The FMX Red Bull X Fighters - Shining at the Dionysian Marbles in Athens

Friday, June 12 was a mildly hot day for Greece but the temprature was rising fast as we approached the area of the Red Bull X-Fighter games!


In order to get to the venue, the amazing Marble Quarry of Dionysos on the mountain of Penteli, that was named after the Greek God of wine and epiphany - "the god that comes" - we had to drive with our car, then walk, after that be driven by a shuttle bus and lastly by a tour bus. It took us almost two hours to reach the venue but it was totally worth it!

The tickets had been sold out days before. The scenery was impeccable! Marble everywhere, huge cranes parked at the sides, bleachers that have been built over the last three weeks accommodated more than 10.000 guests from all over the world. Sponsors give out torches so we could see our way out of the “arena” at the end of the game that it was going to be really late at night. Mostly men, some women and a few bold kids, all anticipated the X-Fighter games to begin.

The games started with the appearance of all the athletes on the “arena”. From the beginning Clinton Moore, Tom Pages & Rob Adelberg showed an amazing performance. Tom Pages crashed his bike three times during Qualifying’s and continued to do so in the Finals trying the Alley Hoop Flair, however, the crowd absolutely loved him. His persistence to master the flip was undeniable. He had even made his bike lighter so that he succeeds what he wants. Clinton Moore, on the other hand, who has won in Mexico City for the first time in his career, took a second triumphant victory in Athens. He was very stable & certain about what new tricks he was going to present to us. Rob Adelberg, took some amazing spins, totally worth getting the third position. Favorite Levi Sherwood of New Zealand did some amazing stunts on the white marble track, however did not succeed to win Tom Pages.


At the press conference, all three winners, exhausted but very happy, thanked us for their support and responded to our questions. “It is pure concentration, focus and strategy when you are up in the air” said Clinton Moore. The jumps these athletes perform are up to 30 meters in distance and up to 15 minutes high. It’s a pure defiance of gravity, what they do. Their awards were made out of marble from the Quarry and on them it was carved in Greek their position: First, Second and Third.

This was the first ever X-Fighters event that took place in Greece and probably not the last, since everything went amazingly perfect! On September 12, Pretoria in South Africa will follow, before the world’s most prestigious FMX series concludes in the United Arab Emirates on October 30, 2015.

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