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Chick Chocolates - Girl's Got a Craving

By Natalie Liang

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Chicks love chocolate.  Everyone knows that.  Every girl's got to satisfy that inevitable craving for chocolate when it comes, and every girl knows that it comes often.  We all have to indulge sometime.  And for that very reason, there is a new chocolate for us all (well, us chicks at least!).  Seattle Chocolates, makers of their renowned gourmet truffles and truffle bars, has announced the debut of their new brand Chick Chocolates, an all-natural premium chocolate line created for women, by women.  Chick Chocolates promise to deliver fun and great taste.

CEO Jean Thompson (certified Smart Chick) decided a year ago that she wanted to develop a line of good chocolates that women could identify themselves with as well as enjoy, and Chick Chocolates soon emerged.  "These are chocolates targeted directly at women taking time to treat themselves every day," states Thompson.  She spent months researching and polling women on their attitudes and their indulgent chocolate behavior.  Three personalities were discovered to be the most popular, and these have become the new Chick Chocolates.  Strong Chick, designed to help its eaters "kick serious butt," is made from 100% RDA calcium-fortified creamy 37% cacao milk chocolate.  Nutty Chick, for the crazy ones, contains dry roasted almonds and bits of golden toffee in rich 37% cacao milk chocolate.  Extreme Chick, for those brave ones always up for an adventure, features 55% cacao dark chocolate embedded with roasted cacao nibs. 

Now, I like to think that I'm a cool chick.  In any case, I'm like any other girl when it comes to chocolate resistance - I have none.  My mouth had already started to water at just the mere mention of chocolate (in fact, it's doing so again).  To have chocolate intended for chicks was just too good to be true.

But it was true, and it was, indeed, good.  Anticipation was high when we opened up the chocolates, and they did not disappoint.  Chick Chocolates are wonderfully rich and creamy enough to satiate any chocolate craving.  The ingredients are top quality.  The chocolate melts right into your mouth (and sweet tooth), and there is none of that somewhat waxy taste you get with some cheap store-bought chocolate.  To sum it up, it was a little blissful bite of heaven.  Strong Chick (besides being good for you with all that calcium), was good, simple, elegant chocolate, and can boost anyone's energy level.  Extreme Chick was dark and creamy and perfect for dark chocolate aficionados (all you adventurous people).  Nutty Chick, my personal favorite, had delightfully crunchy scattered bits of almond and toffee that added flavor and substance as you crunched your way through the milk chocolate.  Does that make me zany, for liking it?  Perhaps, but anyone could see why. 

Sorry, no boys allowed.  Keep them away, or tell them to get their own, because they'll certainly be wanting some when that sweet chocolate smell comes wafting around.  But trust me, you won't want to share.  Chick Chocolates are designed for that special chick personality inside of you, and they sure can tempt (and ultimately satisfy) that chocolate craving of yours.  Pick up your bite-sized chocolate snacks today, available in a three-piece pocket box (Standard Retail Price $3.00) or a single, two-piece, bar for your specific needs (SRP $1.00). 

Published on Apr 25, 2011

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