from their mobile device directly on their TV. It also comes with a remote control for ultra convenience. This professionally designed alarm clock from NYNE can satisfy all of a user’s needs in one integrated system.

Price: $99.95 Visit the Website

LARK, Creator Of The Silent Un-alarm Clock


Description: LARK, the creator of a silent un-alarm clock linked to your iPhone, iPad or iTouch is a wristband, charger and app that wakes you up without disrupting your partner's sleep and trains you to sleep better. It offers a seven-day sleep assessment and becomes your personal sleep coach. The product retails for $99 and is available at all Apple Stores globally as well as and select Best Buy stores.

Price: $99.00 Visit the Website

BlueAnt Wireless Q3 Premium Smartphone Earpiece

Q3 Side view

Description: BlueAnt Wireless' newest premium smartphone earpiece features the latest Bluetooth technology and wideband audio delivering rich, call clarity. The Q3 earpiece allows iPhone users to execute all things available through Siri, such as composing text messages by speaking, simply with the double tap of the command button. Android users can also utilize a simple double tap to access Google Voice Actions and all the option there, such as turn by turn navigation and messaging. This is ideal for multi-taskers looking for a hands-free way to access all their smartphone or tablet has to offer. With its Voice Isolation Technology, noise and wind are reduced, enabling quality audio in the noisiest environments. The patented Wind Armour Technology™ ensures crystal clear communication in wind speeds of up to 22 miles per hour. The dual microphones and advanced DSP delivers terrific-sounding audio tuned for discerning ears.

Price: $99.00 Visit the Website

MUREX Symphony Shell :: 3D Printed Smartphone Amplifier

MUREX :: Original

Description: 3D printing technology allows Simply Amplified to custom make each Symphony Shell, layer by layer. Free from cables or batteries, Symphony Shells have defined acoustic channels that naturally amplify music from your smartphone (you can use your charger while amplifying if desired)and are made from fully recyclable, ecofriendly materials. Symphony Shells come in three acoustically-engineered designs: URCHIN | MUREX | NAUTILUS

Price: $95.00 to $110.00 Visit the Website

Polaroid IP200W


Description: Polaroid's IP-200W wireless indoor security camera provides 24 hour security for your home or business. The two-way intercom system takes this security camera to the next level making the unit interactive and simple to use. Easily mounted to a ceiling or wall, the IP-200W offers enhanced pan and tilt monitoring, 60 degree viewing angle, night vision capability, and motion detection with snapshot via email. Live video can be accessed through the iPhone and Android app, so you can keep an eye on your home or business from near or far. The Polaroid IP-200W is a standalone unit that features an easy to use one-click recording interface with no need for a DVR or other recording device. This indoor security camera is easy to set up, simple to use, and is very accessible and secure. You can access it anytime, from anywhere in the world, via any computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android device. It features a Motion Detection option which makes for efficient and effective security monitoring. This feature has 10 motion sensitivity settings to eliminate false alarms. When movement is detected it can be set to trigger an alarm, record the incident, and send you an email with an image or video attached. Peace of mind and safety are just two of the many benefits this security camera provides. Comes in both black and white.

Price: $89.99 Visit the Website

ILuv Vibro II

Vibro II

Description: Find out what the buzz is all about. The Vibro II Alarm Clock gives you that option with a unique, feature patented ‘Shaker’ that vibrates when it’s time for you to start your day. Available in four stylish colors, the Vibro II is the perfect accessory for heavy sleepers, students and couples. Heavy sleepers and the hearing impaired can rest easy knowing that if their music, radio or buzzer doesn’t get them up, the ‘Shaker’ will. Rather than disturb their partner or roommate, students and couples can set the Vibro II to wake them discreetly using only the ‘Shaker’.

Price: $79.99 Visit the Website

BCODA CODA One - One Bluetooth Sound Solution For All Your Audio Needs

Lifestyle image of CODA One

Description: Coda One ably does its primary job of acting as a Bluetooth speaker for smartphones, and allows access to Siri or third-party app Vlingo with a single button to allow voice dialing, searching, and more. The slim and sleek Coda One also doubles as a portable speaker for music and movies, and offers solid performance in that regard considering its size. And in an interesting twist, the dual-speaker device can also be switched to handset mode and held to your face like a standard phone to allow for private conversations. While not essential for phone users (who could simply pick up the actual paired device), it's a helpful addition that can be used for VOIP calls on tablets, bringing you closer to a traditional phone experience. As a wider array of increasingly smart and agile devices enter our lives, we need accessories that likewise keep up with the action. Wireless, hands-free Bluetooth speaker boxes for cars aren't exactly a new development, but the flexibility of bCODA's Coda One makes it much more appealing than the average peripheral.

Price: $79.99 to $99.99 Visit the Website

Boost Mobile's Waterproof Smartphone - Kyocera Hydro

Kyocera Hydro, Boost Mobile's Waterproof Smartphone

Description: Water is a cell phone’s greatest enemy. A recent study revealed that 40% of adults have damaged their cell phone by either dropping it in water or spilling liquid on it. These mistakes don’t come cheap as replacement phones can cost hundreds, not to mention the monthly fee for insurance. Forget running around looking for that bag of rice to dry the phone, now Boost Mobile has the plunge-worthy Kyocera Hydro to give your wallet a break and help protect you from a fateful drop. Not only water friendly, the Hydro is also price friendly. Boost Mobile, recently recognized by J.D. Power and Associates as “Highest Satisfaction with the Purchase Experience among Non-Contract Wireless Providers,” gives their customers all the perks of a smartphone with a trim price tag along with a no-contract monthly unlimited plan that shrinks to as low as $40 a month and includes unlimited talk, text, web, email and calls to 411.

Price: $79.99 to $99.99 Visit the Website

Designed By M: AL13: Uniquely Designed To Protect IPhone 4 And 5 Without Changing The Look


Description: Created from lightweight yet durable aerospace grade aluminum, the name of this bumper is a nod to the abbreviation for aluminum in the periodic table and the fact the case only weighs 13 grams. The sleek, premium finish blends seamlessly with iPhone 4 and 5. It easily slides on and off phone at any time without any special tools. The rubber lining acts as a shock absorber to minimize impact damage and also protects iPhone during installation. High impact, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint and anti-glare polyurethane screen protector included.

Price: $79.99 Visit the Website

Blu SmartPack

blu Cigs Premium Pack

Description: This convenient gadget charges while you’re on the move, comes in a pocket-sized pack, and even helps you meet new people with industry-first social networking technology. Electronic cigarettes have no flame, tobacco smoke, ash, or odor. When smokers need a “nic fix” but can’t smoke, e-cigs provide an alternative. Each blu Cig lasts as long as 6-7 individual cigarettes. They come in a number of 100% USA-made flavors, from Classic Tobacco to the new Pina Colada, and they also come in low- or no-nicotine varieties. With nearly 20,000 retail vendors, you can easily find refills in drug stores, supermarkets, and more. The Smart Pack (with social networking technology) holds backup flavor cartridges and charges spare batteries on-the-go. Turn on a homing device to detect and alert you to nearby users and blu vendors. Soon, blu Cigs Smart Packs will even be able to sync with Facebook for a "social smoking" experience. Visit for more information.

Price: $79.95 to $89.95 Visit the Website

FREE Calls With Your Home & Small Business Phones

Make and Receive Calls for Free with the OBi202

Description: Via the OBi202's two (2) on-board phone connections, you have the power make and receive phone calls using VoIP services for a fraction of the cost a traditional phone company would charge. The OBi202 supports up to four (4) VoIP services like Google's free Google Voice communications service or a multitude of SIP Internet phone services as well as calls to other OBi endpoints via Obihai's free OBiTALK network. Benefits FREE Calls* to US & Canada Using Google Voice™ Unlocked — Use with Any VoIP Service Provider (SIP) Get the Lowest Cost International Calls FREE Premium Features — Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling FREE OBi to OBi Calls Anywhere in the World No Computer Required to Make/Receive Calls Fantastic Call Quality - Even when there is heavy Internet traffic. Mini-Phone System — The two phone ports work together making the OBi202 perfect for small business! Reliable Faxing with T.38 when supported from the connected VoIP service. Use FREE OBiON iPhone™ & Android™ Apps from Your Smart Phone

Price: $75.00 to $100.00 Visit the Website

Coyote Case - A Panic Button For Your Smartphone

Coyote Case

Description: Coyote Case is a revolutionary new smartphone case with a built-in panic button that protects you as well as your phone-- great for college students, city dwellers, those who exercise alone, travelers, and the elderly. This sleek and durable smartphone case contains a 100 decibel panic siren coupled with an automated, Bluetooth-enabled safety app. The Coyote Case app automatically sends a text message with your GPS coordinates to your pre-selected emergency contacts. In an emergency, time is of the essence -- no further fumbling with your smartphone is required; it’s truly one-push personal protection.

Price: $70.00 to $100.00 Visit the Website

Nio - The Unforgettable Accessory For Your IPad/IPhone

nio - The Unforgettable Accessory

Description: We all lose things. Sometimes it's inconvenient, other times it's disastrous. nio makes it preventable. The nio tag connects with your iPhone/iPad to protect each another from loss and theft. They work like a buddy system alarming if they become separated by more than the designated distance. They connect to a free nio app downloaded onto your Apple Bluetooth 4.0 device. nio comes with a clip and lanyard so it can be attached to any item you want to keep track of and protect like your keys, camera, wallet, purse, briefcase, laptop or pet.

Price: $69.95 Visit the Website

Olloclip 3-in-one IPhone Photo Lens

olloclip quick connect lens for the iPhone

Description: The olloclip is a quick-connect lens system for the iPhone 4/4S/5 and iPod touch Gen 4 and 5. It includes three lenses for fisheye, wide-angle and macro shots in one small, convenient package making it the perfect camera accessory. The olloclip is simple, elegant and unobtrusive. It slides quickly and easily onto the iPhone and iPod without any user adjustment to instantly and easily capture photographic images and use various photographic effects. The iPhone’s camera auto focuses normally through the olloclip and selecting a lens is as simple as flipping it over. • The fisheye lens captures approximately a 180° field-of-view • The wide-angle lens nearly doubles the iPhone’s normal field of view. • The macro lens applies roughly a 10X magnification on macro and is cleverly concealed within the olloclip by unscrewing the wide-angle lens. The olloclip uniquely features the Panorama 360 Plus™ creating more than a 360 degree image using the olloclip fisheye lens with the Apple iOS 6 Panorama camera feature. The Panorama feature used with the wide-angle lens also provides a wider and taller field of view that enhances the panoramic experience. The olloclip also works with video and photo apps in both video and still modes.

Price: $69.95 Visit the Website

Nio - The Unforgettable Bluetooth Accessory

nio Tag with iPhone - actual size

Description: nio protects your iPhone and other valuables from loss and theft. The nio Tag connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone to create a wireless chain between them. Your iPhone and nio Tag act like a buddy system alarming when they become separated by more than a safe distance, alerting you before one of them goes missing. Carry nio with you or attach it to your keys, camera, laptop or bag or anything else you want to keep with you. nio Tag is a Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Accessory and is compatible with iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPad3, iPad4 and iPadmini and connects to device using free nio App available at the App Store. Features of nio nio has many features that can be adjusted to fit any lifestyle including the Security Distance, Alarm Sound & Sensitivity and Anti-Theft option. A nio Premium App can also be downloaded from the App store with even more security features including Reminders, Alerts, GeoTagging and Mulit-nio Tag capability.

Price: $69.95 Visit the Website

Two New Camera Straps From Sun Sniper: The Back-Pack-Strap And The Strap Surfer

Sun Sniper Back Pack Strap

Description: Whether hiking, climbing, traveling or commuting to and from work hoping to catch a candid shot, amateur and professional photographers alike will love not having to wear a camera strap around their necks. These two new products added to the innovative line of Sun Sniper camera ctraps are for anyone on the go. The Back-Pack-Strap (MSRP: $67) easily transforms an ordinary backpack into a complete camera carrying system. Everyone from hikers to tourist can quickly and conveniently capture the perfect shot in seconds. The Strap Surfer (MSRP: $96) allows the same transformation to courier or messenger bags. Unique features of these straps include: • A stainless steel “Bear” ball-bearing camera connector. • A Shock absorber system to cushion from movement and allow for extra comfort. • A Steel anti-theft wire inside the design that protects camera from would-be thieves attempting to cut the strap. The Back-Pack-Strap and the Strap Surfer also come with up to $500 insurance if a thief should be successful at cutting through the strap. With these straps the camera settles perfectly at the side, and is weighted evenly by the additional support of the backpack or the messenger bag. They allow the camera to glide from the side of the user’s body to his or her eye in one easy motion. The strap is Available via the Bron Imaging website or through select retailers.

Price: $67.00 to $96.00 Visit the Website

ECO-heater Wall-Mounted Convection Heater

ECO-heater's T400U Model

Description: Based in Alexandria, VA., ECO-heater, Inc. distributes the most economical room heater on the market today. The ECO-heater offers the ideal heating solution for the home or office, using the equivalent power consumed by four incandescent light bulbs, only 27% of the energy that conventional 1,500 watt heaters use. Rigorously tested by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and certified by International Safety Standards (ISS), the ECO-heater is designed to provide years of maintenance-free service and is backed with a full two-year manufactures warranty. ECO-heater, Inc. is committed to providing consumers with the finest, most reliable heating product available. ECO-heater is: •Effective, efficient, and economical, on average using 4 cents of electricity per hour •Slim, unobtrusive, out of the way design •Low-temperature surface and non-tipping wall mounted device minimizes risk of fire and contact burns •Can be painted to blend “invisibly” into any décor •DIY installation takes less than ten minutes •Circulates radiant heat by convection with no fans or moving parts

Price: $60.00 to $119.99 Visit the Website

Boostpac Eclipse 1500mAh Auxiliary Battery Pack

Boostpac Eclipse charging Blackberry

Description: The Qmadix boostpac eclipse™ Rechargeable Auxiliary Battery Pack is ideal for charging your mobile device. Equipped with iPod/iPhone and Micro USB connectors, the eclipse is compatible with most devices including iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, Motorola, HTC, LG, and Samsung. Features: • LED indicators display estimated remaining charging power • Smart technology prevents overcharging • Stylish, compact and simple to use • Desktop stand for iPod or iPhone Specifications: • 1500 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery • Rated input: DC 5V • Rated output: DC 5V • Dimensions: 2.7" x 2" x 0.9" (70 x 50 x 22 mm) Includes: • 1500 mAh Rechargeable Auxiliary Battery Pack • Standard USB to Micro USB Cable • Owner's Manual

Price: $59.99 Visit the Website

Audiofly AF45 In-ear Headphones

Audiofly AF45 In-ear Headphones

Description: You’re serious about your music. You lament the demise of vinyl. But you have to admit it’s easier to commute or workout with an MP3 player than a record player. The AF45 Series in-ear headphones are for the music crazed guy or girl about town. You don’t have to sacrifice the nuances, depth and richness of your favorite tracks for mobility. Featuring a custom voiced 11mm dynamic driver for superb detail across the dynamic range and a noise isolating in-ear design, for up to 23db noise attenuation to keep everyday noise out of your music. We also include 4 sets of silicon ear tips mold to your ears for better isolation, comfort and soun experience. Built to Last Audiofly has a keen, almost obsessive attention to detail and our Audioflex™ braided cable has Kevlar reinforced conductors for extra strength and a 99.997% oxygen free core for enhanced conductivity. We also help you keep your headphones safe with our Audiofly Storage Tin with plush felt lining for roadworthy protection for your headphones. The AF45m offers Clear-Talk™ where we split the mic from the mechanics of the button for better voice transmission during conversations, so you only need to say it once to be heard! All this power, design and sound is available at major online retailers around the world or can be purchased at

Price: $59.95 to $69.95 Visit the Website

BCODA MultiShare USB Jak, Portable Smartphone Content Streaming Device Via Wi-Fi

Image of Jak showing Front & Back (Jak comes with one unit in a package)

Description: Jak is a multipurpose dongle that plugs into any consumer eletronic device with a USB port (HDTV, home or car stereo system, computer) and allows you to feed music, videos, photos, and documents stores on your smartphone to the connected device for a home theater quality playback. With intuitive and easy-to-use app that is freely downloadable from the Google Play Store, the users can create playlists of musics, video clips, etc from their smartphones and sync the playlist to Jak. On the host device, Jak will appear as a memory stick containing the playlist. The users then can enjoy the contents of the playlists using the controls of the host device. Since Jak lets the users to select the files to be shared while creating a playlist, privacy matter is naturally taken care of. It also lets the users to select files to be stored from the cloud such as Dropbox. iOS version of the app is under registration process and waiting for confirmation from Apple. Jak supports Full HD (1080p) quality video clips. Also, unlike bluetooth, it does not suffer audio quality loss while transferring music. It can be connected up to 20 smartphones, so with one Jak at the party or during any friends & family gathering, people can share their music, photos, video clips in turns.

Price: $49.99 to $69.99 Visit the Website


HMDX Jam Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Description: HMDX Jam Wireless Speaker is the sweetest sounding, #1 selling, little Bluetooth wireless speaker — at only $49.99. Available at Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, Best Buy and other stores in six of the hottest colors – Strawberry, Grape, Blueberry, Blackberry, Apricot and Apple. The small size and sweet sound makes it perfect for almost any setting: dorm room, kitchen, bedroom, office, home gym, beach, mountains and beyond.

Price: $49.99 Visit the Website

Case Scenario: Pantone Universe Bookcase

Pantone Universe Bookcase

Description: Stylish iPhone 5 case featuring a protective front cover that doubles as a stand. • Two standing positions for both landscape and portrait viewing angles • Made with high quality Nubuck material for both usability and protection • Access to all ports, switches and camera • Available in Pantone colors – Scarlet Sage (19-1559) and Tap Shoe (19-4004) Available at: Bloomingdales & Nordstrom Price: $49.99 Website:

Price: $49.99 Visit the Website

MirrorCase IPhone Case For More Comfortable Recording

MirrorCase is the easiest way to take photos and videos from your iPhone

Description: Having an iPhone means always having a camera on hand to capture those memorable moments. Unfortunately, the moment is often missed because your phone stands between you and the action. MirrorCase ( is designed to eliminate “Phone Face”, letting you hold your device from the more natural, horizontal angle while you take pictures and/or video. Utilizing a high quality mirror to reflect back any image that is in front of the device, you can still see the action in front of you while you record. Using the free Mirror Case app, photos are automatically flipped and inverted to be right side up and then saved to the camera roll. Great for recording your camera shy kids, or setting up video for self recording, MirrorCase is the best solution for anyone who wants to stop missing the action when taking pictures and video through their phone!

Price: $49.95 Visit the Website

System Mechanic From Iolo Technologies

System Mechanic

Description: While every computer user has experienced a not-so-old but incredibly slow computer, a purchase of a new, speedy PC for the family might not be in the budget. However, despite the fact that the average lifespan of a computer in the U.S. is only 2.4 years, with proper tune-up, it could run fast for considerably longer. But few people take the time, or even know how, to tune up their computer on their own. System Mechanic is an excellent gift for the techie and the technologically challenged mom alike, a program designed to fix, speed up and maintain PCs so they run like new forever. It combines one-click fixes and automatic maintenance with more than 50 robust tools, enabling novices and experts alike to clean out their computers and keep them in peak condition.

Price: $49.95 Visit the Website

Ovale™ 4.2 Amp Smart Charging Station

Ovale™ 4.2Amp Smart Charging Station - Fast charging of multiple smart devices.

Description: No Overcharging. No Wasted Power - The Ovale™ Smart Charging Station is built with a Smart Charge system that senses when devices are fully charged, or when there are no devices connected, and automatically shuts off power. Ovale™ saves you from worrying about battery damage caused by overcharging your mobile devices, while also saving you from wasting unnecessary standby power. Ovale™ is not only SMART, but also FAST. With 4.2 Amp capacity, it provides fastest charging of up to four smart mobile devices or two tablets simultaneously. Chargers with less than 4.2 Amp capacities will require longer charging times to fully charge multiple smart devices or tablets.

Price: $49.00 to $69.00 Visit the Website

URCHIN Symphony Shell :: 3D Printed Smartphone Amplifier

URCHIN :: Original

Description: 3D printing technology allows Simply Amplified to custom make each Symphony Shell, layer by layer. Free from cables or batteries, Symphony Shells have defined acoustic channels that naturally amplify music from your smartphone (you can use your charger while amplifying if desired)and are made from fully recyclable, ecofriendly materials. Symphony Shells come in three acoustically-engineered designs: URCHIN | MUREX | NAUTILUS

Price: $45.00 to $55.00 Visit the Website

ONGUARD 7" Sleeve With Stand For IPad Mini, Kindle Fire HD, Nook HD

ONGUARD Sleeve folds into a viewing stand

Description: A revolutionary solution for carrying, storing and viewing your Tablet! The sleeve folds into a triangular stand that offers horizontal and vertical viewing positions. Sleeve fits iPad Mini, Kindle Fire HD, Nook HD and many other similar sized tablets. - Premium microsuede material, available in black, brown or red - Slip entry, magnetic clasp closure - Rigid magnetic inserts provide additional screen protection - Inside lined with microsuede for easy screen cleaning - Offers complete tablet protection - Patent pending design Also available in 10 Inch size to fit all iPad generations

Price: $44.99 Visit the Website

Tempered Tech-Armor For Apple IPhone 4S/4

Tempered Tech-Armor iPhone 4S/4 Black

Description: Qmadix Tempered Tech-Armor is the ultimate defense shield for your iPhone® 4S/4. Utilizing triplex technology, a new innovation in tempered glass, which yields a breaking threshold greater than 9 times of conventional glass. This ultra thin screen protector is just 0.3mm thick and is almost undetectable once installed. Tech-Armor is clear tempered glass and will not cause any loss of screen sensitivity or degrade the resolution of the display. Features: • Shatterproof, scratchproof, and shock resistant proprieties ensures maximum screen protection • Proprietary surface coating prevents the transfer of fingerprints or smudges • Installation is simple, quick, and easy • Rear film overlay included for maximum full-body protection • Also available White Includes: • 1 Tempered Tech-Armor front screen protector • 1 Protective rear film overlay • 1 Cleaning Set (micro-fiber cloth and dust remover) • 3 Home Button Stickers • User’s Manual

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

CraftArtist 2 Professional

Serif's CraftArtist 2 Professional

Description: CraftArtist 2 Professional is the ultimate digital crafting tool for creative types looking to make high-quality, unique print projects at home. Whether they’re a soon-to-be mom wanting to create a baby scrapbook keepsake, or an avid crafter who enjoys making homemade cards, photobooks, invitations and stationery, CraftArtist 2 Professional has all the tools needed to quickly create their desired project in minutes. Crafters will be amazed by how easy the software is to use thanks to its simple drag-and-drop function. It includes loads of new features including the 3D Decoupage Tool and the Punches Tab. Designs can be personalized with unlimited pictures and text, plus there are craft tools and a built-in photo editor to help deliver high-quality results that are guaranteed to impress family and friends. CraftArtist 2 Professional is compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP and is available directly from

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

CM4 Q Card Case

Q Card Case for iPhone 5

Description: CM4: Q Card Case Wallet case for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 combines superior protection, sophisticated style, and pocket-friendly convenience •Case with integrated wallet comfortably fits 3 cards (credit cards, IDs, etc.) plus cash •Lay-flat Screen Guard™ provides ultimate scratch-resistant protection while 1mm front bezel protects against car keys, drops, and most threats •Exclusive patent pending soft-touch rubber and premium fabric allows case to easily pull out of pockets and purses •Natural Throw™ buttons maintain organic connection with your iPhone •iPhone 4/4S available in Black Onyx, Pink Sapphire, Pacific Green, and Pearl White •iPhone 5 available in Black Onyx, Pacific Green, Red Rouge, and Mahogany Brown Available at: and Price: $39.99 Website:

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

Zumba Fitness Core Xbox 360 Game For Kinect

Zumba Fitness Core Xbox 360 Game

Description: Get ready to rock your core! Zumba Fitness Core is the latest release in the best-selling video game franchise that has sold more than seven million players on the exhilarating Zumba Fitness interactive workout. As the only fitness game that targets your core, it's specifically designed to deliver tight and toned abs. This energized dance-fitness party features fresh music and choreography, new dance styles and fitness features, and cool new venues and celebrity Zumba instructors to help you reach your personal goals as you dance your way towards that sexy six pack!

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

Wallet Case For ICM4 Q Card Case: Phone 4/4S And IPhone 5 Combines Superior Protection, Sophisticated Style, And Pocket-friendly Convenience

iPhone 4 Case

Description: • Case with integrated wallet comfortably fits 3 cards (credit cards, IDs, etc.) plus cash • Lay-flat Screen Guard™ provides ultimate scratch-resistant protection while 1mm front bezel protects against car keys, drops, and most threats • Exclusive patent pending soft-touch rubber and premium fabric allows case to easily pull out of pockets and purses • Natural Throw™ buttons maintain organic connection with your iPhone • iPhone 4/4S available in Black Onyx, Pink Sapphire, Pacific Green, and Pearl White • iPhone 5 available in Black Onyx, Pacific Green, Red Rouge, and Mahogany Brown

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

Cobra AirWave

Cobra AirWave

Description: The Cobra AirWave is a portable Bluetooth® -based music bridge that allows users to wirelessly connect their Bluetooth® -enabled media device to their home stereo, car stereo, or standalone speakers. This connection allows users to play premium sound while having the freedom to be away from the source and control their music from anywhere within range. The Cobra AirWave enables older generation devices to have wireless technology at a fraction of the cost if it were built-in so that users can stream audio through any of their current stereo systems.

Price: $39.95 to $40.00 Visit the Website

Mothers Day Gift That Won't Break The Bank: Free Android From OoVoo

ooVoo Offers Free Android Smartphone

Description: ooVoo, the largest independent social video chat provider with 75 million registered subscribers, is offering moms the best gift for the whole family, a Free Android phone. To claim this offer, Americans can log on to and select their wireless carrier and preferred phone model: DROID RAZR M by Motorola, HTC’s DROID INCREDIBLE, the Kyocera Rise, Samsung’s Galaxy S Blaze and more. The new Android phone will be delivered straight to mom’s mailboxes. Once mom has her Android, make sure to download ooVoo to stay connected. ooVoo allows consumers to make free video calls with up to 12 friends, free voice calls and send free instant messaging.

Price: $36.00 Visit the Website

GelaSkins Artist-Designed & Custom IPhone Cases

The HardCase for iPhone 5 in 'Mod Flower' by Petit Collage

Description: Personalize and protect your iPhone with The HardCase by GelaSkins. Choose from over 1000 designs from our family of independent artists or upload your own art and photos and create your own! The HardCase is a tough polycarbonate defender made to protect iPhones from impact damage and everyday wear-and-tear. Simple to install and remove, the one-piece snap-on construction holds tight for maximum protection. The HardCase allows for easy access to buttons and is compatible with charging cables and screen protectors. Matching wallpapers complete the look!

Price: $34.95 Visit the Website

Make Memorable Mother's Day Animations And Art With Smith Micro Software

Smith Micro Software

Description: Mother’s Day – The time to shower the special moms in your life with love, gratitude and thoughtful gifts that express your appreciation. With Smith Micro’s animation software products, users can create unique comic books that show Super-Mom in action, fun animated clips that will make mom laugh, animated slideshows of memories that bring tears of joy and more. MotionArtist enables users to easily add motion to comic creations, create interactive HTML5 presentations and make animated photo shows. Learn more here: Manga Studio 5 is your all-in-one solution for creating stunning, ready-to-publish manga and comics. Visit here for more info: Bring your imagination to life with Anime Studio®, your complete animation program for creating 2D movies, cartoons, anime and cut out animations. Create your own desktop animated shorts similar to and or use it to produce animations for film, video or streaming over the web. Learn more here: Create realistic 3D art with Poser – perfect for artists, illustrators, animators and graphic designers. Poser continues to raise the bar as the standard for 3D figure design and character animation. enabling users to easily create full 3D scenes with digital humans, animals and props. More info here:

Price: $30.00 to $250.00 Visit the Website

SWAROVSKI ELEMENT Embedded Smartphone Cases

The Most Elegant iPhone Case Available

Description: Bling My Thing strives to be forward thinking in launching product lines desired by the global mobile user. Lead designer, Ayano Kimura, of Bling My Thing Group strives to develop product lines that combine cutting edge designs and materials to address the various niches of mobile users from fashion mavens to creative individualists to technology purists. Bling My Thing Group is defining itself as a leader in innovation in the mobile accessory industry through its inventive and expanding collections. SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are used on low profile polycarbonate cases that are scratch resistant to create the perfect amount of sparkle and shine for those looking for impeccable glamor and elegance. These cases bring the mobile experience to the next level of style!

Price: $29.99 to $69.99 Visit the Website

Canvas Photo Wraps By YouFrame Turns Digital Photos Into Canvas Frames In Minutes

Canvas Photos Wraps by YouFrame Available at OfficeMax and on

Description: Canvas Photo Wraps by YouFrame is the only DIY at-home canvas framing kit on the market. It turns digital photography into stunning photo canvas frames in minutes. Canvas framing can be expensive and typically needs to be professionally created, until now. Canvas Photo Wraps by YouFrame is an affordable, at-home alternative to costly professional framing services. Simply choose a digital photo and print on a standard home inkjet printer using the canvas provided. Assembly takes less than 3 minutes, and comes with easy-to-read instructions. See how easy it is to assemble here: Canvas Photo Wraps by YouFrame is an incredible value at only $29.99 for a 3-pack, (only $10 a print!) Available at OfficeMax stores nationwide and at Turn all those photos that have been sitting on your phone into stunning works of art. Perfect for new baby pictures, wedding photos, vacation memories or any of your favorite photos.

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

Nomad Brush FLeX - Digital Paintbrush For Touchscreen Devices

Nomad Brush FLeX Paintbrush for Creating Your Digital Expression

Description: Nomad Brush Flex paintbrush is a brand-new digital stylus for any touch-screen capacitive device including the iPad, iPhone (including the 5), Kindle Fire, Microsoft's Surface tablet…etc. The Flex IS the next generation and features a new, all-synthetic brush tip, which is both flexible and soft, providing superior feedback to the user making it feel like a real paintbrush without the messy clean up. The body of the Flex is made of precision-milled aluminum and comes in five unique colors: charcoal, silver, cobalt blue, red and pink. Available now for $29.00 at and closer to the Holidays at Best Buy stores. Nomad Brush is the maker of the original, critically-acclaimed Nomad Brush Compose, a 2011 Macworld EDDY winner and the only paintbrush stylus on the market to garner rave reviews from the likes of Vanity Fair, The Washington Post and The New York Times. The new Nomad Flex is fully compatible with the original Nomad Compose brush tips giving artists and doodlers the utmost in flexibility when choosing the proper brush for each stroke of artistic genius. As a portable and flexible device, consumers can take their brush anywhere and create whenever and wherever inspiration takes them.

Price: $29.00 Visit the Website

HANDeBand Mobile Device Hand Grip


Description: The HANDeBand is a new accessory for any smart phone, tablet, e-reader or other portable device that attaches to your finger to streamline the ease of use of any device, and overall makes using the device more fun, comfortable and enjoyable. Everyday tasks like taking photos, texting, managing email, surfing the internet, and even watching videos become easier because your hand does not have to grasp the device, freeing up your thumb for a wider range of mobility and usability with a full 360 degree rotation. Available at for $28.95 for 2-pack.

Price: $28.95 Visit the Website

Energizer® 5W Premium USB Wall Charger And Cable

Energizer® 5W Premium USB Wall Charger and Cable

Description: The Energizer® 5W Premium USB Wall Charger and Cable is made for iPod® and iPhone® and offers convenient cable storage to help manage cables and minimize clutter. This charger also features a Charging Indicator Light to let the consumer know if the device is charging and when a device is fully charged. Fold-down plug blades provide easy storage and portability. This charger turns any AC or DC power outlet into a charging station.

Price: $24.99 Visit the Website

Mosaic: Create A Stunning Photobook From Your IPhone In A Flash

Mosaic brings iPhone photos to life with this gorgeous photobook. Just $20, Mosaic arrives on your doorstep in four days.

Description: Mosaic is the one-of-a-kind photobook made with your favorite Apple device. 20 photos - $20 bucks, on your doorstep in four days. We're all iPhone photographers these days, and Mosaic brings those photos to life with a gorgeous, physical photobook. Keeping up with your busy lifestyle, Mosaic only takes about five minutes to make. The process is super simple and speedy. Open Mosaic, choose 20 photos, place your order. No resizing or retouching necessary. The app is free and your Mosaic costs just $20, plus tax and shipping. Learn more at Download Mosaic from the Apple app store:

Price: $20.00 Visit the Website

Pixuru: User Friendly App Allows Smartphoneographers To Turn Their Pics Into Wall Art In Just A Few Clicks

From Mobile to Masterpiece

Description: • Allows users to select a photo from their smartphone, choose the type and size of art • Pictures can be taken from smartphone camera or chosen from Facebook or Instagram • Choose from four types of artwork: canvas, metal, wood and framed. There is also the option of splitting one image into a three or four-panels • Patent-pending printing process and technology can produce large prints while keeping the integrity of the picture • Shipping is free and prints are delivered within a week from the time the order is placed Available in the App store; available for Android by June 2013 Price: App is free; prints start at $20, free shipping Website:

Price: $20.00 Visit the Website

'Pocket Desktop' USB Drive Turns Any Computer Into Your Own Private, Secure Computer

Pocket Desktop USB Drive Turns Any Computer Into Your Personal, Secure Computer

Description: The Pocket Desktop ( is a brand new USB device that makes any computer your own, personal computer. It contains your own private operating system with over 40 applications that provides total security and portability and is immune to threats such as viruses, spyware and spyware – and prying eyes, Designed by a retired Naval Intelligence Officer, the Pocket Desktop packs all of the privacy, security and back-up power of a military-grade computer into one tiny, portable device. Users simply plug their Pocket Desktop into any computer’s USB port and restart the machine. The Pocket Desktop boots to its own closed, completely secure environment. The self-contained and proprietary Linux OS contains more than 40 popular apps and software files, such as Skype, Open Office, and Firefox. From this point, the user can perform any routine function on their computer – from word processing to web surfing, chat and more – all with complete privacy, security and back-up ability. The Pocket Desktop is platform-agnostic and works with both Apple and Windows machines.

Price: $19.95 to $49.95 Visit the Website

CardNinja: The Practical, Fashionable Wallet-Alternative

CardNinja: the convenient, ultra-slim wallet-alternative

Description: CardNinja is the new alternative to a traditional wallet created to help men and women simplify their lives by streamlining what they carry. With its ultra-slim design, CardNinja eliminates the need for a wallet allowing easy storage for credit cards, IDs and cash. And it works on nearly every smartphone. Perfect for anyone on the go whether your running errands, spending the afternoon shopping or going to the gym, no more carrying along an over-stuffed wallet or a bulky purse. CardNinjas are easily attachable and removable, extremely thin and can securely hold valuable items. They come in three fashionable colors, black, steel or eggplant. The product is designed and manufactured in the U.S. and is available at for just $19.95.

Price: $19.95 Visit the Website

Id America: Hue For IPhone 5

Hue in Blue

Description: The Hue is a soft grip iPhone 5 case that offers style and optimal pocket-ability. It has a hard polycarbonate shell and soft rubber coating that offers full protection. The sleek orm factor delivers a lightweight and easy-to-carry case solution. The case allows full access to all switches, jacks and camera. Packaged with a clear screen protective film and microfiber cleaning cloth, the Hue is a great, affordable gift. It's available in Blue, Gray, Green, Pink, Violet, and White.

Price: $19.95 Visit the Website

Lexar® JumpDrive® S73 USB 3.0 Flash Drive

16GB Lexar® JumpDrive® S73 USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Description: The Lexar® JumpDrive® S73 USB 3.0 Flash Drive provides impressive high-speed transfer of your photos, videos, files, and more, and is 3X faster than the standard USB 2.0 flash drive. The stylish drives are the perfect gifts for busy mommas on-the-go, tech-savvy grandmas, and proud paparazzi-like aunties. Pick up yours now just in time for Mother's Day. (Available in capacities of 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB with MSRPs between $16.99 and $174.99)

Price: $16.99 to $174.99 Visit the Website

The ISucker Is The Easiest Way To Hold Your IPad Or Tablet Since...Hands!

Red with green lever iSucker

Description: The iSucker was created to make it easier to hold your iPad or Tablet. The only problem we ever had with our iPad was our hands got in the way. So we created an easier way to hold your device. With one hand you cradle your iPad or Tablet, and the other hand is left to perform all those gestures the developers created for us. We believe it is the easiest way to hold an iPad or Tablet since...Hands!

Price: $15.95 Visit the Website



Description: These cute mobile device companions feature a microfiber compartment fitted for most Smartphones, MP3 players and small point-and-a-shoot cameras on the market today. While securely housed in the DigiPal with its zipper closure, users can clean their device’s screen by gently rubbing the DigiPal over the screen. The mobile device companions also feature an additional zippered compartment ideal for carrying essentials including school IDs, money, earbuds or lip balm. While designed with kids in mind, parents and teens will love cleaning and protecting their mobile electronics with these device companions, too.

Price: $14.95 Visit the Website

Bungee Virtual Lost+Found- A New Technology Revolutionizing The Way We Think About Lost Valuables

Bungee Tags: A Perfect Fit for All Your Valuables

Description: Has your Mother ever lost anything like keys, a mobile phone, sunglasses, or a wallet? If she’s anything like mine, your answer is yes, and likely she knows what a pain in the butt it is to lose something of value. Whether it is a phone and she has to buy a new one and recreate contacts, or a wallet and she has to call all of her credit card companies -- losing something of value can be costly, and just a real inconvenience. Bungee Virtual Lost+Found is a new system that allows people to anonymously tag property, and link it to their cell phone number and email address. If an item is found, the system is activated by the finder sending a simple text message to the owner, and works instantly to place both parties in a live anonymous conversation, resulting in immediate retrieval arrangements. Basically, Bungee Tags allow you to get your stuff back, fast!

Price: $10.00 to $75.00 Visit the Website

Toddy Gear: Screensters

Pick from 10 collectible choices

Description: 100% microfiber, character-inspired line of cleaning dolls bring a hint of flair and personality to your mobile devices. • Dual-sided, scratch-free design with a plush side that absorbs dust and oils, and a silky side that polishes any screen or lens • Fashionable companion for your smart phone, MP3 player, e-reader, tablet, gaming device, and other sensitive electronics • Available in 10 collectible choices inspired by characters you encounter in everyday life • Intelligently designed to fit comfortably in your pocket or attach to your bag/backpack • Ideal for children and adults alike

Price: $9.99 Visit the Website

NeatCloud And NeatMobile

NeatCloud and NeatMobile

Description: NeatCloud backs up the information users have in their Digital Filing System and allows users to access their information from any Internet-connected device. With NeatCloud, users can run expense reports remotely, share individual files, folders, or an entire Digital Filing System, as well as aggregate information stored in other cloud services. With the NeatMobile app, capturing, accessing and sharing information directly from an iOS or Android mobile device is quick and convenient.

Price: $5.99 to $24.99 Visit the Website

Flicpost - We Print And Mail Your Smartphone Photos

flicpost - You shoot We post

Description: flicpost is an easy to use smartphone App and website that allows you to upload and select images that can be mailed to yourself or loved ones in just a few simple steps. The prices are incredible and the process very easy to follow. The App allows you to integrate your Facebook and Instagram photos and bring them to life as gifts or printed memories for your home. The service offers both 1st Class and 2nd Class deliveries and all photos are printed onto archival photo paper.

Price: $0.99 to $4.85 Visit the Website

Personalizing Your Cell Phone

Fram Personalized Cell Phone Case

Description: With frām you can change your iPhone’s look any day of the week and all for the cost of a single case. Perhaps it’s your favorite photo of your child, pet or favorite sports team. Maybe its the highlight of your last vacation or event. No matter what your choice – it’s your moment, your statement, your individuality, your frām. Design can simply be changed out in just 90 seconds. $25

Price: $0.01 to $25.00 Visit the Website

MPme Takes Music Discovery To A New Level. Elegant IPhone/iPad App Lets Users Listen To Professionally Curated Radio From All Across The Globe, Based On Their Musical Preferences.

MPme on iPad

Description: The MPme app (for iPhone & iPad) is a mobile conduit to online radio broadcasts from around the globe. Sidestepping issues of licensing and royalties, MPme connects users free of charge to radio stations already being broadcast online. From rock to reggae, classical to country; MPme is an elegant, intelligent audio aggregator that learns a user’s preferences and reveals broadcast outlets mirroring those tastes. MPme channels a world of ear candy right to a mobile device in seconds with no hassles. Unlike other audio services, MPme doesn't utilize genomes or algorithms to make recommendations. Instead, MPme scans users’ iTunes library and Facebook account using the open graph to pull information on "Likes." Then scanning the tens of thousands of broadcasts available, MPme notes specific music or genres recently aired and effortlessly recommends those stations matching a listener's preferences. Optionally, users can select a genre to be connected to outlets playing that musical style. The banter of live DJs, and unpredictable playlist variations that offer a truly entertaining experience, still set radio apart from personal mp3 players or simple music streaming services. MPme taps this unique offering and delivers it to users in a fashion that just couldn’t get any easier.

Price: $0.01 Visit the Website

Next Issue Magazine App For IPad, Android And Windows 8

Catalog Carousel

Description: product Name: Next Issue for iPad, Android or Windows 8 devices Product Description: •Access more than 80 of the most popular magazine titles in the U.S. on your iPad, iPad Mini Android tablets or Windows 8 devices including tablets, UltraBooks or desktops. •Enjoy improved graphics and images through the issue optimized for retina on iPad. •One, convenient app. Browse, manage and read all of your favorite magazines from one easy-to-use app. •Unlimited access. Read as many magazines as you want with our Unlimited Plans. Immerse yourself and discover the breadth of great stories, writing and photography within our catalog. •Enhanced digital editions, optimized for tablets. Many magazines include enhancements such as videos, bonus photography and interactive features. •Smart download features. Tap any magazine and it will start downloading immediately. When enough of the magazine has been downloaded, it will automatically open and you can start reading.

Price: $0.01 to $14.99 Visit the Website

DigitalQuick Provides File Protection In The Cloud And Desktop

DigitalQuick protects your files

Description: DigitalQuick makes it ideal for consumers to keep sensitive information private when shared via email or through cloud storage services. Seamlessly syncing with a user’s Dropbox or desktop, DigitalQuick secured files by encrypting them so others can’t access. Because of its unique permissions features though, DigitalQuick users have the ability to set specific permissions to allow friends, family and coworkers to view, print, or edit files as needed. Unlike other services, DigitalQuick does not require passwords or the need to remember encryption keys; instead, data is safeguarded by simply clicking and setting permissions – leaving nothing to remember or worry about. For anyone who is looking to keep their files, photos, and information safe from identity thieves, hackers, or even from accidentally emailing to the wrong person, DigitalQuick can provide peace of mind.

Price: $0.01 Visit the Website

GiftSender Is A Free Mobile App That Allows You To Send And Receive Digital Gift Cards On Any IOS Or Android Mobile Device Instantly.

GiftSender App Available for iOS and Android Mobile Devices

Description: GiftSender is a free, easy-to-use mobile phone application that allows you to send and receive digital gift cards instantly. GiftSender powers mobile distribution of gift cards among friends, colleagues, customers and employees. Gifts to either a specific retail partner or GiftSender Bucks can be sent via text message, social networks, email and user-to-user. GiftSender is the perfect gift for anyone(mom, dad, significant other, grad, etc.) because: - It’s completely free and easy to use. - Send and receive gifts instantly – Mom receives her gift in a flash. - Option to include a personalized message. - Not sure what to choose? Send any amount of money to the recipients and let them choose the gift card(s) of their choice of 70+ retailers. - App can sync with your phone contacts, Facebook birthday calendar, LinkedIn, Yahoo! and Gmail accounts so you’ll never forget a special occasion again.

Price: $0.01 Visit the Website

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