Fling Chocolate - The Chocolate Created for Women

On June 17th, Fling Chocolate promoted their candy bar in Los Angeles for woman.  Mars launched a revolutionary chocolate to stay slim with only 80 calories. The chocolate all women eat without a complex!

FLING creates the miracle product.  In fact, FLING Chocolate is “Naughty… but not that naughty” while satisfying chocolate desires with only 80 calories per bar gives one a guiltless pleasure. FLING chocolate is light, not heavy like the usual chocolate candy bar.  Basically, woman try to stay thin for many reasons including the reaction of others, being healthy, so this product contributes to reach their goal.  So take a break to eat Fling Chocolate with no regret!

Moreover, FLING Chocolate focuses on eternally twenty something women.  They enjoy being naughty and following their chocolate desires, but this product makes sense for every type of woman.  Indeed being slim touches every type of women whatever their age.

FLING™ Chocolate frees consumers to try it in public alone with a Single pack for $0.79 or with friends by sharing a Multi-Pack Carton of ten individually wrapped sticks for $3.39.

Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Need To Know...

FLING™ is a sweet, light truffle on a subtle crisp layer enrobed in shimmering chocolate as glamorous as you.

What are the different shimmer and flavour of these candy delights?

• The Milk Chocolate has a pink shimmer and is smooth in the mouth and light in flavour.
• The Dark Chocolate has a gold shimmer and tastes richer than the milk chocolate; but remains light as well.

• The Hazelnut has an orange shimmer and is the richest on the level of the taste and remains the most appreciated.

We like variety!

The FLING™ community is starting in California, but you can be a part of it no matter where you are because the FLING™ spirit is universal.

For more information about nutrition and ingredients do not hesitate to visit www.flingchocolate.com

Consumers can visit for more information on the product:

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/flingchocolate 

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