FLING promotion

Wednesday, June 17, 2009, FLING came to promote a new chocolate candy bar, but not a chocolate like any other.  It’s a chocolate without many calories and the premier chocolate brand from the makers at MARS

What an amazing produt for girls addicted to chocolate, but want to stay thin at the same time.  Taste a chocolate guilt-less for ladies!

No more guilt while eating chocolate. Take a FLING with no more worries about weight, FLING creates the miracle product. This product on the horizon as being the end of diets, FLING chocolate is light, no heavy like the usual chocolate candy bar. Basically, woman try to stay thin for many reasons including the reaction of others, being healthy, so  this product contributes to reach their goal.

FLING Chocolate focused on eternally twenty something women.  They could enjoy being naughty and follow their chocolate desires, but this product makes sense for every type of woman.  Indeed the diets touch every type of women whatever their ag.  At the moment she doesn’t feel at ease with her body, women diet.

Everyday women can find happiness because FLING exists in 3 different flavors: milk chocolate, dark chocolate and hazelnut but less fat for all your pleasure girls! We could notice the variety of the packaging (blue for milk, purple for dark chocolate and orange shimmer for hazelnut).  Everything to attract woman's conscious!

FLING had managed to link pleasure and health.  Unlike the usual chocolate candy bars, FLING is healthier.  Just 85 calories per stick, how amazing!
Don’t be afraid to weight yourself in the scale after you eat “too much” FLING, with this product the guilt doesn’t make sense anymore!
This promotion was successful, between the discovery of this new product with the company of GreenBliss’ massage. Everything for being relax and  healthy!

Thanks to FLING being greedy won't be just associated to sin. Also its a girlie trendy product! Moreover the price of FLING is the same as a usual chocolate bar! Once you try it, you can't stop it. Being naughty never felt so good! Don't try to resist temptation!

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