Emanuel Andren Chocolates – A Taste of Elegance

Swedish Chocolatier Emanuel Andren launched into the North American confections market with a whirlwind Southern California trip that began at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance and concluded with a sampling at the historic Chateau Marmont in Hollywood.

Emanuel Andren Chocolates

Andren, a sixth generation Chef, inherited his love for pastry arts from his familyHis confection creations reflect his training, design, creativity, a consuming passion and a lifetime of learning. Honoring the rich tradition handed down from his ancestors, Emanuel Andren Chocolates, are individually crafted and created as an artist would conceptualize a prize collection, similar and yet, all uniquely different. 


Andren Chocolates are produced, complete with secret ingredients, beginning in the small Swedish village of Lilla Edet.  The white chocolate casing is fashioned with a decorative artist’s swirl dipped into the chocolate after it is molded, adding a light wisp of color definition to each selection.  

The sixteen piece collection of Emanuel Andren Chocolates *

Once the Praline firms, Master Chef Andren pipes into the shell a layer of his delicious blends, adds a center piece of marmalade, jam or jelly, and completes the filling process with an additional layer of flavor mélange. The chocolates are sealed with a smooth layer across the top and chilled until the sumptuous, lavish, treat sets.  


Emanuel Andren Chocolate collections are paired into boxed gift sets designed to complete each unique sensation and create a sensual tasting event. Distinctive blends included are Rich and Robust, Passion & Glamour, Rustic Harmony, Swedish Berries, Royal Tribute and Red Carpet. Each exceptional boxed set can be purchased in four piece or sixteen piece collection.


Indulging in the luxury of Emanuel Andren Chocolates, at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, was by far the most unique sampling opportunity of its kind.

The sampling presentation *

Like a fine wine the Chocolate Pralines are intended to be incrementally enjoyed building on each sensory encounter; First, the visual, the design; then aroma, a delicate taste, the sip and finally the fullness of a complete taste.  It is important to linger and experience the chocolate to achieve the finish.


As chocolate fusion is very present in the marketplace the blends offered by Andren Chocolates are deeply unusual and include flavors such as Zino Platinum Cigar, a full-bodied chocolate, very rich, strong, and like a robust red wine the filling, that utilizes actual cigar puree and Tabasco, washes over the palate in waves of flavors transforming this small Praline into a sensory crescendo.  


Andren’s skill and desire is manifested by manipulating uncommon combinations and creating a palette of flavors, sweet and savory, mild aromatics, a tang of sweetness, a whiff of delectable chocolates that play and build off each other creating a complementary, contrasting and exotic tasting experience.

The four piece collection of Emanuel Andren Chocolates *


From the Rustic Harmony Collection, Bleu d’ Auvergne, AOC, contains a blend of Blue Cheese from Auvergne, France. After first bite the raspberry liquid jam center, a sharp variation, flatters and soothes the powerful aroma of the tangy blue cheese that appears to be pureed into a raspberry filling consistency. 


Blending Figs, pears, almonds, Goat Cheese from Spain, Parmigiano Reggiano, red pepper puree, Cometa Extra Matured from the caves in St. Antonie, France, sweet fruits marmalade and berries found only in Sweden, Emanuel Andren harmonizes ingredients a refined, sophisticated, palate will enjoy.


Emanuel Andren Chocolates offer a clear separation and a, different, wildly delicious option transforming any occasion into an event. 

Aston Martin's at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, the launch of Emanuel Andren Chocolates North American presence

For more information on Emanuel Andren Chocolates: www.emanuelandren.com


Images, where noted, by Janet Walker courtesy of www.haute-lifestyle.com.


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