Ivana Helsinki's NYC Fashion Week TAPIOLA-KAUNIAINEN Fall 2012 Collection Review



Finnish Designer Paola Ivana Suhonen launches her Autumn/Winter 2012 at Metropolitan Pavilion during New York Fashion Week. Suhonen's collection derives from her ancestry being named after Tapiola-Kauniainen places located near Finland. Ivana Helsinki is an independent art, fashion, & film brand, which infuses Slavic glum with fresh Scandinavian moods.  I had the opportunity to interview Paola Suhonen prior to the fashion show. She exudes a free-spirited, energetic bohemian woman with charm. The artist shared how her vision to create stems from a childhood which she relished in traveling to an imaginary world.  Ultimately, she turns her alternate world into a career of endless creations.


The Fashion show preludes a short-film displaying images of a young woman in a forest walking and loud gloomy music playing creating a mystical mood. The clothes display autumn hues and shoes are emphasized as a woman leans against the wall and later other women join her toward the end of the film.  Soon after the models hit the stage donning corduroy garments in burnt orange, purple and blue hues and a Scandinavian black hat and black polka dot tights, the preamble to Fall is evident in the garments. The color palettes consist of bright colors and few dark garments, a black chic bubble dress coupled with white tights and camel bootie shoes. The burnt orange short-sleeves velvet dress with black tights has a nonchalant appeal. The collection exhibits the 70’s & 60’s flair of a self-assured woman with the models wearing bright eye shadow and effortless hair pulled off their faces. My favorite piece was a top with assorted colorful large balls. The garments are in sync with the natural woman who has a style of her own.

The Tapiola-Kauniainen collection links the audience to Paola Suhonen’s childhood memories of her abode, delicious treats, dark forests, great dialogue and family.  Suhonen’s shows the world what she represents in perfect fashion through her roots. Ivana Helsinki’s line is the only Scandinavian womenswear brand to be admitted into Paris Fashion Week. Helsinki’s anthology demonstrates her fervor to fashion and ability to channel multi-talents. Ivana Helsinki’s collection manages to attract the modern women with a classic simplistic style. It is a beautiful gift for an artist to be able to effectively transform the imagery of ideas into a concrete mission. Ivana Helsinki reveals through her blueprint the best is yet to come.



Photos By Ivana Helsinki's press

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