The Greatest Gifts for Your Girlfriend


The Christmas season is coming. That also means gift giving season. If you have a girlfriend that you're looking to impress, you may have no idea what to get her. However, here are nine great gifts for your girlfriend this holiday season. 


1. Jewelry

Call it obvious, but jewelry will make any girl happy. If you're thinking of going all out and buying her a nice piece of jewelry, there are some tips you may want to know. First, girls have different taste. Some like gaudy, large pieces. Some like simple designs. Some like gold. Some like silver. Pay attention to what she wears. Does she only wear one necklace? Maybe she'd like another one. You can always go the opposite and buy her things that she wears all the time that you know she loves. For example, if she is always wearing decorative rings, get her some more to add to her collection. If you want to get a silver necklace or a ring with a pretty stone in it, learn her birthstone (It's easy enough to look up using Google and her birthday).


2. Handbags

Handbags (not diamonds) are a girl's best friend. If you can get her a designer handbag, you will not disappoint. You don't need to worry about color or design. 


3. Romantic dinner

Romantic evenings are underused in relationships as presents, but girls love them. A girl doesn't always like things. Your time is extremely important. Cook for her (and have a backup in case you burn dinner), light candles, buy a nice wine, look your best, and make her feel like she is the most beautiful girl in the world. 



4. Lingerie and sex toys

To be fair, this is a present for you, as well. Be sure if you get her lingerie, you give it to her in a tasteful way and have something else for her, too. You don't want her to get the wrong impression. 


5. Surprise her With a Big Giant Teddy Bear

Does she like surprieses? Get her a life size teddy bear that she doesn't have. From some reason girls loves this type of gifts. I guess it will always remind her of you when you're not around. This is a no-brainer, and it shows her your emotional side :) 







Teddy Bear From Joyfay International LLC


6. Shoes

If you know her shoe size, you can't go wrong. Like the handbag, this is another selection that will make her extremely happy without you needing to know anything about fashion


7. Vacation

If you can afford it, a vacation is a great gift. Also, you are bound to have a great time together. Both of you will enjoy it. 


8. Do something that you don't want to do

Does she want to go to the ballet, but you think it sounds boring? Suck it up and go. Also, try to enjoy yourself. After all, you are with her. 


9. A practical coupon book

If done well, this is a great gift. However, I suggest one thing: most of the coupons should have nothing to do with sex. Make a coupon for breakfast in bed, for doing laundry, for doing dishes, to change diapers, to drive to an event so she can drink, or to clean the bathroom. Make them things that she really wants from you. You can throw a romantic massage in there, too. I promise the romantic massage is even better after the dishes are done.




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