Style and Fashion Gifts 2016 - Style & Fashion Gift Guide Roundup

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Wonderland Garnet Owl Cufflinks

Wonderland Garnet Owl Cufflinks

Description: Mimi So, the NYC-based luxury lifestyle brand that embodies a playful spirit and distinctive modern style, has just released Garnet Owl Cufflinks from The Wonderland Collection; Handcrafted in 18K yellow gold with Garnet and Black Onyx Wonderland is the embodiment of the imaginary world where Mimi explores her creativity. It’s a nurturing place full of vibrancy including the bee, ladybug, orchid, oak, owl and butterfly — all of which symbolize qualities and traits important to Mimi.

Price: $11,300.00 Visit the Website



Description: Cultivate gratitude with this elegant pearl necklace and find peace in your day to day life. Pearl Size:12mm-15mm Pearl Type: Edison Length: 18″ or 46cm Grade: AAA Color: White, Purple, Champagne, Multi-color, Natural Luster: High luster Pearl Shape: Round Metal: Sterling Silver For high luster pearls, size and grades are key features to determine the value. Basically it takes 3-6 years to grow one pearl, so a rope of great quality big size pearls are rare and expensive. More information about our grading system.

Price: $1,328.00 to $1,329.00 Visit the Website

Sandawana Emeralds

Sandawana Emerald 0.82 Carat $1,200

Description:, the ultimate source for untreated gemstones and original jewelry designs since 2003 has acquired hundreds of Sandawana Emeralds, just in time for Valentine's Day. These rare, high-quality emeralds, once thought to be utterly sold out, are now again available in one, two or three carat gemstones. Untreated gems increase in value every year. Seasoned buyers and newcomers will enjoy these emeralds, either to collect or for that special someone in their life." Each emerald, as all Wild Fish's products, has detailed descriptions, images, and an independent third party report. Edward Bristol believes that purchasing rare gems, such as these, ought not to be difficult or scary. also buys and conserves 1000sqm of rainforest for every gem it sells, because, such is the company's mission, the gem-trade should not come at the expense of the Third World and the environment. "Valentine's Day is a few weeks away," adds Bristol, "and our clients are looking at the different options available to tell their special someone, I Love You. For some, the Sandawana Emeralds will be the perfect choice, for others it's our world-class rubies and sapphires, but also less costly rhodolites, zircons or beryls. Either way, customers from around the world know, their gems from Wild Fish are all-natural, unspoiled by chemicals, radiation or ultra-high-heat processes.

Price: $999.00 to $14,000.00 Visit the Website

SENTALER Poncho Wraps

Shawl Collar Poncho Wrap - Grey

Description: Available in alpaca and baby alpaca This poncho is the perfect staple in any fashionista's closet. With its soft and chic shawl collar and full body, it's an easy and quick way to make any outfit. DETAILS - Open cut poncho - Shawl collar - Two slit pockets on on sides - 70% baby alpaca, 30% merino wool - No lining / Dry clean SIZE & FIT - The model is 5'8.5" (174 cm) and is wearing One Size - One Size Fits XS to XL

Price: $770.00 to $895.00 Visit the Website

Owl And Silver Leaf Wrap Alloy Crystal Bracelet

Rose Gold Plated dual heart shapped pendant

Description: Couponmachine the latest rose gold heart pendants on the world's largest Coupon site.This Rose Gold Plated dual heart shapped pendant is embellished with fine stones. This pendant will add spark to overall look and provide you unique and beautiful look in every time and attract to every one in a Party, Marriage , Fashion show and any function you will attend.

Price: $549.00 Visit the Website

Casio WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch


Description: Casio’s WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch is optimal for outdoors, boasting water resistance for use in rain and around water, and is tested to military standard specifications to ensure it can withstand a variety of rugged activities. Incorporating Casio’s tough performance and sensor technologies as well as Android Wear, the WSD-F10 also features a dual later display with monochrome and color LCDs. Users can display measurement data and apps in color, or they can extend the device’s life to more than one month by selecting to a Timepiece Mode that displays only watch data in monochrome. The WSD-F10 also offers the ultimate in ease of use as an everyday watch. The operating buttons are large and feature a slip-free finish so they can easily be operated with gloves on, and they are concentrated on the right side of the case. The wristband is made from soft urethane plastic that conforms to the wrist and can be comfortably worn for extended periods.

Price: $500.00 Visit the Website


Pearl Ring

Description: From the exclusive local selection of pearls straight from the farms to the design and hand-crafting process.Our jewelry is always made of genuine pearls. Most of our partner farms are suppliers to high-end jewelry brands and stores throughout the world. Pearl size: 12-13mm Ring size: 7 Grade: AAAA Pearl type: Edison Color: Dark Purple, Natural Luster: High Luster Pearl Shape: Near Round Metal: 18k yellow gold filled Gemstone: Zircon

Price: $498.00 to $499.00 Visit the Website

Made To Order Hand Crafted Men' Footwear

William Single Monk Loafer in Oxblood

Description: Experience the very best in luxury men's leather footwear made to order just for you. Our pieces are handmade in Europe from the finest Italian calfskin, suede, ostrich or python and hand colored to perfection for a unique signature finish. Every pair is built to last a lifetime for maximum value and style that will never go out of style.

Price: $485.00 to $775.00 Visit the Website

Baby Alpaca Throw

Baby Alpaca Throw - Grey

Description: DETAILS - 100% baby alpaca throw - Dry clean SIZE 78" x 51" (including 3" ruffles) Grey DETAILS - 100% baby alpaca throw - Dry clean SIZE 78" x 51" (including 3" ruffles) Grey DETAILS - 100% baby alpaca throw - Dry clean SIZE 78" x 51" (including 3" ruffles) Grey DETAILS - 100% baby alpaca throw - Dry clean SIZE 78" x 51" (including 3" ruffles) Grey DETAILS - 100% baby alpaca throw - Dry clean SIZE 78" x 51" (including 3" ruffles) Grey

Price: $395.00 Visit the Website

English Knit And Fur Scarf

English Knit and Fur Scarf - Grey

Description: Enlarged English knit baby alpaca combined with baby alpaca fur, makes this scarf the perfect staple for fall and winter. You could wear it in many ways. It is the perfect finishing touch to any coat. DETAILS - 100% baby alpaca English knit - 100% baby alpaca fur - Specialist Clean Available in Black, Grey, Navy, Camel and White Enlarged English knit baby alpaca combined with baby alpaca fur, makes this scarf the perfect staple for fall and winter. You could wear it in many ways. It is the perfect finishing touch to any coat. DETAILS - 100% baby alpaca English knit - 100% baby alpaca fur - Specialist Clean Available in Black, Grey, Navy, Camel and White

Price: $395.00 Visit the Website



Description: Italian shoes and bag set Bruno Giordano made in Italy sky blue size 39, 41 was $350 now $265 Price: $265.00 Fantastics collections of highest quality Italian leather shoes and matching bags, made of the highest and finest quality Italian materials and manufactured by Top Italian designers. DREM fabrics and accessories specialize in retail and wholesale of all types of African fabrics and accessories which includes and not limited to all types of swiss laces, african laces, georges, ankara, brocades, wax print, headties, aso-oke, damask, ready made African outfit, African fashion jewelries, italian shoes, shoes and bag set, handbags, aso-ebi and so on.

Price: $264.00 to $265.00 Visit the Website

Fox Fur Textile Knit Neck Loop

Surell Accessories

Description: Add some edginess and color to your wardrobe this winter with Surell Accessories Fox Fur Textile Knit Neck Loop. Available in multiple colors (Black, Blue Forest, and Multi) at a reasonable price, this soft and plush scarf is the perfect accessory to complete any modern woman's wardrobe and style. See the entire fur and faux fur Surell Accessories collections at

Price: $255.00 Visit the Website



Description: The PRO TREK PRG300 offers Casio’s Triple Sensor Technology, which provides outdoor enthusiasts with more accurate data readings to help navigate through any adventure. The timepieces includes a direction sensor and pressure sensor for compass capabilities as well as altimeter/barometer readings enabling the user to effortlessly check – and record – all the needed information on outdoor conditions. Additionally, with Casio’s Tough Solar Power technology, users can charge the timepiece in low or fluorescent light, eliminating the need for continuous battery replacement. It will also power down when not exposed to light for a certain period of time, thus conserving energy. Other features of the PRG300 include 100M water resistance, low temperature resistance (-10C/14F), world time for 48 cities, and four daily alarms.

Price: $250.00 to $280.00 Visit the Website

Uno Alla Volta Suede Tassel Bucket Handbag

Suede Tassel Bucket Handbag

Description: This Uno Alla Volta exclusive roomy suede bucket handbag is masterfully handcrafted in Florence by an Italian handbag designer. Each handbag features a suede base, a contrasting suede tassel and braided leather handles. Handcrafted exclusively for Uno Alla Volta, each bag is made from the heart and hands of the artisan; no two will be exactly alike. Bucket bag measures 12 in. x 14 in.

Price: $248.00 Visit the Website

Live In Tune In A Fast Paced World.

live in tune with Philip Stein

Description: Philip Stein embeds Natural Frequency Technology into its fine iconic pieces to help improve sleep, reduce stress and enhance overall wellbeing. A subtle, yet effective, metal disc is incorporated into the stylish designs of each Philip Stein piece. This disc contains key frequencies that benefit quality of life. When worn, natural energy interacts with these frequencies making it larger and more powerful, allowing them to deliver its healing benefits. More than just timepieces, the collection also includes a series of bracelets that are designed to promote wellness both night and day. The Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet is a comfortable, easy to wear, nighttime accessory that helps wearers sleep better and wake up more refreshed. For a daytime look, each bracelet is calibrated to bring balance, focus and wellbeing. Each Philip Stein piece is the perfect marriage of luxurious design and incredible technology. A clear example that responsible luxury is luxury with a purpose.

Price: $225.00 to $2,550.00 Visit the Website

SENTALER Alpaca Blanket

Alpaca Blanket

Description: DETAILS - 100% alpaca blanket - Dry clean SIZE 78" x 61" (including 4.5" ruffles) DETAILS - 100% alpaca blanket - Dry clean SIZE 78" x 61" (including 4.5" ruffles) DETAILS - 100% alpaca blanket - Dry clean SIZE 78" x 61" (including 4.5" ruffles) DETAILS - 100% alpaca blanket - Dry clean SIZE 78" x 61" (including 4.5" ruffles) DETAILS - 100% alpaca blanket - Dry clean SIZE 78" x 61" (including 4.5" ruffles) DETAILS - 100% alpaca blanket - Dry clean SIZE 78" x 61" (including 4.5" ruffles) DETAILS - 100% alpaca blanket - Dry clean SIZE 78" x 61" (including 4.5" ruffles)

Price: $220.00 Visit the Website



Description: With classic, beautiful earrings like these, any woman will feel like she’s the center of the universe.These playful, cheerful earrings add a spark of joy to any outfit.From the exclusive local selection of pearls straight from the farms to the design and hand-crafting process. Pearl Size: 12-13mm Pearl Type: Edison Grade: AA+ Color: White, Blue Bronze Purple, Natural Luster: High luster Pearl Shape: Near Round Metal: 18k Yellow Gold Plated Over Sterling Silver

Price: $198.00 to $199.00 Visit the Website

Baby Alpaca Scarfs

Baby Alpaca Scarf - Charcoal

Description: DETAILS - 100% fine baby alpaca scarf - Comes in a Sentaler box - Dry clean SIZE - 180 cm x 30 cm (including ruffles) DETAILS - 100% fine baby alpaca scarf - Comes in a Sentaler box - Dry clean SIZE - 180 cm x 30 cm (including ruffles) DETAILS - 100% fine baby alpaca scarf - Comes in a Sentaler box - Dry clean SIZE - 180 cm x 30 cm (including ruffles) DETAILS - 100% fine baby alpaca scarf - Comes in a Sentaler box - Dry clean SIZE - 180 cm x 30 cm (including ruffles) DETAILS - 100% fine baby alpaca scarf - Comes in a Sentaler box - Dry clean SIZE - 180 cm x 30 cm (including ruffles) DETAILS - 100% fine baby alpaca scarf - Comes in a Sentaler box - Dry clean SIZE - 180 cm x 30 cm (including ruffles) DETAILS - 100% fine baby alpaca scarf - Comes in a Sentaler box - Dry clean SIZE - 180 cm x 30 cm (including ruffles)

Price: $150.00 Visit the Website

SENTALER Alpaca Ribbed Hat

SENTALER Ribbed Hat - Grey

Description: DETAILS - 100% baby alpaca hat - 100% baby alpaca fur pom-pon - Dry clean SIZE 28 cm x 21 cm (including pom-pon) Available in Black and Grey DETAILS - 100% baby alpaca hat - 100% baby alpaca fur pom-pon - Dry clean SIZE 28 cm x 21 cm (including pom-pon) Available in Black and Grey DETAILS - 100% baby alpaca hat - 100% baby alpaca fur pom-pon - Dry clean SIZE 28 cm x 21 cm (including pom-pon) Available in Black and Grey DETAILS - 100% baby alpaca hat - 100% baby alpaca fur pom-pon - Dry clean SIZE 28 cm x 21 cm (including pom-pon) Available in Black and Grey

Price: $150.00 Visit the Website

Very Lovely Soles

Very Lovely Soles

Description: Vanessa L. Seide founded Very Lovely Soles in 2012 as an homage to her initials and the core meaning of her brand’s spirit. A thirteen-year veteran of Nine West Group Inc and having grown up in a family of successful entrepreneurs, starting a footwear company of her own was a natural progression for Vanessa. Vanessa found her niche and passion in flats after years of traveling and trend sourcing the globe seeking the perfect pair, but to no avail. Using her deep factory relationships, knowledge of the industry and inspiration from her trips, the concept for the perfect flat collection was developed and immediately put into action. Each pair of Very Lovely Soles flats goes through hours of meticulous crafting from Italy’s finest shoemakers then is delicately marked with a tiny hummingbird logo. The insole is embedded with form-fitting layers offering hidden support in a clean, streamlined silhouette – a technique and standard unique to Very Lovely Soles.

Price: $150.00 to $195.00 Visit the Website



Description: Timeless Pearl is a luxurious pearl jewelry direct from pearl farmers. It makes handcrafted luxury jewelry affordable to everyone, and at the same time make everyone happy. This glamorous cuff bracelet shines like lustrous pearls in a golden sea. Each pearl is surrounded with exquisite clear cut crystals, making this piece a wonderful statement that will add a touch of elegance to any occasion. Pearl Size: 5mm Pearl Type: Freshwater Length: 7″ or 18cm Grade: AAA Color: White, Natural Luster: High luster Pearl Shape: Button Gemstone: Zircon Metal: Plated 18k Rose Gold

Price: $109.00 to $110.00 Visit the Website

World's First 3D Knitted Shoes

JS 3D Knitted shoes

Description: JS Shoes are the first non-athletic 3-D knitted shoes that have ever been designed and are changing the way shoes are made. They are reducing materials wasted that are harming the environment. JS Shoe features a featherweight, formfitting, and seamless designs in both men’s and women’s styles at a price less than $100 per pair. ​ JS Shoes has a unique Buy 1 By 1 business model allowing customers the ability to purchase the shoes individually so that they can choose a different shoe size and/or color for each foot. Utilizing knitting machinery which knits in a 3-dimensional method to only produce exactly what is needed for each shoe, this manufacturing method also eliminates wasted materials. The end result is a formfitting, breathable, lightweight shoe with a sturdy heel and arch support that can be enjoyed by anyone that lives an active on-the-go “commuter lifestyle.”

Price: $80.00 to $100.00 Visit the Website

Leather Bag Gift For Men

Quality men bag

Description: Giving leather bag gift to men is very sexy because it makes men feel strong and in control. Their elegance comes out and they feel on top of the world. Choose the right time and the right place give the gift of bag to the man in your heart. Husband, father, great friend etc. Gemoutlook leather bags changes personality and men love it.

Price: $80.00 to $150.00 Visit the Website

Stefeno Hats

Cedric Cashmere Baseball Cap by Stefeno Hats

Description: This Cedric Cashmere Basesball Cap by Stefeno Hats is 100% cashmere with a warm fleece lining from Europe. Earflaps are snug on the ears to keep you warm in the winter and may be worn under the cap or down on your ears. Stefeno uses a variety of raw materials from all over the world with remarkable detail and the highest quality. For these reasons, Stefeno has become one of the fastest growing headwear brands in the entire country!

Price: $75.00 Visit the Website



Description: Heat things up in this sexy one-piece LAVA swimsuit in PEACH PAPAYA. Features a high-waisted silhouette, low scoop neck and open back. Best paired with a kimono while on vacation by the beach or worn with shorts on a casual sunny day out. This unique swimsuit is made in Los Angeles. Kerol D. is a high volume streetwear brand that was born in Milan, Italy in 2013. Now relocated in the sunny West Coast designing retro women’s wear, with a vibrant edgy sporty twine.

Price: $72.00 Visit the Website

Girltrunks Will Help You Stay Confident This Summer


Description: girltrunks are a must-have for women of all ages to wear this summer during outdoor activities and sports. They are also great for women who want a more modest look to feel comfortable and confident while at the pool, beach or on a cruise. Girltrunks bottoms come in two lengths (7” and 11”) and are made of fast-drying material. Halter/tank tops are available in an assortment of fabrics to complete the look! In sizes 4-24.

Price: $59.00 to $79.00 Visit the Website

KEEN Kid's Encanto Collection

Encanto Boot

Description: This brand new collection of boots and kicks are perfect for kids that love to be outdoors and a must-have for Spring! The Encanto 365 Boot keeps feet dry using a waterproof membrane and water-resistant materials, making it 50% lighter-weight than most heavier boots made with rubber. Webbing loops make it easy for little kids to pull on the boot themselves and the adjustable bungee closes around the leg so kids can puddle-stomp all they want without water splashing into their boots. A protective toe-cap adds the durability KEEN is known for and the fun mix of colors will look cute paired with any outfit!

Price: $50.00 to $60.00 Visit the Website

Peruvian Champagne Sparkle

Peruvian Elegant Necklace

Description: This beautiful necklace, made of Peruvian oval textured beads and sparkle spacers is quite the elegant piece. It measures 8.5" and fully adjustable by 2". This is a great necklace for a classy day or a classy evening. The colors of this piece are a light and a dark rose` color with dark wine beads with the sparkle spacers. As beautiful as this piece is as a necklace it is amazing to wrap around your wrist for a statement bracelet. It looks Amyzing.

Price: $49.00 Visit the Website

Antiqued Turquoise Dragon

The Turquoise Dragon

Description: This gorgeous necklace is suitable for men and women. This piece measures 15" in length & fully adjustable, it is a great piece to wrap for more style and it is a great piece to layer with. The pendant is 1.5" x .75" dragon. Antiqued with a turquoise wash and stroked with gold for a stand out look. It hangs on a thick gold chain with turquoise cord weaved through the chain. The dragon represents protection, power and happiness. A great gift for men or women.

Price: $45.00 Visit the Website

A New Spin On The Dog Tag

A New Take on the Dog Tag

Description: This necklace is a new spin on the dog tag. What many don't realize is that dog tags come in all shapes and sizes, they are not just the military standard. On this 2.5" oval Dog Tag are Swarovski Crystals in colors of charcoal, black and clear sparkle. On a silver chain measuring 14.5" This is a great piece to wrap or to layer with. Start collecting them and wear them all at the same time for a layered modern look.

Price: $45.00 Visit the Website

Spike The Dog Tag

Spike - The Dog Tag

Description: Spike the dog tag is a traditional dog tag with charcoal/hematite and olive drab miniature spikes covering it. Hung on a silver chain that measures 14.75". This is a great gift for men and a great gift for the right women. We have made sure this necklace is adjustable by 2" which makes it perfect for wrapping around your neck an extra time or leave it long and layer.

Price: $45.00 Visit the Website

Grovemade: Everyday Carry Collection

Grovemade: Everyday Carry Collection

Description: Handcrafted accessories, exuding style and elegance, made from all-natural materials •Minimalist Wallet: 1/3” thick and easily slips into pockets without adding any extra bulk, holding up to 5 cards and a few bills •Available in available in black leather with an aluminum ($99) or brass frame ($139) and London tan leather with an aluminum frame ($99) •Key Ring: Firmly and stylishly secures keys and features a discreet bottle opener •Available in stainless steel with black oxide finish ($39), raw brass ($59), and titanium ($79) •Wood Watch: Handcrafted watches feature circular hands that move behind the iconic wooden face showcasing the unique grain and beauty of premium American hardwoods 1.Available in Oregon Claro Walnut with black leather strap or Eastern Hardrock Maple with London tan leather strap ($239) •100% designed and assembled in Portland, Oregon

Price: $39.00 to $239.00 Visit the Website



Description: Just like the elegance of Chicago's Gold Coast, this cream tank top has class and elegance. The main feature on the front is the vertical gold chain that connects the two halves. Finishing this knit top are many sequins scattered on the front and back along with chain trim connecting each stripe. Perfect for those warm spring and summer nights. Designed by Oh My Julian. Available in small or large.

Price: $34.99 Visit the Website

Cloud B Snuzzle

Adult and Child Snuzzles

Description: Everyone wants to make Mom feel special and relaxed. Why not give her the gift of warmth and comfort? Cloud b has the perfect choice this Mother’s Day, the Snuzzle. The Cloud b Snuzzle provides a snuggle when Mom’s need it most. This cuddly, soft vest comes with a plush polyester fabric that is durable and easy to clean. Cuddle into bed and stay warm as bedtime nears. It’s the perfect plush wrap for cuddles, snuggles and family fun. Cloud b’s stylish vest also includes a hood to stay warm all year round. For infants and toddlers, Cloud b makes Snuzzles with friendly faces on the hoods. The whole family can put on their Snuzzles and pretend to be ferocious (yet friendly!) bears or soft and sweet sheep. Aside from always giving Mom love, Mom’s can now be spoiled with the Cloud b Snuzzle

Price: $33.95 Visit the Website

LOVE MADE LOVE, A U.K.-based Clothing Line

White lace princess tulle dress with flowers embroidery - $389, Gorgeous Spring-Summer sleeveless white fine lace dress with flowers embroidery and rich layers of tulle; Lace is made by 40% cotton, 60% polyester; Lining: 100% cotton

Description: LOVE MADE LOVE Is In the Air Fashion This Adorable May Not Need An Occasion Summertime is full of fabulous occasions to celebrate the ones you love, which means stocking your little’s one closet with a chic wardrobe for summer is a must! When it comes to finding the perfect dress for that wedding, birthday party, or graduation event, we think of tulle, lace, flowers, and embroidery for your young lady. You will find that Love Made Love clothing is just the brand you’ll want your children dressed in when they plead to wear that “special occasion” dress every chance that comes around. Inspired by love, flowers symbolism, and romantic resort spots - Portofino and Saint Tropez to be exact, Love Made Love has captivated parents with their unique hand-made embroidery. Love Made Love also takes pride in their excellent quality of textiles and unconventional kids' fashion, raising the bar for children’s fashion in the U.S., and around the world. Perfect for any special occasion, Love Made Love’s award-winning collection speaks for itself.

Price: $32.00 to $544.00 Visit the Website

Akinz Accessories

Akinz Galaxy Leggings

Description: Akinz takes pride in adding handcrafted elements to everything made. All crochet items are handmade by employees, and knit items are crafted on a vintage hand-operated knitting machine then hand sewn by employees. The Akinz motto, which is the foundation of the wings logo, encourages men and women to reach for the sky. The handcrafted leggings blend style with comfort and functionality. They have a moisture management finish and SunBlocker technology, which makes them great for outdoor adventures in rain, sun or snow. They retail for $52. Additionally, the Akinz beanie blends style with warmth and comfort for fall expeditions. The handmade Ahab Knitted Beanie has an added layer at the ears for the ultimate warmth and a double-sided tag for easy cuffing. Available in Black, Charcoal Gray, Cobalt Blue, Heather Gray, Purple, Red and Taupe, it retails for $30.

Price: $30.00 to $52.00 Visit the Website

C4 Belts, Custom Belts Of Your Dreams

C4 Belts in Action!

Description: C4 stands for the four "C's" in Choose Your Color, Choose Your Cause. Our headquarters are located in Atlanta, GA but our C4 family extends worldwide! We founded the company in 2011 and since then we have sold over half of a million belts, donated thousands of dollars to charities, and changed lives. Like you, we believe in the freedom of expressing ourselves through our choices– and that includes what you wear and where your money goes. With every belt purchased, you get to choose which cause we donate a portion of the proceeds to. C4 Belts are waterproof, interchangeable, a perfect fit, metal-free, easy to clean, and recyclable. They also have a lifetime guarantee! Buy a belt made for you that gives back to those you care about.

Price: $30.00 to $39.00 Visit the Website

The Modern Mala

Turquoise Mala

Description: Traditionally the mala is used by Buddhist monks as prayer beads. There is 108 beads on each mala just like the traditional ones. The Turquoise mala is made of black wood beads with a turquoise chunk here and there as well as a turquoise tassel. This mala measures 15" in length and is clasped. We carry a variety of malas with different colored accents and depending on the size of the bead the length is different for each necklace. All details are on my website. All malas are for men & women

Price: $29.00 Visit the Website

Babiators Sunglasses

Babiators Sunglasses

Description: Babiators are safe, durable, awesome and guaranteed sunglasses for babies and kids. They feature 100% UVA and UVB protection, flexible frames and shatter-resistant lenses, stylish colors and patterns, and are backed by the Lost & Found Guarantee(TM) - if you lose or break your shades within 1 year of purchase, Babiators will replace them for free. The collection includes original and polarized Babiators Aviator Sunglasses for ages 0-7 years and Aces Aviator and Navigator Shades for kids ages 7-14 years.

Price: $20.00 Visit the Website

Best Name Necklace

Gold Bar Necklace

Description: Need to tell the world how much you love wine? Wear it around your neck with Best Name Necklace! Their necklaces are customizable, perfect for creating your own “#wino” baubles! Worn by Hollywood’s hottest celebrities, such as Miley Cyrus and now Empire star and Golden Globe Award winner Taraji P. Henson, Best Name Necklace specializes in original and personalized jewelry. The craftsmanship in each piece of jewelry is truly remarkable and the company proudly guarantees 100% customer satisfaction with every purchase. The material is durable, thick and dainty, and is carefully tucked into a lovely packaging.

Price: $19.99 to $1,999.99 Visit the Website

Gorgeous Russian Jewelry For Your Loves!

Handmade with Cubic Zirconia

Description: Women love a nice piece of jewelry that sparkles! Jolie Jewelry creates beautiful jewelry that is handmade with Cubic zirconia strategically placed to offer a gorgeous glow. Did we mention they are new to the U.S? Jolie Jewelry is a celebrity favorite among celebrities in Russia. Be as stunning as you like in Jolie Jewelry. You will definitely receive compliments while donning Jolie Jewelry!

Price: $19.90 to $659.00 Visit the Website

Woman's Clothing Designer Jegie Announces The Jegie Jr. Line

Undercover Princess by Jegie Carerra

Description: Established clothing designer Jegie Carerra announced online the premiere of the Jegie Jr. clothing line to begin retail sales in Fall, 2016. The new line will feature popular fashion model Samantha Springer as the new face of the line. Jegie Jr. has dresses, shorts, skirts, pants and tops available from 0 - 14. The line continues Jegie brands product line targeting today's modern young women and girls. Jegie is 100% made in the USA. Available in boutiques and online at

Price: $18.00 to $100.00 Visit the Website

Gage Huntley

Gage Huntley has a range of necklaces, cuffs, earrings and rings

Description: It’s no secret that custom jewelry can cost an arm and a leg, but Gage Huntley is blowing our minds with these hand-made, custom crafted statement pieces. Designer Amanda Dale set out to create trendy custom pieces at affordable prices with the essence of making a statement without having to say a word. Each piece is made with love, a bit of some sassy tongue lashing, and are all unapologetically real.

Price: $16.00 to $78.00 Visit the Website

Conscious Step... For The Altruistic

Conscious Collection

Description: What if changing the world was as easy as buying a pair of socks? At Conscious Step, it really is that simple. Their powerful mantra “Ordinary purchase. Extraordinary purpose” is reinforced by their partnership with some of the world’s most prestigious charitable organizations. Now they have teamed up with Global Citizen to inspire and remind the world that it has the power to make a difference. Single pairs are $14.95. Conscious Step socks can be bought at, Ten Thousand Villages Kinnucan’s and independently owned boutiques across the United States, Australia, and Canada.

Price: $14.95 to $44.95 Visit the Website

Origami Owl Living Locket

Origami Owl Living Locket

Description: You’re barking up the right tree with Origami Owl’s brand new Sterling Silver Dog Charm collection! Every dog-lover can have her day by adding one (or more) of ten available charms in big breeds such as German Shepherds and Golden Retriever or petite pooches such as a Yorkshire Terriers or Dachshunds to her customized Living Locket. All charms are made from a hand-sculpted mold, carved in the USA.

Price: $12.00 to $150.00 Visit the Website

Gold Toe Socking Stuffers

Gold Toe Socks

Description: Whether you're out and about enjoying a holiday party or cozied up by the fireplace with your family, Gold Toe socks carries an assortment of styles that would make Mrs. Claus herself, jealous. Women's Oh.So.Soft— Designed using ultra soft microfiber polyester and nylon yarns, this line both looks stylish and feels superb to wear, allowing ladies everywhere to treat their feet this holiday season. Kid Tested, Parent Approved: Gold Toe Kid Collections serve double duty, as they not only look fashionable but they also feature an EZ MATCH® sizing system — ideal for households with multiple children. Hate doing laundry? We’ve got you covered: the number of gold rings on the toe indicate each sock size, alleviating the stress and hassle of mismatching kids' socks in the laundry.

Price: $7.00 to $14.00 Visit the Website

Hairbanglez- Wrist Glam For Hair Bands

hairbanglez Metal Collection

Description: The black hair elastic is a beauty staple that is commonly worn on the wrist in a jewelry-like fashion to keep it in place for a quick up-do. hairbanglez is the first-ever, patented bangle bracelet that adds chicness to a simple hair accessory. Functioning as a holder for hair elastics and doubling as a stylish bracelet, hairbanglez is a new addition to the trend of smart fashion- efficient style that serves a purpose.Each bracelet has specially designed, indented grooves to hold one thick or thin elastic hair band in place, available in plastics, metals, sporty and mini versions. While the hair elastic is secure in the grooved compartment, it is still easily accessible by hand through the rounded dips surrounding the bangle.

Price: $6.00 to $24.00 Visit the Website

Start The School Year Off On The Right Foot With Gold Toe!

Kick the school year off right with Gold Toe's colorful 6+1 Bonus Pack!

Description: Leading sock brand, Gold Toe, wants students of all ages to kick the school year off right with a product that’s both fun a functional: a comfy yet colorful pair of socks! From colorful activewear to bold and traditional collections, Gold Toe has a variety of styles fit for every student. Kick the school year into high gear with Gold Toe's Powersox Collection. With special messaging printed on the sock such as "This is your Day” and “Believe You Can,” students can’t help but feel inspired to move through the school year while sporting this stylish yet athletic collection. Gold Toe’s Kid Collections serve double duty, as they not only look fashionable but they also feature an EZ MATCH® sizing system — ideal for households with multiple children. Hate doing laundry? Gold Toe has you covered: the number of gold rings on the toe indicate each sock size, alleviating the stress and hassle of mismatching your kids’ socks in the laundry. Don’t break the bank while back-to-school shopping this season. Not only are all Gold Toe products reliable, they’re affordable — especially with the 6+1 Bonus Packs available right now! Gold Toe can be found at retailers nationwide such as Macy’s, Kohl’s, JCPenny and Amazon, as well as,

Price: $5.00 to $14.00 Visit the Website

Let LA Inspire YOU...check Out STS Blue!

It's All About Denim Details

Description: The STS Blue denim line is inspired by the casual LA and Southern California vibe. They live, breathe and love denim! STS Blue styles are true to size, and are made in a variety of fabrics to execute perfectly authentic washes while maintaining a flattering fit. They offer cotton, polyester, spandex and rayon blends for that comfortable, laid back, and effortlessly chic So Cal look. STS Blue is sold at Nordstrom, Dillard’s, and Von Maur, as well as online at Styles include skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, denim shorts, and more; all with a friendly price point averaging $50. For more information, visit the site at: and follow the latest Cali trends @STS_Blue.

Price: $0.01 to $68.00 Visit the Website

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