SINGLE “After Eight” New York Debut - A Stunning Debut for Project Runway Alum

Bryant Park Hotel and Suite

I was given an assignment to cover, and photograph, SINGLE'S new “After Eight” line of couture dresses at the sophisticated and gold accented Bryant Park Hotel. The hotel is located on 40 West 40th in New York City, overlooking the historic Bryant Park, where Fall Fashion Week 2007 just wrapped up this past September.  A private suite, a very urbane setting, was the perfect place to show this new line which revolves around evening glamour and luxury.  The line’s namesake “ After Eight” is the classic etiquette measure for elegant evening fashion.

Andrae Gonzalo and model Jennifer Ailinca

After Eight” is the collaborative effort of two very special individuals! One is an experienced designer who already has a following that includes a list of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, and the fabulous Fergie. The other is a creative upstart who, with his talent and flair, made a name for himself on, none other then, Project Runway…Where fashion icons like Heidi Klum and Timothy Gunn decide if you have the right stuff for the highly competitive fashion industry. Galina Sobolev and Andraé Gonzalo are the creative force behind “ After Eight”. And, judging from the fashions I saw, these two have something to be proud of!

Two of Andrae's Favorites

The design collaboration for SINGLE ( Galina Sobolev) and Andraé stems from a shared vision of facilitating attainable splendor and extravagance. SINGLE
After Eight” makes it easy for women to find the special dress that makes a statement with quality and style to match. Key design attributes setting a tone of opulence and fantasy are heirloom luxury textiles (silk ottoman, taffeta, and chiffon) and timeless evening embellishments.


Jennifer modeling SINGLE's colorful line.

Fashion and style run deep in Galina’s blood. As a child in her native Russia, Galina learned from her grandmother, a well respected dressmaker, who had her own atelier in a glitzy neighborhood in Odessa. There, just steps away from the Opera House, Galina spent her early years learning how to sew and crochet. She assisted her grandmother in making beautiful clothes for the stylish ladies, wives of diplomats and government officials. Even today, Galina cites this as a profound influence in her life, recalling the supple garments and colorful fabrics she used to play with.

Heidi Klum and Timothy Gunn of Project Runway

Anyone who witnessed Andrae Gonzalo's tearful breakdown on the second season of  Project Runway probably had him pegged early on as an emotional train wreck. But, as the designer eloquently proved, first impressions can be deceiving. While Gonzalo undoubtedly has a flair for the dramatic (his facial expressions are the stuff of reality-TV legend), behind the effusive facade lies a thoughtful, focused designer who created some of season two's most memorable garments. What's more, as the series progressed and the tension mounted, he demonstrated that rare quality that separates the upper echelon from the also-rans--grace under pressure.

Sitting or Standing...SINGLE is Class.

All I can say about my experience witnessing the fashion union of Galina and Andraé is that, it is like enjoying fine chocolates, wine, and discussing art that really makes you appreciate the beauty fashion allows you to express. So, if you are looking for that evening wear that will leave no doubt you are dressed to impress, SINGLEAfter Eight” is a line you must have in your fashion repertoire. I’m sure the teaming of Galina and Andra will be one we’ll be hearing a lot from in the near future!    

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