Best Raspados in Miami - Raspados Loly's Review

If you grew up in a Hispanic home, you are much familiar with the term “raspados.” This typical Spanish ice cream is the equivalence of a snow cone—made of shaved ice and syrup. The difference between the two is that raspados are taken to another level. Aside from the typical flavored syrup, raspados are saturated with a variety of flavors—ranging from real mango, raspberry, strawberries and other fruit bits to condensed milk and sweet creams.  Don’t forget about the toppings!

Living in Miami, a place with a high concentration of Spanish ethnicities, you are never far from these Spanish flavors. Sure enough, I stumbled upon a small shop where I tasted one of the best raspados: Raspados Loly's

Raspados Loly's

Having a Nicaraguan influence, the raspados’ flavors include dulce de leche, tamarindo, jocote, nancite and others. Among their most sold are the Dulce de Leche, Tamarindo and their number one seller: Relleno.


Their Dulce de Leche is flavorful. It is sweet, creamy and has the right consistency. The flavor is throughout the raspado, so you are never left with the tasteless ice.

Dulce de Leche

The Tamarindo raspado is sweet with a lingering sour taste that is just right. For my liking, I found this one to be a little too sweet, but nevertheless, it was delicious. 


I spent about 20 minutes in the shop, and out of the 12 people that came in 10 of them ordered the Relleno. Packed in a cup size of either large or extra large, the Relleno starts of with a layer of pound cake, dulce de leche and shaved ice. The layers repeat themselves one more time, and it is then topped with dulce de leche. What you are left with is a sugary delight like no other. 

Located in Miami, Fla. on 104 and West Flagler Street, Raspados Loly's is a must-try. Their prices are decent and you are bound to taste something that you will fall in love with. 

Raspados Loly's

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