How to choose the most comfortable dancewear

A comfortable and properly fitting leotard can mean the difference between a subpar performance and a great one. Because you have to make intricate movements as a dancer, your body has the ability to withstand more strain and stress than an average person’s body. For this reason, you should pick comfortable dancewear if you want to perform well, which could lead to a long-lasting career.

When buying dancewear, you should make sure that it is durable, flexible, and well fitting. Do this by taking the right measurements and referring to a size chart to know your right fit.

What to look for in dancewear
Whether you are a tap, ballet, jazz, or hip-hop dancer, you need to look for the following when shopping for dancewear:

Comfort – you need to search for stretchy, soft fabrics that will allow you to move fluidly. If you are a hip-hop dancer, you should opt for tank tops and baggy pants: you should buy pants that fit properly around the waist but are baggy elsewhere to avoid interfering with your movements. Jazz, tap, and lyrical dancers usually wear leotards with tights.

Fit – most dancewear needs to be tight but not restrictive. When you opt for very loose clothing, you risk compromising your dance performance if clothing falls out of place, causing you to lose focus.

On the other hand, if you wear very tight clothes, your flexibility and fluidity reduces. To avoid any of these scenarios, you should measure yourself correctly and alter your clothes when necessary.

Flexibility – dancers usually wear tight clothes so that the audience can see their movements. However, you should avoid wearing restrictive clothing, as it will prevent you from performing well. Your dance attire needs to be elastic and stretchy.

Durability – you should not buy the most expensive dancewear at the store. Instead, you should look for high quality fabrics that last long to save on money. Go for thick fabric and stay away from sheer, flimsy fabrics that tear easily. The material also needs to be washer and dryer friendly because dancewear needs to be washed frequently.

Shoes – no matter what kind of dancing you do, you need to buy the right shoes. Without comfortable footwear, you will face many setbacks in your dance routine. Your shoes need to be fitted by an expert and you have to try several pairs before you purchase. Because dance shoes do not come in the same sizes as street shoes, do not use regular sizes as a guide.

Sizing dancewear
To find the most comfortable outfit for dancing, you need to take your measurements correctly. Before buying anything, ask a professional to take your measurements accurately then refer to a sizing chart.

How to measure for dancewear
Measuring for dancewear is not very different from measuring for regular clothing. As a dancer, you need to measure your waist, inseam, girth, hips, and bust to get the correct size. Here are some tips when measuring for dancewear:

Bust – you should measure from your back and around the fullest part of your bust.
Inseam – you need to measure from your crotch to the anklebone on the inner part of your leg.

Waist – just measure your natural waistline

Hips – you should measure around the fullest part of your hips

Girth – you need to measure from the middle of one shoulder to the crotch then back to your shoulder.
Buying a comfortable dancewear such as just for Kix girls dancewear requires research. Make sure that your clothes allow for easy movement and flexibility. Moreover, you should choose well-made and thick dancewear that can last for a long time thus lowering your expenses.

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