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Sports Gifts 2015 - Sport Gift Guide Roundup

By Maria Densley

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The ONLY Green By Brunswick: The Maxwell

The Only Green By Brunswick: The Maxwell

Description: Named for Perry Maxwell, one of the unsung golf course architects of his generation, the Maxwell may seem a bit understated, but don't let its diminutive size fool you. With three break stations on each side of the green and a cup-end that elevates, the Maxwell offers up to 50,000 different break combinations to help you practice all the shots that matter most to your overall game. This putting green comes with everything you need to maximize your putting skills including three, 3' x 3' sections, with one cup, one headboard / ball-stop, a side step and a putter rack that holds up to four putters. With the Maxwell in your home, you’re going to make precision putting on the course look all too easy. Specs: 3' Wide x 9' Long

Price: $4,750.00 Visit the Website

Kick - Start 2016 With The World's Most Advanced, Luxury Water Bike, Schiller

Schiller S1

Description: Meet Schiller Bikes, the world’s most advanced water bike. The Schiller S1 is a hybrid of premium bike and ultra-portable catamaran and lets you chart your own course end rule the waves as you ride over vast distances of lakes, rivers, bays and the ocean! Water biking is an excellent form of aerobic exercise and burns about the same amount of calories as riding a normal bike. Water biking engages large muscle groups in a sustained activity, which elevates heart rate and delivers a wide variety of health benefits. Our design features striking curves, bold colors, anodized aluminum frame and stainless steel precision engineered parts. A proprietary drive train employs Gate carbon drive belts, flexible shafts, and propulsion system that enables riders to easy create forward thrust with a high degree of maneuverability. Combining state-of-the-art engineering and design, the S1 bikes can achieve speeds on the water of approximately 6 knots per hour (7 mph). With nearly no learning curve, the S1 bikes are great for fun, fitness, adventure and transportation on the water and is already a favorite of jetsetters everywhere. Available in a variety of sizes and color combinations, each S1 comes in a convenient carrying case that makes for easy transport by car or as carry-on for plane trips, and can be assembled in less than 10 minutes. Also can be equipped with both wood and carbon fiber running boards, fishing rod holders, sea anchors and water bottle cages. Available for sale at schillerbikes.com

Price: $4,500.00 to $6,000.00 Visit the Website

Stylish & Functional Luxury Bike - CHARGE Titanium Edition

CHARGE Titantium Cooker

Description: The Cooker Titanium boasts a blend of performance and speed. The design comes 27 plus wheels to provide cushion and suspension for rough riding. The Plug Titanium fits the needs of the modern road rider who wants durability, comfort and performance. The final model, the Grater Titanium finds a lightweight carbon disc fork and tough, urban wheel seat for a nice comfortable ride along the way.

Price: $3,499.00 to $4,499.00 Visit the Website

2015 UCI Cycling Road World Championships (Richmond, Va.)

The world's top cyclists will ride in Richmond, Va., for the 2015 UCI Road World Championships.

Description: For the first time since 1986, the UCI Road World Championships will be held in the United States. The Worlds, one of the largest cycling events in the world, will take place Sept. 19-27 in Richmond, Va. About 1,000 of the world's top cyclists from 75 countries will compete. Fan packages will provide exclusive travel, hotel and event opportunities to enjoy all that The Worlds - and Central Virginia - have to offer.

Price: $250.00 to $2,500.00 Visit the Website

GymTote - The Gym Bag That Looks Like A Handbag!

GymTote 'Sophia'

Description: GymTote is unique - our styles look like a handbag but perform like a fully functional gym bag. Separate wipeable, breathable areas for kit and trainers and a dedicated top section for handbag essentials mean that there is no need to carry two bags to the gym or leave sweaty kit in a smart handbag all day! An upright, concealed water bottle holder, multiple interior and exterior pockets, softer handles and a yoga mat holder mean that a GymTote is the only way to carry your kit in style. GymTote has been featured across some of the World’s leading media including Vogue, Cosmopolitan, The New York Times, Glamour and Grazia. www.gymtote.us

Price: $200.00 to $260.00 Visit the Website


ShotTracker wrist, sleeve and net sensor

Description: ShotTracker is a wearable device that measures basketball players' performance making it a perfect gift for anyone who loves hoops. The wristband or compression sleeve sensor, net sensor and app work together via BLE to track shot attempts, location, makes and misses. The user-specific software and technology allows players and coaches to track stats, goals and workouts easily with the app. It provides users with competitive shooting challenges, shot locations and statistical charts that graph their improvement. The app works with both iOS and Android enabled mobile devices and tablets.

Price: $149.99 Visit the Website

GoVission HD Glasses

GoVision HD Sunglass Gray

Description: Wearable High Definition Video Glasses that are equiped with a variety of 720p and 1080p High Definition Video Camera that allows you to record and capture the most exciting moments through your own eyes. The HD Video Camera is completely hands-free, records crystal clear imaging and video without the trouble of bulky camera recorders or phones. The Go Vision Sunglasses are very fashionable and lightweight.

Price: $119.99 to $149.00 Visit the Website

Adidas Squad II Duffel

adidas squad 2 duffle bag available at eBags.com

Description: Easily pack your gear for practice, yoga, the gym and weekend adventures with the Squad 2 Duffel by adidas. Featuring ventilated shoe storage, mesh water bottle holders and inside pockets for cell phones, tablets and other small electronics make this bag ideal for any sporting occasion. Product Specifications: Dimensions: 10” x 21” x 10.5” Price: $45 eBags price: TBD Colors: Black/Neon Pink/Air Force Blue, Grey/Flash Green/ Sun

Price: $49.99 Visit the Website

Oxygen Plus

Oxygen Plus Skinni

Description: Oxygen Plus (O+) is portable, recreational oxygen that provides the purest form of energy to wellness-minded individuals worldwide. It contains 95% pure oxygen – in an environmentally thoughtful canister that is quality-controlled and filled in the U.S.A. Oxygen Plus helps to alleviate the stresses of modern life that affect the mind and body. O+ oxygen not only increases energy and mental clarity and helps to decreases stress levels, but it also allows health-and-wellness minded individuals to optimize physical workouts and activities. The product is particularly useful during travel, activities performed at high elevations, and to aid in recovery from alcohol consumption. Oxygen Plus features a variety of offerings including the O+ Mini canister, which offers 24+ breaths of oxygen, the O+ Skinni canister, which offers more than 50 breaths of oxygen, and the O+ Elevate Pack, which includes the reusable O-Stick shell and two starter refills - each offering more than 50 breaths of oxygen. Each product can also be purchased in a variety of flavors, including Natural, Peppermint and Pink Grapefruit, and is available online at oxygenplus.com.

Price: $23.97 to $287.95 Visit the Website

Fish 'N Fillet Knives

Fish 'N Fillet Knife

Description: Made by Marttiini, the makers of premium Rapala fillet knives for over 50 years. More guts than any other knife, this is the one that taught the world to fillet. With over 40 million sold to date, this knife is used in more fishing camps, on more charter boats and by more fisherman than any other fillet knife in the world. Progressively tapered, flexible, full-tang blade of European stainless steel that takes and holds an ultra-sharp edge is securely anchored in legendary birch handle. All protected by a fine tooled leather Laplander sheath with “safety-first” free-swing belt loop that always keeps sheath and blade clear of the body. With four blade sizes to choose from, there’s one just right for every fish cleaning chore. Includes easy-to-use single-stage sharpener that keeps blade razor sharp.

Price: $15.49 to $33.49 Visit the Website


BottlePops Talking Bottle Opener

Description: Forget using your t-shirt to twist off a bottle cap or a cigarette lighter to smack it off, open a bottle with BottlePops, the sports-themed bottle openers that make fun sounds when you use them. Simply place over the bottle cap and pull; a magnet captures the bottle cap as you lift. Choose from baseball, football, basketball, golf, soccer and more ... even a V8 engine for gearheads or customize your own! They are designed to look and feel just like the actual ball. Each opener has 15-25 fun, exciting sound clips related to that sport ... Gooooaaaaaaallllllllll! Works on beer bottles and soda bottles ... any bottle that has a cap. Made of recycled plastic. This fun bottle opener and its creators were featured on Shark Tank Australia and it is now available in the US.

Price: $14.95 Visit the Website

Rapala BX Waking Minnow

Rapala BX Waking Minnow

Description: A surface waking bait that swims with such incredible performance has to be built this tough. Just one cast and every angler will see the brilliance in it's broad waking action and a closer look at the lure itself reveals it's superior rugged design. Lively balsa core with a tough, durable copolymer shell give it the ability to get hammered all day long. Easy casting, fish this with a slow retrieve for a dynamic flashing, rolling action.

Price: $13.49 Visit the Website

Save On Tickets For Father's Day, Brought To You By ScoreBig.com

Name a ticket price and save up to 60% below box office price.

Description: Use ‘TIX4DAD' on ScoreBig.com, and save $10 when you purchase $75 worth of tickets. From professional sports like MLB, NFL and NHL, to concerts like The Rolling Stones and Van Halen, ScoreBig has the tickets you want to make Father’s Day a memorable one. This year, don’t give Dad another boring tie, give Dad the gift of an unforgettable experience together!

Price: $10.00 Visit the Website

Rapala Shadow Rap

Rapala Shadow Rap

Description: Meet your new favorite jerkbait—Rapala’s Shadow Rap®. This lure has moves that other lures only dream about. A horizontal struggle with a big kick, plus a vertical fade perfectly mimics a minnow in its last, quivering moments before the end. The kick, the snap back to life and the slow fading fall all trigger fish to hit the Shadow Rap, and hit it hard.

Price: $9.99 Visit the Website

Rapala Scatter Rap Jointed

Rapala Scatter Rap Jointed in Firetiger Pattern

Description: Building on the classic articulated body style, the Scatter Rap® Jointed swims with an irresistible, seductive action. The jointed body combined with a Scatter Lip takes action to the "Nth" degree, triggering strikes from otherwise uninterested or hesitant fish. The undulating action created by the body style and Scatter Lip loses, then regains tracking, often the movement many fish strike.

Price: $9.99 Visit the Website

Fore! Golf Mug & Golf Drink Kooler

Fore! Golf Mug

Description: Nobody mixes fun and sports better than BigMouth Inc. with their Fore! Golf Mug and Golf Drink Kooler made especially for golf lovers of all kinds. For any golf enthusiast out there, these are the perfect items for you. Both make an excellent gift and will be sure to put a smile on any sports fan. To browse more sport-inspired items, visit BigMouth Inc.'s website!

Price: $8.00 to $10.00 Visit the Website

Sports Drink Koolers

Baseball Drink Kooler

Description: Exclusively at BigMouth Inc., you can find fun drink koolers for every interest. For the sports fanatics, you can choose from baseball, football, basketball, golf, and soccer koolers. You'll be sure to find the perfect fit for the sports fan in you. It also makes a great gift for any holiday or occasion! Shop BigMouth Inc. for more great products!

Price: $8.00 Visit the Website

Sports Inspired Cards

Football Collage Card

Description: Shop PAPYRUS for the best in greeting cards, birthday cards, and more! PAPYRUS has the best in sports inspired cards, from football to car racing; you'll find the perfect card for the sports fanatic in your life. Not into sports? Not a problem, PAPYRUS has a great variety of cards for any interest or hobby! Shop PAPYRUS now for one-of-a-kind cards!

Price: $3.95 to $7.95 Visit the Website

Published on Dec 15, 2015

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