Holiday Technology Gifts 2011 Under $50 - Holiday Technology Gift Guide

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Revolutionary Earphones That Don't Hurt Or Fall Out!

Yurbuds Ironman Series Earphones : $49.99, Changing the Game in Personal Audio

Description: The Yurbuds Ironman Series Earhphones are changing the game in personal audio! They are made from an ultra-soft material that is contoured to the human ear. The patented combination of ergonomics and acoustics means they are comfortable for hours, provide top-of-the-line audio, and won't fall out, no matter the physical activity. They are the perfect gift for the athlete, music lover, or technology guru in your life! Available nationally at Best Buy, at your local specialty store, and online at & Visit for more information

Price: $49.99 Visit the Website

MountMe Freedom - All-in-on Adaptable IPad Companion That Provides Mounting And Access Anywhere

MountMe Freedom used in a variety of settings

Description: MountMe: Freedom A universally adaptable iPad companion that provides mounting and access anywhere • A stylish all-in-one iPad viewing solution that allows mounting to car seats, plane seats, boats, walls, mirrors, desktops and more • Provides a secure yet flexible and instantly accessible mounting and protective system for iPad • Great for at home, in a car, on a plane, in a hotel, in an office and in classrooms • Provides viewing options practically anywhere without cumbersome attachments and multiple docks • Available in variety of colors including blue, turquoise, white, purple, metallic grey, red, pink and black Available at: Price: $49.99 MRSP Website:

Price: $49.99 Visit the Website

Computer Apparel's Original V-Neck Sleeve For IPads And Laptops

Computer Apparel's Original V-Neck Sleeve- Navy

Description: Computer Apparel's Original V-Neck Sleeve protects your Apple products without cramping your style. This trendy tee design is made of 100% cotton, reinforced with multilayer-padding for protection and is machine washable! The Original V-Neck Sleeve is equipped with convenient pockets to stow chargers, papers, and even your iPhone. With five vibrant colors to choose from and four different sizes, you and your Apple products will be dressed to impress.

Price: $49.99 to $69.99 Visit the Website

Samsung Focus Flash

Samsung Focus Flash

Description: Designed to hit the market packed with value, Samsung Focus Flash's 3.7-inch Super AMOLED screen will both fit in pockets and be light on pocketbooks with the full power of Windows Phone 7.5 inside. As fast and lightweight as it is compact, it runs a 1.4 GHz processor and a 5-megapixel camera plus a front facing camera. Windows Phone and mobile accessories help you stay in touch with people who matter most

Price: $49.99 Visit the Website

Mophie Workbook For IPad 2

mophie workbook case for your iPad2

Description: The mophie workbook for the iPad 2 is a protective smart case, which doubles as a stand with infinite viewing angles. Its pass-through design ensures full access to all your ports, controls and cameras. The workbook also includes four interchangeable straps that allow you to pick the color that best matches your style. The workbook offers complete protection front to back, but the low-profile structure only adds minimal thickness to the iPad. Magnetic integration automatically wakes your iPad when opened and puts it to sleep when closed. Find out more by going to the website at

Price: $49.95 Visit the Website

HEX X Free Wired Code Wallet For IPhone 4/4s

Just like a G6, we give you the HEX Free Wired Code Wallet for iPhone 4/4S straight outta the new HEX x Far Eat Movement Artist Signature Capsule. All the features and functionality you have come to expect locked down in this limited edition package.

Description: The Free Wired Code Wallet is a sleek genuine leather wallet which fits the iPhone 4/4S in a dark grey covering with red interior featuring the Free Wired logo in the custom-molded cell phone bed. The HEX|Free Wired capsule joins an extensive line of fashionable tech accessories including HEX'S bag line, Code Wallets and iPod nano watch bands. For more information and pricing please visit

Price: $49.95 Visit the Website

Laplink Everywhere

Laplink Everywhere

Description: Complete freedom from your office or home PCs while staying connected, anytime and anywhere. That’s Laplink Everywhere. Enjoy fast, simple, and secure remote access to all your PCs from anywhere, using any web browser on any device including PCs, Smartphones, Macs or even a Nintendo Wii! If you can access the Internet, you can get access to your PCs using Laplink Everywhere. With the free Laplink Toolbar, you’ll get one-click remote access to your PCs, giving you the fastest tools to access your PCs. One-click remote access and the Laplink Toolbar are features only available with Laplink Everywhere that you won't find with other remote access products.

Price: $49.95 Visit the Website

Munchkin Quest Board Game

Munchkin Quest Board Game

Description: The board game world just got a little darker! Introducing Munchkin (, the game that encourages you to backstab your friends, steal their stuff, grab the treasure and run! Think of it as Dungeons and Dragons in a board game. Munchkin is a card game about a great dungeon adventure. You and your friends compete to kill monsters and grab magic items. It’s fast-paced and has fabulous illustrations (by John Kovalic!) This is the perfect party game, sure to keep everyone laughing!

Price: $49.95 Visit the Website

MyEdge Customizable IPad And E-reader Covers

MyEdge Customizable Covers from M-Edge Accessories

Description: M-Edge Accessories, the market-leading designer of accessories for Kindle, iPad and Nook, has developed a new, cutting-edge service known as MyEdge. Launching in February 2011, MyEdge is the first service to allow customers to design and personalize protective jackets for their e-reader devices. The service is very affordable, with pricing for Kindle and Nook jackets $40, and iPad jackets $50. A unique feature of MyEdge is the Style Library, a gallery featuring artwork exclusively commissioned for MyEdge by well-known artists from around the world. The Style Library includes artists like Amy Ruppel and Christopher Bettig, as well as iconic cover artwork from past issues of The New Yorker. In addition, the Style Library offers an assortment of vintage book cover artwork through partner Out of Print. Book covers offered in MyEdge include Moby Dick, Catch 22, Slaughterhouse 5, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and more.

Price: $39.99 to $49.99 Visit the Website

Nickelodeon Dance – Kids Can Dance Along With Their Nickelodeon Friends!

Nickelodeon Dance for Kinect - Box Art

Description: Nickelodeon Dance – Kids can move, groove and learn to improve as they dance along with their Nickelodeon friends - Dora, Diego, The Backyardigans’, and The Fresh Beat Band. This new dance game is designed to help kids stay physically active as they twist, shake, and shout to original Nickelodeon songs and popular favorites too! Kids can really get their heart pumping with the super cool fitness feature for more heart healthy fun with the Nickelodeon gang! *Available: November 8th on the Kinect and Wii, for kids ages 4-9

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

Let’s Cheer – The First Cheerleading Game Made Exclusively For Microsoft’s Kinect.

Let's Cheer - Box Art

Description: Cheer enthusiasts will learn to master moves like the High V and jumps such as the Toe Touch, resulting in a controller-free, full-body cheerleading experience. Whether cheering on the field of a varsity football game or dancing their hearts out in a national cheerleading competition, players will be challenged to keep the beat, break a sweat and start earning spirit stars! *Available: November 14th exclusively for the Kinect, girls and boys ages 7-14

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

ISafe Waist Pack- Mobile Security On The Goal

Hidden Security

Description: The waist pack is a perfect gift for your on the go loved ones. iSafe bags just introduced its waist pack, the first ever waist pack equipped with a lightweight, mobile security alarm system. The iSafe alarm is easy to activate when needed: if the wearer feels they’re being followed, threatened, or is having a medical emergency, a quick tug on the activation pin sets off an loud audible alarm and LED flashing lights. The alarm can quickly be silenced and reset by replacing the pin, making the iSafe alarm reusable many times over. The waist pack is perfect for carrying keys, cash, identification, snacks, water, iPods and phones, making it a perfect combination of safety and storage.

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

Specialty Gaming Equipment Tops Lists Of Many This Holiday Season

Racin' Pro Chair

Description: For the millions of people who like to watch NASCAR, and for the millions of others who enjoy playing video games, two products are topping gamers’ wish lists. This holiday season, many people will find gifts under their tree, such as the Subsconic Racin’ Pro or the Fluo Controller. Racin’ Pro is a popular new video game accessory that gives people the feel that they are really in a race. The device has a steering wheel, padded upholstered seat, and programmable pedals that can be adjusted for height and inclination. It is compatible with both PC and PS3 gaming systems. The system also gives the user vibration feedback and realistic bends, to enhance the race experience. The Fluo Controller is a new controller that works with both PS3 and PC models. It comes in four different fluorescent colors, including blue, green, pink, and yellow, and is wireless. It also provides vibration feedback and has been designed for handling comfort. Both the Racin’ Pro and Fluo Controller are available at Walmart, Radio Shack, Meijer, J&R Music World, and other retailers offering gaming products.

Price: $39.99 to $199.99 Visit the Website

CM4 Q Card Case For IPhone® 4/4S

The Q Card Case for iPhone® 4/4S, by CM4

Description: The Q Card Case by CM4, created for on-the-go lifestyles, is a soft-touch rubber and fabric pocket for the iPhone® 4/4S with an integrated wallet for credit cards, IDs and cash. The product incorporates several functional innovations, such as the lay-flat Screen Guard™ to keep the iPhone’s screen protected; an exclusive patent-pending design that fuses a fabric pocket to a slim iPhone case; and Natural Throw™ buttons, which preserve the iPhone’s tactile feel and response. With enough space to carry up to three cards – as well as cash – the Q Card Case lightens pockets and provides a modern solution for a sleek iPhone case.

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

PC Tools Spyware Doctor With AntiVirus

PC Tools

Description: PC Tools Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus delivers powerfully simple protection against dangerous viruses and spyware. Along with antivirus and antispyware guards, new Scam Alerts keep you safe from the latest cybercrime schemes created to exploit breaking news, hot entertainment topics, or whatever else cybercriminals have ripped from the headlines. Built on award-winning technology, yet made straightforward for everyday use, it’s the powerful, easy, and fast way to defend your important personal information against viruses and spyware.

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

New Diskeeper 2011 (Speed Up Your PC!)

Slow PC? Speed is Up with Diskeeper Software

Description: Diskeeper 2011 performance enhancement software is designed to increase the speed and reliability of your home/small office PCs and laptops. Give them faster-than-new speed without any effort on your part. No manuals required. Just install Diskeeper 2011 and let it run automatically. Literally. That’s it. Over 40 million licenses sold. Get yours today. Works exceptionally well on PCs running Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Price: $39.95 to $49.95 Visit the Website

HEX Free Wired Icon Watch Band For IPod Nano® Gen 6/7

Just like a G6, we give you the HEX Free Wired Watch Band for iPod Nana Gen 6/7 straight outta the new HEX x Far East Movement Artist Signature Capsule. All the features and functionality you have come to expect locked down in this limited edition package

Description: The Free Wired Icon Watch Band allows users and musicians alike to carry their music libraries through Apple's iPod nano (sixth & seventh generation) and jam out tunes on-the-go in a custom grey, polycarbonate band with red detailing and a metal clasp with an etched Free Wired logo. The HEX|Free Wired capsule joins an extensive line of fashionable tech accessories including HEX'S bag line, Code Wallets and iPod nano watch bands. For more information and pricing please visit

Price: $39.95 Visit the Website

Laplink DiskImage

DiskImage Boxshot

Description: Protect your PC with a perfect copy (image) of all your applications, files and settings. Quickly and easily restore your PC and recover damaged or lost files due to corrupted systems, viruses, hackers or other malware. Restore to a PC with new hardware and OS with Hardware and Operating System Independent Restore. The included Boot CD has additional system rescue tools which are designed for users needing to re-image a system drive or restore system partitions, particularly useful in a disaster recovery scenario. Using the Boot CD, DiskImage can be run without an OS and without installing the application.

Price: $39.95 Visit the Website

Switch & Sync

Switch & Sync Boxshot

Description: With Laplink Switch & Sync moving to a Mac and keeping it synchronized with a PC is easier than ever. Switch & Sync quickly and easily copies all files and folders from a PC to a Mac, it even converts email*. It will then automatically synchronize the files on each computer using Laplink patented SpeedSync® technology, making sure that everything is where it needs to be. With Laplink Switch & Sync moving to a Mac and keeping it synchronized with a PC is easier than ever. Switch & Sync quickly and easily copies all files and folders from a PC to a Mac, it even converts email*. It will then automatically synchronize the files on each computer using Laplink patented SpeedSync® technology, making sure that everything is where it needs to be. Keeping your data synchronized between all your computers can be time-consuming and complicated. But with automated synchronization, Laplink’s instant connecting USB cable and patented SpeedSync® technology, Switch & Sync keeps your files up-to-date and in sync – PC to Mac, Mac to Mac or PC to PC.

Price: $39.95 Visit the Website


PCsync Boxshot

Description: Users that have more than one PC, or a Mac® and PC, will at some point want to transfer or synchronize files between them. This should be a simple task to accomplish, but without the right software it can be deceptively complex. Laplink PCsync is the natural choice for fast, easy, automated file transfer and synchronization between PCs and Macs. We designed it to give users of multiple computers, including Windows 7, Vista PCs and Macs, a secure way to access files and synchronize folders instantly and effortlessly.

Price: $39.95 Visit the Website

Mobrioo: Mobile Application Gift Cards For Android And Blackberry

Mobiroo Application Gift Cards, for Blackberry and Android users

Description: Mobiroo, the first and only company to offer a mobile application gift card for Android™ and BlackBerry® users, allows consumers immediate access to the world’s top-ranked apps. Each app is security tested, tested for performance on every Android™ and BlackBerry® handset, and guaranteed virus-free. A $25 gift card provides $35 worth of apps, each of which ranks 4/5 stars or higher, from top-tier developers. Mobiroo curates a collection of only the best apps available --each vetted by Mobiroo’s developer relations team--and provides a safe and secure way to gift them to friends and family (the only way to purchase apps without a credit card.) A Mobiroo gift card is a great complement to a first phone or tablet, and allows each user to enhance their smartphone experience and tailor their device to fit their interests—from directions to music, games to productivity tools. Mobiroo’s app gift cards are available now at Target locations across the United States. For more information on Mobiroo and a full listing of retail partners, please visit

Price: $35.00 Visit the Website

ThermaPak’s IcePad™

ThermaPak’s icePad™

Description: ThermaPak’s new icePad™ sleeve brings simple, environmentally friendly cooling to the iPad using patented Heatshift technology for enhanced user comfort and performance. Using safe eco-friendly cooling crystals, ThermaPAK's Heatshift technology has been proven to lower temperatures significantly, keeping your electronics safe, cool, and secure. The easy to install polyurethane cover provides access to all IPad buttons and connections, while keeping your iPad cool in the process. The icePad™ shell for the Apple iPad 2 features the revolutionary technology of Heatshift®. Not only does the icePad™ dissipate heat faster and quieter than fan-based USB devices, it also requires no power, wires, or refrigeration, which is convenient for on-the-go individuals. Additional Benefits of Heatshift®: •Prolongs battery life •Reduces carbon footprint •Does not build or blow harmful dust The icePad™ is available in Cranberry, Blueberry, and Smoke. MSRP $34.99

Price: $34.99 Visit the Website

Road Safety Just Got An Ultra-sleek Makeover With The BRAND NEW ChicBuds' Fauvette Gold Earbuds!

chicBuds Fauvette Gold Earbuds in Blue

Description: chicBuds Fauvette Gold Earbuds with a MIC are a girl's best friend in this techno-savvy world. For those with a smoking hot phone, why reach for boring Bluetooth sets and headphones? With chicBuds Fauvette, rich gold tones pair divinely with a cheeky kiss bird design on the bud in either hot pink or blue. Keep an eye out for their adorable gold tin packaging which can be used as an earbud holder when not in use. Available at One size never fits all, which is why chicBuds has packaged the chicBuds Fauvette Gold Earbuds with three sizes of gel tips. Now users can find the most comfortable match for their ears instead of tolerating bulky or pinching headpieces. When it's time to make a call, never miss a word or invite to the next big event thanks to their crisp audio output. Outfitted with a powerful microphone, these have banished the days of yelling obnoxiously into the headset to the back seat. Available in both Blue and Pink.

Price: $34.99 Visit the Website

DBLogic Earbuds

dB Logic EP-100 Earbuds

Description: The ONLY earbuds on the market that actually protect against hearing damage while providing listeners with a high end audio experience thanks to the company’s patented Sound Pressure Level Limiting technology. In addition to the health benefits, dbLogic earphones are stylish, comfortable and affordable. They also feature a number of “fits” guaranteeing that the earbuds stay put while exercising. Available in a variety of vibrant colors to compliment iPods, phone cases or fashion sense for a personal touch and kick-starting that healthy resolution.

Price: $34.95 Visit the Website

Carrying Case For Kinect & Xbox 360 Slim

Carrying case for Kinect & Xbox 360 Slim

Description: This luxurious case is specifically designed to accommodate your XBOX 360 Slim (with the power brick), Kinect Camera, games and accessories with the extra padding they need to stay safe during transit. Made with a durable nylon fabric and protective foam padding, the carrying case is the perfect solution for the on-the-go gamer. The case includes storage for 4 games inside the convenient CD slots, as well as controllers, cables, and whatever else you bring along for those intense gaming sessions. Inside the case, you'll also find a 50-inch adjustable shoulder strap, and a separate foam padded case for the Kinect Camera, which secures to the interior with Velcro. Video demo: Amazon buying link:

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

Tetris®: Axis

Tetris®: Axis

Description: Tetris: Axis combines traditional elements from the original Tetris game with new twists and features that showcase the unique capabilities of the portable Nintendo 3DS. With mind-expanding augmented-reality modes, more than 20 unique modes of play and a variety of multiplayer options, the game offers something new for everyone, whether you’re a Tetris veteran or just getting your first taste of this unique franchise. Tetris: Axis also offers nine party modes, including three that are new to the Tetris franchise. Local wireless modes allow up to eight players to enjoy Tetris: Axis simultaneously using only one Game Card (each player must have his or her own Nintendo 3DS system). By using Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection to compete with friends over broadband Internet, as many as eight players can dive into the action.

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

Team UmiZoomi - They’re Mini, They’re Mighty, And They’re Built For Math!

Team UmiZoomi - Box Art

Description: Now kids can join Team Umizoomi, and go on a mighty math adventure! Kids can take a ride in the Umicar with Milli, Geo and Bot to help them rescue seahorses, build a submarine, or repair a rocket so it can blast off! Similar to the hit TV show, this game incorporates pre-K and Kindergarten level math curriculum, and adjusts difficulty level based on kids’ specific skills. * Available: November 1st for the Nintendo DS, kids ages 3-6

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

Dora & Kai-Lan’s Pet Shelter – In This New DS Game, Dora And Kai-lan Team Up To Find New Homes For Pets In Need.

Dora & Kai-Lan's Pet Shelter - Box Art

Description: With help from Kai-lan’s grandfather YeYe and Dora’s cousin Diego, Dora & Kai-Lan invite kids to help them at their Pet Shelter where they care for puppies, kittens, bunnies, and birds. Dora and Kai-lan’s Pet Shelter helps pets get clean, fed, healthy, and happy so they can be adopted! * Available: November 1st for the Nintendo DS, kids ages 3-7

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

Carnival Games: Wild West 3D – The Newest Game In The Popular Carnival Games® Franchise Exclusively For The Nintendo 3DS.

Carnival Games: Wild West 3D - Box Art

Description: Carnival Games: Wild West 3D fully utilizes the Nintendo 3DS’ built-in motion and gyro sensor capabilities to bring players an eye-poppin’, motion-compatible game play experience. With 25 exciting Wild West games and attractions including, Ricochet, Outlaw Wrangler, Git the Gold, and Posse vs. Bandits, as well as games that test players’ wits, such as Treasure Map, Blind Man’s Bluff and Nugget Falls. * Available: November 14th, everyone ages 10 +

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

Hitech IC-808UL-LCD 8 Bank Smart Quick Charger/ Discharger With LCD Display For AA, AAA Batteries

Hitech IC-808UL-LCD 8-Bank AA/AAA Battery Charger

Description: Hitech iC-808UL-LCD smart quick charger charges 1 to 8 units of AA and AAA Ni-MH/ Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries in 1 to 6 hours. It has 8 individual charging channels with 8 LCD indicators showing charging status. Microprocessor controlled for fast and safe charging, with negative delta Voltage (V)detection. Reverse polarity protection that prevents damaging the charger and batteries if batteries were installed incorrectly. Its patented technology enables you to charge batteries with different capacity simultaneously. Also equips with smart features such as alkaline battery detection capability, temperature protection (to prevent overcharging), short circuit protection and safety timer function. Supports universal voltage (100V-240V) and comes with a car DC charger.

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

TuneUp Utilities - Version 2011

TuneUp Utilities

Description: TuneUp Utilities - Version 2011 is the latest installment of the award-winning series of PC optimization software from TuneUp. The software is available for users of Windows 7, XP and Vista (both the 32- and 64-bit versions). TuneUp Utilities is designed to keep PCs running smoothly, extend their lifecycles and provide users with a noticeable boost in speed and performance. With a number of new tuning features, including TuneUp Program Deactivator, and enhancements of its trusted optimization tools, the intelligent software developer is enabling users to solve performance issues with their operating system and other areas, such as third-party software.

Price: $29.95 to $49.95 Visit the Website


Lightscoop on a camera

Description: Lightscoop is an inexpensive ($29.95), clever attachment that transforms the awful light from your pop-up flash into pro-quality light. By redirecting the light from the pop-up flash to a ceiling or wall, Lightscoop creates a broad, natural light that eliminates unattractive shadows and red-eye, minimizes reflections off shiny surfaces, and also lights a group of people evenly, so those farthest from the camera are not lost in darkness. The result is soft, flattering, natural light — and photos that capture a scene the way you see it. You get pro-quality light with a lightweight, inexpensive, easy to use device. And your photos turn out GREAT every time. All the photos on our website are from our customers who are using Lightscoop.

Price: $29.95 Visit the Website

Lumosity: Fitness For Your Brain

A gym for your brain

Description: Most of us know that fitness is mental, but clinical research actually shows brain training can impact one’s willpower, enabling them to make healthier choices and stick to a diet and exercise routine. Welcome in the 2012 New Year with the #1 provider of brain exercise and an example of how mind fitness carries over into physical fitness. With a membership of 15 million active people, Lumosity ( is not a simple fad. There are even games designed to help with face and name recognition (a common plague for us in business). Currently there are 35 games on Lumosity- developed by a team of neuroscientists and partners at Harvard, Stanford, Columbia- to remember more, concentrate better and improve overall brain fitness level and physical motivation. One year membership is under $80!

Price: $29.95 to $129.95 Visit the Website

Laplink Defrag

Laplink Defrag

Description: Unleash the hidden performance of your computer with minimum effort. Laplink Defrag packs file fragments back together to optimize your hard drive quickly and securely to ensure sustainable and maximum speed of any PC. The background monitoring function helps prevent fragmentation at its source by analyzing and defragmenting newly added and modified files while they are not being accessed. From fully automated defragmentation to individual professional setups, Laplink Defrag can meet the defragmentation needs of any Windows ® user.

Price: $29.95 Visit the Website

Laplink SafeErase

SafeErase Boxshot

Description: deleted data can often be recovered, but not with Laplink SafeErase. Protect yourself and your data with SafeErase, the fastest and most secure way to permanently delete sensitive information. SafeErase utilizes a series of government recommended deletion methods to completely wipe personal data from your hard drive. Choose from pre-defined and individual deletion profiles and receive detailed reports on the deletion process. Use daily or before recycling or selling an old PC for complete privacy protection. With SafeErase, you can be sure financial information, email archives, photos and Internet history are deleted forever. Don’t just delete data – annihilate it!

Price: $29.95 Visit the Website

PC Lock

PC Lock Boxshot

Description: PC Lock offers powerful and sophisticated encryption that automatically protects personal and sensitive data, keeping you safe from hackers and thieves. Don't let others spy on you or access your private information. Over 1,700 laptops are stolen every day and someone's identity is stolen every 2 seconds! If files on your PC are not encrypted you are risking identity theft, privacy invasion and significant financial loss. Keep your data and identity safe with PC Lock.

Price: $29.95 Visit the Website

Audio-Technica FashionFidelity Headphones

Audio-Technica Bijoue ATH-FW33 Headphones

Description: Audio-Technica’s FashionFidelity headphones make listening stylish and fun! They come in a variety of fashionable vibrant colors and distinctive designs. The Bijoué ATH-CKF303 in-ear and ATH-FW33 on-ear headphones ($29.95 and $39.95) have a distinctive, faceted jewel-cut design that complements any wardrobe from elegant to outrageous. They’re available in a selection of eye-catching colors including pink, light pink, brown, white, black, and ATH-CKF303 in-ear headphones also come in purple. The in-ear ATH-CKF300 Bloom ($29.95) is small, lightweight and styled for a comfortable fit. It’s available in lime green, purple, mint green and white, with matching carrying cases with a flowers-in-bloom motif. The ATH-CKF500 Key ($34.95) is wearable audio jewelry, embellished with rhinestone detailing, and a distinctive key-shaped cord wrap. These in-ear headphones are available in pink/gold, black, brown, white, ivory, light pink, pink and turquoise blue.

Price: $29.95 to $39.95 Visit the Website

Native Union Handset For Cell Phones

Native Union POP Phone

Description: These handsets have been manufactured with high quality speakers and microphones and can be used with all mobile phones when fitted with the correct adaptor (sold separately) and when fitted with a USB adaptor (sold separately) can be used for VOIP computer telephone calls (Skype, Google Talk...). Native Union handsets also come in a Bluetooth-enabled device which lets you pair and answer calls on two different Bluetooth devices. These handsets protect cell phone users from 96% of the harmful effects of cell phone radiation.

Price: $29.90 to $199.90 Visit the Website

Play Games With Buffalo Games!


Description: Reconnect with friends and family with Gotcha! and Truth Be Told board games from Buffalo Games. In Gotcha!, players race to hit the buzzer whenever they see someone breaking a rule – all the while making sure they themselves are following the rules. The more rules that are played, the funnier the game gets! Truth Be Told is the revealing new laugh-out-loud, pretend to know your friends and family party game! Both games are a perfect mix of laugh-out-loud fun and hectic mayhem—perfect for friends and family to take a break and have fun! They are available at and many national retailers.

Price: $27.99 Visit the Website

Identity Finder 5.0 - Identity Theft Software

Identity Finder - Protect Your Computer, Protect Your Identity

Description: Identity Finder brings the power of enterprise identity theft protection to the home user. Secure your social security number, credit card numbers, passwords, and more from viruses, worms, and hackers. Intelligently search the deepest recesses of your computer to uncover sensitive information and use the built-in tools to protect that information by permanently shredding it, scrubbing it clean, securing it with a password, or quarantining it to a secure location. Free download available at

Price: $24.99 Visit the Website

Tetris® Link™

Tetris Link

Description: Tetris Link game begins as players take turns rolling the die and dropping Tetriminos (iconic Tetris playing pieces) into the game tower. The object of the game is to link Tetriminos of the same color to score points while blocking opponents from scoring. But, be careful! Players can lose points for any holes left in the game tower. When the tower is full the player with the highest score wins the game. The tabletop game promotes strategic thinking and organizational skills. Perfect for two to four players, Tetris Link includes the game tower, 100 playing pieces in four colors, playing die and instructions. Recommended for those ages 6 to adult, Tetris Link is available for $24.99 at major and specialty retailers nationwide.

Price: $24.99 Visit the Website

Windows 7 For Seniors QuickSteps

Windows 7 for Seniors QuickSteps

Description: A full-color, visual guide to the basics of Windows 7 – written for seniors, by a senior.Windows 7 for Seniors QuickSteps provides step-by-step instructions in full color on how to accomplish common tasks in Windows 7. Instructions are kept to brief descriptions in plain language while using visuals to clearly lead the reader through the steps necessary to perform a task. To create this book, the author worked with a group of advisers consisting of senior citizens to serve as reviewers and testers. McGraw-Hill;May 2011; ISBN:007176805X/9780071768054/

Price: $20.00 Visit the Website

Computing For Seniors QuickSteps

Computing for Seniors QuickSteps

Description: A full-color guide to computer basics—written for seniors, by seniors. Computing for Seniors QuickSteps provides easy-to-follow, full-color details on how to accomplish common tasks on the computer. Written in a straightforward manner without jargon, the book zeros in on only the most important computer-related topics, avoiding overwhelming its readers with coverage of every feature of a computer. McGraw-hill; May 2011; ISBN: 007174035X/9780071740357;

Price: $20.00 Visit the Website

MIMOBOT Character USB Flash Drives From Mimoco

Yoda MIMOBOT Character Flash Drives

Description: Mimoco, makers of MIMOBOT designer, character USB flash drives, have the coolest way to help you stay organized. Keep all documents safe with both male and female favorites: Sanrio, Star Wars, tokidoki,DC Comics - and more. Choose from over 100 original designs and pop culture favorites like Classic Hello Kitty, Badtz-Maru, Darth Vader, Batman, or Yoda. Offered in a range of 2-16 GB of storage space, each drive comes preloaded with character-specific content like wallpapers, images, and avatars.

Price: $20.00 to $65.00 Visit the Website

Wet Cell Phone Emergency Kit

wet cell phone emergency kit

Description: DRY-ALL's unique drying technology will dry wet cell phones of any type. If you have ever had a wet phone or other wet electronic item, DRY-ALL has a product to dry it out. DRY-ALLs one of a kind drying technology was originally invented by Major Edward J. Hawkins a United States veteran prior to WWII. DRY-ALL was used in WWII to protect sensitive military equipment during overseas shipment. It was later used by NASA. DRY-ALL is the most effective reliable way to dry any wet cell phone or smart phone.

Price: $19.99 Visit the Website

StreetSafe - Personal Security Service For Smart Phones


Description: StreetSafe, a new mobile personal security system that utilizes your smart phone’s GPS technology, allows you to instantly connect to help before a situation turns into an emergency. A subscription-based service, StreetSafe combines wireless networks with GPS technology to instantly pin-point the subscriber’s phone within three meters, even if they are inside a moving vehicle. StreetSafe offers two primary features: • Silent Alarm (Red Button): If an emergency arises and you cannot communicate your location and situation to 911, you can discretely trigger a silent alarm, and emergency help will immediately be dispatched to your exact location. • Walk With Me™ (Green Button): In a threatening situation, you can connect instantly with a trained Safety Advisor, who will recommend the best course of action and stay on the phone with you until you arrive safely at your destination. StreetSafe provides peace of mind for less than forty cents a day. Show a loved one you care by giving them the gift of safety.

Price: $19.99 to $149.99 Visit the Website

Z-Connector: Turn Your Phone Into A 21st Century Pocket Watch

Direct Z Connect

Description: The Z-Connector is the best new innovative cell phone accessory because it keeps your cell safe and secure, as well as adding fashion to anyone’s outfit. The Z- Connector is easy, stylish and makes any cell phone a 21st Century Pocket Watch. It allows you to keep your phone secured, as it is connected to your clothing, purse, briefcase, etc with a fashionable chain, available for different phones, and in different sizes and colors such as gold, silver, and black. The Z-Connector gets rid of the stress and anxiety of losing or damaging your phone because it stays connected with the Direct Z Connect (DzC), a circular attachment with 100 pound bonding adhesive per square inch. All you need is a small piece of dental floss that will help you detach the DzC with no damaging effect!! So forget about damaging or losing your phone and hundreds on cell phone insurance because with the Z-Connector you simply “Get Connected and Stay Connected”!

Price: $19.97 to $37.97 Visit the Website

Wall Mount And Adjustable TV Clip For The Kinect Camera And PlayStation Eye

This mount can be used with the Kinect Camera or PS Eye

Description: The Xbox 360 Kinect and PlayStation Move are both ground breaking in motion gaming. Make the most of this new and exciting technology with the Universal Wall Mount & Clip for the Kinect Camera & PlayStation Eye from CTA Digital. The Kinect Camera and PlayStation Eye both perform optimally centered on top of your TV. The beauty of the Universal Wall Mount & Clip is that it easily mounts either your Kinect Camera or PlayStation Eye to your wall, or the top of your flat panel TV. The Camera clip safely secures to the top of most flat screen TV’s, and keeps the PlayStation Eye or Xbox 360 Kinect Camera mounted in the perfect position for all of your PlayStation Move gaming needs. The Clip adjusts from .5” to 4.5” in width to fit most flat screen TV’s and angles. It has padding to protect the TV surface and is very easy to setup. This mounting clip can be purchased at:

Price: $14.99 Visit the Website

ILuv IEP222 Café Nites Earphones

Cafe Nights Earphones in all 5 unique colors

Description: The iLuv iEP322 Earphones are ultra compact and lightweight with a fashionable design. Built with high-performance speakers for extended frequency range, lower distortion, and high power handling, the earphones are ideal for use with the iPod, iPhone and other MP3 players. Features Include: -Ultra compact, lightweight and fashionable design - Built with high-performance speakers for extended frequency range, lower distortion, and high power handling - Adjustable slider for maximum comfort - Comfortable to wear - Ideal for digital devices such as iPod / iPhone / MP3 / CD players - Plug: 3.5mm / “I” type / Gold-plated / Stereo - Available in Five trendy colors: Black, Pink, Brown, Blue and White

Price: $14.99 Visit the Website

»ISOTONER® SmarTouch® Gloves Fit For Touchscreen Devices

Men's Diamond Grid Black

Description: Fit means flexibility and function with ISOTONER smarTouch gloves. Designed with ISOTONER stretch fabrics for proper fingertip fit, smarTouch gloves use a conductive thread embroidered on the index fingers and thumbs that sends an electrical impulse to touchscreen devices –allowing uninterrupted typing and texting in the cold. SmarTouch gloves also feature a non-slip palm to improve grip. These ISOTONER gloves are compatible with most smartphones, MP3 players, GPS units and more. Gloves are available in multiple sizes, styles and colors for women and men. Most gloves are sold for $42 or less at major department stores and mass merchants nationwide and online.

Price: $14.00 to $42.00 Visit the Website

Are You Ready To Live Tangle-Free? The Sinch Headphone Cord Management System Is Here.

The Sinch

Description: The Sinch is a new, high-design answer to the problem of keeping smart device cords tangle-free. Unlike other headphone management products already on the market, the Sinch’s sleek and simple design lets you continue to “naturally” wrap your headphones around your smart device for storage and then to unwrap it in one quick motion. What’s more, it works on any MP3, tablet or smart phone. The Sinch is available for purchase for $15.99 in black or white through Facebook and

Price: $13.00 to $15.99 Visit the Website

Yuasa AA 2700mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries (4 In 1 Blister Pack)

GS Yuasa AA 2700mAh Rechargeable Batteries

Description: The perfect gift for dads who love photography and electronic gadgets. Yuasa AA 2700mAh high capacity batteries are excellent for high drain devices such as digital cameras, SLR, speedlite flashes, toys, game consoles, wireless devices. Rechargeables save the environment and can be recharged fully or partially up to 1000 times, and occasionally beyond, without experiencing "memory effect". Rechargeable batteries last up to 4 times longer than standard alkaline AA batteries on a single charge.

Price: $12.99 Visit the Website

Hand Grip For Nintendo 3DS

Grip for Nintendo 3DS

Description: If you want the familiar feel of a console controller on your Nintendo 3DS, you'll need the Grip with silicone handles from CTA Digital. With extended use handheld systems can tire and cramp your hands, shortening the gaming experience. The Grip hopes to mitigate this issue. The Silicone handles keep the 3DS secure in your hands during even the most heated gaming sessions. When you need to rest your hands from all the intense gaming, you can prop up the grip by using the integrated stand. The handgrip stand has 2 angles for optimum gaming or viewing positions. So with the Grip from CTA Digital you can enjoy all the freedom of a handheld console with the comfort of a controller. The Grip can be purchased here:

Price: $11.99 Visit the Website

Hitech IC-108UL Smart Quick Charger For AA And AAA Ni-MH / Ni-Cd Rechargeable Batteries

Hitech iC-108UL Battery Charger

Description: Hitech iC-108UL smart quick charger charges 2 or 4 units of AA and AAA Ni-MH/ Ni-CD rechargeable batteries in 1.5 to 6.5 hours. It has 2 sets of individual charging channel with 2 respective LED indicators. LED light turns red when charging batteries and the light turns green when charging is completed. Microprocessor controlled for fast and safe charging, with Negative delta Voltage (V) detection. Reverse polarity protection that prevents damaging the charger and batteries if batteries were installed incorrectly. Equips with smart features such as alkaline battery detection capability, temperature protection (to prevent overcharging), short circuit protection and safety timer function. iC-108UL has safety standard of UL / CUL. Its compact size, light weight and universal voltage (100V-240V) features make it easy for travelling and for storage.

Price: $11.99 Visit the Website

The Earbud Shuffle: Sanity Returns To Tangled Wires In Messy Desk Drawers

Earbud Yo-Yo (Checkers design)

Description: The earbud shuffle: Sanity returns to tangled wires in messy desk drawers Houston TX – May 4, 2011 – Inventress, Ms. Julie Barkley, has come up with an interesting use for her Earbud Yo-Yo. In the office, it seems whenever a desk drawer is opened and closed, the earbud shuffle takes place; everything stashed inside is in disarray. Pens, paperclips, rubber bands cause headset wires to get enmeshed in knots and annoying little tangles that take great patience to straighten out. “One nagging flaw that frustrated me about my own iPod: the headset was always in a knot when I retrieved it from the office desk drawer. But now, my Earbud Yo-Yo brings sanity and order to my workstation, to junk filled drawers, helping many iPod users. Attach one to your iPod wires and suddenly the earbuds that were always a jumbled mess are now ready to use every time, no matter where they are stored,” notes Inventress Barkley. The simple-to-use Earbud Yo-Yo cord organizer: * Fits anywhere storing wires easily and safely * Saves time by preventing knots * Helps customize cord lengths * Winds up earbuds with microphones * Never gets lost – locks right on to the cord Available for under $11.00

Price: $10.99 to $16.99 Visit the Website

Screen Dreams Living Fireplace DVD - Volume 2

Screen Dreams Living Fireplace DVD Screensavers - Volume 2

Description: Looking for the perfect gift for that person on your list who has everything? Look no further than Screen Dreams Living Fireplace DVD - Volume 2. Screen Dream's Living Fireplace DVD brings a beautiful crackling fireplace scene right to your flat screen TV without the hassle, stress and mess of a real working fireplace. Set the mood for a romantic evening by the fire or add a little excitement to that boring blank television screen when your favorite holiday movie or show is over. Screen Dreams Living Fireplace DVD starts at just $10.95 and is available in standard and Blu-ray formats. For more information, visit

Price: $10.95 to $12.95 Visit the Website Gift Certificate - Online Camera Gear Rental

Description: The perfect gift for someone who has everything - a Gift Certificate! With this certificate your friend/dad/mom/brother/dog can rent whatever photography equipment he/she/it desires! We have everything from pro-level gear to point and shoot cameras available to rent. Gift Certificates never expire either, so they can save it and rent then next time they go on vacation and want some awesome equipment!

Price: $10.00 to $500.00 Visit the Website

Bring The Jelly Beans Home- Without Packing On The Pounds Or A Sugar High!

Cases range from iPhone to Blackberrys with all different scents to enjoy!

Description: ESI creates a line of Jelly-Belly scented smart phone cases that smell just like your favorite jelly-belly! The cases are for a wide variety of consumer electronics including iPhone 4/3G/3GS, iPod touch, iPod nano, and many Blackberry devices and are made with TPU plastic, a highly durable substance that won’t rip or tear. The flexible-gel cases have a sweet aroma, reminiscent of a popular Jelly Belly bean flavor¬, including Berry Blue, Strawberry Cheesecake, Very Cherry, Licorice, and Blueberry. Each of the “case flavors” have been thoroughly scent-tested to perfectly match the smell of the jelly bean scent. Jelly Belly Gel Case Features: - Deliciously Scented -- lasting 6 months - Fun, Vibrant Color Palette - Slick Appearance - Serves as a Protective Translucent Sleeve, - Made with high-elasticity TPU plastic - Extremely Durable -price point set at $14.99

Price: $10.00 to $15.00 Visit the Website

Zeevex Game Cards

Zeevex Game Card

Description: A Zeevex Game Card is the perfect gift for that special someone this Valentine’s Day – after all, those who play together, stay together! Zeevex Game Cards can be exchanged for virtual items in video games, as well as for movies, music and other fun digital goods. There are no hidden fees or premium usage charges, and Zeevex provides an open virtual currency that can be used to purchase items in more than 100 online games, as well as to obtain other great virtual content. Users can spend as little as five cents at a time, and use the card multiple times until its limit is reached. Zeevex Game Cards are available at more than 41,000 retailers nationwide. Zeevex is a subsidiary of InComm, the world’s leading marketer and distributor of stored-value gift and prepaid products.

Price: $10.00 to $20.00 Visit the Website

G Data Mobile Security

G Data Mobile Security

Description: G Data MobileSecurity protects Android users against the increasing number of malware threats embedded in apps, sent via TXT / SMS / email links, and a host of malicious links while surfing the web from any Android-based device. G Data’s app includes an easy-to-follow authorization monitor showing which apps are allowed to initiate calls, send text messages, or access the Internet. Such functions are often turned on without the user’s knowledge to steal passwords, personal and confidential information, such as messages, emails, and contacts.

Price: $9.99 Visit the Website

Pholium, A Photo Book App For The IPad

Pholium Library

Description: The iPad 2 is this year’s must-have gift for the holidays. But with an App Store containing over 90,000 apps, how do you find latest and coolest for that shiny little gadget? After all, the iPad 2 is only as good as the apps you load them with! Pholium allows users to create high-quality, customized photo books on the iPad that you can easily give to other iPad users. Pholium goes beyond today’s point-click-print photo books and offers users with an opportunity to create something artsy and elegant. At just $9.99, Pholium is an ideal holiday gift for any technophile who wants to share digital photos without sacrificing quality. Unlike existing apps that allow users to share their digital portfolio, Pholium enables users to permanently gift photo books using Pholda, Pholium’s in-app giving feature, allowing others to enjoy a highly customized and interactive digital book experience. Pholda will be FREE for three months from December 2011 - February 2012.

Price: $9.99 Visit the Website

Vumber: The Virtual Phone Number

Vumber logo

Description: For dads-on-the-go and constant travelers looking for affordable ways to stay in touch, Vumber is a unique virtual phone number, VoIP service that helps people create multiple customized phone numbers to stay organized and maintain privacy when sharing digits for online sites, business ventures, traveling and more. With the Vumber app, users can also turn their iPod or iPad into a phone using any Wi-Fi connection around the world and call across carriers anywhere in the world for free, saving up to 90 percent when making calls worldwide to friends/family. Users can add as many numbers as they would like to their account – it’s as simple as pressing the phone icon to choose which number people see when they call them.

Price: $9.95 to $29.95 Visit the Website

Eddy's Number Party

Sticker Screen

Description: Welcome to the party! The Eddy’s Number Party!™ game is a kindergarten readiness app that gets young children counting, matching numbers, and improving memory and attention, all while getting ready for Eddy’s big surprise party! Children collect balloons, toss presents, track party hats, and earn stickers as they gather friends to bring to Eddy’s party. Designed in collaboration with leading scientists and educational experts, the Eddy’s Number Party! game is guided by the latest research on how the brain learns best. As each level of play is mastered, children develop the critical cognitive skills that prepare them to thrive in school and become lifelong learners–such as selective attention (the ability to focus on task-relevant information) and working memory (the ability to keep information in mind and work with it to complete a task).

Price: $2.99 Visit the Website

Scramble Squares

Scramble Squares

Description: Scramble Squares, the award winning and global leader in challenging education puzzles, is pleased to announce its move into the mobile space with the launch of its digital gaming application, Scramble Squares, for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch! Scramble Squares are visual puzzles comprised of nine square pieces each containing images that must be properly arrange to form one complete image solution. Scramble Squares puzzles look easy to solve but in reality, only one in every 5,000 people can unscramble a Scramble Squares puzzle in under 5 minutes. A full version of Scramble Squares is a FREE download that contains one FREE puzzle, a practice puzzle and an additional interactive puzzle challenge which you can access here . Additional puzzles are available for purchase in-app at $4.99.

Price: $0.01 to $4.99 Visit the Website

Firethorn Mobile Inc., SWAGG

Send The Gift He or She Wants!

Description: SWAGG is a mobile app that digitally manages offers, gift and reward cards. The secure SWAGG™ app organizes your plastic gift and rewards cards digitally, all in one place on your phone. • SWAGG has digital gift cards or special offers from great merchants, including: Gap, American Apparel, Arden B.,, Crocs, Live Nation Merchandise, Wet Seal and many more. • Download SWAGG and import plastic gift and rewards cards from over 300 supported merchants. Then, organize, store and track available card balances with ease. • Get in on offers from over 4,000 merchants across the U.S. through SWAGG. • You can even buy and send digital gift cards (SWAGG GIFTS) from over 10 participating merchants. Download SWAGG now.

Price: $0.01 to $0.02 Visit the Website

HandStand For IPad

HandStand for iPad

Description: A revolutionary rotational iPad case that maximizes functionality and protection •A rotating disk that allows the user to spin the iPad 360 degrees to effortlessly swivel from landscape to portrait •The perfect ergonomic solution to holding your iPad that prevents accidental application launches and enables the user to scroll with no fumble or fuss •Durable, semi-flexible silicone case that provides reliable protection for you iPad without scuffing •Integrated stand that allows for optimal viewing and comfortable typing for tabletop or desk use •One size fits all hand strap to hold the iPad firmly in place and enables your free hand to easily manipulate the touch screen •Simple, elegant and durable design that comes in black and white Available at: Prices: $49.95 website:

Price: $0.00 to $49.95 Visit the Website

Wet Circuits Power Strip

Wet Circuits Power Strip

Description: The world’s first water-resistant power strip designed for consumer safety, utility and energy efficiency •Patented water-resistant design and protective materials allow for continued indoor/outdoor use when faced with rain, snow, or an accidental coffee spill •Energy efficient design eliminates vampire power - energy is not wasted on unused outlets unless proper plug is 100% inserted into Power Strip •“Touch Protection” feature makes Wet Circuits completely children and animal safe – sticking tweezers or other foreign objects in the outlet won’t cause electric shock •Smart fuse and circuit breaker can sense excess overheating (231-249º F) and discontinue any electric charge to prevent residential fires •Promises four times the lifespan of normal power strips Available at: price: $70 website:

Price: $0.00 to $70.00 Visit the Website


Team Viewer Logo

Description: TeamViewer is the all-in-one solution for remote access and support over the internet. With TeamViewer, you can remotely control any PC from any location and even control unattended computers and servers. This software can be used for file transfer, IT support, sharing live demos, presentations and much more. TeamViewer works perfectly for anyone who is constantly on the go. Whether it be traveling, vacation or even work, this software will benefit anyone who may find themselves in need of information from their home or work computers.

Price: $0.00 Visit the Website

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