Back to School Cool - Style Tips to Help You Make the Grade This Fall

Back to School Cool  - Style Tips to Help You Make the Grade This Fall


With countless kiddos of all ages making their way back to the books this August, stores everywhere have it on blast that looking cool is key.  Whether you’re a sophomore, a senior, or a 49-year-old taking night classes, the way you put yourself together each day says a lot; not only to your teachers, but as a testament to how you feel about yourself. Make sure you get the grade this fall with some of these style tips!


1)   Layering’s the Look!

From fleece to flannel, or perhaps a dash of cashmere, throwing on the perfect piece for layering is the number one rule to back to school cool. Teachers may put the AC on high to keep you awake during class, but freezing is by no means fashionable, and your layered look is the best way to keep you stylish and cozy during that calculus class.  Not to mention, lending your sweater to a cold classmate is a great way to make friends! 

Here are some super cute, and versatile, finds from some of our favorite back to school stores:

Knitted 3D Leopard Jumper/Sweater by Topshop 

Tough It Out Grey Knit Sweater from Nasty Gal 

Polka Dot Sweater form Forever 21 


2)   The Shoes Say It All

There’s no point in prancing down the hallway in this season’s Miu Miu pumps, why not make it easier to focus on your test scores by wearing something more comfortable? Impressing your peers with your looks doesn’t do the trick these days anyway, which is a good thing.  If you happened to catch Ashton Kutcher’s latest speech at the Teen Choice Awards, being smart is sexy. And common sense says that being comfortable during study hours is smart.  From Oxfords to Uggs, here are our picks for back to school shoes!


Pattern Play Combat Boots from Nasty Gal  

 Sweet Floral High Tops from Forever 21

ULTRA CHIC! Dorbus flats from ALDO 

ULTRA CHIC! Dorbus flats from ALDO



3)   Accessorize!

-And we don’t mean with jewelry. Having the right bag is just as important as having the right shoes.  From backpacks to totes, makes sure your straps are strong enough to carry their own weight come bell-ringing time. Here are some of our favorite bags for back to school!

 PICINISCO backpack from ALDO 

Star-Studded Backpack from Nasty Gal 


Star Studded Backpack by Nasty Gal


4)   Last but not Least : A Little Glitter Goes A Long Way

There’s noting wrong with adding some sparkle to your back to school look. A little sequin on your sweats or glitter on your Converse is a great way to put some sparkle in your mood as you saunter down those hallways.

 Precious Stone Crop Knit from Nasty Gal   

Sequin Pencil Skirt from Topshop

Kestral Lazer Sole Shoes from Topshop

Sequin Skirt by Topshop





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