Best Website Creators for a Boutique Shop - The Unconventional Guide

So you've got a great boutique, but you don't have it online. If there's anything we've learned from web trends within the last few years, it's that online boutiques can make a big splash: most of us have bought or seen something from Etsy, after all. But most boutiques don't have the cash flow to afford one-off website design, and trying to manage an independent website on your own, learning to code, trying to make it mobile-friendly… that's a headache any boutique owner just doesn't have time for.


Website creation platforms remove all of the headaches and most of the cost out of the process, giving you all the power and saving a chunk of change. In the world of retail, those margins are everything. They can also be a great catalyst for boutique entrepreneurs, allowing you to reach a far broader potential customer base. And there are some amazing ecommerce website creators out there, which can help you do far more than just make a website: but can help you begin scaling up business.


When building an online store, there are a few major considerations and needs. First of all, it needs to look fantastic so that you aren't scaring off visitors at the home page, and it needs to accurately represent your brand: this means not looking bland, and having a powerful, striking home page. You also need to have a secure shopping cart, a pared-down checkout process, the ability to easily upload products and manage inventory, a good shipping calculator… and, if possible, integrations to any third-party websites to which you also sell.


These big dogs are likely the industry leaders where online stores are concerned. You can choose from more than a hundred templates, deeply customize a theme, and offers a smart platform which provides shop owners with deep and detailed analytics about sales and traffic. You can easily create apps so that people can shop from your store on the go, and they support over 50 payment gateways. It automatically integrates in different languages, and can even accept payment in multiple currencies. Unfortunately, you'll pay for all those amazing perks: Shopify packages begin at roughly $30 a month, and scale up from there based on just what you need. But if you can afford that steep price tag, there's almost no where better.


Another one of the big dogs in the online shop website creator industry is Bigcommerce. On top of helping you make a beautiful website with a secure shopping cart, they'll give you business email accounts and ensure that whatever store you make is already optimized for use on any device, such as smartphones or tablets. They've also got a great deal of specialized SEO tools, which help your website gain more visitors… and therefore more clients. On top of that, they've got a battery of shop marketing tools, have a beautiful abandoned shopping cart mechanism which saves the items in a cart if a visitors puts things in it, leaves the site, and then returns… and more. They make it easy to send email newsletters to past clients, generate customer lists, have stellar social media integration, and make it easy for you to offer store-wide discounts or special coupons. Want your users to be able to leave reviews of the products they get? You can do it! But as with Shopify, their product has a hefty price tag: the silver bundle comes in at about $30.


If you run a small store and might be a little intimidated by having too many options… or a hefty price tag… Website Builder is where you should head to. With over 10,000 free website templates, they have something for everyone in terms of the look and feel of a website: but once that's done and you get down to the finer details, they simplify everything for you with their store add-on. They help you set up a store in seven easy steps, taking it slow and guiding you through every possible part of the process. What's more is that they help you select excellent product images, and have a simple widget to make adding products as hassle-free as can be. But perhaps the best part of Website Builder is the cost: its most premium plan comes in under $15. 

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