FLING Bar Review - A Chocolate Lover's Dream


Now indulge those sweet desires with new FLING™ Chocolate.  In January 2009, MARS premiered FLING™ at California retail stores.  Astonishingly, FLING™  is the only product MARS invented in 20 years.  No longer feel guilty indulging, considering each stick contains just 80 calories.  One can feel “Naughty... but not that naughty,” with lightly sweetened flavor that richly satisfies chocolate cravings.  Complete to perfection with whipped truffle and crisp meringue all enrobed in shimmering chocolate. 

Take a bite!

Ladies that is right.  A chocolate bar suiting any lady’s fashion with its own glowing style.  Finally, a product design for women from pink and silver packaging to sustaining a fit feminine physique.  For the health conscious, the shimmer is FDA approved mineral called Mica.  The innovative shimmering stick creates a style unlike any candy bar.

Single Pack of Two Bars

When biting into the stick, the rich cocoa butter meets even the strongest cravings.  These sticks come in a variety of flavors: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and hazelnut.  Each flavor has its own color of shimmer: pink milk chocolate, gold dark chocolate, and orange hazelnut.  Personally, the mouthwatering hazelnut flavor keeps one pleased with each creamy bite.

When FLING™ introduced their products to LA Splash everyone raved the yummy goodness.  The journalists were impressed with first and foremost the bar's calorie content of 80, light tasting chocolate, and fun shimmer.  These factors seperate MARS from the pack of chocoloate companies.  Personally, one's addiction starts at first bite as there are none left after  MARS donated 30 bars for each journalist.   

Leftovers of the Yummy Bars

While scanning the local store for goodies, check out FLING™.  Look for the pink and silver single pack of two fingers or multi-pack carton of ten separately packaged fingers.  The hazelnut and dark chocolate flavor are solely available in multi-pack, whereas the milk chocolate is packaged both ways.  When noticing the suggested retail price in comparison to original MARS, they are the same for a single pack at $.79 and $3.39 for a carton of ten.  Glancing at the FLING™ nutrition, there is only five grams of fat, which includes three grams of saturated fat and no more than ten grams of carbohydrates.  A regular MARS bar has an uncanny similar taste to FLING™, but packs a walloping 455 calories for two fingers, while the lighter FLING™ single pack contains 160 calories.  This low calorie treat stems from aerating the truffle and meringue base.  Do not feel guilty to spring for a FLING™.

Uncover The Goodness

Tempted to have a FLING™?  To indulge in this delectable treat, visit
www.flingchocolate.com or the local store.  FLING™ chocolate is available in California-based grocery, drug, mass, convenience, and specialty stores. 

For more information and where to sample this treat, visit

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